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 iStock_000006661397Small “Silk Ropes”

   Written by Justus Roux




Chapter One


Justine hurried around trying to grab the last few things she was going to need for her trip.

“Mom, it’s Dad,” Crystal said as she handed Justine the phone.

“Don’t you dare tell me you can’t make it,” Justine said. She tried to cradle the phone against her shoulder as she shoved her cellphone into her purse.

“I’m just going to be a little late.”

“God damn it, Andrew, I told you I have a plane to catch.”

“It can’t be helped.”

“Fine…when are you showing up?”

“In about an hour.”

“Marie will be here. I got to go. You better show up.”

“Of course I am.”

“I heard this before.” Justine slammed the phone down.

“Dad isn’t coming is he?” Crystal said.

“He said he was.”

“He has said that before.”

“Marie,” Justine called out. She thanked God everyday for Marie. Hiring her was the best thing Justine had done in awhile.

“Don’t worry Justine. I will get them ready for their father. If he doesn’t show up I will go to plan B.”

“Thank goodness for plan B.” Justine chuckled.

Justine couldn’t believe it’s been a year since her divorce. Though she had to admit it was long overdo. Her three children were the only good things that came out of her twenty-year marriage to Andrew. Andrew Jr was seventeen, Crystal was sixteen and Christopher was fifteen. Her three treasures she always called them. And now that Andrew Sr. was out of the picture everything seemed so much more relaxed.

“Do we have to go with Dad?” Andy asked.

“You know you have to.”

“When I turn eighteen I don’t.”

“Come on kids let’s let your mother get ready. You know this book signing is important.”

“You will do great, Mom,” Christopher said.

“Thank you, honey.”

Justine kissed everyone goodbye then headed for her car. It was scary leaving Andrew after all those years of being together. She almost didn’t have the courage to do it. Catching him with his little whore was probably the best thing that could have happened to this family. Strange to say something like that, but it’s true. She often wondered would she have had the courage to leave him if she hadn’t caught him cheating on her.

Justine wrote tales of romance. Funny, seeing how she had such little romance in her real life. But, it was her stories of love and lust that put food on the table. Andrew was always belittling her work. The more her stories sold the more he would criticize. Well, that’s the magic of divorce, his words meant nothing now. His lack of spending time with the kids was the only thing that got under her skin. Even though the children seemed indifferent to whether he showed up or not.

Justine drove to the airport and went through all the security hoops. She hated flying. She settled into her seat. She looked out the window as the flight attendant went through the motions of informing them about the emergency procedures.

Justine had just turned forty. Age never bothered her, it bothered Andrew though. He went through a ten-year mid-life crisis. Justine could feel the anger starting to build. Every time she thought about that man, she would get angry.

A part of her was mad at herself for staying with him for so long. She looked over at the pleasant-looking man who was obviously flirting with her. It has been so long since she felt the warmth of a man’s touch. After the hell Andrew put her through she was in no hurry to rush into any kind of relationship. She politely smiled at the man then turned her attention back to the window.

Luckily, the flight went smoothly and she was able to check into her hotel room right away. Her publisher had set up everything for her, so all she had to do was show up at the signing. Once she freshened up, she grabbed her things and went to do the signing.

The book show was a wonderful chaotic experience. She got to meet with her readers and fellow writers. It was a long, busy day for her. When it was over she crashed on the bed in her room then reached for the phone.

“Marie, how is everything?”

“Justine…Andrew never showed up.”

“That fucking bastard.” Justine sat straight up. “Let me talk to the kids.” Justine talked to each and every one of her kids.

“Don’t worry Justine, we had fun today.”

“Thank you, Marie.”

Justine hung up the phone and lay on the bed for a moment then she dialed up Andrew.  He gave her the same song and dance on why he didn’t pick up the kids. There was always a meeting or something to that affect. She was too tired to argue with him. She had a long day schedule for tomorrow.




Barett sat in the lobby of the hotel. His meeting went on longer than he thought it would. Las Vegas never really appealed to him. He wasn’t much of a gambler. He wanted to go home to Germany. It has been a long two weeks. With his business he was often traveling. Being the owner of a successful company took a lot of commitment.

He watched the ladies hustling through the lobby. There was a romance book convention going on. He smiled at a couple of ladies. Some even mistook him for one of those cover models. Barett was a handsome man. He stood six foot four, had shoulder-length sandy brown hair. He was quite muscular due to his love of working out. His eyes were a deep blue color and his smile was breathtaking. But it was his deep accented voice that really got a person’s attention.

As he waited for his limo he finished up some business calls. It looked like he was going to be in the States for a little longer than he expected.

His breath caught when he saw the petite woman hurrying through the lobby. She was busy looking at her cellphone as she navigated her way through the crowd.  He was instantly drawn to her. She was a pretty petite woman. She had shoulder-length brown hair that seemed to have a mind of its own. She appeared to be in good shape, though the business dress she wore revealed little of her body. It wasn’t her appearance that drew him to her. It was the aura around her. His heart skipped a beat when she laughed. Her laughter was contagious. Everyone around her smiled. Barett had seen his fair share of strikingly beautiful women. Hell, he dated many women who were but fantasies to other men. Yet, this pretty little woman enthralled him and he has yet to speak with her.

He made his way to her. He had to meet her, had to find out if she was married. A crush of people entered the lobby and he lost track of her. He scanned everywhere.

“Damn it,” he muttered.

He went to the main desk.

“Excuse me.”

“Yes Sir.” The young desk clerk instantly perked up seeing Barett.

Barett barely noticed the feeble attempts of the young woman’s flirting. He was forty-two and any woman younger than thirty-five just didn’t capture his attention. 

“What is this convention that is going on?”

“It’s the romance author convention. Here is a list of author’s that will be attending the book signing today, if you’re interested.”

“Thank you.”

Barett took the flyer from her and looked it over. His eyes stopped on one picture. “Justine Meyers,” he said softly.

When his driver arrived he instructed him to wait. Barett was going to meet this Justine Meyers. There was no way he could leave without doing so.




Justine happily signed book after book. She loved meeting her readers. Putting faces to names was always so nice.

“Hello Justine.”

Justine looked up to see the owner of such a sexy voice. Her eyes locked with the most handsome man she had ever seen before.

“My name is Barett Depenau and I must have dinner with you.”

“Excuse me?”

“I saw you in the lobby and was instantly attracted to you.”

Justine was taken back by Barett’s bluntness. This was obviously a man used to getting what he wanted.

“I will be more than happy to sign a book for you Mr. Depenau but…”

“Are you married? Seeing anyone?”


“Then please join me for dinner. We can go to this hotel’s restaurant if you like.”

Justine didn’t know what to say. There was no way this gorgeous man was asking her out. She must be daydreaming.

“I will meet you at eight tonight in the lobby.” He reached down and gently grabbed her hand. He bent over and kissed her hand. “Until tonight, Justine.”

Justine couldn’t move for a moment.

“Wow, what a hottie,” the author next to her said.

Justine snapped herself out of it and went back to signing books. She didn’t know if she was going to meet the mysterious stranger this evening or not. He could be a fruitcake for all she knew. Yet, she couldn’t deny her body’s response to him. Should she this once throw caution to the wind? After all they were just having dinner, nothing more.




Barett spent the afternoon in meeting after meeting. In between meetings he read an eBook of one of Justine’s books.  She knew how to tell a story he gave her that. But what interested him the most was the subject matter of this story.  A Master and his slaves, but more to the point was that this Master was bisexual. A spark of hope flickered in him. If Justine could write about such things maybe she was open minded to this lifestyle in real life.

Barett lived this lifestyle. He was a Master and had a male submissive. He had been through relationship after relationship looking for a woman open minded enough to accept him as he was. Yet each time when it came time for him to tell a woman about his submissive Derek, they would be repulsed or just call off the relationship. Maybe he was fooling himself. Maybe there wasn’t a woman out there that would love him for who he was. Barett was bisexual and needed to be with a man and a woman. Derek was also bisexual, but leaned more toward being with men. Barett loved Derek. Hell, they have been together for over ten years now. He would find a woman who would accept Derek and his lifestyle. He had to. He was tired of going from one relationship to another. He wanted a woman he could love like he loved Derek. Whether or not she wanted to be his submissive mattered little. The only thing he wanted was for her to love him as he was.

He waited in the lobby for Justine. He really hoped she was going to show up. He smiled when he spotted her walking toward him.

“Good evening, Justine.”

