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In the Arms of Oblivion

Oblivion made a name for himself as the most renowned mercenary in all of Nyasia. His newest assignment was to simply escort the princess of Sefton to her soon to be husband the king of Turenia. He believed this would be an easy assignment, but when Samara turned out to be a truly kind and gentle woman and not some spoiled princess this throws Oblivion for a loop. He finds himself falling in love with her. When he hears the rumors that Sodon, the king of Turenia, is insane, he needs to make sure that Samara will be alright. He soon learns that Samara’s life is in danger and he must save her from Sodon. For the first time in his life he risks everything for someone else, but will he be able to save Samara from her cruel fate?

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Chapter One
“Sire, you can’t do this,” Micha said as he paced around the room with Argus.
“I must…it’s for my people.” Argus continued pacing back and forth.
“It’s your daughter you are basically sacrificing.”
Argus stopped and glanced toward his middle-age advisor. Micha has been his advisor for many years. Argus valued his opinion a great deal. Couldn’t Micha see that there was no choice in this matter? If he doesn’t offer up Samara to the new young king of Turenia, then their kingdom may very well be the next kingdom this new king attacks.
“You heard what King Sodon did to the kingdom of Perenia. My armies couldn’t stop Sodon if he marched upon our kingdom.”
“But Sire, King Sodon was avenging his father’s death. Our people haven’t done anything to him. You have also heard the rumors that King Sodon is a madman.”
“This has not been proven.”
“And that his most trusted advisor and General has an unnatural love for men.”
“What does it matter to me if Sodon’s General likes to be with men?”
“It has been rumored that Sodon takes this General into his bed. Samara may not be what he wants. What will happen to her if this rumor is true?”
“Phh…” Argus raised his hand in a gesture of dismissal. “It was Sodon who requested Samara’s hand in marriage. He had heard rumors about my daughter’s beauty and innocence. He wanted her because of these rumors.”
“Sire, please don’t give Samara to him. She knows little about the world outside the castle walls or a man’s touch.”
“You’re damn right she doesn’t know a man’s touch. Why do you think she has been kept in her own wing of the castle.  She will remain innocent until she marries.”
“That’s my point, Sire. Samara has lived a very protective life. Will Sodon protect her as you have?”
“Micha, my mind is made up. I have made arrangements for Samara to get to the kingdom of Turenia safely.”
“How? Please don’t tell me you are having women escort her to Turenia.”
“Don’t be silly, Micha. I have hired a mercenary named Oblivion to get her there safely.”
“Oblivion! Sire… not that…atrocious man.”
“Calm down Micha. I have heard the rumors of this Oblivion too. That is precisely why I hired him. It would be only him who escorts my daughter. I know that he can take care of her all on his own.”
“Samara may not arrive at Turenia an innocent. Oblivion will surely take it from her before they arrive at Turenia.”
“I have heard that Oblivion has irresistible charm, too. He must make sure Samara arrives at Turenia untouched otherwise he will not get his full pay. I have offered him quite a sum of money to escort Samara. Oblivion is known for carrying out a mission just as the person who hired him wishes.”
“Enough Micha! Samara is readying herself for her journey. I will be meeting with Oblivion this afternoon.” Argus placed his hands on Micha’s shoulders. “It touches me to see your concern for my daughter. If there was any other way to ensure peace with the kingdom of Turenia…” Argus patted Micha’s shoulder then walked away. “Get the meeting chamber ready. I will be meeting Oblivion in there.”
“Yes Sire.” Micha watched Argus walk away. He started to feel sick to his stomach thinking about Samara being wed to that mad king. That’s if she even made it there with her innocence intact. What if this Oblivion decided to take her? Sodon will be angry if he finds out his new bride has been touched by another man. Poor Samara she had no idea what awaited her.  How could Argus trade her to ensure peace with Sodon…how could he?
Samara stared out her window. She watched the guard as he patrolled his area outside. Samara’s father never allowed her to be around any man. Her only glimpses of men were the guards outside and Micha her father’s advisor.
“You have been around men, Asha, tell me what do they smell like? The only man that I have been allowed to be around is Micha and he always smells like pipe smoke.”
“It depends on the man.” Asha looked at the guard Samara was looking at.  “That particular guard smells like soap. And he is way too old for you.”
“How old is he?”
“He is at least in his upper thirties. Your father wanted only experience guards to watch over you. I have heard that many guards wanted the honor of guarding you so that they may catch a glimpse of you.”
“Why? You are just as pretty as I am as are all the females who live here.”
“I don’t even come close to your beauty. Your modesty is amusing.”
Rumors of Samara’s beauty were spread throughout the land. Her long dark hair and violet eyes were her most exquisite features. Her tan skin was flawless. When she smiled it lit up the whole room. Maybe it was the mystery of Samara that intrigued so many. No man caught more than a glimpse of her. Or perhaps the fact that Samara was so innocent that intrigued kings and high-ranking noblemen.
“What does King Sodon look like?” Samara stepped away from the window and sat on the pillow next to the fireplace.
Asha rushed over and sat next to her. “I heard that Sodon is beautiful and looks like he stepped out of a woman’s dream, long flawless blond hair, rich red-brown eyes, and lips full and soft. His voice it is said was given to him by an angel.”
Samara couldn’t help but noticed the strange look on Asha’s face. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing really.”
“There is something more about Sodon isn’t there?”
“It’s nothing really…there are rumors that Sodon is insane…but it is only rumors.”
“I don’t listen to rumors. If he was crazy how could he be competent enough to rule the most powerful kingdom in all of Nyasia? It seems like his advisors or military leaders would have taken the throne from him. I read about this very thing happening in my history lesson. The would-be king of Emisia was killed by his own General to save the people of Emisia from his insanity.”
“You’re right.”
“My future husband is handsome.” Samara smiled.
“And close to your age. I was worried that you would have to be married to a man much older than you.”
“My father chose this man. I trust his judgment. I better hurry and finish getting ready for my trip.”
“I wish your father would have allowed me to join you.”
“Me too. I will ask him again to allow you to come with me.” 

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