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 Perfect Submission






You need to see beyond everything being black and white, in this lifestyle there is a butt load of grey areas – Master Alex



Mistress Delilah was confused by her growing attraction to Master Gabriel. It was more than admiration or lust. Ever since that dream she had about submitting to Master Gabriel, the thought of it consumed her and distracted her from being a good Mistress to Tram and Michael. Delilah decided to ask Master Gabriel to teach her about submission. She had to get this out of her system so that she could focus on her submissives.


Master Gabriel was surprised when Delilah asked him to take her on the journey of submission. He had wanted this woman since the moment she became a member of this club. He was the one that gave her Tram and her new submissive Michael. However, he knows training Delilah will not be easy. He must try to control his growing love for her and focus on teaching her about submission.


“Perfect Submission” is the electrifying conclusion to Justus Roux’s Dom/sub trilogy.  


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This is the final story in Ms Roux’s sub/dom trilogy and shows a great deal of knowledge about the BDSM lifestyle. With rich and vibrant characters and a wealth of emotions, this story flows, twists, and turns as Delilah learns to understand her feelings and how her actions effect others. As the highest dominant in their small community, Gabriel commands the respect and obedience of all the other members regardless of their role. Although I am new to Ms Roux’s work, I can guarantee this will not be the last of her books I read.

5 out of 5 cups

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & more

CTRR (Coffee Time Reviewer's Recommend Award)


Justus Roux finals out her DOM/SUB trilogy with a mesmerizing read in PERFECT SUBMISSION.  From the beginning of this series I was captivated by the dynamics between the various members of this BDSM community.  There’s a love triangle between Raven, Gabriel and Delilah that could easily spiral out of control and kept me eagerly reading just to find out what would happen between these strong willed characters.  What truly surprised me with this book is the unique relationship that develops between Tram and Michael.  Michael’s such a strong opinionated character who questions everything and Tram is the perfect example of a submissive but together they make an awesome team and are united in their love for Delilah.


In order to fully appreciate this book I’d recommend reading this series in order.  The other titles are:



4.5 out 5

Reviewer : Chrissy Dionne



Filled with blistering sex scenes, humorous moments in the lives of Doms and subs, and characters which touched my heart, Justus Roux concludes her BDSM series in Perfect Submission.  I surely hope Ms. Roux returns to this community because she has such a gift for understanding the triumphs and pitfalls of the D/s community. 


5 out 5

Reviewer: Victoria






 Chapter One


Delilah’s heart pounded harder as they pulled into the driveway of Gabriel’s mansion. Was she doing the right thing? More importantly how was her absence going to affect Michael and Tram? Though she was frightened as hell she knew she had to take this journey with Gabriel. If she didn’t it would affect how she was a mistress with her two submissives. And the thought of hurting Michael or Tram in anyway was unacceptable.

She took a deep breath when Luke opened the door for her.

“It is a pleasure to serve you Mistress Delilah?” he said. He was glad that Master Gabriel was finally claiming this woman. Shit, she should be honored to have earned Master’s heart. He looked at her with new eyes. She was a very pretty woman, petite, curvy, elegant without even trying. He understood why his master was so infatuated by this woman. She had such strength to her, yet there was still vulnerability.

“Is there something wrong?” she asked unable to take the heaviness of his gaze anymore.

“I’m sorry. I was just admiring your beauty.” He hurried around to the trunk and took out her luggage. Thankfully she packed lightly only having two suitcases and the small one she carried.

He followed her up the stairs enjoying the way she walked. He always enjoyed watching this woman walk. She was comfortable in her own skin and it showed.

“Mistress Delilah. It’s an honor to have you stay with Master,” Donald said as he greeted her by the door. “I will show you to your room. Master is busy at the moment and has instructed me to make you comfortable. I have the bags, Luke. Master said you are dismissed for the day.”

Luke just nodded and set the bags down. Donald walked over and grabbed the bags then led Delilah up to her room.

“Whoa,” she exclaimed when they entered. This room was even more opulent than her bedroom at home. Fresh roses in every color were placed around the room, just enough to fill the room with a sweet fragrance, but not too many to look garish.

“Mistress Delilah, I will attend to your personal needs,” Elizabeth said as she entered the room. “Or if you would prefer Donald can.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Elizabeth went about unpacking Delilah’s things as Delilah looked around the room.

“I don’t remember this room when Master Gabriel gave me a tour of his home before.”

“Master had this room redone for you. It used to look more masculine.”

“He had this room completely redecorated in just a few days?”


“Wow. He did a great job. It looks so beautiful.” Delilah went over to her private bathroom. “Now that is a tub.” She walked over to the overly large tub.

“Do you have preference for soap and shampoo?” Elizabeth asked.

“I brought my own. It’s in my makeup bag.” She handed Elizabeth the small bag she was carrying.