“Good evening.”

Barett offered her his arm and led her to the restaurant.

Barett couldn’t be real, Justine thought to herself throughout dinner. He was charming, handsome and very smart. No, there was no way this man was real. What was the catch?

After dinner Barett took her for a walk down the Vegas strip. The lights illuminated everything. The wide variety of people was fascinating. She felt safe being with him. They talked and walked forever then finally he brought her back to the hotel.

“I want to make love to you,” he whispered softly in her ear.

“I don’t know you well enough. I’m not the kind of woman…”

He pressed his fingertips to her lips.

“Then I shall wait.” He smiled at her. “I want to see you again.”

Justine gave him her cell number. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her like she had never been kissed before. Oh God, Andrew never kissed her like this. She melted into Barett’s embrace and surrendered to his sensuous kiss. He literally took her breath away and she was unable to say anything when he released her from their passionate embrace.

“I will call you later, Justine.”

And just like that he was gone. She stood there for a moment, wishing she had for once let go and made love to him.

She went into her room and sat on the bed. She could hardly believe what just happened to her. Did she really spend time with Barett or was she just daydreaming?

Her cell phone rang and she answered.

“Good night, Justine.”

“Good night, Barett.”

That’s all he said. She cradled the phone in her hand for a moment. He was real. Oh sweet Jesus, he was real.



Chapter Two


“Master!” Derek said excitedly into the phone.

“Looks like I will be gone longer than I thought. Tell me about your day.”

Barett listened with much delight as Derek talked about his day. Derek drew comics for a living. His best work was a yaoi series he was doing for a Japanese company. He didn’t tell Derek about Justine. When the time came if it did he would tell Derek.




Justine sat through the brunch her publisher was hosting.  She tried to stay focused on what was going on, but found it terribly hard to keep her mind off Barett. Last night was so beautiful.  She reached up and softly touched her lips. The memory of his kiss filled her thoughts.

“Are you thinking about your next storyline, Justine?” Diane asked.

“Oh…sorry, I guess I should really be paying attention to what’s going on.”

“I rather you be cooking up another great book.” Diane laughed.

Diane was easy to work with and Justine was happy to have such a nice editor.

She refocused and concentrated on the event.

When the brunch was over she headed back to her room. On her way through the lobby she saw Barett sitting there reading a newspaper. Her heart began to pound hard. He looked up and spotted her. His smiled practically made her melt.

He walked over and grabbed her hand. He lifted it to his mouth and gently kissed it. “Are you busy now?” he asked.

“No,” she softly said.

“Good, then allow me to keep you company.” He offered her his arm and he led her to his limo.

“Whoa, I guess your business is doing well,” she said as he opened the door to the limo for her.

Justine sat on the seat. She glanced around the limo. She felt kind of awkward. Barett sat next to her and motioned for the driver to go.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Los Angeles.”


“You do have time to accompany me?”

“I don’t have anything else to do at the conference today.”

“Good, then you will come with me.”

They drove for four hours. She listened to him talk about his company.  She knew little about what an international trade broker did, but nether less, she just loved hearing him talk about himself.  He seemed to love what he did.

When they arrived at Los Angeles, Barett took her to a spa.

“Oh I can’t accept this,” she said looking over the posh spa.

“I have arranged this for you. Please accept my gift. I will be busy for a couple of hours with business and I don’t want you to get bored.”

“Mr. Depenau,” a pleasant looking older woman said as she rushed out to greet them.

“It’s always a pleasure, Mimi.”

“I take it this is the special lady you were referring to.” She smiled at Justine.

“Yes. Please take good care of her. I will be back around seven to pick her up.”

“Where is Derek? I was hoping to see him again.”

“He is still in Germany.”

Barett gently stroked Justine’s cheek. “Relax and enjoy.”

“Mr. Depenau, we must leave now if you want to make your meeting on time,” the driver said.

Justine watched Barett get back into the limo.

“Come on, sweetie.” Mimi gently grabbed Justine by the hand. “No offense honey, but you sure aren’t what I expected. “

“Excuse me?”

Mimi led her to one of the rooms. She handed her a robe. “Please put that on. Leave on only your panties.”

“Wait, what did you mean by I wasn’t what you expected.”

“It’s just that Mr. Depenau…well, it’s none of my business, let’s get you ready.”

“Hold up, finish your thought.”

“I should have never brought it up. But since I did…Mr. Depenau has come here with some really beautiful women before. I don’t mean cute cheerleader type, I mean drop dead beautiful women. Not to say you are not attractive.”

“Oh I see. Who is Derek?”

“He is Mr. Depenau’s friend, I think. The only thing I know for sure is that Derek is one beautiful man.  Anyways, get yourself ready and I will send in our best masseuse.”

Justine got ready for the masseuse, but what Mimi said was bothering her more than she cared to admit.  Barett was a very handsome man, who obviously had money, of course he would attract beautiful women. That made Justine start to think why was Barett with her?  She always thought of herself as reasonably attractive, but certainly not drop dead beautiful.  She closed her eyes and concentrated on the masseuse’s skilled hands.

Barett showed up at seven just like he said he would.

“She got our best treatment,” Mimi said to him as Justine entered the lobby.

“Thank you,” Barett said. 

He walked over to Justine and gently grabbed her hand as he led her out of the spa. He opened the door to the limo and helped her in.  He signaled to his driver to go.

“What is wrong?” he said.

“Nothing…I guess I’m a bit sleepy.”

Barett grabbed her hand and moved closer. Justine looked up into his beautiful face when she felt the heat of his gaze.

“Forgive me, but I must taste your sweet lips.” He pulled her closer and captured her lips.  His hand lingered over her body as he held their fiery kiss.

Justine felt her body respond to his touch and for a brief moment she lost herself in the sensation of it.  After a couple of moments, while she still had some control left she gently pushed him.

“I can’t,” she said softly.

“It is okay. I will wait.”

They sat in silence for a few moments. Barett was trying to calm his body’s need for her and Justine was trying to get what Mimi said out of her mind.

“I take it you go to that spa quite often,” she said.

“Whenever I go to Los Angeles.” Barett saw the sadness flash in her eyes. “What did Mimi say to you?”

“She didn’t say…well, she told me you…it don’t really matter.”

“Yes it does.” He placed his finger under her chin and gently lifted her gaze to meet his. “There is a sadness in your eyes…tell me what she said.”

“I’m just being stupid…she said you usually have beautiful women with you.”

“I do…I don’t understand why this would make you upset.”

Justine moved away from him a little. “Well, I’m no beauty and at most I’m kind of cute.”

“Oh I see now.” Barett grabbed her and pulled her closely to him. “You are beautiful, Justine.”

“No, I’m not. Like I said I’m just being stupid. I will get over it in a minute.”

Barett grabbed her hair and gently pulled forcing her to look at him. “To me, you are so beautiful.” He kissed her with so much passion she moaned loudly.

She wanted him so badly her body ached. Still, she has only known him for a couple of days.

“I want you,” he whispered against her lips. He lifted her up onto his lap then positioned them so that he was lying on top of her on the seat. “I want you, Justine.” He kissed her again. He felt her legs wrap around him and her hands going through his hair. He reached down and started to unbutton her pants.

“No…we can’t…” She tried to sit up. “I’m sorry, Barett.”

“I will wait.” He took several deep breaths trying to calm his body.  Oh damn, was this going to be a long drive.

When they arrived at her hotel he walked her into the lobby.

“Forgive me for not walking you to your door, but…a man can only take so much.” He smiled at her as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Thank you for everything.”

“I want to see you again tomorrow.”

“Okay, I will have the afternoon free.”

“I will come by around two.”


Her smile lit up her whole face. Barett wanted to grab her and make love to her right here. He watched her walk over to the elevator and once she was out of sight he headed back to his limo. Since he stayed longer than expected, he had to book another room at the hotel down the road.  He told his driver to go.

Once he was inside his room he called Derek.


“Umm, my beautiful submissive,” Barett purred. He slowly removed his pants and lay on the bed.

“Master, I want to feel you.”

“Tell me what you would do.” Barett grabbed his cock and slowly started to stroke. He needed release so badly. His need for Justine was such sweet torture.

“I would lick every inch of your body, slowly, then I would linger over your glorious cock. My tongue would bathe you.” Derek moaned.

“Pleasure yourself.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Stroke that sweet cock of yours as you picture tasting mine.”

“Master…” Derek’s breaths were getting shallower.

