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Masquerade is the last jinn of Felos and the one person that Avie believes can bring peace to the land. Avie’s naivety gives Alaston the catalyst he needs to trap Masquerade. If Alaston can get Masquerade’s gem close enough to the jinn, then the jinn’s power would be his to wield. Alaston arrogantly believes just because Avie’s is his betroth that he can talk her into anything. It is, after all, her duty as his soon-to-be-wife to obey his commands anyways, or so this is what he believes.

In her attempt to protect Masquerade from Alaston, Avie finds herself Masquerade’s master. She also finds herself in the land of Zeju. Masquerade had transported them there during his imprisonment into the gem. Zeju, the land of the beautiful warrior males, is one place that Avie never believed she would see. But it is Ruelle, a Zeju male, which completely throws her for a loop. He stirs passions in her that she thought only existed in dreams. Avie must find a way to free Masquerade, and find a way to curb her desire for Ruelle, before Alaston finds her.



Chapter One


“Hurry up, damn it.” The man hastened the others on. He knew they were being tracked and no smuggler wanted to get caught by them.

“Leave the children, they just want them,” another one said.

“Like hell. These four boys will make us rich.”

“The money won’t matter if we are dead.”

“Shut up and run. Once we arrive back at our boat they will stop tracking us.”




Ruelle hurried. He couldn’t lose them. His sister’s child was one of the boys taken and he will be damned if he let his nephew be sold as some sex slave.

Ruelle let out a howl letting Bez and Ciaron know where to follow.  All three of them were skilled warriors of their tribe. They would catch those smugglers and kill all of them. Male children from his tribe were a very valuable asset to these foreigners. It was too hard to catch a full grown male from his tribe, but if a smuggler did manage it the price they got for a grown male was worth the effort. Damn these foreigners and their greed. Why didn’t they just leave his people alone.

They won’t escape this time. Ruelle knew this jungle and now he had their trail and scent, they wouldn’t get away.

He leapt off the small hill and landed right behind the caravan.

“Shit!” one of the men screamed.

“Stop screaming and shoot!” another cried out.

Ruelle easily dodged their pitiful attacks. Their weapons were too slow and easy to predict. He pulled the first man down leaving him to Bez and Ciaron. He knew without looking that they were right behind him.

The rest of the men stopped.

“Alright, take them…” the leader of the smugglers said. “Let us pass and you can have your children back, all four of them.”

“I will have them back regardless if you give them back or not,” Ruelle growled. Bez and Ciaron stood beside him.

They were large males compared to the scrawny smugglers. Ruelle stood six two, as did Ciaron. Bez was a little shorter at six feet tall. Their bodies were male perfection, strong, muscular. Their skin flawlessly smooth, tanned from the sun. Their hair was long and thick. Ruelle’s hair was the darkest, Bez had a warm brown color and Ciaron was rare having golden blond hair. All three were incredibly handsome, so were all the males in their tribe, this was why their kind was hunted and forced into slavery. The males of Zeju were the most prized males on all of Felos. Their masculine perfection and their skill at lovemaking were unsurpassed by any male.

Without another word Ruelle and the others attacked, killing each and every one of the smugglers. They were ruthless when it came to foreigners. To cross the border into Zeju was very dangerous for any foreigner.

Ruelle freed the four boys and brought them back to the village. He watched with much delight as his sister rain kisses down her son’s face. His sister’s mate was killed a year ago so all she had left of him was their son.

“Well done, Ruelle,” Bavel said. Bavel was the chieftain of Zeju. “Bez and Ciaron…well done,” he said as the other two joined them.

“We must stop these greedy smugglers…”

“I know Ruelle. However, now let’s celebrate the safe return of four of our boys.”

“What about Synge? We have not found him yet.”

“He is lost to us,” Bavel said.

“That’s it. We just let some smuggler or mercenary sell him to whoever.”

“Synge was nineteen…a warrior…his fate is his own. You know this. Your nephew is safe because of you. Let your sister enjoy this moment. Let the boy enjoy his freedom.” Bavel walked over to the four boys and their mothers.

“Synge was a warrior,” Ciaron said. “Bavel is right, let’s celebrate that we killed six of those damn smugglers. We left their bodies as a warning to any other foreigners.”

Ruelle watched Bez and Ciaron head over to a group of females. He didn’t feel like celebrating. He was happy his nephew and the other boys were safe, but…

“You think too much, brother,” Rayne said as she handed him a cup of wine. “Thank you for bringing Lee home.” She hugged him tightly.

“I will always protect you and Lee, my sister.”

“I know you will. But now, you need to find a female and enjoy yourself. There are no shortages of females who want to lie with you.” Rayne smiled. She headed over to the females who belonged to males. Even though her time of mourning was over she had no desire to find another mate yet.

Ruelle headed back to his hut. He was in no mood for mating right now.




“He is so sad,” Cicu said as she caressed the mirror.

“The Zeju male is just weighted down by his people’s plight.”

“Master…he is so beautiful.” Cicu caressed Ruelle’s image.

“That he is. Don’t worry, my pet, you will get to play with him soon.”

“How soon?” Cicu said excitedly.

“I believe our guest will be here soon and it seems she has taken a liking to Zeju males.”

“Master, she insults you by offering coin for your help,” Astraeus said as he sat on the floor next to Masquerade.

“She is wealthy and thinks her money can get her anything she wants,” Masquerade gently ran his fingers through Astraeus’ hair. “I don’t need her damn money. What does a jinn need with money.” He chuckled.

“Then why see her, Master?” Cicu sat down on the other side of him. She looked up at him with her big beautiful purple eyes. 

“To amuse myself, and to let my pets play a little.” He smiled down at both of them. “How should we greet our guests?”

“Fill the castle with beautiful males. Tease her, make her want so much her body aches, then deny her,” Astraeus said as he laid his head on Masquerade’s leg.

“Oh, that sounds like fun,” Cicu added.

Masquerade focused for a moment and soon all the servants turned into beautiful males. He waved over to the mirror and let his pets see his handy work.

“Very good, Master,” Astraeus said.

“They can’t hold a candle to you, my pet,” Masquerade said as he leisurely petted him.

Astraeus was very beautiful. He was about five ten, had short golden hair, deep blue eyes. His body was perfection. Cicu was very beautiful and delicate looking. She was five six and had long blonde hair. Her purple eyes were mesmerizing.  These two were loyal to Masquerade and were the only beings in this castle that he didn’t conjure up.

“Astraeus, you will greet my guest. Cicu, I think it’s best that you wait in your room for awhile. You know how jealous she is of you.”

“Yes Master,” they said in unison. They never disobeyed him and did whatever he asked.

“Let the games begin,” Masquerade chuckled. He waved his hand and went back to the image of Ruelle. “You are a beautiful creature, Zeju male.” 

Ebook available now. Print book in May 2011


Ebook Available March 2011, print book May 2011

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