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Erotic, hot, carnal, kinky, passionate, seductive, sensual, sexy¡­all of these words can be used to describe this collection of short stories and poems.


Thirty-one writers and poets have weaved together tales that encompass the spectrum of erotica.



1. Better than Brazil şuGwen Masters

For the longest time, Ronaldo was just pixels on a computer screen, a voice on her telephone line -- at least, that's what she tried to tell herself. Then the crazy Brazilian showed up on her doorstep, and Angela knew the love she felt was much more than just her imagination.


2. All the Nice Girls Love a Sailorşu Lynne den Hartog

You certainly couldn't fault the Dutch Navy for their hospitality. 
Flowing beer, exotic food and great music, what more could you want?  How about an invitation to the crew's quarters to cement 
international relations? An exciting opportunity that Jess and 
Chrissie just couldn't resist.

'The sound of rhythmic creaking and heavy breathing echoed through  the room. Not daring to look Jos in the face, I lowered my eyes ¡­   and found myself staring at his crotch. Despite the wide cut of his  trousers, the large bulge that met my gaze was unmistakable. Jos  hastily covered himself with his hands. He stared at me, his eyes 
filled with lust and desire.'


3. Out Call- Thomas Fuchs

4. Waiting Patientlyşu Roxanne Rhoads

5. Nightgirl şuThe Prisoner of Brenda- H.L. Berry

Abigail Valling, college student, is the secret identity of the world's newest, sexiest and most inept superhero, Nightgirl. Join her as she tries to foil arch-villain Brenda in a battle of half-wits.


6. Mindy¡¯s Pheromones şuJeremy Edwards

On the surface, they have nothing in common.  But sometimes what goes on at the subconscious level cannot be ignored.


7. He SaidşuEva Vandetuin

8. Butterfly Kissesşu Brian Rosenberger

9. Devil in a Red Dress şuCynthia Richards

Veruca's fiance, Jake, cheated on her with Veruca's former best friend, Sylvie.  Dressed to kill in a devilish red dress, she decides to go to their wedding to give Sylvie a taste of her own medicine. She does much more than flirt with Jake's brother, Wade.  

10. A Taste of Italyşu Sommer Marsden

"The curve is more powerful than the sword" --Mae West

11. Celestialşu Ramona Thompson

12. Imagined Touchşu Gia Addison

13. The Hostageşu Andrea Glenn

Becky Thomas, a lovely young woman, thought she was attending just another Christmas party, hosted by her husband¡¯s company. What she didn¡¯t know was that one act of terror was about to change her life forever.

Hans, a handsome German thief, thought he had the perfect robbery planned. What he didn¡¯t know was that one woman¡¯s desperate effort for survival would change his life forever.

Both found that they shared much more in common than either one could have ever imagined. Could an act that brought fear also bring passion and a desire to live¡­to do whatever it took to survive? Could this act show them what is missing in their lives¡­lives that are on the verge of desperation and longing? Could there ever be more?


14. The Lesson- Arlie MacGregor

No matter how old they really are, submissives are children. They need constant parenting, and that includes punishment. They'll push whatever buttons and boundaries necessary to get the discipline they need to survive. Phoenix is no different...read how she sets the stage so her husband can teach her The Lesson.


15. Palimpsest şuLawrence Schimel

16. Who needs to know why? şuJocelyn Bringas

17. The Perfect Touch şu Countess Celina

Loosing a loved one is a painful experience.  However some time we must learn to let go, even if he was the greatest lover

18. Royal Delicacy şuAnn Cory

A woman arrives at a royal banquet with a plan to leave an impression that the king won't soon forget.

19. Black and Whiteşu Chloe Waits

20. A Damsel in His Dress şuSusan M. Sailors

21. Autumnşu H. Elkins

An unusual woman awaits her annual tryst as the seasons begin to fade into one another. 

22. Vic¡¯s Secret şu Cate Shea  

Victor and Katherine share a secret: they both love to cross 
dress. Sex when one or the other (or both!) are in drag is hot beyond  their wildest dreams. Things get even steamier when they decide to  take their alter egos out for a night on the town!


23. Through Pain I Loveşu Sue Tobin

24. The Purple Vibratorşu Karen L. Newman

25. In These Shoes? şuBJ Franklin

Darla Ravenscroft is a physiotherapist with a penchant for stilettos and dangerous hobbies.  But none of them has given her as big a thrill as catching two men at her new job in a passionate clinch in the showers.  Find out what happens as she tries to discover if they'd be interested in a threesome, without jeopardizing her employment.  And all the while they're trying to stay one step ahead of a tabloid journalist with a nose for gossip...


26. Nice Kitty Katşu Michelle Houston

Katrina finds herself in the oddest of situations, thanks to her agreeing to help a friend without finding out the details first.


27. Nudeşu Nicholas Ozment

28. Love's Insanity and Release şuE. K. Devereux

29. Parking Lot Santa şuMichael Cain

I can handle not getting laid for six months.  I can handle being alone on Christmas Eve.  What I can't handle is the way Jimmy's looking at me, the way he's suddenly talking to me -- though, booze tends to make people talkative.  But most of all I can't handle the way he just kissed me, in the snow, right out in the employee parking-lot.  No wonder we end up grappling naked in the back of my car ... and then later in his bedroom.  Funny how fast love changes things. 

30. Getting What She Wants şuEddie Brock

31. Sarah¡¯s New Beginning şuJustus Roux

 By chance, Sarah meets a man who will change everything


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Erotic Tales 2 covers a broad spectrum of erotica.  And, just as the oeuvre is eclectic in the sexuality of its erotic content, it is also equally diverse in the approaches each writer has assumed in their take on what makes a story sexually exciting.  From the heady passion of Gwen Masters Better Than Brazil, which is quickly followed by the foursome frolics of Lynne den Hartog¡¯s All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor, the anthology shows that sex can be loving and luscious and playful and powerful ¨C and, invariably, a lot of fun.


There are some outstanding writers in this anthology.  Justus Roux¡¯s own contribution, Sarah¡¯s New Beginning, is a tautly told tale of a newly wed woman¡¯s need to submit.  Michelle Houston¡¯s Nice Kitty Kat is an inventive and intoxicating introduction to the world of (amongst other things) public spanking.  H.L. Berry¡¯s Nightgirl ¨C The Prisoner of Brenda, is a hilarious romp in the companionship of a wannabe super-heroine who encounters her arch nemesis. 


There really is a lot to enjoy in this collection.  There is certainly enough to ensure that every reader will find something to satisfy their personal appetite and, perhaps, encourage them to savour the flavour of something a little different to their usual fare. 

Ashley Lister

Erotica Revealed http://www.eroticarevealed.com




Erotic Tales 2
edited by Justus Roux
Erotic Tales Publications
ISBN: 0-9777788-9-6

Reviewed by Deb

5 out 5 Roses



Erotic Tales is a book filled with the most sensual pleasures, and erotic dreams. These amazing authors are among the very talented of writers. I could never get enough, come read for yourselves to see why I say," More, More! "


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These are just a few of the wonderful stories in this anthology. All the stories in this anthology are a must read. Erotic Tales 2 is a book filled with sensual, exciting and erotic stories that will leave you feeling hot and bothered and panting with lust. This anthology opens the imagination to all the sensual spices life has to offer each of us. The authors did an outstanding job with stories and poems that are unique, romantic and erotic. I gladly recommend this anthology.

Reviewer: Lisa Lambrecht

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