“I can feel your tongue dancing over the head of my cock. My hand strokes your hair as I watch my cock disappear into your beautiful mouth. Can you taste me?”


“Oh come, my submissive.” Barett stroked his cock faster and faster as he listened to Derek’s moaning. “Let me hear it, come now.”

“Master!” Derek cried out.

Barett dropped the phone when his orgasm hit. He stroked his cock a couple more times, then he slowly picked up the phone.

“Mmmm, you made me come so hard.”

“Oh Master.”




Barett found himself eagerly awaiting seeing Justine again. He had rearranged his meeting to make sure he was free this afternoon. He walked into the lobby of her hotel. He sat down and waited. After a couple minutes he spotted Justine. His gaze lingered over her. She wore a light blue dress that revealed more of her body to him.  She was talking to an older woman and hadn’t spotted him yet.  His gaze slowly wandered over her body, her legs looked so yummy, especially with those four-inch spiked heels she was wearing.

“Barett,” she said as she headed toward him.

He stood up and waited for her to come to him. Oh damn, did he want her.  She came over to him and hugged him tightly. He inhaled the scent of her, enjoyed the feel of her.

“Where would you like to go today?” he said softly.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Let’s go to your room.”

He felt her embrace loosen then she stepped back.

“I can’t promise you anything.”

“We will see where the day takes us.”

He followed Justine to her room. He watched every movement she made. His cock strained to be free of its cloth confinement.

“I have to call my children.”

He poured himself a drink then sat on the bed. He listened to her talking with her children.  He didn’t have children, though someday he wouldn’t mind having a couple of kids.  He removed his shoes then leaned up against the headboard. He enjoyed listening to her talking with her children.  Everything about her felt so right and this frightened him a little.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t have a chance to call them this morning before I went to the events today. “

“You needn’t apologize.” He saw a strange look come across her face and he didn’t like it. “What’s wrong?”

“I will be leaving tomorrow and…” She walked over to him sitting there on the bed.

“We have tonight.”

“It’s just that I’m…I do want you…but…”

“We don’t need to make love, Justine.” He stood up and took her into his arms.

“My divorce is still fresh in my mind and…”

“You don’t need to explain.” He felt her tighten her embrace.  “However, we better leave your room.  I do want you, Justine. Being here, alone with you…”

“Oh, I understand.” She released him and went to the bathroom to freshen up. She looked at herself in the mirror. What the hell was wrong with her? This beautiful man wants her, god knows, she wants him. Why is she hesitating?

“Damn you, Andrew,” she muttered under her breath.  She checked herself one more time then went back into the room. Barett was ready to go.  He was being so patient.  Still, tonight was going to be their last night together.  She didn’t want to think about that now. She wanted to enjoy being with him.

“Would you like to go dancing?” he said.


“Yes, do you not like to dance?”

“I love to dance; it’s just been a long time since I did.”

“Good, then it’s about time you went dancing. I know this great club. It’s more for people our age.” He smiled.

His smile was so beautiful and genuine.  He reached out his hand and she eagerly took it.  He led her to his limo.

“Can we take my car this time?” she asked.

“Of course.” He instructed his driver to come back here in a few hours.

She walked over to the valet and he went and got her car.

“I know it’s not a limo, but isn’t it so cute?”

“Yes it is.”

Barett opened up the driver-side door for her then went over to the passenger-side of the red Mercedes.  He gave her instructions on how to get to the club.

Once there he loved seeing that look on her face, a mixture of excitement and a little nervousness. He grabbed her hand and led her out onto the dance floor. A sexy song with a sultry beat was playing.

She felt awkward at first, but as soon as he started to move she was compelled to join him. The rhythm filled her body and the sight of him moving so seductively aroused and inspired her. She let go and let her body move how it wanted. It had been so long since she felt the freedom that dancing gave her.

“You move very well, Justine,” Barett said as he pulled her closer. Their bodies moved in perfect time with one another. 

Justine lost herself in the dance. To her, it was just him and her out here on the dance floor.  After a couple of minutes the song changed to a slow beat. She felt him pull her closer as their bodies swayed to the beat. She followed his lead and moved with him as they glided over the dance floor.

His heart skipped a beat when she laughed.  Her laughter felt so warm and uplifting.

They spent several hours dancing at the club. He could see how much she was enjoying herself and he loved every moment.

“I’m starving. Let me take you somewhere to get something to eat,” she said.


She picked a Japanese restaurant.  “You do like Japanese food right?”

“Yes, I do.”

They sat there eating and talking for the next hour, then they went back to her car.  She drove back to the hotel.  She spotted his limo parked in front of the hotel.  A sadness began to fill her. This was their last night together.

“No need to feel sad, Justine,” he said as he opened her door.

“But…this is my last night here and…”

“Here, this is my cell phone number. He handed her an elegant looking business card.”

She stepped out of the car and looked at the card.

“You can call me anytime.”

She reached up and grabbed a hold of him. She held him tightly. She could feel his hard cock through his pants as he pressed against her.  She should let go and make love to him. He was the most wonderful man she ever met before. She gasped when he kissed her. The need, the desire he had for her, she could feel it in his kiss.  She let go and enjoyed his fiery kiss.  She was surprised when he let go and stepped back.

“I will see you again, Justine.” He stroked her cheek then walked over to his limo.

She wanted to stop him, to take him to her room and make love to him, but she couldn’t bring herself to do so.

He turned around and waved goodbye. She waved back and felt like she wanted to cry.  Stop him, her inner voice was screaming. However, her fear wouldn’t let her. She watched his limo pull away. A sinking feeling engulfed her.  Would she see him again? She looked at the business card he gave her. She safely put it into her purse.




Barett knew Justine had left already. He went by her hotel. He wanted to see her again before she left.  He headed back to his limo.  He picked up his phone and called Derek. Hearing his beloved submissive’s voice eased his pain.

The next day seemed to drag on forever as he went to meeting after meeting, trying to lose himself in his work.

He called Derek up the moment he returned to his hotel.  They talked for awhile.

Barett said his goodbyes to Derek. He missed him terribly. He already missed Justine. He felt as though she and he belong with each other. He feared if she rejected him because of his lifestyle it would hurt far worse than it did from the others. Strange, he barely knew her and yet he felt as though he knew her forever.

His phone ringing startled him. He quickly answered it.



There was a silent pause.

“This is going to sound crazy. I really don’t know why I called you…”

“Tell me what’s on your mind, Justine.”

“I miss you already.”

“Tell me where you are and I will come to you.”

“Why would you do that? We only spent a few days together. This is what I’m talking about. I mean, I loved spending time with you while we were together.”

“Where are you, Justine?”

“I’m at home.”

“Tell me how to get there.”

“You are busy…geez I must sound like a disparate woman.”

“Tell me how to get to your home.”

Justine gave him the directions.

“I will be there as soon as I can.” That’s all he said then he hung up. He didn’t give her time to talk herself out of it. She felt that same connection he did. She must.

He canceled his appointments for the next few days and flew out to where Justine lived. He had to rent a car from the airport. She lived too far from it to just take a cab. He drove down a secluded road and started to wonder if maybe he took the wrong turn somewhere. He spotted the house up on the hill. It was nice, simple, yet very elegant. More importantly it looked like a home. He and Derek always lived in apartments. As long as he was with Derek it didn’t really matter where they lived. Their apartment definitely had a masculine feel to it.

Barett parked the car and headed up to the door. His eyes looked over the beautiful flower arrangements that flanked the door. The sound of a wind chime filled the air.

“You actually showed up,” Justine said as she opened the door.

“Of course I did.”

“I want to apologize for…”

“There is nothing to apologize for.”

“Come in.” She stepped aside and let him in.

He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her until her lips swelled from his sweet kisses. But that unsure look on her face stopped him from doing it.

“Your home is very nice,” he said as his eyes took in everything. Her home felt like a home. It was warm, welcoming, not overly adorned, yet the essence of her family was everywhere.

“Thank you.”

“Justine.” He turned to her. He was surprised when she hurried to him and took him in her arms. Her kiss was urgent and filled with such desire. He wrapped his arms around her tightly and crushed her against him.

“I want you,” she said softly against his lips. She couldn’t deny her body’s demand for him any longer.

He lifted her up into his arms. “Where is your bedroom?”

“Upstairs, the room at the end of the hall.” She gasped when he hurried up the stairs and straight to her room. He gently laid her down on the bed and started to remove his clothes. She quickly removed hers. Her eyes looked over his chiseled body.