“I will set out your makeup on the vanity.”

“Thank you.” Delilah went back into her room. This room was way too luxurious for a submissive. Isn’t that what she was going to be while she was here? She looked over to Elizabeth as the woman slowly and gracefully came down to her knees.

“I see you like your room,” Gabriel said as he entered.

“It’s beautiful, thank you.” She watched as Gabriel petted Elizabeth then Donald.

“These two will see to your needs. If you want something they will provide it for you.”


Gabriel gestured for Donald and Elizabeth to stand. It was a simple and elegant gesture. “Leave us.”

“Yes Master.”

“You are so graceful with your gestures. I should really practice mine.”

“I have been a master since I was twenty. I have more practice.” He smiled. “I can see you are confused by the luxury of this room. While I will be guiding you down the road of submission you are still a mistress. You will only humble yourself before me and only when we are training. You will not be like my regular submissives.”

“I’m confused.”

“You are first and foremost a mistress. Don’t forget that. You will treat Donald and Elizabeth as you always have. Your submission is for me alone. When other dominants are here you will be the mistress you are. Our journey is a private one.”

“Okay…how do I address you?”

“Like you always have. However, instead of Master Gabriel you will simply call me Master.”

“Do I need to greet you as your submissives do?”

Gabriel moved closer to her. “Only when I tell you to, otherwise you are to remain standing.”

Delilah backed away a little. Her body was responding to him being so close.

“Get settled in. Oh, Raven called and said Michael and Tram made it to his house okay and that they were settling in nicely.”

“Thank goodness. May I call them periodically?”

“Of course. They will be worried if you don’t and I don’t want you to worry about them. You may tell them I am upping your training. You don’t need to get more specific, therefore you won’t be lying to them. They will assume you are training as a dominant. Raven will tell them nothing. He is good at these kinds of things. However, your Michael intrigues him and I hope Michael doesn’t give him trouble.”

“I gave Raven a device to keep Michael in check.”

Gabriel chuckled. “I will let you get settled. You are free to move about the house. You may come to find me whenever you need me. My bedroom or office is not off limits to you.”

“Alright.” She waited for him to leave then she collapsed on the bed. She grabbed the phone and dialed. “Hello Tara, may I speak with your master?”

“Of course.”

“Hello Delilah.”

“Hello Raven. I got your message. Did you have Michael put on the cock ring I gave you?”

“Yes. Don’t worry about me, Delilah. I can hold my own against your big submissive.”

“I’m sure you could. Please be patient with Michael.”

“I will.”

“Tram will give you no trouble. He is such a good boy. May I speak with my boys?”

Delilah looked at the beautifully carved ceiling as she waited.


“Tram, it is so good to hear your voice.”

“It is always good to hear yours.”

“Please keep an eye on Michael.”

“Master Raven has used that device you gave him twice already. Michael seems a little upset. Don’t worry I will calm him. Do I have permission to sleep with him?”

“You two may touch each other however you like while I’m gone. It will do Michael good to explore if he wants to and I know how you like to snuggle up with him.”

“Thank you Mistress. Here is Michael.”


“My Michael. Are you being a good submissive for Master Raven?”

“I’m trying.”

“You have my permission to touch Tram anyway you want.”

“Touch him? I don’t know about…”

“He would never do anything you don’t want and you know it.”

“How long will you be gone?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you really need this mistress?”

“Yes, I do, Michael.”

“Alright, then I will endure this for you.”

“I want you to kiss Tram, put the phone up so I can hear it. This will be my kiss for both of you.” Delilah gasped hearing the familiar sound of kissing. She could mentally picture her beautiful submissives in their intimate embrace.

“Mistress, is there anything else you require?” Tram said.

“I want you two to enjoy yourselves and be good submissives for Master Raven. He knows your safe phrase and I know he will abide by it.”

“Focus on your training and don’t worry about us.”

“My Tram,” she purred.

“Mistress…I love you.”

“I love you, my pet.”

“Mistress,” Michael said quietly.

“My Michael, I love you.”

“I love you, my Mistress.”

She hung up the phone. She missed both of them terribly already. She lay there for a while letting everything sink in. She climbed out of bed and left her room to find Gabriel.

“Mistress Delilah,” Elizabeth said as she past her in the hallway.

“Where is Master Gabriel?”

“He is in his bedroom.” Elizabeth gestured to the room at the end of the hall. “But he…”

Delilah hurried over to it and knocked.

“Come in.”

She went into the room and stopped abruptly seeing Gabriel standing in the middle of the room only wearing a robe. He had just showered. His long blond hair had been blown dried and brushed out, no doubt thanks to Elizabeth.

“What is wrong, Delilah?”

“I miss my boys.”

