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Syth wakes up in chains. He was taken from his home planet and brought to this strange land. These people destroyed his village and now they are training him to become a toy soldier.  Syth will be forced to fight in these mock battles, which pit one toy soldier General against another.  Yet, while fighting for Jodu, Syth meets Belia. She is one of the bait females in Jodu’s army.  Her fate in each battle depends on if the toy soldier in Jodu’s army can save her before the other army’s toy soldiers kill her.  Belia takes Syth’s breath away and gives him hope that there might be something more than this nightmare he finds himself in. Keeping her safe from the other toy soldiers drives him.

Axon is a super soldier in General Kria’s toy soldier army.  His skill as a warrior has placed Kria’s army in first place in the toy soldier rankings.  She knows it is because of Axon’s battle prowess that her army is ranked number one.  To ensure Axon’s obedience she makes sure that Axon is given his reward of the pleasure slave Pela after each of his victories.  The promise of seeing Pela is the only reason Axon follows Kria’s orders and fights so hard to be victorious.  Syth will have to come up against Axon when Jodu’s army battles with Kria’s. Both men fight for the same reasons, to be with the female that has taken their heart. Both are equally driven, both will do whatever it takes to get back to their female.

The primitive toy soldiers are no match for the technologically advanced people of Tanasia. Yet, Xyloc, the trainer of Jodu’s toy soldier army, sees something in the new toy soldier Syth’s gaze that chills him to the bone.

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Songs I listened to while writing  “Toy Soldiers”

“Soldiers”- Otherwise

“Que Sera Sera” – Jennifer Terran

“Cage the Beast”- Adelitas Way

“Seed” Afro Celt Sound System

“Man in the Box” Alice in Chains

“War on the Inside” Another Lost Year

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” Metallica

“Nameless Heroes” Audiomachine

“Flames of War” Audiomachine

“Show Me How to Live”- Audioslave

“Hey Hey Human” Bears of Winter

“Kill Me Every Time” Blue Stahli

“Indestructible”- Disturbed

“Hell”- Disturbed

“Down with the Sickness” Disturbed

“Arise” E.S. Posthumus

“If I Could Be Where You Are”- Enya

“I Still Have A Soul”- Epic Score

“Leave My Body”- Florence And the Machine

“Never Say Never”- The Fray

“The Enemy” – Godsmack

“Parabol”- Mer

“Soldier of Love”- Sade

“Animal I have Become” Three Days Grace

“Chained” The xx


Chapter One


“Dusu better have some decent toy soldiers for me. I can’t believe Rius’ pathetic army almost beat me,” Jodu said as his private tram pulled up to the slaver district. “I hate coming to this part of town.”

“I know, Jodu, but it is a necessity to fill the ranks of your army,” Xyloc said. He disliked going anywhere with Jodu, but Jodu paid well, in fact he paid the best of all the toy soldier Generals. This is all Xyloc needed to know. So, here he is employed as the overseer to Jodu’s army. It’s bad enough Jodu never listened to advice, but the way Jodu dressed made him stick out in any crowd. Today’s outlandish outfit was no different, all that shiny black leather and feathers and not to mention Jodu wore makeup just like a female would. Still, money was money and Jodu had plenty of that. Xyloc sighed seeing Darlene waiting by Dusu’s place of business. Darlene was Jodu’s little sister and was a major pain in the ass to Xyloc. She was just as weird as her brother and even more spoiled than Jodu was.

Jodu smiled seeing his little sister. “I didn’t think you were going to make it.”

“And miss out in helping you pick your new toy soldiers, I don’t think so. I want to make sure you get some really hot ones. The crowd loves our army because they are so smoking hot.”

“Skill soldiers would be better,” Xyloc said dryly.

“And you pulling the stick out of your ass would be too, but I deal with it. You know Xyloc, you would be very hot yourself if your grumpy attitude didn’t take away from your looks.”

Xyloc ignored her and turned his attention to Jodu. “On a good note, Rius’ soldiers didn’t kill any of our skilled troops. He only managed to kill the bait and fodder.”

“They are worth points too, especially the bait. His shitty males killed all five of those stupid females. Let’s make sure we get pretty bait. The crowd loves that.”

“Of course, Jodu.”

“Fodder is cheap, so I don’t care what we get. I want to add two new toy soldiers to the ranks though.”

