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Black Velvet




Black Velvet is the name of the hottest male stripper in town. Black Velvet is also the name given to the thief who has been linked to several robberies in the city. Hunter Getz is both of these men. The money he makes at the Pleasure Alcazar and he gets from robbing the rich goes to help his friends out.

Jody Davis has been assigned to the Black Velvet robbery case. She works diligently to catch this clever thief.

Linda, Jody's best friend and fellow detective, forces Jody to go to the Pleasure Alcazar with her. It's been awhile since Derek left Jody broken hearted. Linda just wants her friend to have some fun and let go for one evening. Jody feels terribly out of place at the Pleasure Alcazar. She has to admit that the men are very hot, even still, she still feels awkward. From the moment Black Velvet takes the stage Jody is mesmerized by him. Linda notices this and bids on Black Velvet for her. Jody finds herself in Hunter's room. She spends a very erotic two hours with this sexy man. And from this moment on he doesn't leave her thoughts.



Chapter One


“Come on Jody, you know you need to relax a bit.”

“Don’t start with this.”

“I won’t stop bugging until you come with me.”

“I don’t have time to go to some male whore house, Linda.”

“It’s not a whore house, it’s the Pleasure Alcazar.”

“It’s a male whore house.”

“Whatever, the fact is that you are coming with me. The Pleasure Alcazar has the best looking men around and there is one in particular I think you will enjoy very much.”

“Oh really and who would that be?”

“He goes by the name Black Velvet.”

“You are kidding me right?”

“No, I’m not. So I thought since the thief we are after has been dubbed Black Velvet and this pleasure giver has the same name, I figured you would get a kick out of it. Maybe they are the same person.”

Jody chuckled sarcastically. “Please, I doubt very highly that some pleasure giver would be that notorious thief. You had been throwing your money at some male whore that explains why you are always broke. Honestly, you can’t find a better way to spend your paycheck?”

“What better way to spend money than to play with some hot guy. Come on Jody go with me to the Alcazar. I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“Alright, alright, I will go with you. I will watch the men strip, but I’m not using their services.”

“Fair enough.”  

“Why do they call that pleasure giver Black Velvet?”

“It’s his stage name. His black hair feels like velvet. So the owner gave him that stage name.”

“He’s not ebony in color?”


“Then that really makes no since.”

“It will if you go to his room and run your fingers through his silky hair. And I’m betting you will.”

“I told you I will watch the men strip and nothing more.”

“Okay, let’s get going.”




“Hunter, you are going on tonight aren’t you? I better be hearing a yes from you.”

“Yes, Mistress Crabass.”

“What did you say?”

“Yes Mistress Melinda.”

“That better be what I heard you say. Maxim, Zoltan and Dai, you better have your hot asses ready to go too, looks like we have a full house tonight.”

Melinda hurried pass the men. She was the co-owner of the Pleasure Alcazar and liked being around her employees. Lei, her business partner, liked being around the customers. So together they worked well.

“Hunter, you are going to piss her off one of these days,” Zoltan said. Zoltan was one of the favorite dancers. His sinewy body, long dark hair, and beautiful eyes made him requested a lot by customers.

“Like she is going to fire me, I make the bitch too much money.”

“Well, that’s true. Black Velvet is requested the most.”

“Of course I am.” Hunter flashed his most charming smile. Hunter was a most beautiful man. His shoulder-length wavy dark hair, chiseled hard body, and beautiful face made him the most popular of all of the dancers. But it was more than that, Hunter knew how to move, both in and out of bed. He liked watching the women watch him while he danced and loved hearing them moan when he fucked them, though he didn’t really like the name Black Velvet, mostly because Melinda gave him that name. Why in God’s name couldn’t she be more like Lei? Now Lei was a lady, she dressed for her age, still very sexy, but a little more conservative. Melinda still believed she was twenty. And God helped the man who asked her age. Hunter put both Lei and Melinda in their upper forties. He would fuck Lei in a moment that woman was sexy, but Melinda there was no way. He liked his women to be ladies, and Melinda wasn’t even close.

“Hey Maxim, be careful you don’t poke someone’s eye out with that thing,” Dai laughed.

