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Barbarians of Malka



















Zenos, the son of Niro, has turned nineteen. He wanted nothing more than to become Flora's protector. However, thanks to Alamaxa, the new ruler of the Rundal, Zenos must win the Trials to become the protector to the female he has loved since he was a child.


Colt, the adopted son of Ramiro, has fallen in love with Niro's daughter Rose. Though, she is only fifteen and way too young to be a male's female, Colt knows she is the female he wants to be the protector of. Colt is from the Larmat clan and there is no way Niro will allow a Larmat male to be considered as a potential protector for his daughter when she comes to age. Colt wants to start now proving that he is a worthy male for Rose. The moment she turns eighteen, he wants to make her his female.


Alamaxa is filled with bitterness, and it has been amplified by the death of his mother. He wants the Rundal to become the rulers of this planet. He feels they are far more qualified to rule than the barbarians are. He plans to reignite the Great War between the Larmat and Dascon clans of the barbarian race. There is only one person standing in his way and that is Niro.


This is the exciting conclusion to Justus Roux's best selling Barbarians of Malka series.


The other books in this series are "Protector of My Heart", "A Warrior's Will", "A Song for My Warrior" and "The Warrior's Heart"



Ebook available now, print book available soon





Zenos showed Colt to his room then he left to find Flora. He hurried to Saa's hut. He knew Saa would be at that meeting. He knocked on the door.

“Hello Zenos,” Sabrina said. “Come in.”

Zenos looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of Flora.

“Roth is with Saa right now. I would figure you would have been at this meeting too.”

“I thought I was but father changed his mind for some reason.” Zenos saw Flora out in the garden. Saa made Sabrina her own private garden way back when they were first joined. She loved being outdoors, so he wanted somewhere safe she could be outside.

Flora smiled at him. He wanted to run over there and take her into his arms, but there was no way he was going to do that with her mother being right here.

“I will come back later then.”

“Tell your mother, I said hello.”

“I will.” Zenos looked at Flora one more time then left. He waited outside their hut just beyond the view of the guards Saa had posted there.

“Zenos…” Flora whispered as she gestured for him to come around to the side of the hut.

“Flora…I brought you something from the Rundal village.”

“Really, what is it?”

“It's back at my hut.” He couldn't take his eyes off her lips. He couldn't resist and pulled her into his arms as he kissed her deeply. He felt her melt into his embrace. She tasted of sweet honey and smelt like flowers. Her skin was so soft against his. He grabbed a bunch of her reddish-brown hair, which felt like the softest of covering fabrics. He groaned as he felt her erect nipples through her covering.

“Zenos,” she said breathily as she gently pushed him away. “We can't.”

“Feel what you do to me.” He placed her hand on his loincloth, so she could feel just how hard she made his cock. His body trembled when she gently stroked his cock through the fabric.

“I'm sorry Zenos, but…we can't be together.” She reached into his loincloth and grabbed a hold of his large and very hard cock.

“Then why are you touching me…oh…like this,” he moaned. “What if you spark a frenzy? I won't be able to…mmm…stop.”

“I want to bring you some relief.” She stroked his cock a little faster and harder.

“I want to give you pleasure too, Flora,” he said quietly. He leaned up against the wall as she continued to stroke his cock.

“You are giving me pleasure, Zenos. The look on your face is so…beautiful.”

Zenos felt the pleasure build and build, soon his body felt like it was going to explode. His body trembled and he moaned loudly. He was aware of his loincloth ties being loosened, but at this moment he didn't care. Flora continued to stroke his cock. He started thrusting his hips forward needing more. She had him right there on the edge of something wonderful. He felt his loincloth fall from his body.

“Oh my…” Flora gasped. She watched her hand stroking his large cock. She was mesmerized by it. Her body tightened with such a need she could barely stand. Her eyes lingered on the head of his cock and the small droplet of liquid that glistened there.

“Flora,” Zenos moaned.

She couldn't stop herself, she had to taste him. She came down to her knees and took the head of this cock into her mouth.

“Ah!!” Zenos growled. He looked down and saw the tip of his cock in her beautiful mouth. The warmth and wetness of her mouth felt incredible. He fought the urge to grab her head and thrust his cock deeply into her mouth.

“Zenos, you taste so good. Does this feel good?”

“Yes…oh yes…” He moaned loudly.

He watched as she timidly took more and more of his cock into her mouth. He leaned back on the wall. He gently grabbed her head and stroked her silky hair. The pleasure was growing, intensifying. His balls retracted then a surge of cum exploded from his cock. The pleasure was so intense he could barely manage to stay standing up. When he had caught his breath, he looked down at her still kneeling there.

