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Darkness is Coming


Jena has been dreaming about the same handsome and dangerous looking man for as long as she can remember. This man goes only by the name Darkness. And for just as long she has had feelings of someone or something is watching her.  Her only respite from these feelings was the time she spent with the nuns when she was a teenaged girl.

Lazarus is an ancient druid who is charged with guarding Jena. He must protect her from Shadow and his clan of vampires. Shadow has caused an angel to fall from grace and he did the unthinkable of turning an angel into a monster. This angel is now called Darkness. Lazarus must keep Shadow and Darkness away from Jena. She is the pure soul described in an ancient druid scroll. It’s more than that to Lazarus. His growing feelings for the woman he is charged with defending strengthens his resolved to protect her. Even if he must go against his own people he will save her.

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Chapter One


“The Druids and their prophecies,” Shadow laughed as he threw the scroll off the bed.

“You shouldn’t underestimate them, lover,” Juno said. 

“Or what?” He picked up another scroll.

“They have killed many of our kind.”

“Yeah, the weak and pathetic ones. Has Nixie done what I ask of her?”

“Yeah and Kishi isn’t too happy about this plan.”

“He will get over it. It is not like Nixie is going to actually fuck that angel.”

“I don’t know, she might, I would and you know you would fuck an angel too.”

“Why not, it would be interesting.”

“Exactly.” Juno stretched out.

“Oh well, if Kishi kills the stupid angel in a fit of jealousy then so be it, then we can dine on two angels’ blood.”

“It seems almost cruel doesn’t it?” Juno climbed out of bed. “I mean turning an angel into one of us.”


“Then let’s not do this. Let’s find a group of humans to feed on.”

“I want to taste angel. And besides I am curious to see what will happen when we turn an angel.” Shadow grabbed her and pulled her back onto the bed.

“What if the Druids’ prophecy comes true?”

“Then so be it.” Shadow grabbed the scroll on the nightstand. “It is foretold that when an angel loses his way and falls from heaven that a pure soul will be born. This soul is mankind’s test. Protect and live or corrupt and die. The light must fend off the darkness,” Shadow read the scroll in a mocking voice. He tossed the scroll to the side. “What the hell does that even mean, anyways? But if by tricking an angel to fall from heaven we create a pure soul, imagine what the blood of such a soul would taste like.”

“And what if we trigger something awful? Not to mention those damn Druids are going to be pissed as hell when they find one of their groups destroyed? We killed four of those Druids.”

“And they tasted so freaking good.” Shadow licked his lips. “Don’t tell me you don’t feel fucking fantastic after feasting on those nature lovers.”

“I do feel pretty darn good.”

“Druid blood is so much more potent that ordinary human blood. Just imagine the rush we are going to get when we feast on those angels.”

“Shadow, why both of them.”

“I didn’t plan on both, but you know Kishi’s jealousy will probably kill the other one. Now let’s go. I can’t wait to get this started. And when we finish sucking those angels dry I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.”

“Mmmm,” Juno purred as she quickly got out of bed and got dressed.




“We shouldn’t be out here,” Azazel said.

“Stop worrying. I told you I scouted this area out first. You did tell me you wanted to know what it was like to come to Earth. We won’t be gone that long,” Nevin said.

Azazel followed his friend to the portal. Something felt wrong. It was more than just sneaking to Earth. If they were caught it meant spending time in purgatory. This didn’t bother him, it was a price he was willing to pay to be on Earth if any for a moment. What really bothered him was Nevin’s insistence that they do this now. Nevin had talked about going to Earth extensively for the last two weeks. Nevin seemed almost desperate for Azazel to come with him.

“You are not getting cold feet, are you?” Nevin said as he looked nervously at the portal.

“Why are you so nervous?”

“Just a little worried that we might get caught.”

Azazel couldn’t shake this feeling that he shouldn’t do this, but he couldn’t let Nevin go alone. What if he didn’t find his way back? Or worse, one of those unearthly creatures that roam Earth might get a hold of him. He couldn’t let Nevin go on by himself and there was no way of talking him out of it.

“Ready?” Nevin said when they reached the portal opening.

“We have to come back quickly.”

“We will take a quick look around and come right back. Maybe, we will get lucky and run across a couple of female humans while we are down there.” Nevin smiled at Azazel.

Azazel took a deep breath and passed through the portal. Immediately he felt a strong downward pull. His stomach was doing flip-flops. Light flickered by as the speed in which they descended increased. Just as Azazel thought he couldn’t take anymore the feeling stopped and he and Nevin were standing in the middle of a wheat field.

“Shit, that was a rush,” Nevin said.