“Shut up. You just wish your cock was this big.” Maxim grabbed his very large cock and gave it a squeeze. Maxim was a big man in every aspect, he stood six foot six, and his body was very muscular. His brown hair was cut very short which drew attention to Maxim’s beautiful brown eyes. Of course once his pants were off all the women’s eyes were drawn to his unusually large cock.

“Now ladies, no fighting,” Hunter chuckled.  There were at least ten men in the large dressing room. All of them were very hot, of course they were, Melinda only wanted the best. “Dai, I think you are dancing first, so hurry up.”

“I know, I know.” Dai was an interesting mix of Asian and Caucasian. He stood six feet tall, had short jet-black hair, beautiful Asian eyes, and full lush lips. His body was similar in build to Zoltan. Melinda often made them dance together, but not tonight. She wanted the large crowd of women to stay for a long time. The more they ate and drank, the more money they made her.

Once the dancers were all done for each set, then the women who bid the highest could have their choice of dancer to pleasure them.  These auctions happened once or twice a night.

“Dai, get your sexy ass out there,” one of the stagehands yelled out.

“Well, it’s show time.” Dai smiled as he hurried from the room.




Jody followed Linda into the crowded stage area. Women from all walks of life eagerly awaited the arrival of the first dancer.  Linda was no exception. Jody however, was less than thrilled. Sure it would be nice to watch beautiful men do their thing, but right now she had this Black Velvet case to solve. This thief was good too. He or she only left one thing at the scene, a shot glass of whiskey. The lab determined that the whiskey was Black Velvet. Of course this was really no help. It would be hard to track down everyone that ever bought a bottle of the stuff.  Nostalgia for everything from the twenty and twenty-first century was all the rage. Why in the world couldn’t people live for the here and now? It was the 2050 after all, not 1980.  The shot glass of whiskey bothered Jody the most. The arrogance of the damn thief irritated her to no end.

“Sit down, let’s order a drink,” Linda said.

They sat in the middle of the room. All tables had a good view of the stage area, so it matters little where you sat.

“What are those for?” Jody said as she pointed to the line of elaborate decorated cages.

“The men dance in them while we bid.”


“Bid on which one you want to fuck.”

“Oh that’s barbaric.”

“No that’s fun.”

“It’s a waste of money.”

The roar of women’s voices filled the room as the music started to play. Jody’s attention went to the stage.

“Nice,” Linda squealed watching Dai start his dance.

Jody’s attention went to the other women. They all were just letting go and enjoying themselves. She looked back up at the stage. Dai was hardly wearing anything now. His body moved very seductively as he used the various props on the stage to grind against.  He enjoyed what he was doing, it showed and this only fueled the women’s desire.

The stage jotted out into a long runway, so that all the women in the room could have a closer view of Dai as he moved down it. Jody looked up as Dai grinded his hips. He smiled and winked then moved on down the runway. He made good use of the silk covered pole at the end of the runway, before he headed back up to the main stage area.

“Isn’t he so hot,” Linda yelled. She reached over and inserted a twenty-dollar bill into one of the tubes on the side of the runway.

“What are you doing?” Jody asked.

“Tipping him of course, you can’t touch him unless you win the auction, then you can do whatever you want to him.”

The women roared their approval when Dai exited the stage.

“Good boy,” Melinda said as she slapped him on his ass as he walked by. She climbed the stairs and went out onto the stage.

“Hey ladies, nice start to the night wasn’t it,” Melinda said. She smiled when the women yelled out.

Jody listened to Melinda sneak in drink specials as she worked the women up telling them that Zoltan was the next dancer. Jody chuckled to herself, then found herself wishing the dancers would just do their thing so she could go home. She felt silly being here.

“Here let me buy you another drink. You need to loosen up girl,” Linda said as she ordered them two more glasses of wine.

The music started again. Jody could see Linda getting real excited.

“Zoltan is one of my favorites,” Linda yelled.

Jody watched Zoltan flip his long silky hair as he moved his body in perfect time to the music.

Just acting like we’re animals, the singer’s voice rang. Zoltan licked his lips as he moved his hands over his body. Jody had to admit he was a very hot man. She let her eyes drink him in as he passed by on the runway. He smiled so seductively at Linda, Jody could feel her friend’s excitement over it.

“I am bidding on him tonight!” Linda said as she shoved a twenty in the plastic tube.

“You keep throwing money into that tube you won’t have any money to bid with.”

