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Welcome to the Playroom


These are some of the toys used in my novels.  I will be adding items to the playroom throughout the year.



What playroom would be complete without blindfolds.  You can use a wide variety of items for blindfolds.  I love silk, the feel of it against the skin is wonderful. The Masters in my books can be very inventive with items they use for blindfolds.



The characters in my books have used everything from rope to a man’s tie to bind their very willing partners.



The use of varying whips is widely used in my novels, especially the Master Series and the Dom/sub trilogy.  They range from mild to extreme, it depends on the Master wielding the whip and his submissive’s preference. 


Floggers are used a lot by the Masters in my books.  A flogger can be made of leather, silk, rope, etc.  It can bring pleasure or pain.

baeballsThe Benefits of Ben Wa Balls

 At this point, you've undoubtedly turned a few pages in 50 Shades of Grey. Despite the constant reviews citing poor plot structure, atrocious editing and copious impracticalities, women everywhere are still flocking to the book, beaming in excitement when they ask, "have you gotten to the part where..." and rejoicing at the mentions of a possible movie.

While the sex scenes stand on their own, there is one that is permanently seared into my memory. I'm talking about the time Christian punishes Ana for his pleasure and for hers by using the Ben Wa Balls. Even as a veteran user, I had never thought to use them in conjunction with spanking and was immediately intrigued.

After reading this scene, I discovered a lot of people hadn't actually heard of Ben Wa Balls before, so for your carnal education here is a crash course in all things Ben Wa Balls.

Ben Wa Balls originated in Asia many centuries ago and were created to provide added pleasure to men during sex. The balls had little weights inside of them that would vibrate when they moved, so the women would simply slip them inside before they were slipped the business. It didn't take women long to realize that this also worked on them and they've been using them ever since.

Ben Wa Balls come in pairs and are either stringed or separated. You can get the stringed set if you're looking for an easy exit. The string will hang like a tampon string and make removal one easy step. If you want them to float more freely and create more of a focus on your PC muscles get the separated ones.They come in glass, silicone, and metal.

Ben Wa Balls can be utilized for solo or partner play. The biggest perk of using the balls is you can train your PC muscles with them. By slipping the balls in during the day and going about your usual routine, you are forced to continuously flex your PC muscles (the muscles that help you hold it when you have to pee) to keep them inside of you. This in turn will make you tighter and help you grip better during sex. If you then flex these muscles during sex, you and your partner will feel a difference. These are also a great investment for any woman who just had a baby or for a woman suffering from incontinence issues.

Ben Wa Balls are not only scientifically beneficial, they're also sexually explosive. You can you them with your partner the way they were originally intended, you can use them as anal beads, or you can use them the way Christian used them. Change it up by inserting them and having your partner go down on you, as you're getting close have them pull the balls out. It's nothing short of fantastic.

If you don't have a partner or just want to kick it by yourself, you can use them in conjunction with a vibrator or dildo. You could also sit and rock your body into an orgasm or you can practice pulling them out at different stages of your orgasm to kick it up a notch.

These two little balls that range from marble to golf ball size are super versatile and can add a spark into your sexual routine. I thoroughly recommend them. If you're looking to give them a try, jump over to adameve.com, where you'll find a large variety to choose from.


 Spreader barsimages

Masters love spreader bars for it makes it impossible for the submissive to close their legs.  If a spreader bar is used for the arms it keeps the submissive still. 




The Masters in my books love to use all sorts of Vibrators on their submissives. The sensations they can give to their submissives is inspiring.  Dildos, bullets vibrators, Gspot vibrators, clit vibrators, rock box, prostate vibrator, just to name a few.

Nipple Clamps

PD441623Nipple clamps range from a slight pinch to a brutal ouch.  The Masters in my books have used these often, especially the pain Masters. However, a few Mistresses have used them on their male submissives as well.  They love the look of the nipple clamp on their submissive.  If you want to play with these pay close attention to your lover. I recommend starting with a mild pair and working your way up.  The nipple clamps with the chains that attached them together are a nice visual. 

Violet Wands
Master Rex and Master Dante use violet wands. This toy is for more advance S&M play. It delivers varying electric shock to the submissive. The zap and crackle is loved by submissive who are really into pain.  The wand can be used at a lighter shock for submissives new to this kind of painful pleasure. 


There is a vast variety of paddles. All of the Masters in my books use some sort of paddle on their submissives on occasion. Of course some more than others. 


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