She placed her hands over her breasts all a sudden self-conscious of her body. He was sheer perfection, she probably disappointed him.

“Don’t cover yourself. You are beautiful.”

His deep rich voice sent shivers throughout her body. But it was that look of lust in his eyes that ease her fears of disappointing him. She had worked very hard over the last two years to lose all the weight and tone her body up. Her body was very toned and curvy in all the right spots, and yet she was still self-conscious about her appearance.

“So beautiful,” he purred as he climbed onto the bed and laid his body on hers.

Oh his hard body felt so good on top of hers. His hands wandering down her legs was heavenly, his kiss was so delicious. Her body ignited with such passion she had to have him inside her right now. 

He shifted slightly so his hand could reach her pussy. “Mmm, you are ready for me.”

She moaned loudly when his cock filled her. His cock was so very large and it stretched her almost to the point of pain. He thrust in a slow steady rhythm. She could feel every inch of him moving in and out, in and out.

“You feel so good,” his German accent was heavy now, “so good.”

She wrapped her legs tightly around and moved her body in time with his. His thrust became faster and harder.

“Yessss,” she hissed. She felt her orgasm build and build, and finally when it exploded she thought she might die from the pleasure of it. Never had she felt something so exquisite before.

“Justine,” he purred as he drove his cock faster and faster into her. Needing, wanting release. “Justine, sweet Justine,” he cried out as he orgasmed. Stream after stream of his cum filled her. When he finally came down from his pleasure high he slowly pulled his cock from her. He laid next to her with his arm draped lazily over her.

“The kids are with their father for the next two days.” She gently stroked his arm. “Can you stay with me while they are gone? I understand that you are busy and…”

“I will stay, Justine.” He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. His cock started to harden again. “I will stay, beautiful Justine.”




In the morning Justine prepared them breakfast. She went into the room to wake him up. She stared at him for a moment. The sheet barely covered him and his hair was disheveled.  He looked so peaceful and so beautiful sleeping.

She went to the bed and ran her hand up his well-muscled leg.  He stirred a little, but didn’t wake up. She removed the sheet from him and gazed at his cock, watching it grow harder the longer she touched him.  She leaned over and took his cock into her mouth.  He tasted so good, it felt so good to have her mouth full of his large cock.  His hand gently went through her hair as she continued to suck on him.

“That feels so good,” he said with a heavy accent.

She took more and more of his cock into her mouth until she felt it going down her throat. His cock was so large she was having trouble taking all of it into her mouth. She had to take quick breaths when she licked at the head of his cock, when his cock was buried deeply in her throat she couldn’t breathe. She sped up the rhythm in which her head bobbed up and down.  She felt his hips start to rise off the bed.

“I’m going to come,” he warned her, just in case she didn’t swallow.

She sucked more greedily wanting his sweet elixir.  She felt him clamp onto her head holding her in place then stream after stream of his sweet cum filled her mouth.  He slowly released her head and she sat up.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Mmm, what a wonderful way to wake up.”

“I have breakfast ready.”

“I know what I want to eat.” He grabbed her and laid her down on the bed then he kissed down her body.  He gently spread her legs apart and buried his tongue in her pussy. He took his time learning how she liked to be licked.

“Barett,” she moaned loudly as her first orgasm hit her.

He buried his tongue deeply into her slurping up all of her sweetness, then he went back to licking at her clit.  He made her come over and over, until she begged him to stop.  He kissed her pussy then climbed back up her body until his cock was at her opening.

“You want my cock?” he purred.

“Oh God, yes,” she moaned.

He drove his cock into her and proceeded to ride her hard and fast until they both came again.

He climbed out of bed and put his clothes on. She did the same.  “Now, about that breakfast…” He smiled. 

“It’s probably cold now.”

He pulled her to him. “But I liked the appetizer,” he said as he placed his hand on her pussy.

“I will make us something else to eat later,” she said as she fumbled with the zipper to his jeans.

He grabbed her hand and helped her to remove his pants.  He lifted her up and leaned her up against the wall. He pulled her dress up then rammed his cock into her.

Justine had written this very scenario several times in her books.  She had always wanted to be fucked like this, feeling his strength as he held her up like this was so wonderful.  His moans heightened her pleasure.

“I want you to come, please come,” she begged.

This sent him over the edge. He arched back as his orgasm washed over him. She watched every nuance of his orgasm, which made her come so hard it made her body shiver. He pressed her against the wall as he enjoyed the aftermath of his orgasm.

“I have worked up quite the appetite now,” he chuckled as he set her down.

“Then I better go get breakfast ready…again.”




“Oh you go girl,” Stacey said.

“Is it too soon? I mean…”

“Justine it’s been a year, besides Andrew mentally left your marriage a long time ago.”

“Yeah you’re right.”

“You deserve a little happiness. It’s long overdue.”

Stacey was one of Justine’s best friends. It’s only been since the divorce has Justine really gone out and made friends. She was so glad she joined that gym for women. She has met several really nice women there. Justine, Stacey, Mary and Debbie have become such good friends over this year. They all were going through divorces at the same time, and this common bond really brought them together.

Justine went on about Barett. She couldn’t stop herself. Being with him alone over these last two days was a fantasy come true. He indulged her every sexual whim. His desires were so intense, so imaginative…even after twenty years Andrew was never capable of such desires.

When Justine finished talking to Stacey she went straight to her office. Her muses were alive. She suspected it was thoughts of Barett which fueled her creative fire. She wished he didn’t have to go, but he had to get back to Germany and her kids were coming home today.

Justine’s fingers flew over the keyboard as she begun writing her newest book.




“Master!” Derek hurried over to Barett and came down to his knees before him.

“I have missed you,” Barett said as he stroked Derek’s silky mane.

“I have missed you, Master.”

“Show me.”

Derek reached up and unzipped Barett’s pants. He helped Barett to step out of them then he removed Barett’s underwear. With long wet strokes Derek licked every inch of Barett’s cock.

“I have missed you so much, Master,” Derek purred as he took Barett’s cock into his mouth.

Barett moaned loudly. There was no one better at sucking cock as Derek was. He looked down and watched as Derek swallowed every inch of his cock. Derek never gagged and always looked as though he was in heaven sucking on his Master’s cock.

“Oh, you have missed me.” Barett wrapped Derek’s long dark hair around his wrist, then he pulled hard making his cock pop from Derek’s mouth. He watched as Derek quickly took his cock back into his mouth. Barett did this over and over until Derek mewed with frustration. Barett released Derek’s hair then cupped the back of his head. He loved feeling Derek’s head bob on his cock.

“Make me come. I want you to drink it down,” Barett growled.

Within seconds Derek brought Barett to an exquisite orgasm.

“That’s a good boy. Oh yes, so good.” He smiled watching Derek kissing the head of his cock.

“Remove your clothes and bend over that sofa.”

“Yes Master.” Derek quickly obeyed and positioned himself like his Master commanded.

Barett slowly walked over to him as he stroked his cock coaxing it back to life. He could see his submissive’s eagerness. The way Derek’s body slightly trembled showed his Master how much he needed to be fucked. Barrett stood behind as he stroked his now hard cock. Barett grabbed the bottle of lube and generously lubed up his cock and two fingers. He slowly inserted his fingers into Derek’s ass. He smiled seeing Derek’s body tremble.

“You ready for me?” Barrett asked as he slowly removed his fingers.


Derek moaned loudly when Barett’s cock filled his ass.

“That feels good, Master.”

“You may come when you want.”

Derek waited for his Master to come first then he allowed his own orgasm to release.

“Master,” he purred as Barett kissed down his neck.

After Barett cuddled Derek for a few moments he pulled his cock out and then went over and sat on the other end of the sofa.

Derek quickly got Barett a glass of wine then sat down by his feet.

“I have some news, Derek.” Barett lovingly petted him.

“What is it Master?”

“I think I found the woman we have been looking for.”

“Have you told her about me?” Derek looked up into his Master’s face. He liked what he saw. His Master was beyond happy.

“No, I haven’t.”

Derek saw the light dim in Barett’s eyes.

“Master, don’t tell her about me. You look so happy.”

“You make me happy, Derek.”

“You look like you found that last piece of the puzzle. I don’t want to be the cause of you losing it.”

“Listen to me. I love you. I will always love you. You are my submissive and I swore to care, love and protect you. Justine will accept you or I will have to let her go.”

“The others didn’t.”

“I will tell her about you when I see her in person again.”

“What does she do for a living?”

