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“There is one moment in your life where your desires have the power to change your life forever, if you have but the courage to see it.”
 -  Mistress Diane’s submissive Zachery

Detectives Ryan Heart and Jodi Porter had no idea just how they lives were going to change when they began investigating the murders of two men who both were prominent in the San Francisco’s BDSM community.  The lead suspect in the case was Grant Sparks, the head Master of one of San Francisco’s leading BDSM clubs. Proving that Grant had something to do with these murders will force Ryan and Jodi to go undercover and pretend to be Master and submissive, which threatens to tear apart their relationships with their significant others.


“To my submissive I am God.”- Grant

Hearing those words coming from his mouth pissed me off so badly that I wanted to throttle the arrogant bastard right where he stood. 

“My Master is God to me.” -Elizabeth

Yet hearing those words from her made me want to weep.

-Notes in Ryan’s report. 

Songs I listened to while writing “Master of Puppets”


Come Along- Vicci Martinez and Ceelo

Master- Razed in Black

Master of Puppets- Soil & Eclipse

Master of Puppets- Metallica

Sin- Razed in Black

Dominate- HexRx

Hit Me Hard- Noisuf-X

Serenity- Godsmack

The Siren- Aesthetic Perfection

The Best it’s Gonna get- Celldweller

Tainted- Celldweller

                                                Why- Burning Retna

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Chapter One


Ryan was still in a bad mood from the argument he had with Katherine this morning. He didn’t need this just before he went to work.  He arrived at the police station his mood didn’t improve when the Captain sent him out to another bizarre murder scene.  Ryan gathered his things and headed out.  This was the second murder in just a couple of days.

He could feel the familiar feel to the air, it weighted heavy with the echoes of violence. He hated coming to crime scenes, hated this feeling.  He arrived at the fenced in basketball court of the school yard. A sea of activity was going on. It was hard for the uniform officers to keep the looky-loos away from the crime scene.

“Oh what the hell?” Ryan said as he looked at the victim.  The middle-aged male victim was chained to the chain linked fence of the basketball court.  He had whip marks all over his body and several stab wounds. Ryan never got used to seeing the gruesome violence that one human was capable of doing to another. How in the hell could someone do this to another person? Ryan looked away from the victim and focused on his job. He had to catch whoever killed this poor man so horrifically.

“This is some sick shit,” Jack said as he took pictures of the victim “This guy was Gary Sanders, according to the I.D. in his wallet.”

“Damn…” Jodi exclaimed as she walked up to Ryan. “This poor bastard is chained up like that other guy a couple days ago.”

“You are a bit late aren’t you?” Ryan said.

“Roger’s apartment is all the way out in Parkmerced.”

“How is the college professor?”

“He is fine. What about your little accountant?”

“She is all moved in.”

“At least you got to stay in your apartment.” Jodi looked over the crime scene with her partner Ryan. They have been partners for over four years now. At first she didn’t like the idea of having such an attractive male partner especially with her seeing Roger. He didn’t like the idea of her being around Ryan all the time either. Thank goodness Ryan has such an easy going personality it smooth everything over with Roger pretty quickly. Ryan’s girlfriend Katherine is constantly hounding him to get a new partner. But he doesn’t pay attention to her regarding his work. The fact was that Jodi and he worked really well together.

“These two crime scenes are linked. They have to be. Both victims were whipped then stabbed. Both were left chained up to something,” Ryan said as he looked over everything, making sure not to get into the forensic team’s way.

“I agree.”

They finished up at the scene then headed back to the Central station.

“I hate these weird ones,” Jodi said as she drove back with Ryan.

“They aren’t my favorite. I just thank God this wasn’t a school day. I don’t even want to think about kids seeing what we just saw.”

They pulled up to the station and got out. They headed inside.

“What did you find out about the first victim?” Ryan asked as he sat at his desk.

“Adam Brooks…” Jodi pulled out her notes. “He was quite the advocate for saving the landmarks in the Bay area. He was chained to the Columbus statue in front of Coit Tower right?”


“We have to see if there is a possible connection between the two victims.”

They both begin looking up everything on the two male victims.

“It seems as though Gary Sanders was big on educational issues. Both victims had some big bank accounts,” Ryan said.

“Hey, everyone get into the conference room,” William yelled out.

Ryan, Jodi, Doyle, Cory, Alex and Jack all went into the conference room.

“We have a real shit storm a brewing,” William said. “Let’s not mention that the latest victim was chained to a damn school yard and the other guy was chained up to a very popular tourist site.  The fucking press had a field day with that.  I think it is safe to assume that these two cases are connected. The way they were killed was too similar to be overlooked. And not to mention both gentlemen were heavily into the BDSM scene.”

“No shit,” Doyle said. “Live by the whip, die by the whip.” He chuckled.

“This isn’t funny, you asshole,” Jodi said.

“Both of those men were really outspoken about the BDSM lifestyle.  I want to know what BDSM clubs they went to. What community if any they belong to? There has to be some common thread between them. They had to have been in the same circle.”

“Yeah, the freak circle. I’m sorry I don’t get all that please spank me shit,” Cory said.

“It’s not up to us to judge, dickhead,” Ryan said.

“When anyone comes up with something let me know then we will go from there. We don’t want the press making a circus out of all of this.”

Ryan walked back to his desk.

Jodi grabbed herself a cup of coffee. She turned around and looked at Ryan as he searched on his computer.  Damn, he was a very handsome man, tall, muscular, he had the prettiest baby blue eyes she had ever seen. His shoulder-length ash-blond hair was tied back in a ponytail. When he let his hair hang loose and the way he would run his fingers through it periodically while he worked…she quickly snapped herself out of her train of thought.  She just moved in with her boyfriend of four years…she shouldn’t be thinking about how hot Ryan is.

“You alright,” Ryan said. He had caught her looking at him with that faraway look in her eyes again. He often wondered what she was thinking about when she did this.  He had to admit she was looking particularly beautiful today. Her shoulder-length brown hair framed her pretty face. And those big brown doe-like eyes of hers…wow.

“What?!” she snapped as she sat at her desk.

“You are looking really pretty today.” Ryan smiled at her.

“Thank you,” she said quickly. She got on her computer and focused on digging up the two victim’s BDSM activities.  She looked up and saw Ryan was still looking at her. He smiled then went back to work. His smile always warmed her. She cleared her thoughts and dove into her work. 


Available  Nov 2012

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