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The noble knight, Bram Croft, was determined to get his lands back and restore his family's name. He has fought battle after battle for the mad Baron Richard Kinghorn. And yet, it never seems to be enough to appease the Baron.


It was tradition that the women warriors of Arcarndia hunt down their future mates from the warriors of the Rama village. Rhia, however, wanted a mate other than the Rama warriors. She obtains permission from the Domos to journey across the great sea and bring back a strong warrior. Rhia had all but given up on finding a warrior in this strange land until she spots Bram. Never had she seen a warrior such as him. He is what she wants for a mate. She drugs him and takes him back to Arcarndia.


When Bram awakes in this savage land all he can think about is returning back to Adkins. The Baron would surely see Bram's absence as an act of treason and Bram's family will suffer.He is drawn to his beautiful captor. Never had he seen a warrior woman before, yet he must find a way back home. Bram's fears are very real for the Baron sends Michael, a cold merciless mercenary, to find and return Bram to him.


Can love be found in this impossible situation or has Rhia made a mistake that will cost her and her people dearly?


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Rhia and Devi were letting their horses rest next to a small stream. They ate some of the dry meat they had brought with them. Rhia ran her fingers through the lush grass. "This area is not so bad," she said, looking out across the open meadow.

"It looks like some kind of grazing grounds," Devi said. She filled her water jug from the stream.

Both women jumped to attention when they heard the sound of horses coming closer. "Hide the horses," Rhia said. She positioned herself behind a small group of bushes. She readied her bow. Devi crouched down next to her.  The sound of male laughter rang out, as the horses got closer.

"Your horse is too big, Bram!" Edwin yelled out. He laughed heartily as he came over the small hill. "See old boy, I told you."  He patted his horse's mane. "You are much faster than Samos."

Devi dropped her bow. She reached down and pulled out the blowgun from her belt. She quickly loaded up two darts. Rhia looked over at her and smiled.

"Come on slow poke," Edwin called out. "Ouch." Edwin felt a pinch in his thigh. He looked down and saw a dart sticking out of his right thigh. "What the hell?" Edwin dismounted his horse and pulled his sword from its scabbard. His eyes scanned the area. Another pinch, he saw a dart in his left thigh. Everything was getting blurry. "Who is out there? Show yourself!" Edwin tried to steady himself. He shook his head as a large beautiful woman emerged from the bushes. She wore next to nothing only the fur cloak she wore kept her somewhat decent.

"Be calm." Her voice was sweet and gentle. Edwin was convinced he was having a poison-induced delusion.

"Bram!! Be on guard!!" Edwin cried out. Then he fell unconscious to the ground.

Bram crested the hill and saw a large woman standing over Edwin. He pulled his sword out and leapt from Samos. "Back away from him!!" Bram shouted.

Devi pulled out her sword and readied herself against the large male coming straight for her.

"Who are you?" Bramís eyes traveled down her. He had never seen anyone dressed like this or a woman so strong-looking before. "I don't wish to harm you lady. But if you don't step away from him I will." Bram didn't relish the thought of harming a female. What did she do to Edwin?

Two stabs hit his upper thigh. He looked down and saw two darts lodged in his leg. He looked up to the large woman, she was smiling strangely at him. Damn an ambush of some sort. The woman was a distraction. Bram still moved toward Devi.

"Rhia, he is strong." Devi readied herself for Bramís attack.

Bram followed the direction the large woman called out to. "What the hell?" Bram saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was loading up a reed with two more of those darts. She shot one at him, but he blocked it with his sword. The little woman beamed. Bram felt two more jabs hit his other leg. Damn he forgot about the large woman. She shot him in the leg with two more darts.

"He still stands!" Rhia walked to Bram. Oh, he was so handsome and strong. She bet he would be grand in battle. He was everything she always dreamt of. Now watching him fight the effects of the sleep dart, mmmÖhe was magnificent. What a wonderful mate he would make. Rhia's body ignited with desire.

Bram tried to stand up, but the potion in the darts was too much. He saw the big one pick Edwin up and throw him over his horse. Bram couldn't move his body, but he could still hear what was going on around him.

"Rhia, I will help you put this big one on his horse."

  Bram felt himself being lifted off the ground. He opened his eyes and saw both women looking down at him. "Oh, he is a heavy one."

They managed to get him thrown over the saddle of his horse.

Bram looked down and saw Samos' saddle strap. Why couldn't he move? Who the hell were these women?  His mind was getting fuzzy. He felt a pair of smaller hands run through his hair. "Devi, he is so beautiful." The woman's voice he heard was soft.

"Come on Rhia, we must head back to the boat."

"It is at least a day and a half back to the shore. We will have to keep them under until then. But how are they to eat or drink?"

"I brought chains, Rhia. We will worry about it later. They will be out for awhile yet anyways."

"Yes, you're right. Letís go." That was the last thing Bram heard.




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