“She is a writer. So she is creative like you.” Barett smiled at Derek. God he hoped Justine was different. He needed a woman in his life and Derek needed a woman.

“I love you, Master.” Derek laid his head down on Barett’s leg.

“I love you, my submissive.”


Chapter Three


Justine felt like a giddy schoolgirl as she readied herself for Barett. When he called earlier today and said he was coming over she felt her excitement began. She had been away from him for only a week, but it was too long without feeling his hands on her body. This intense feeling she got when she was with him or even thought about him frightened her.  How could a man she had known for such a little amount of time do this to her?

She told her kids that she was dating Barett. She was surprised when they seemed happy for her. She was a bit nervous letting Barett meet the kids. She didn’t want the kids to like him and invest emotional capital if her and Barett’s relationship wasn’t going to work out.

Andrew actually picked the kids up on time, so it gave her plenty of time to ready herself for Barett.

She looked at her image in the mirror. She felt beautiful. She smiled at herself. It had been so long since she felt this way. She suspected it was Barett that made her feel so beautiful. A panic washed over her.

“Oh my God, I’m falling in love with him.” The realization of her true feelings about him scared the hell out of her. What if he broke her heart? What if he turned out to be like Andrew? Ah, the “what ifs” were driving her mad.

She almost jumped out of her skin when she heard the doorbell ring. She took a second to center herself, then she hurried to the door. She smiled seeing Barett standing there with a dozen of red roses in his hand. He was dressed in a black dress shirt and jeans. Damn he looked so good.

“Justine,” he purred.

“Come in.”

“You look so beautiful.” He handed her the flowers. Justine wore a simple silky black dress. She hadn’t had time to put on her shoes yet.

“Thank you,” she said quietly as she took the flowers from him. She went into the kitchen and got a vase for them.

“What’s wrong, Justine?”

She placed the flowers in the vase then set them on the table. She stood there quietly for a moment.

“I’m frightened.”

“Of what?”

She couldn’t look at him.

“Tell me, Justine.”

“Of you and how you make me feel. After what happened with Andrew…I had no intentions of giving another man my heart and yet you have stolen my heart.” It was like the dam burst and a flood of emotions came forth. “All I think about is you. It’s like I can’t breathe when you are not here. I can’t wait to touch you, to see you, to smell you. It’s so silly to feel like this already.”

Barett slowly walked over to her. “I feel the same about you, Justine.”

“That, right there, you always know the right thing to say. You always bring me flowers, you act like such a gentleman. I’m not use to this.”

“You will get use to it.”

“Andrew treated me like an object. He was always first and when he wasn’t he made me pay. There were times when he was so cruel with his words. Then he would be so kind. Over and over, in this cycle we go. I found myself enduring the cruelty to get to the kindness. What if you…do the same?” Justine fought back her tears.

“I would never treat you cruel.  What he did to you was wrong, Justine. When you love someone you try to never bring them pain.”

“What if I can’t get over what he did to me? What if I take it out on you? I don’t want to do that to you.”

“You have been wounded, Justine. I understand it will take time for you to trust again. I will wait. But…there is something about me that you may not so easily accept. Please sit down.”

Justine slowly sat down on the dining chair.

“I want to tell you everything. I was going to wait. But since you are being so honest about your feelings I want to do the same.” Barett didn’t know how to tell her. He was so afraid of losing her. Yet, she needed to know. It wasn’t fair not to tell her. “I don’t know where to start.”

“Are you married?”

“No…” Barett sat down across the table from her. He was quiet for a moment. “Your books, the stories you weave…”

“I don’t understand.”

“The lifestyle you tell about in many of your books. I live that lifestyle.”

Justine looked at him for a moment.  “You are a Master?”

“Yes. I have lived this lifestyle since I was twenty-one. From the moment I entered this world it felt right. I can’t live any other way.”

“Do you have a submissive?”

Barett felt his heart go in his throat. “Yes.”

“How long have you been together?”

“Ten years.”

“What’s her name?”

“His name is Derek.”

“So you’re bisexual?”


Justine was quiet for a moment.

“I will understand if you wish to stop seeing me.” Barett felt a sadness build.

“Why would I stop seeing you?”

Barett looked at her puzzled. “Every woman I have told about Derek stops seeing me.”

“I admit that I wasn’t expecting that. I figured you were going to tell me you were married or something. You have been with Derek for ten years. I mean everything I read about your lifestyle tells me that finding the right submissive or Master is hard. I would never ask you to give up your lifestyle. That wouldn’t be fair of me.”

“Could you be part of my lifestyle?”

“I don’t know. I just know I won’t stop loving you just because you are a Master. I will need time to let this sink in and of course if it’s alright with you I would like to meet Derek. I have to see if Derek likes me first.”

“You want to meet Derek?” Barett felt like his heart was going to burst.

“Of course. What if we don’t get along? I can’t promise you that I will be your submissive. I don’t know if I could take someone telling me what to do all the time.” Justine was surprised when Barett bolted at her and took her into his arms. He hugged her so tightly she could barely breathe.

“I can’t breathe, Barett.”

“You have no idea how happy you have made me.” He slowly set her down. “You accepted me without hesitation.” He kissed all over her face. He reached back and took out his wallet he handed her a picture. “That is Derek.”

“Whoa…” Justine looked at the picture of the unbelievably beautiful man. She remembered what Mimi said about him. This Derek had to be the same one she mentioned at the spa.  “Damn he is prettier than me. Where did you meet?” She handed him the picture back. She was still a bit shell shocked, but surprisingly she was okay with everything.

“In a club. Not very romantic I know, but finding people who live my lifestyle is not easy. Plenty of people play the master/submissive thing, but very few really live the lifestyle.”

“He is younger than you? He looks like it.”

“He is thirty-five.”

“So he was twenty-five when you met. So you were thirty-two?”


“Were you always the Master?”

“Yes, I can’t be a submissive. It’s not my nature. Derek has always been a submissive. When I met him he was some other man’s submissive. It didn’t take much to steal him away.”

“Love at first sight?”

“No, more like lust at first sight.” Barett played with a strand of Justine’s hair. “You however…” he smiled at her, “…it was love at first sight.” He grabbed her hair and pulled her to him.

She was shocked by his roughness, yet turned on by it.

“I like to play a little rough at times. If I do anything that makes you uncomfortable tell me right away.”

Justine couldn’t speak as he pulled her arms behind her back and bent her over the table.

“Are you ready for me?”

“Yes,” her voice wavered. She heard him unzip his pants then the sound of fabric hitting the floor. She moaned loudly when he rammed his cock deeply into her. He pulled her hair when he thrust his cock. He held her arms so easily behind her back with just one hand.

“Let me know if I hurt you, Justine.”

Barett pulled her hair harder as he thrust more violently into her. Justine loved every moment of his roughness. The more she moaned the rougher he became. He let go of her hair and started spanking her as he continued to ride her.  She came over and over again, and purred with contentment when he howled out his orgasm. He leaned his body over hers and pressed against her as they caught their breath.

They spent the entire night enjoying each other’s body. When she fell asleep from exhaustion Barett called Derek.

“Master,” Derek purred into the phone.

“I told her about you.”

“And?” Derek held his breath and prayed.

“She wants to meet you.”


“I have called the airline and have bought you a ticket. I will rent an apartment around here while you two get to know each other.”

“Master, she accepts me?” Derek’s voice broke as he tried to hold back his tears.

“Yes, my submissive. She did so right away.”

“Master…” Derek couldn’t stop his tears.

“Shh, don’t cry…wipe those tears. I don’t want tears staining your beautiful face. Pack our things I will have movers come and collect them.”

“When is my flight?”

“In two days. I will pick you up at the airport.”

“I will have everything ready. I love you, Master.”

“I love you, submissive.”

Justine stood there listening to Barett talk to Derek. He did love him she could hear it in his voice. She didn’t intend to eavesdrop, but she couldn’t stop herself. She hoped Derek was nice. He sure was sexy as hell if he looked anything like his picture in person. She slowly headed out of the room and went to the kitchen and poured herself some water.

This was so surreal. Barett was a Master, and was bisexual, and sexy as hell, shit she couldn’t write a better story than this.  Still, would she really be able to handle sharing Barett?  Could Derek handle sharing Barett? Would she even like Derek?  What the hell were the kids going to think? There were so many questions swirling around in her mind. Yet, even through the cloudiness of her mind one thing rang through, she did love Barett. Oh God did she love him.