Azazel looked around as his hands flicked over the wheat stalks. It was so beautiful, especially with the moonlight giving everything a warm glow. He took a deep breath in enjoying the blast of oxygen and the many smells that invaded his nose.

“Come on, Azazel, we have to head for those woods. The portal will be opening up there in a couple hours.”


Azazel took in everything. Heaven was beautiful, but Earth held much wonders to a celestial being. He touched the tree when they entered the forest. The roughness of the bark felt strangely wonderful. He looked at the various insects and plants. He smiled seeing a couple of squirrels chasing each other, playing in the moonlight. He looked over to Nevin. He seemed very nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Azazel asked.


“What are you looking for?”

“Nothing, just taking all of this in.”

Azazel found it strange that Nevin wouldn’t look at him. Perhaps all of this was too much for him. Azazel came on alert when he smelled the organic scent of human blood.

“Nevin, something is wrong?”

“Azazel, I’m sorry…” Nevin said quietly.

Before Azazel had time to say anything something slammed into his back, knocking him down.

“You did good, baby. He is so beautiful,” Nixie said to Nevin as she breathed in the scent of Azazel. “He smells so innocent, so pure.”

Azazel tried to push off whoever was pinning him to the ground.

“He does…mmm, he does,” Shadow purred as he held Azazel to the ground.

“Where is Kishi?” Juno said as she walked over to them.

“He will be here shortly,” Nixie said. “Nevin, we have time to play before he gets here.”

“What is going on, Nevin?” Azazel said as he struggled to free himself.

“I’m sorry, Azazel,” Nevin said again as Nixie led him away.

“I will tell you what’s going on, sweet angel.” Shadow leaned in closer. “Your friend sacrificed you so he could fuck Nixie. What a piece of shit, huh?”

“You lie.”

“Do I?” Shadow lifted Azazel to his feet, but still had a firm hold on his arms, pinning them behind his back. He led Azazel through the forest until they came upon a clearing.

Azazel gasped seeing Nevin and Nixie fucking each other. The ferocity in which Nevin took Nixie told Azazel just how long Nevin waited for this moment.

“He traded your life for a piece of ass. Not very angel-like is it?” Shadow laughed.

Azazel couldn’t say anything. The depths of Nevin’s betrayal reached the core of his being. Azazel quickly looked to the side when he heard a strange growl.

“Kishi, control yourself,” Shadow said.

“I told you he was going to be pissed off,” Juno said as she sunk her teeth into Azazel’s arm.

Azazel cried out. The burning pain of her bite radiated up his arm. He gasped seeing Kishi tackling Nevin.

“Kishi stop it!” Nixie said.

Azazel heard Nevin’s blood curdling cry as Kishi proceeded to rip him apart.

“Well, he got what he deserved. Now it’s dinner time.” Shadow sank his teeth into Azazel’s neck.

They slowly fed on Azazel, racking his body with unimaginable pain.

“Stop,” Shadow said as he wiped the blood from his chin. “Don’t kill him.” He stood and used his sharp fingernail to puncture his own flesh. He smiled seeing the droplets of blood beginning to drip.

“You are going to turn him?” Kishi said.

“My curiosity needs to be sated.” He grabbed Azazel’s chin and opened his mouth. He held his arm over Azazel’s mouth and watched as the blood dripped into it. “Can an angel be turned? And if so, will he become the darkness mentioned in that stupid Druids’ scroll. If not, I’m sure we can handle being the darkness.” Shadow chuckled. He stood and licked his arm closing the wound. He watched as Azazel writhed in pain. “Well, this will turn him or kill him, either way it works for me.” He squatted back down and grabbed Azazel’s chin again. “Look at me, angel. If you survive this you will be called Darkness. I will even let you join our clan. But know this one undisputedly fact. Whether you die or get turned into a monster, you will never be able to go home. Let all of this sink in while you lie here.” Shadow jumped up and bolted off.

“Shadow, that was cruel,” Juno said as she took off after him.

Azazel’s body felt like it was on fire. He tried to will himself to die. He wanted this to end. He looked over and saw what remained of Nevin. Those creatures pretty much devoured him. Azazel cried out in agony as it felt like his body was being torn apart. The pain was too much, his blood loss was too great that he couldn’t stay conscious.

When he awoke he started to cry. His prayer wasn’t answered for he wasn’t dead. He could feel the evil in his body and the uncontrollable urge for blood. If you survive this you will be called Darkness, Shadow’s words filled his mind. Darkness, that was what he was now, and there was no escaping this hell. Anger slowly started to replace sorrow as his need of vengeance overcame him.

“Azazel, you must endure this…oh my sweet Azazel, what have they done to you?”  a soft female voice filled his mind, but his rage quickly shut her voice out.

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