They headed inside where Dusu was eagerly awaiting them. Dusu looked the part of a slave trader. His dark shoulder-length hair always looked to be in need of washing. He appeared to have permanent stubble on his face and his dark eyes looked as though he was plotting something. His body was thin, yet his clothes were finely tailored. Dusu was the main slave trader all the toy solider Generals used.

“Jodu, it is always nice to see you.” Dusu went over and shook Jodu’s hand. He looked at Xyloc but didn’t acknowledge his presence. “I saw your victory over Rius.”

“It was too close for comfort.”

“The crowd loved Cyton and Adeen.”

“Of course they did, they are our hottest soldiers,” Darlene said.

“I’ve noticed. Their images are plastered all over the toy solider district.”

“See, Xyloc, I told you hot soldiers make more money.”

“My sister has a point.”

“Well, Darlene, then you will love the three soldiers I have handpicked for your brother.”

“Three, I thought I told you I wanted two,” Jodu said.

“When you see this last minute slave I acquired I think you will change your mind. Kria was interested in seeing him, but I wanted to give you first look at him.”

Xyloc shot Dusu a daggered look. That weasel knew exactly what to say to Jodu to get him to buy any slave. “What happened to your hand?” Xyloc gestured to the bandage that was wrapped around Dusu’s right hand.

“Some stupid female slave got lucky and stabbed me with my golden pen. I have put her in the lineup for you to choose as bait. I was going to sell her to Fano, to use in his Voluptatem, but there is no way he will be able to train her to be a pleasure slave.” Dusu gestured for them to follow him.

There were twenty males chained to the wall. Some were old, some were small, some were rather skinny and a few were very overweight. “I have handpicked some fodder for you. A nice variety, I can of course make changes if you wish.”

“The really fat ones will make a nice mess out on the battlefield,” Darlene said as she slapped the large rounded belly of the dark-haired male.

“The old ones are a nice touch,” Jodu said.

“The others might put up some sort of fight. Who knows, Xyloc might be able to make toy soldiers out of them eventually,” Dusu said as he smirked at Xyloc.

“If anyone could it would be Xyloc,” Jodu said as he looked over the fodder. “I will take them.”

Dusu led them to another room. Five beautiful females were chained up against the wall.

“Which one fucked up your hand,” Xyloc said.

“The smaller dark-haired one.”

Xyloc walked over to her. “What is your name, female?”

“Belia,” she hissed at him.

“What planet are you from?”


“This one has fire, Jodu. She might just kill the toy soldier that comes to claim her life on the battlefield.

“Are the others from her planet?” Jodu said.


“I will take all five of them.”

Dusu nodded and led them to another room.

“Oh!” Darlene exclaimed when she saw the three males chained up.

“They are just waking from having their implants put in. I will adjust them to your remotes frequency if you decided to purchase them. They all are from the planet Nyisia.”

Darlene walked over to the tall male with dark hair. She ran her hand over his strong chiseled chest. “This one is hot,” she said licking her lips. “Look at me, male.” She smiled looking into his dark eyes. “What’s your name?”

“He won’t be able to answer you for a little while. The drugs are still in his system. And the implant makes them a little fuzzy too.”

Darlene moved to the next male. She ran her hand down his hard body. “He looks a lot like that other one, but the other one is a bit hotter. Still, he ain’t bad.” She moved down to the next male.

“That is the one I just acquired.”

“I like his long wavy dark hair. He is so hot too. And his body feels like stone covered in silk like those other two. Jodu, please buy all three of them.”

Jodu smiled at his sister. “I will take all three. Xyloc, I will leave the transport of all my new slaves up to you.”

Dusu grabbed a console that was on a movable cart. He went to each male and programmed the chip in their head to Jodu’s frequency. “There, all set. Now let’s talk price.” Dusu led Jodu and Darlene into another room.

Xyloc went and got his guards. They loaded up the fodder and the bait.  He told them to take them to Jodu’s compound. He had to get the toy soldiers onto the next tram. He smiled seeing the tram pull up. He knew Taus was coming to help him with the new toy soldiers.

“Well, what do we have to work with,” Taus said as he stepped off the tram.

Xyloc walked over to the large ebony male. Taus was the second overseer and only answered to Xyloc and Jodu. “Well, for once Darlene’s eager pussy actually helped to pick out some decent soldiers.” Xyloc led Taus into the room where the three males were still chained to the wall.