Barett watched as Derek walked out of the airport. He smiled seeing men and women turning around and checking Derek out. His submissive was so beautiful and his pride of having such a beauty showed in Barett’s face. Derek was always immaculately groomed. He did this for his Master.

Derek smiled when he spotted Barett. He was oblivious to the countless eyes watching him. His Master was the only thing Derek saw.


Barett opened his arms and Derek rushed into his embrace.

“You have done well, submissive. Our things arrived at the apartment this morning.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Barett opened the door and let Derek into the limo. He instructed the driver to take them to their new apartment. Once Barett settled into his seat Derek started caressing his body.

“Greet your Master,” Barett said as he lowered Derek’s head down to his lap. Barett leaned back and gently caressed Derek’s hair as Derek sucked his cock. It didn’t take long for Derek’s talented mouth to get Barett off. After Derek thoroughly licked Barett’s cock clean of every last drop of cum, he put Barett’s cock back into his pants and laid his head on his lap. He enjoyed Barett’s caresses as the car drove on.

After a couple of hours they arrived at their apartment.

“This apartment isn’t as lavish as ours in Germany.”

“It doesn’t matter, Master. As long as I’m with you I don’t care where we live.”

Their apartment was at the very top floor of the building. Barett watched as Derek looked around. Barett had hired a maid to keep things clean. She did a wonderful job of unpacking everything.

“The last door on the left is your studio.”

Derek hurried down the hall and entered the room.

“Is it acceptable?”

“It’s perfect, Master. There is plenty of light and space.”

“Freshen up. Justine will be here soon.”

“She is coming here, now?”


“I will hurry.”

Barett walked out into the kitchen and opened some wine. He could see Derek was nervous and he had no doubt Justine would be too.

The doorbell rang. Barett walked over and answered it.

“Justine.” He smiled.

“Is Derek here yet?” She slowly entered the apartment.

“He will be out in a minute.”

“Wow, you really spruced up the place.”

“I’m afraid I will have to give my maid the credit. Please sit down.”

Justine sat down on the leather sofa. She couldn’t stop fidgeting her hands.

“Derek come.” Barett’s deep voice rumbled through the apartment.

Justine was awe-struck by the handsome man as he entered the living room. The picture Barett showed her of Derek did him no justice. Oh my God Derek was a beautiful man. He was smaller than Barett. He had to be only five foot eight. Barett was quite muscular, Derek was trim and well toned. Derek’s dark hair was long and went down the length of his back. But it was his big crystal blue eyes that were the most intoxicating about him. Justine slowly stood up.

“Hello Justine,” Derek shyly said. His voice was soft and had a heavy German accent.

“You are so pretty,” Justine said.

“Thank you. So are you.”

Derek looked at the petite woman standing before him. She was pretty, but wasn’t a striking beauty like Master’s other women were. Of course he has only seen photos of those other women. Yet, there was something so beautiful about this woman standing before him. It went beyond mere surface beauty. There was a warmth that radiated out from this woman. She had a genuine kindness to her.

“Let’s have some wine.”

Derek quickly went over and grabbed the glasses of wine.

“Sit Justine.” Barett sat on the sofa and she sat next to him.

Derek handed out the wine then sat down by Barett’s feet. Barett sensed Justine’s uneasiness with this.

“Sit next to me, Derek.”

“Yes Master.”

Barett got them talking with each other. They talked about Justine’s books and Derek’s artwork. He enjoyed watching them talking to each other. He could see in Derek’s eyes that he liked Justine. And the way Justine relaxed he could see she liked talking with Derek.

They spent the afternoon with each other. Derek prepared them a delicious lunch. And after awhile Barett took Justine home.

Derek looked around his new home. A wonderful sense of peace filled him. Justine made Master happy, he could see it. That would have been enough. He would have endured anything to make his Master happy. It was a bonus that he liked her too. She stirred not only his intellect she stirred his desire. The thought of her sharing his and Master’s bed turned him on so much his cock ached.  Yet, he couldn’t relieve his ache. Master told him not to pleasure himself. Derek never disobeyed his Master.


Chapter Four


“You are kidding me,” Stacey said. “This sounds like a plot from one of your books.”

“It does, doesn’t it.” Justine handed Stacey a drink. “The only thing is I don’t know what to do or how to act around Derek.”

“Be yourself, stupid.”

“I know that. It’s just…”

“Oh, you are wondering if you get to fuck Derek too.”


“Come on girl that’s what I would be thinking. If this Derek is as hot as you say then I would have jumped him already. My body is getting all tingly just thinking about him and Barett together. You are one lucky girl. Hell, having a man like Barett alone makes me jealous as hell of you. Knowing that he has a hot male submissive on top of everything else, damn girl, I wish I was you.”

Justine laughed.

“Justine, you have a guest,” Marie said as she went out on the patio.

“Whoa…” Stacey exclaimed. “If that’s Derek I’m punching you.”

Justine looked over at the patio door. “Yep, that’s Derek. I wondered why he is here.”

“You bitch.” Stacey playfully punched her. “Oh damn, look at him.”

Justine motioned for Derek to join them.

“Hello Justine. Master commanded me to see you today. I hope it’s alright that I’m here.”

“You are welcome to come over anytime you want. This is my friend Stacey. Stacey this is Derek.”

“Hello cutie.” Stacey walked over to him.

“It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Oh this is Marie,” Justine said as Marie came back with a glass of iced tea for Derek.

“Hello Marie.”

“Please sit down.” Justine motioned to the chair next to her.

Stacey talked Derek’s ear off and flirted with him shamelessly. He didn’t seem to mind at all.  After about an hour Stacey reluctantly left. She had to pick her kids up from their father’s house.

“I wish my kids were here to meet you,” Justine said as her and Derek headed into the house. “They are at their grandmother’s house for a few days.”

“I was worried about them being here.”


“I didn’t know if you had time to explain things yet.”

“I haven’t told them about you and Barett’s relationship yet. I’m not quite sure how to. Don’t worry I will think of something.”

“What would you have told them about me if they were here?”

“You were Barett’s friend.”

After she said goodbye to Marie, Justine gave Derek the tour of her house. She had spent the last year renovating it to fit her and the kids’ needs. She wanted to add on to it some more next year. They needed a break from having the workmen coming and going all the time. For now the house looked wonderful. She was proud of it. Derek could see it in her eyes.

“What did Barett want you to do while you were here?”

“He just wanted me to spend time with you.” Derek moved a little closer to her. He was so aroused he couldn’t stand it. Master said if Justine’s kids weren’t home that Derek was to make love to Justine once she was relaxed around him.  Barett wanted to know if Justine and Derek could be together sexually.

Justine looked into Derek’s beautiful eyes. The look on his face was turning her on. He couldn’t possibly want to have sex with her. Could he?

“Master wants me to make love to you. If you don’t want me to that’s alright.”

“Do you want to make love to me?”

“Yes,” he purred.

Derek oozed sexiness. Every movement he made heightened her arousal.

“It has been awhile since I have been with a woman.” Derek pressed her against the wall with his body. “Please forgive me if I’m clumsy.”

Justine couldn’t say a word. His hands caressed her body so expertly, as his body crushed up against her. He removed her clothes effortlessly, then his own without skipping a beat.

“Justine,” Derek moaned as he lifted her up so that his cock rubbed against her pussy. “You are so wet already. I like that.”

He carried her to the sofa. She wrapped her legs around him tightly. Slowly he laid them down onto the sofa. His hands touched all the right spots, his cock rubbed up against her clit bringing her right to brink of bliss. His kisses alternated from passionate to sweet. His long silky hair fanned out over her body.

“I can’t wait any longer. Forgive me,” Derek said as he rammed his cock deeply into her. “Yesss,” he hissed. “Your pussy is so wet and warm. It’s been too long since I had the pleasure of having my cock buried deeply in a woman.”

His hands continued to caress her as he thrust in a precise rhythm, not too fast or slow, just enough to keep her right there on the edge of orgasm.

“You look so good with that look of pleasure dancing over your face,” Derek moaned.

He kept her on the edge for what seemed like an eternity.

“I need to come,” he moaned. “First let me see you come.”

He moved his hips ever so slightly as he thrust.

“Yes, oh yes,” she moaned loudly as her orgasm ripped through her.

Derek arched up and slowly let his orgasm build until finally he came. He laid on her for a moment then kissed down her body.

“I’m going to suck my cum from your sweet pussy.”