“Your juice tasted so good,” she quietly said.

Zenos pulled her up to her feet. He quickly put on his loincloth, did a quick look around to make sure his moans didn't draw the guard's attention. When he thought it was safe he pressed her against the wall. He got down on his knees and moved her covering to the side. He looked at her pussy for a moment. He ran his fingers over the small patch of reddish brown hair that covered it.


He timidly ran his tongue over the lips of her pussy, then he gently opened her lips up exposing more of her. He licked feverishly all over her pussy, pausing at the opening so he could lap up her sweet nectar. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating, and it made him lick even more greedily.

She latched onto his head as she tried to steady herself. She could feel his tongue moving all over her pussy, she could hear the lapping, sucking sounds he made. Her body shuddered when her first orgasm hit. She tried to hide her moan. His tongue darted in and out of her opening making her want to move her hips in the same rhythm his tongue was going. She grabbed his head firmly as she rubbed her pussy on his face. She couldn't stop herself from doing this. Soon another orgasm hit her, making her legs feel wobbly. She started to slide down the wall. He grabbed her and laid her down on the floor where he buried his face back into her pussy. He licked and sucked at her clit then he fucked her with his tongue.

“Zenos!” she cried out unable to muffle her moans anymore.

He rolled over so now she was sitting on his face. He encouraged her to rub her pussy back and forth as he licked her. She reached under and grabbed a handful of his hair as she rubbed her pussy back and forth on his face until she came again. She got into a squatting position and lifted herself off his face. He grabbed her hips and lowered her back down.

“Zenos…we must stop.”

He stuck his tongue deeply into her pussy then he scooted her forward a bit so his tongue could reach her asshole.

“Zenos,” she gasped as she felt his tongue swirling around her rosebud. The sensation was intense and soon she had yet another orgasm. He rolled over and took her with him. He gently lapped at her pussy as she laid there with her legs sprawled opened. He kissed her pussy lips then climbed up her body.

“I need to bury my cock in you,” he moaned.

“We can't…” she said breathily. “Use my mouth to bring you relief.”

He removed his loincloth then climbed up her body until he straddled her head. He eased his cock into her mouth. He groaned loudly feeling her sucking on his cock. He slowly started to thrust his cock. He felt her hands squeeze his ass urging him to fuck her mouth. He couldn't stop himself from thrusting harder and faster.

“Flora!” he cried out as his cum shot down her throat. He quickly removed his cock from her mouth afraid that he might hurt her if he kept it buried in her mouth for too long. Just before he got up, he felt her tongue on his balls. He couldn't move, nor did he want to as she bathed his balls with her tongue. He moaned when she gently started sucking on his balls. He felt her move out from under him then quickly her tongue was caressing his ass.

“This feels good, doesn't it?” she cooed as she rolled her tongue around his ass. “It felt good when you did it to me.”

Zenos closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her tongue exploring his ass. Her tongue flicked and rolled, first in short quick burst then in long wet strokes. Her hand went to his cock as she continued to lick. It didn't take long for her to get him right on the edge of an orgasm. When she stuck her tongue deeply into him, it brought him right over the edge. She lingered for a few more moments then she sat up against the wall.

He quickly put his loincloth back on and then sat down beside her. They didn't say anything as they sat there.

“As long as you don't mount me then…I'm still saving myself for my mate, right?”


“Zenos…” She looked at him. Her juice was still glistening on his face. “I want you to be my mate. How do we do this?”

“Normally, I would ask to be your protector.”


“My father wants me to win you if I want to be your mate. I'm not quite sure what he meant.”

“Ask him if you can become my protector?”

“I will.”

“We better clean up before my father finds us like this.”

She leaned over and kissed him, then she came up to her feet. She straightened out her covering. He stood up and just watched her.

“I better get back. Sooner or later mother will realize that I'm not in the hut.” She kissed him again then snuck back inside her hut.

He quickly went back to his hut so that he could clean up. He soaked in the large bathing pool as he thought about what he and Flora just did. His hand slowly stroked his cock as he remembered her scent and taste. Her pussy was so sweet and hearing her moans of pleasure was like nirvana to him. He stroked faster and faster as visions of her kneeling there in front of him with his cock buried deeply in her sweet mouth filled his mind. He came hard. He needed to claim her, he needed to take her the way a protector took his mate. His cock needed to be buried deeply inside her sweet pussy. The thought of another male touching, tasting, mounting her enraged him. He climbed out of the bath and dried off. He put on his loincloth and grabbed his sword. He hoped Colt was at the training grounds. He needed to train to work out some of this frustration.


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