“They aren’t aware yet. Shit, I hate waiting around.” Taus walked up to them. “They are in excellent shape. What planet are they from?”


“Look, the warrior mark,” Taus said pointing at the tattoo of a jungle cat on two of the males’ arms. “This one is marked too, but is from a different clan. At least all three were warriors. We can work with that.”

“Rius’ toy soldier Pyro almost took off Mezo’s head. Thank goodness Mezo is a fast motherfucker. We can’t afford to lose a toy soldier of his caliber.”

“And yet, we almost did. Fucking Pyro. Dusu’s pick of fodder is less than ideal. Jodu of course likes them because they will certainly make a mess on the battlefield,” Xyloc said as he sat on one of the chairs.

“When fodder is killed it’s worth points too. I think this escapes Jodu’s notice sometimes. It puts too much pressure on the toy soldiers knowing they will have to make up those points.”

“I have talked to Jodu about this. He loves ratings more than a good strategy.”

“But it’s our asses that have to listen to him scream when those damn fodder points add up. I swear if he didn’t pay so damn well,” Taus said as he lowered his voice. “I would so go to work for another General who wasn’t so strange. Shit, Jodu looks like a damn female sometimes. It makes me uncomfortable. And don’t get me started with that slutty, boyish-looking sister of his.”

Xyloc laughed. “Jodu pays really well, so I can overlook a lot.”

“Who is this new bride he has been all pissy about?”

“His father is forcing him to marry the Overlord’s adopted daughter. I have seen her it wouldn’t be a hardship to bed her. Shit, to have a connection like that to the Overlord of this whole fucking planet…damn I would jump at that chance.”

“Any normal male would. But like I said Jodu is far from normal.”

They both became silent when Jodu came back into the room.

“The fodder and the bait are on their way to the compound. Taus and I are just waiting for those three to wake up. It’s dangerous to move them until they have regained their senses.”

“Okay, well…they are paid for. They weren’t cheap either so they better help me to win. I’m going to go fetch my new wifey and bring her home, so I will meet you there. I want those three training to start right away. I have a match with Milieus in a couple days. That pussy General is a good start to test these new ones out.”

“I forgot to congratulate you on your marriage, Jodu,” Xyloc said.

“Yeah, congrats, Jodu.”

“There is no need for that. I’m not happy about this shit, but I must do as father commands. I can’t wait until I am a real General then fuck this following orders shit. Come on, Darlene, let’s go get Brane and take that bitch home.”

Darlene followed Jodu out of the room.

“You know they should just switch clothes. She looked like more of a male than he did,” Taus said.

Xyloc laughed. “That she did.”




Syth felt like his head was going to explode. The mental fog was finally lifting and he found himself chained to a wall. He looked around the cold, gray, metal room. He saw Lox chained to the wall beside him and another male he didn’t know also chained further down from Lox.

Where did those bastards take him? What happened to his village? The last thing he remembered was a large group of males with nets and strange weapons attacking the village. There was no time to fight back. They attacked so fast and so efficiently there was no defense against it. Not to mention those weapons they carried were unlike anything he had ever seen. Burst of light came from the strange weapons and blew holes into any villager it touched. The words the males spoke were foreign and he didn’t understand.

“They better have the language chip inserted.”

Syth turned his head to the sound of a male’s voice.

“I think that one is awake. We got this, Dusu,” Taus said.

Xyloc walked over to Syth. “Darlene liked this one the best. What is your name, male?”

“Syth,” he said groggily.

“Nice…I bet you have no idea just how fucked you really are, do you?”

“Where am I?”

“You are in the City of Enalia on the planet of Tanasia.”

“Planet? City?”

“Oh for shit sakes, I hate these fucking primitive bastards. Everything is new and scary to them for the first few weeks. Listen, Syth, your life is no longer your own. Your village, the people that you knew are probably dead or in the same predicament you find yourself in. You, however, are what we call a toy soldier. You fight for your new owner Jodu. You don’t fight, you die. It’s that simple. However, if you fight well, things can be pretty sweet for you. I bet you have a splitting headache.”