Justine grabbed the sofa arm the moment his mouth touched her pussy. He licked and sucked until he brought her to another amazing orgasm then he stuck his tongue deeply into her moving in around and around. Justine’s body quaked from the pleasure of it.

He kissed her pussy lips then moved back up her body. He kissed her lips driving his tongue deeply into her mouth. He groaned when she started sucking on his tongue.

His cell phone rang causing him to quickly find his pants.

“Master,” he said the moment he flipped his phone open. “Yes…oh yes. She is lying here naked on the sofa, looking so sated. I will Master.” Derek walked back over to the sofa stroking his cock as he came closer to Justine. “Please suck me.”

Justine took Derek’s cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that Derek had lowered the phone down so that Barett could hear her sucking on Derek’s cock. She exaggerated the sucking sounds.

“Master…oh Master please let me come,” Derek cried out.

“No Derek.”

Justine’s body trembled hearing Barett’s voice.

Derek lifted the phone back to his ear. He moaned loudly then latched his hand onto her hair. “Please Master.”

Justine felt Derek’s hips start moving. She took all of his cock into her mouth.

“I beg of you Master let me come.”

Derek pulled Justine’s mouth from his cock then lowered the phone down. He released her hair and started to stroke his cock.

“Open your mouth, Justine.” She heard Barett’s voice say.

Justine looked up at Derek as she opened her mouth.

“Please Master,” Derek begged.

“Come Derek.”

“Oh yes, oh yes, ah!!!” he cried out as his cum filled Justine’s mouth. “She is drinking all of it, Master,” Derek could barely say.

“That’s a good girl, my good girl, my sweet Justine,” Barett purred.

Derek put the phone back up to his ear. “Yes Master, I will make her scream with pleasure.” Derek handed her the phone then came down to his knees. He placed his head between her legs and started licking at her pussy.

“Let me hear your pleasure, Justine,” Barett said. “I want to stroke my cock and come as I hear your pleasure.”

Justine moaned and mewed as Derek expertly licked her pussy. Every word Barett spoke, every sound he made heightened her pleasure. Derek made her come and come and come until finally she begged him to stop. Derek quickly leaned against her and pressed his ear to the phone. Justine felt Derek’s body quiver when Barett moaned with pleasure.

“My cum has splattered all over the floor. That was so good,” Barett moaned.

“Master,” Derek whispered as he nuzzled against Justine.

“Come home, Derek.”

“Yes Master.”

“Justine, sweet Justine, mmm, you are not to pleasure yourself in any form until I see you again. Do you hear me?”


“If you do I will know and I will spank you. Do you hear me?”

“Yes Barett.”

“Until later, sweet Justine,” with that said Barett hung up.

Derek got dressed. Justine did too. She just stood there unsure of what to do. This should feel wrong, but it didn’t.

“Thank you, Justine. That was very pleasurable.” Derek softly kissed her. “Are you alright? I don’t like that look on your face.”

“I’m just confused at the moment. I never did anything like that before.”

“Did you like it?”

“That’s the problem. I loved it. Should I have?”

“Of course you should. If it felt right, then it was right. That’s all to it.” Derek kissed her hand. “I’m honored to share Master with you. I hope in time you will feel the same way.”

Justine just smiled at him and watched him leave. She didn’t know what to think at the moment. Her body felt so deliciously sated right now.  Thank goodness Marie and the kids weren’t here. Then the thought of what she was going to tell the kids about all of this. Sooner or later they would have to know that Derek was Barett’s submissive. Oh God how was she going to explain all of this to them.




Justine lay on the bed. Her body so aroused by what happened this afternoon. Her hand went down to her clit as she slowly rubbed it. Barett told her not to pleasure herself, but she couldn’t stop herself from doing it. Besides how was he really going to know that she did?

When she was finally sated she slipped on her robe and went to the kitchen. She fixed herself a sandwich and ate it. She then went back to her room. She was tired. She heard the doorbell ring. She quickly went downstairs and answered the door.

“Barett.” She smiled.

“You have pleasured yourself,” he said in a stern voice.


“I told you not to pleasure yourself.”

She was shocked when he grabbed her arm and dragged her into the living room.  He sat down and threw her over his knee. He pulled up her robe and spanked her ass with his bare hand until it glowed pink.

He paid no attention to her protest. He could tell this was turning her on. He would have stopped immediately if he thought her protests were real.

“I told you I would spank you if you pleasured yourself. I always say what I mean, Justine.”

He looked at her pink ass cheeks. He rubbed gently then swatted her ass hard again.

“You like this don’t you?”

She said nothing.

“Don’t you?” He swatted her ass hard.

“Yes,” she quietly said.

“You want my cock now?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes please.”

Barett pushed her from his lap then quickly removed his pants. Before she had time to get up, he pushed her to the floor pinning her under him. He lifted her hips just enough for his cock to enter her pussy. He rammed his cock into her so hard she lurched forward. He wrapped his arm around her waist holding her in place.

“Tell me if I hurt you,” he purred into her ear.

He slammed his cock into her over and over until both of them reached orgasm. He released her and sat back.

“Come here, Justine.”

She sat on his lap and cuddled up against him. 

“Promise me something, Justine. Promise me you will tell me if you don’t like what I do to you.”

“I promise.”


Chapter Five


Justine paced around the kitchen nervously. She had to tell her kids something about hers and Barett’s relationship. How in the world was she going to explain Derek?

She greeted her kids and listened to them telling her about their time with grandma.  But before she had a chance to explain anything to them the doorbell rang.

Justine hurried over and answered it. She was surprised to see Derek.

“Have I come at a bad time?” he asked.

“My kids have just come home.”

“I can come back later if you want me to.”

“No…I think this may be better. Did Barett send you?”

“Yes. I can go home if you want.”

“No, no, come in.”

“Whoa, you are pretty,” Crystal said when Derek entered the kitchen.

“Kids please sit down.” Justine grabbed Derek’s hand. “I want you to meet Derek. He is with Barett. Derek these are my children. This is Crystal.”

“Hello,” Derek said.

“This is Andrew.”


“And this is Chris.”

“Hello.” Derek looked over the three teenagers. He wasn’t expecting Justine’s children to be this old.

“You have the same accent Barett has, but yours is heavier,” Andy said.

“I’m from Germany, just like Barett is.”

“Are you Barett’s friend?” Crystal asked.

Derek looked over to Justine before he answered.

“Okay, this is what I wanted to talk to you guys about. There is no point to not telling you everything.”

“I will leave you alone for a moment,” Derek said.

“You can help me with making lunch if you want,” Marie said.

“It would be my pleasure.”

Justine led the kids into the living room.

“What’s going on Mom?” Andy asked.

“Barett and Derek lead a different kind of lifestyle…” Justine proceeded to tell them about Barett’s lifestyle in a way they could understand without going into too much detail.

“Are you happy, Mom?” Andy asked.


“Then that’s what matters.” 

The other two agreed.

Justine was relieved that they seemed to understand. Still, it felt awkward. She wondered how they were going to act around Derek or for that matter how they would act around Barett now that they knew about his and Derek’s relationship.

“Let’s get some lunch.”

They went back into the kitchen. Derek and Marie already had lunch ready. Justine watched as the kids talked with Derek. He was at ease around them. Andy was thrilled to learn Derek was an artist.

They spent a wonderful afternoon together. Justine was beyond happy about how Derek and the kids got along. She was proud that her kids had such an open mind, she tried to raise them to be that way.

She went out to Derek’s car to get his sketch pad for him. Andy wanted to see some of his work.

“Nice car,” Justine said. Barett had bought Derek the best Mercedes that was out.  Justine grabbed Derek’s sketch pad. She looked at the very expensive red automobile for a moment. It never really dawned on her that Barett was wealthy, until this moment. She quickly looked over toward the end of the driveway when she heard a car pull up. It was a black Mercedes. She knew right away that it was Barett. Her heart pounded harder in her chest. A warm, peaceful, excited, happy feeling engulfed her.

“Justine.” Barett smiled as he got out of the car.

He wore a well-tailored suit and looked positively amazing.

“Barett.” She rushed over to his opened arms. When he held her tightly to him, she felt so safe, so loved.

“I see Derek is still here.”

“He met my kids.”

“I didn’t know they were back yet. I’m sorry, Justine. I should have been here when they met him.”

“It’s alright. I told them everything, well a PG13 version of everything.”

“By the smile on your face I’m guessing they were most understanding about everything.”

“Yes they were.” Justine stepped out of Barrett’s embrace.

