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                              A Good Man


For years I have brought justice to this god-forsaking world. I am a Confessor for the church. I am dispatched to rid this world of evil. I am the judge, jury and executioner. It was deemed this was the best way to handle evil. However, after handing down swift justice to countless sinners, evil hasn’t ebb. It only seems to grow.  Now, there is a killer of Confessors and I will be sent out to help stop this man.

I begin to question my faith. Am I the evil that I have fought so hard to rid this world of? From my darkest despair she pulls me back up to my feet. Over and over, my beloved Nova reminds me of my faith.  All I have to do is gaze upon her and I know there must be a God.  Only God could create a love that Nova gives me.

I want to be the man, the master, my beloved Nova deserves. For her I will do anything to be a good man.


Songs that inspired me while writing "A Good Man"

I Will Fail You- Demon Hunter

Time of Dying- Three Days Grace

Why- TYA

God Shuffled His Feet- Crash Test Dummies

Unraveling- Sevendust

Barton Hallow- The Civil Wars

Blasphemy- Cinema Bizzare

Take Out the Gunman- Chevelle

Wrong Side of Heaven- Five Finger Death Punch

Wrecking Ball- Five Finger Death Punch

I.M. Sin- Five Finger Death Punch

My Obsession- Cinema Bizzare

Put the Gun Down- ZZ Ward

Till the Casket Drops- ZZ Ward

Good Man- Devour the Day

Forevermore- Aroth

Bad Guy 3OH!3


Here you lay me down to sleep…my soul I pray the Confessor will not reap.


That sound…it is undeniable, the mechanical sound of the Confessor’s metal monstrosity coming near. Fear begins to fill our souls. Who is he coming to judge? The Regent has sent him to deal out God’s justice. How can one man define God’s justice? We can’t run from this. We must accept what the Regent deems righteous.

We can see him enter the town. The beast he rides is made of steel and gold. It vaguely resembles a horse. He is given this beast when he is named Confessor.

All eyes are upon him as he dismounts the beast. That is when we see her. An angel, a gift from the Regent, only the most beautiful of women can be given to a Confessor. She becomes his, in every sense of the word. She is meant to make sure he doesn’t judge too harshly. She is his soul and it is her kindness that has often saved us from the cruelty of a Confessor.

We can catch the glimpse of the revolver strapped to his thigh. Many have lost their lives by being shot by this revolver, blessed by God, this holy weapon of the righteous. But too many of us it symbolizes the fear we have for the church.

All eyes are upon him as he sends his angel away. Fear mounts, we know what this means, someone is going to lose their life today. He doesn’t want her to see what is going to happen. Yet, his eyes are indifferent as he turns his gaze our way.

He reads out a name and all eyes go to the poor soul whom the Confessor has come to claim. The charge is read out. The man is already been found guilty of rape and thievery. None of us can believe what we hear. There has to be a mistake, yet no one speaks up.  The Confessor pulls out his revolver.

“I find you guilty and the sentence is death.” His voice booms out paralyzing all of us.

Before the man has time to retreat the Confessor shoots him in the chest. And if taking his life wasn’t enough the Confessor condemns the poor man’s soul to hell.

He calls out for his angel and she quickly comes to him. He helps her onto the mechanical beast then they ride out.

This is our world, one of fear and piety. The church runs everything and any who dare speak out will face the holy wrath of the Regents. They send out their Confessors to silence the unfaithful. In a strange way some of us pity the Confessors. The burden their souls must bear. It can change a once good man to little more than the mechanize beast they ride.


Chapter One


“You, my submissive, are more beautiful than any other,” Vex softly whispered into Nova’s ear. “Do you believe my words?”

“Yes Master,” she purrs. Her arms are tied behind her back as she kneels on the soft ground.

“You are my heart, my soul.” He moved his hand down until he was cupping her pussy. “There are no words that can tell you the depths of my love for you.” He moved his fingers leisurely over her clit.

She moaned. She loved when he spoke to her this way as she was bound and kneeling before him. Her Master…she was truly blessed to be given to a man like him.

“The pleasure that dances across your face is inspiring, girl.” He rubs her clit faster.

She has been his for over ten years. She was given to him when he was named Confessor. She blessed that day. “Master,” she moaned louder as he brought her right to the edge of a most exquisite orgasm.

“Come for me, girl.”

She allowed herself to go over the edge of bliss. His touch was always so perfect. He knew what she needed, what she wanted.

She opened her eyes when she felt his body heat leave her. He had moved over to the other side of the camp fire. His gaze lingered over her body. The way he looked at her always made her feel so beautiful.

“Master…I need your cock.”

“I bet you do. I want to gaze upon you for a bit longer.”

Her Master was so handsome. His blond hair hung to his shoulders. His mustache and beard were neatly trimmed. His blue eyes were so intense. His body…oh his body was a work of art. His muscles were chiseled and perfect, not too big, just right. He was almost a foot taller than she was. And his voice matched his perfection.

Her pussy clinched when he walked over to her. He reached behind her and untied the ropes. He rubbed her arms to make sure he hadn’t tied the ropes too tightly.

“Get into position, girl.”

She quickly got on her hands and knees. She arched her back lifting her hips up slightly. She heard the sound of his jeans being unzipped. She braced herself. He grabbed her hips and drove his cock into her deeply. She loved when he took her this way. The anticipation of this moment was almost too much for her. He made her wait longer this time. But the waiting made this moment even sweeter.