“There is a chip implanted in your head that will go boom, if you piss Jodu off. In other words, you do as you are told or we can blow your head off. You understand what I’m saying because of the language chip that is also implanted. This planet is nothing like that backwater planet you are from and I’m sure you are going to get freaked out. Try to control that.” Xyloc took a sleek black rod from his hip holster out. “This is what I use to bring a world of pain to you if you don’t do what I say or if you act like a primitive animal. You be a good toy soldier and I won’t have to use this. You try and attack me when I get you ready for transport and I will show you just how bad this little stick can hurt.”

“Syth?” Lox said sleepily.

“Lox, are you okay?”

“Oh goody, you two know each other. Has that other one woken up yet?”

“Yep, I just gave him the speech,” Taus said.

“Good, then we can go home. You remember what I said Syth. You can fill your friend in while I get the transport ready.”

Syth waited for them to leave.

“Don’t try anything until we know what’s going on.”

“Syth, where are we?”

“Not on Nyisia anymore. He called me a toy soldier. We are owned by a male named Jodu.”

“Slaves, we are slaves…why does my head hurt so badly.”

Syth told Lox everything Xyloc told him.

“Those weapons the attackers used…I never seen anything like that,” Lox said. “Our village…”

“What is your name?” Syth asked the young male beside Lox.

“I am called Krono.”

“I’m Syth and this is Lox.”

“Oh goody, you all are getting acquainted,” Xyloc said. He gestured for his guards to prepare the three males. “Remember, anyone tries anything and you get the stick of pain.”

All three of them just went along. They were frightened by all the strangeness around them. And they didn’t have any sort of weapon. Syth backed away from the tram.

“Get in, it won’t hurt. Damn I hate primitives,” Xyloc growled.

All three of them got into the tram and sat. They all three were frightened when it started to move. Syth looked out the window. There were so many strange things buzzing by the window. Who were these people that now held him captive? How was he supposed to fight against something he didn’t understand? Syth was so confused and frightened. He was having trouble letting it all sink in. He looked at the other two. He could see they were having the same problem.

“They look like frighten children,” one of the guards said. This made the others laugh.

“You would be freaked out too if someone pluck you from a jungle and slapped you in the middle of an advance city, so give them a break, assholes,” Xyloc said.

“Ah, you are getting all warm and fuzzy,” Taus chuckled.

“No, I just don’t want these assholes winding up our new recruits or we will be wasting valuable training time calming them down.”

“What’s it matter? Jodu will make them berserkers on their first time out on the battlefield anyways.”

“Even so. I don’t need this shit now.”

“Cool it guys. Let’s just get these primitives back to the compound.”




The tram stopped at a large building. Syth followed Xyloc down a cement ramp to a pair of doors. He looked behind him and saw Lox and Krono were right behind. Taus was behind them and the group of guards was bringing up the rear.

Xyloc pressed in a code on the key panel and the doors swung open. “Home sweet home, primitives.”

Syth looked around as they walked down a long corridor.

“These are your fellow toy soldiers’ quarters. You newbies get the shitter quarters until you earn the better ones. Beyond those doors is where the bait quarters are. Xyloc gestured for Syth to go into one of the smaller rooms. He grabbed the chains that were bolted on the floor. He attached the metal cuffs to Syth’s wrists. “I need you to be still.” He stepped back.

Syth pulled on the chains, there was no way he was going to free himself from them.

“Fight all you want, but I would recommend just standing there. The sooner the doc looks at you the sooner you will be free to walk around your room. I can’t allow you to walk freely around the others until you know your place. You won’t be going near the bait until I know they are safe around you. The fodder won’t have time to get to know anyone, but you are free to mingle with them in the common area once you get used to everything.”

“Bait? Fodder?”

“Bait are females used in the game. Jodu likes them pretty so I’m sure you will be tempted to fuck them. That isn’t going to happen yet. Fodder are lesser primitive males whose only purpose is to die spectacularly on the battlefield. Don’t fill your head with too much shit.”

“Come on, Xyloc, is this really necessary? Do you really need to chain him like an animal,” an older female said as she came into the room with a large black leather bag.

“You know it is, Usira. Primitive, this is the doctor and you will let her examine you. Did you check out the fodder and bait yet?”

“The females are in excellent shape. You should try and convince Jodu to reconsider…”

“Don’t start this shit, doc. Your bleeding heart makes me want to puke.”

“And your lack of compassion threatens to do the same for me.”

“The fodder?”