“You should bid on Black Velvet.” Linda playfully slapped Jody’s leg.

“Please, I’m not wasting money on this.” She looked up when Zoltan passed by.

“Come on, you have to admit these men are hot.”

“I would have to be blind not to see how hot they are. That doesn’t mean I have to throw my paycheck down a tube.”

“Damn, I’m going to ride him so hard while I run my hands through that hair,” Linda said as she put another twenty in the tube.

The crowd roared when Zoltan did a sexy bow before he left the stage.

Jody sat there as dancer after dancer came out. The women were getting drunker and more excited by the minute.  She looked up at the stage when the macabre music started.

“Holy crap,” she said as the large man came onto the stage.

“That’s Maxim,” Linda purred. “I’m too chicken to bid on him.”

“Why?”  Jody jerked when she heard the crack of the whip.

“He likes to play rough.” Linda chuckled.

Jody watched Maxim. His dance was interesting. He wasn’t as overtly sexy as the other dancers were. He was scary, yet sexy, she had to admit his dance was appealing. Her eyes opened wide when he removed the last bit of clothes. His cock was enormous. None of the other men stripped completely naked, granted the slip of cloth they had left on really left nothing to imagination, still they weren’t completely naked.

Jody looked away when he squatted down in front of them. When she heard him move on she felt safe to look up again.

“Why is he naked?”

“That’s his thing. They probably want him to show off his monster cock.”

Jody looked away again when Maxim passed by. She quickly looked up when she heard a woman let out a loud squeal. Maxim had dragged her on stage, her hand was firmly on his now hard cock.

A very large female security guard took the woman off the stage and glared up at Maxim.

“I take it he wasn’t supposed to do that.”

“No, but he does that kind of stuff a lot.”

When Maxim’s dance was over Jody excused herself and went to the ladies room. As she washed her hands, she heard the women who were in there talking about the dancers they wanted to bid on.  She rolled her eyes and went back to the table.

“Ladies!” Melinda said as she went onto the stage. “Our next dancer is Black Velvet.”

The deafening roar of the women told Jody that he was everyone’s favorite.

The music surged through the room. Jody’s gazed was drawn to the man sitting on the chair. He had a hat strategically tilted covering his face, which showed off his incredible smile. Oh God, his smile was hypnotic. When he started to move she couldn’t look away. He wore only the hat and jeans. He stood up and kicked the chair from him. He tossed the hat off as he started to crawl down the runway. That damn smile on his face, arrogant, sexy, seductive…Jody couldn’t catch her breath as he moved closer.

I’m a dog, baby… the singer repeated. 

Hunter saw the woman in the middle of the room. She looked out of place here. She was pretty, but not overly so…it was the way she looked at him that turned him on. This had to be her first time in a place like this. He liked that. He did some of his best moves while he stood by her table. He watched her reaction to him and it made his cock impossibly hard.  He knew he couldn’t stay in one place too long; Melinda would give him hell if he did. He reluctantly moved on. He looked over when he got to the pole at the end of the runway. He smiled seeing that woman was intently looking at him. He was turning her on. Hell he was turning on every woman here, he loved that.  Just fucking loved it. He put everything he had into this dance. And the women went wild. By the time he finished his dance the crowd was whipped up into a fevered frenzy.




These songs inspired the dancing scenes:


The first time Jody sees the men dance-


Dai danced to Little Less Conversation- Elvis

Zoltan danced to Animal- Nickelback

Maxim danced to Painted Black- Rolling Stones

Hunter danced to I’m a Dog- Kidd Rock

The men caged danced to Music-Madonna


When Hunter and Adonis danced together

They danced to 4 minutes- Madonna


Jody watches the men dance the night after she almost catches Hunter


Adonis danced to Give it up- Kevin Aviance

Zoltan danced to Paralazer- Finger Eleven

Maxim danced to I disappear- Metallica

Hunter danced to Voodoo- God Smack


Hunter and Jody dance together

They danced to When the Doves Cry- Prince


Zoltan and Hunter dance together

They danced to Feedback (remix)- Janet Jackson


Hunter’s dance for Mrs. Montgomery

He danced to I like the way you move- The Body Rockers


Hunter’s confession to Jody

He danced to Black Velvet- Allannah Miles


Hunter and Jody’s second dance together

They danced to Please don’t stop the music (remix) - Rhiannon

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