He walked over to her and took her into his arms. “It’s okay. This isn’t going to be easy. Are you sure you want to take this journey?” He felt her arms tighten around him. Her body was so soft and she smelt so good.

“I’m sure.” She held him for a couple of moments until she had centered herself. She released him and stepped back.

“I’m sorry to have disturbed you,” she said as she kept her gaze to the floor.

“I told you that you are to find me whenever you need me, so there is nothing to apologize for.”

There was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Elizabeth came in carrying some clothes. “May I finish dressing you, Master?”

“You may.”

Gabriel let the robe fall from his body. Delilah couldn’t help but to look at him. His body was perfect, her gaze drifted down to his cock, though not as large as Michael’s it was still impressive.

“You are so beautiful,” she said before she could stop herself.

“Thank you.” He smiled at her.

Delilah watched the loving way Elizabeth helped him get ready. He wore dress pants and a white silk shirt. Elizabeth lingered on his hair seeming to adore letting her fingers run through it.

“Good girl,” Gabriel said softly as he reached down and cupped Elizabeth’s pussy under her dress.

Delilah gasped with Elizabeth.  She couldn’t see what Gabriel was doing, it was quite obvious he was stroking Elizabeth’s clit. It didn’t take long for him to bring her to orgasm.

“Thank you, Master,” she said breathily.

“Leave us.”

“Yes Master.”

“Delilah, I want you to go to room number three down in my playroom. You are to be naked and kneeling. I expect you there in twenty minutes.”


“No…you know better than that.” He looked at her with his pale blue eyes, warmth, dominance and desire danced in his eyes.


“Good girl.”

Delilah left his room and headed downstairs. She made her way to the basement, which he had converted into a very large playroom. She found room three. She walked in and saw the room was completely white and the only thing in the room was a small platform that was covered with white silk. She removed her clothes and set them outside of the room. It seemed wrong to disturbed such a pristine room with the clutter of her clothing. She walked over to the platform and slowly came down to her knees.

It felt like an eternity before she heard the door open and Gabriel’s familiar footsteps. He said nothing as he approached her. She gasped feeling the silk of the black ribbon go over her nipples.

“Put your arms behind your back,” he said sternly. She could feel the warmth of his breath in her hair. He was so close to her and yet his body didn’t touch hers, only his hands and the ribbon.

“What is the safe phrase?”

“Red light,” she whispered.

His hand gently went down her arm then he grabbed both of her delicate wrists with one hand steadying her. He positioned her arms so that he could begin tying the ribbon. He crisscrossed the silky ribbon around her arms carefully, pulling a little, moving her arms closer to one another. He was precise, placing the ribbon where he wanted it. The paleness of her skin was emphasized by the blackness of the ribbon.

She sighed softly. His touches were so tender. The care he took in binding her made her feel special. She felt the ribbon wrap around her thighs. His hands following the ribbon’s path and with the same care and detail he bound her legs together.

He stood and walked around to the front of her. She started to look up at him, wanting to see him as she dreamt.

“Eyes down,” he said firmly.

She did as he commanded. She could feel his gaze on her, admiring her in this position. She felt so beautiful, so feminine, so vulnerable.

“You are beautiful, my Delilah.”

She heard his footsteps walking away and yet she wasn’t afraid. She knew he would never leave her like this. She heard a door open to the side then his footsteps coming back. She could tell he was standing to the right of her. She could just feel his presence.

“Look, sweet Delilah, see how beautiful you are.”

She turned her head toward his voice. He was holding a full-length mirror and she could see herself as he had bound her. Her gaze followed every path the ribbon took up and down her body. His work was exquisite. She did indeed look very beautiful, she felt so very beautiful. Her gaze went up and looked at his hand, which steady the mirror, such a strong hand, yet such a tender touch.

“I want to leave you bound like this. I want the pleasure of seeing you just as you are now for a little while. You won’t be alone and I can get to you within a moment. Look down. There is a mic in the platform. Just say my name and I will untie you.”

He set the mirror to the side and walked behind her, then ran his hands up and down her body. His touch was gentle and careful. He ran his fingers through her shoulder-length dark hair, savoring the softness of it.

“I’m leaving now, Delilah, but you are not alone. Say my name and I will free you of your bonds.”

He slowly walked out of the room. He stopped by the door and looked back at her. God, she was so beautiful. He left the room and placed the earpiece in his ear. He could hear her soft breathing. He walked upstairs. He had to leave her like that for a little while to see how much she can endure.

Elizabeth!” he bellowed as he reached the top of the steps and headed into the kitchen.

“Yes Master.” Elizabeth quickly came down to her knees before him.