“Several of the older men are quite ill, but the others are in good shape.”

“I didn’t figure the old ones would live beyond their first match anyways. Look at this male. He better be in good shape or I will have Dusu’s balls.” Xyloc left the room.

“What is your name?” Usira said softly.


“I’m so sorry that this had to happen to you, Syth.”

“My village…my people…my family…”

“I’m sorry, but when those damn trappers choose a village they either enslave or kill everyone.”

“The children?”

“Everyone, Syth.”

Syth backed up when she held up a small monitor that had a long white pointer.

“This won’t hurt.” She pressed the pointer against her skin. “This will help me to examine you and make sure you are healthy.”

Syth regarded the petite older woman for a moment. She had such kindness in her eyes. He relaxed.

She gently touched him with the pointer. “See it doesn’t hurt. I’m going to do a quick scan with this then I will have to physically touch you. Is this alright to do?”

Syth nodded.

“All of this technology is creepy to you, isn’t it?”

“I don’t understand any of it.”

“Your world things are done so simply and on my planet we are slaves to technology.” She stepped back and looked at the results of the scan.

“Weapons…light came from strange spear.”

“Strange spear?”

“When my village was attacked those males used strange spears that light burst from and where the light touched it blew holes into the flesh.”

“Oh…those spears are called pulse energy projectile guns. You can just call it a gun. They call your people’s weapons barbaric, but if you ask me it’s those guns that are inhuman. I can’t believe they use your planet and those other two planets as slave farms just because my people see yours as less than we are because we have more technological knowledge. We should be helping not hurting these worlds. I’m sorry, you don’t need me preaching. You have a lot to take in. I’m sure Jodu will waste no time throwing you out onto the battlefield. I need to touch you. Is this okay?”

“Does it matter if I say no or not?”

Usira smiled at him. “You are the first one to ask that. I won’t touch you if you feel uncomfortable but I would really like to make sure you are healthy. If I find something wrong Jodu will pay to fix it.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

She felt his body and paused at his cock. “Will you allow me to examine your umm…” She gestured to his cock. “I will have to remove your loincloth.”

Syth nodded.

She removed his loincloth and looked at his impressive size cock. “Well…your people are certainly gifted in this area aren’t you.” She checked him for hernias then put his loincloth back on. She wrote something done on her electronic tablet. “You are in very good health, Syth. You have a small burn on your back. I’m guessing from the stun pulse of the gun, other than that you are fine.” She put her things away. She walked up to him and looked him in the eyes. “Do what Xyloc instructs you to do. He is an excellent trainer of toy soldiers. Learn from him and survive. I wish this fate wasn’t thrust upon you, but it has been. If you want to live you must do well on the battlefield.”

“I’m a grand warrior. I have trained many years.”

“That is good. You will need that skill on the battlefield. At least these animals let you fight with your primitive weapons. I wish you luck on the battlefield, Syth. I hope I see you again.”

“You done, yet?” Xyloc said as he came into the small room.

“Yep, Syth is in excellent health.”


“You remember what I said, Syth,” Usira said as she left the room.

“Her bleeding heart for you primitives has put her into this position of being just a slave doctor. What did she say to you, male?”

“To pay attention to your instruction.”

“Wise female. I will show you how to survive on the battlefield. The more victories you earn for Jodu, the more rewards he gives you. In a fucked up sense you are lucky that you have a chance to be a toy soldier. At least you have a chance to improve your living conditions. Bait, fodder, pleasure and domestic slaves aren’t afforded this opportunity.” Xyloc unchained Syth. “You are going to stay in here until I come and get you for practice.” He left for a moment then came back with an electronic tablet. “Pay attention. I want you to get all your technology shock out of the way so we can focus on your training. The images you will see…” He clicked on the tablet.

Syth backed up.

“Calm down, primitive. This won’t hurt you. The images you see are what are real on this planet. The images will cycle through several times. I would suggest not throwing this, eating or fucking it. This will provide entertainment during your stay here. When you have adjusted I will show you how to fully operate it. For now just sit on your bed and watch the images.” Xyloc left the room. He locked the door so Syth couldn’t get out.

Syth sat on the bed and looked at the images on the screen. All of these images were real. He became confused and scared as image after image of things he had never seen flashed on the screen. He had no idea what any of that stuff was or even how this small piece of metal was able to show him images in the first place.


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