Her orgasm was strong, but his seemed to be more so as he roared. Her body trembled hearing his primal moans.

“Nova,” he purred as he pulled her up to him and held her tightly.

“Master.” She leaned back against him. This was her favorite moment, him holding her so lovingly after a session. He would hold her until she pulled away. She was always first to break their embrace. He wanted to make sure he satisfied her in every way he could.




It was morning when they rode off to the small town of Glenn, which was in the Mirus province. The Regent Zale was in charge of the whole province and he was also the man who named Vex a Confessor. Vex was duty bound to fulfill Zale’s orders. Yet, it wasn’t uncommon for a Confessor to be asked to assist another Regent. Whatever Zale commanded Vex would carry out.

Nova held on to Vex’s waist as the metal horse moved forward. She often wished they could just have a real horse, but Master wouldn’t allow it. A real horse needed too much to keep it moving and this mechanical one could ride endlessly with some simple maintenance here and there.

Glenn was a small farming town. She was surprised they were sent here. She gripped her Master tighter as they approached the small town.

Over the years the toll on her Master’s soul was growing heavy. She could feel the change in him. His first few missions weighed heavily on him. Now, the ease in which he carried out the Regent’s will started to frighten her. Yet, her Master let her speak her mind. She was lucky. Most Confessors treated their submissives much rougher and rarely would listen to what they had to say. She had voiced her concerns to him and he reassured her that he had to shut certain parts of his heart down when he saw to the wicked. He wanted to stay a good man for her. He was a good man, though she feared he was beginning to question that about himself.

As they passed through the center of town a hush came over the citizens. She could feel their fear of her Master. She wondered if he could feel this as well. She never asked just in case he hadn’t noticed. She didn’t want one more thing to burden his thoughts.

He hopped off the metal horse. It made its usual hiss and clunk noise when he shut it off. He reached up and helped her off.

“Why are you here, Confessor? We are God fearing people,” an elderly man said.

“Are you the Warden of this town?” Vex asked.

“Yes I am.”

Vex handed the elderly man the document.

“Bring this man to me.” Vex looked around at the crowd that gathered. He looked for Nova to make sure she was near him. She smiled brightly at him. He turned his attention to the elderly man.

“There is no way Bram could have stolen that much cattle. Do you see that many head of cattle around here?”

“It would be foolish to keep them too close to the village. Now where is he?” Vex heard Nova pull out her pistol. His eyes darted everywhere.

“Master, he is armed,” Nova said.

Vex quickly took out his revolver. “I’m assuming you are Bram.”

“I have done nothing,” the young man said. The pistol in his hand shook as he held it up.

“Only the guilty feel the need to point a gun at a Confessor.”

“Or the frighten. You will not give me a fair trial.  The Regent sent you to kill me.”

“Lower your weapon or I will shoot you. You endanger my woman and I can’t have that.”

“Lower the gun, Bram, you damn fool,” the elderly male said.

Nova put her small pistol back in its sheath when Bram put his gun away.

“Give me your weapon,” Vex said as he approached Bram.

Bram threw the gun over to him. Nova quickly went and gathered it.

Vex punched Bram in the face sending him flying to the ground. “That is for putting my woman at risk. Now get up. You will tell me where you were six nights ago.”

“I was here,” Bram said as he slowly stood.

“Can anyone verify this?”

Bram looked over at the elderly male then over the crowd. The look on his face told Vex all he needed to know.

“They will not lie for you. Lying is a sin. Let me ask you again. Where were you?”

“Please don’t kill me,” Bram whimpered.

“Where are the cattle? Don’t lie to me anymore.”

“I only wanted to help my town.”

“You are adding lie upon lie. This town seems to be doing just fine. You saw an opportunity and you took it. I’m guessing you have already sold the cattle to some poor farmer who believed those were yours to sell. It is time to face judgment.”

“Please don’t kill me,” Bram begged.

“I will not take your life you pitiful soul, yet you will wish that I have.” Vex turned to the elderly man. “Put him in the stockade. He is to remain there until the rancher comes to collect him. My judgment is that Bram will become the personal slave to the rancher for a year. He will obey every command his new Master gives him. If I find out otherwise I will take his life.”

“That is a bit harsh, don’t you think,” the elderly male said.

“I spared his life when I could have taken it. You remember that.” Vex headed back to his metal horse. He helped Nova up first then he climbed on.

“You know that rancher will be cruel to him,” Nova said as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I know.” Vex started up the metal horse and headed out of town.

Nova leaned up against him as she held him tightly. She hated seeing him hand out punishments. He was so cold and indifferent. Yet, in a way she knew he had to do this.

“I don’t want you to kill anyone, Nova,” Vex said.

“I hadn’t planned on it, Master.”

“You pulled out your pistol back there.”

“I saw that he was armed and I wasn’t going to let him hurt you.”

“Even to save me, I don’t want you to ever take a life. It will taint your soul and I don’t want that for you. Let me carry the burden of taking a life. I must protect you in every sense of the word, my Nova.”

            “Master.” She nuzzled his back. She couldn’t promise him that she would never take a life. To save him she would taint her soul. Without him, she would not have a soul.


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