Gabriel unzipped his pants and let his cock spring free. He grabbed her head. “Suck me.” He groaned when she took his cock to the hilt down her throat. His need was so great. Images of Delilah tied up, kneeling there, allowing him to enjoy her that way. He roared as his orgasm ripped through him. He held Elizabeth’s head to him, forcing all of his cock deeply down her throat as his cum sprayed out. He held her like that until he felt her gently tapping on his leg. He quickly pulled his cock from her mouth, angry with himself when he heard her gasp for air.

He came down to a squatting position and cupped Elizabeth’s face. “I’m sorry, my submissive. I know you don’t like that. I should have been more careful.” He took her into his arms and kissed her deeply, feeling her body melt into his embrace. She loved this, loved to be kissed by her master.

He slowly released her from his embrace.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes Master,” she said breathily.

“That felt so good.” Gabriel lay down on the kitchen floor. “Ride me.”

Elizabeth quickly positioned herself so that she was squatting over him. She lifted her dress up and eased her pussy over his cock, sighing with contentment.

“You like being filled with my cock don’t you.”

“Yes Master, oh yes Master.” She moved up and down, enjoying the feel of him.

“Come when you need to, my beautiful submissive.”

He watched her total abandonment as she rode him. He waited for her to come then he allowed her to take him over the edge. She climbed off of him and lowered her mouth to his cock where she proceeded to lick his cock clean.

“Thank you, Master,” she repeated between licks.

He gently ran his fingers through her hair while she licked his cock. When she was finished she pulled his pants up and zipped them. She ran her hands down his legs attempting to straighten his pants up.

Gabriel stood and helped her to her feet.

“You may go back to what you were doing.”

“Yes Master.”

He walked over to the sink and poured himself a glass of water.

“Gabriel…Master.” He heard Delilah say in his earpiece.

He set the glass down and hurried down the stairs. He went into the room and quickly began to untie her.

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t last longer, but my arms were starting to fall asleep and…”

“You don’t need to explain.” He rubbed her arms once he had them free then he went about untying her legs. He helped her to a standing position. “Are your legs alright?”

“Yes Master.”

His body trembled hearing her say that. Strange, that it would evoke that response from him. She has called him Master Gabriel since she had became a member of the club, but hearing her say that now…he pushed the thought from his mind. He felt her hand wander up his chest. He gently grabbed her hand.

“I didn’t give you permission to do that.”

“Oh…that’s right…I’m sorry.”

“I will let it go this time, but next time you will have earned a swat.”

“Swat of what?”

He turned her around and swatted her bare ass with his hand. “Each infraction earns you a swat of my hand. Every night you will put yourself over my knee and tell me how many you have earned that day.”

Delilah looked up at him. The thought of placing herself over his knee and waiting for him to spank her charged her body.

“I like the way you are looking at me. Normally, I don’t allow my submissive to look me in the eye unless I have given them permission first.”


“I think for you I will make an exception. That look of hunger in your eye is making my cock hard.”

Delilah couldn’t stop herself from licking her lips in anticipation. She was use to taking what she needed from her men.

“You have to earn my cock, sweet Delilah.”

She wanted to scream out in frustration, yet at the same time she was glad he wasn’t making this easy on her.

“How do I do that?”

“Ask Elizabeth.” He smiled. “You may go back to your room now.”

“Yes Master.” She deliberately said it sexily. Oh, she wanted to throw him on the floor and ride him until he screamed. She wondered if this is how Elizabeth felt. She put a little extra oomph into her walk as she left the room. She scooped up her clothes that were next to the room and headed upstairs. She slipped on her dress as she made her way up the stairs.

She saw Elizabeth in the kitchen cleaning something.

Elizabeth, may I see you in my room in about twenty minutes?”

“Of course.”

Delilah wanted to masturbate before Elizabeth showed up. Her body was so tight with need from what Gabriel had done. As she started to walk away she felt a strong hand grab her wrist. She was surprised when she was pulled violently to someone.

“Where are you going?” Gabriel said as he held Delilah firmly to him.

“To my room.”

“You are not to touch yourself sexually.”


“You heard me.” He pressed her body closer letting her feel how hard she made his cock. “I will tell you when and if you can come. Do you understand, Delilah?”

“Yes Master.” She rubbed her body a little against his. She couldn’t stop herself.

“Good, I find out you have pleasured yourself and you will earn ten swats.” He released her. “Elizabeth, where is Donald?”

“He is tending to the garden.”

“Go find him and tell him to come to my office then you can go with Delilah.”

“Yes Master.”

“Delilah, you are not to use Elizabeth or Donald to ease your want either. That will be the same as masturbation in my eyes. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

He watched her climb up the stairs. He knew she was going to disobey him at least at first. He was curious whether she will admit to her failure to obey when it came time to tell him how many swats she had earned.

“Master.” Donald hurried in.

“Go to my office. Take off your clothes and ready yourself for me.”

“Yes Master,” Donald said eagerly as he hurried to the office.




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