Barett looked down at Derek’s sketch pad. “Andy wants to see Derek’s work?”

“How did you know it was Andy that wanted to see it?”

“Andy is an artist. He talks just as passionately about his work as Derek does.”

“You remembered that?”

“Of course I did. I remember everything about you and your children. Now let’s go join them. I’m most eager to see them talk with Derek.”

Justine and Barett went into the house. Barett stopped at the entryway to the living room. He smiled seeing Derek talking with Justine’s children. They accepted Derek as easily as Justine had done. A warmth filled Barett like he had never known before. The sound of laughter intensified this feeling. Derek’s face lit up when he spotted Barett. He rushed over, but didn’t embrace his Master.

Barett gently stroked Derek’s cheek then turned his attention to Justine’s kids.

“Here is your sketch book,” Justine said as she handed Derek the book.

“Thank you.” Derek handed the book to Andy.

“Go, enjoy talking with a fellow artist,” Barett said to Derek.

“You look really nice,” Crystal said to Barett.

“Thank you, Crystal.”

Barett walked into the room and sat down on the sofa. Justine sat next to him. He grabbed her hand and gently held it. He was content just sitting there watching Derek with Justine’s children.

After a few hours Barett and Derek left to go back to their apartment. Justine helped Marie clean up.

“I don’t mean to pry…” Marie said as she rinsed off the dishes, “but…you really need time alone with Barett and Derek.”

“Why do you say that?”

Marie stopped what she was doing and looked at Justine. “Can you really share Barett with someone else? Is their lifestyle going to work for you? What if it can’t? Will Barett still want to be with you or you with him?  I see how much you love Barett, but if your lives don’t mesh together you are going to get hurt or he will get hurt. You need time alone with them to see if your relationship is going to work out. You really do.”

“I can’t just pack up and leave the kids. Besides it involves them too.”

“No Justine. This is about you. Your kids are almost grown and you see that they are pretty much open to anything as long as it makes you happy. You need to know for certain that you want Barett, that you can handle his different lifestyle.”

Justine was quiet for a moment. “You are right.” Justine went over to the kitchen table and sat down. “Plus, I don’t want the kids to invest a lot of emotional capital if mine and Barett’s relationship isn’t going to work.”


“You have your vacation coming up, who is going to watch the kids.”

“Andy is seventeen, and Chris is fifteen. I think they could take care of themselves. But I know you would worry.” Marie went to her purse and pulled out some brochures, then handed them to Justine.

“What’s this?”

“I was thinking about you and Barett’s relationship. I don’t think I could handle such a relationship. So I was starting to worry that you may not be able to either. That’s when I came up with this plan. These are brochures for summer camps. Each is about a month long.  Andy can go to the artist camp, Chris to the computer camp and Crystal can go to a ranch. She loves horses and this camp is made just for girls her age. They will have fun and you can have the time you need to explore your relationship with Barett.”

Justine stood and hugged Marie tightly. “What would I do without you.”

“You are like a sister to me and I only want the best for you and the kids.”

“I will see what the kids think about these camps. I want you to have fun on your vacation too Marie.”

“How could I not have fun. You are sending me to Hawaii.”

“You have more than earned it.”

Justine went to find her kids. Marie was right, she needed this time to see if she could really handle Barett’s lifestyle. God knows she loved him, but could she deal with sharing him.


Chapter Six


Justine stood nervously by the door to Barett’s apartment. She had told him what Marie had suggested. He was all for the idea. However, he wanted her to stay with him and Derek for the month. He wanted nothing distracting her. And if they stayed at her house her mind would be on her children.

Justine had said goodbye to the kids this morning. Each of them loved the summer camp they were going to and jumped at the chance to go.

Justine was frightened to knock on the door. A marinade of doubts filled her mind. What if she couldn’t handle sharing Barett?  Was she really doing the right thing? Why mess up the good thing her and Barett had going already?

“Master,” Derek called out. He saw Justine standing in the hallway through the security monitor.

“What is it?”

“Justine is here. But look.”

Barett looked at her standing there. He didn’t like that look on her face. She was frightened and unsure. He wanted to run out and hold her in his arms and tell her everything was going to be alright.

“Is she alright?”

“She is nervous. This is very understandable. Let’s give her the time she needs.” Barett continued to watch her through the monitor.  After a couple of minutes she finally knocked on the door.

“Go help Justine with her luggage.”

“Yes Master.” Derek hurried to the door.

“Hello Derek,” Justine said when he opened the door.

Derek grabbed her luggage and escorted her in. “Master has given you your own room for now.” He led her to the room.

“Whoa,” Justine said looking over the very nicely decorated room.

“Do you like your room?”

Justine turned around and dropped the suitcase she had in her hand. She hurried over to Barett’s opened arms. She held him tightly.

“The room is very nice.”

“We will give you time to settle in.” Barett kissed her softly then left the room. Derek followed right after.

Justine smiled when she spotted the area set up for her to write. Though, she doubted she was going to be able to get much work done this month.  She unpacked her things then lay on the bed. The silk sheets felt nice against her skin. She lay there for about thirty minutes. She left her room and went to the living room. She had been here only once before when she first met Derek. Everything had such a masculine feel to it. She went to the kitchen to get something to drink. Everything had Barett’s touch.

She wanted to look around, but decided she better wait for Barett to show her around. Where was Barett? she wondered.

She heard his moan coming from the room at the end of the hall. Curiosity and sexual tension made her go closer to the room.

“Master,” Derek purred.

“Take all of it, oh yeah just like that, very good my submissive.”

Justine’s body tightened with arousal. A mental image of Derek kneeling there in front of Barett filled her mind.

“Suck harder. Oh yes,” Barett moaned loudly.

Justine went back to her room. She just couldn’t open the door and interrupt them. She was so aroused, yet so confused.  She lay on the bed and pulled up her dress. She let her fingers slip into her panties. She rubbed her clit frantically needing the sweet release of orgasm. She heard her door open, yet she couldn’t stop rubbing her clit.

She smelled Barett’s familiar scent. She knew he was watching her. This only heightened her pleasure. Just when she was about to orgasm Barett grabbed her hand and made her stop.

“Not yet, Justine.”

She felt him lift her arms over her head then the softness of the silk ropes around her wrists.

“Mmmm, you look so beautiful,” he whispered against her lips.

He removed her panties then moved his hand to her pussy and let his fingers dance over her clit.

“What has aroused you so, Justine?” He slowly rubbed her clit.

“I heard you,” she said in a rush.

“Why didn’t you come in and join us?”

“I didn’t…know I could.”

“Of course you can. My body is always ready for you whenever you need me. Do you need my body now, Justine?”


“Tell me.”

“I need your body.” She moved against his hand. She groaned when his hand left her pussy. She quickly looked at him when she heard his pants unzip. Her eyes wandered all over his perfect body then settled on his hard, large cock. Her pussy ached to be filled by that glorious cock.

Barett climbed on the bed and positioned himself between her legs. With one hard thrust he filled her pussy.

Justine cried out in pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her.

“Oh, you did need my body,” he purred. “Your pussy is so wet and warm.” He thrust faster. “Do you need more of my cock?”

“Yes, oh yes, please yes.” She tried to move her arms, but couldn’t. He did a good job of tying her arms to the bed.

He teased her by slowly pulling his cock then slowly pushing it back in. Inch, by inch, slowly, so very slowly.

“I want you to feel every inch of my cock.”

After a few moments he pulled his cock out. “You want more, Justine?”

“Yes, please.”

“You want it hard, fast, and relentless?”

“Please oh please.”

“Oh I love it when you beg.” He shoved his cock into her pussy and rode her hard and fast, pounding into her over and over until she screamed out in pleasure.

Barett leaned forward and grabbed the headboard as he continued to drive his cock into her. His orgasm was slowly building, higher and higher, he held his breath as his orgasm exploded. He buried his cock into her pussy and left it there as it pulsated from his exquisite orgasm.

After a few moments he climbed out of bed and just looked at her lying there. Her legs were still opened. Her pussy glistened from a mixture of his cum and her juices. She looked so sated as she lay there. He looked at her lying there tied up waiting. What a beautiful sight. He enjoyed looking at her for a few more moments then he reluctantly untied her.

“Whenever you need me just come to me.” He played with a strand of her hair. “I want you to join me and Derek later. I want the pleasure of having both of you at the same time. I will understand if you are not ready for this.”

“I want to do this for you.”

“Do you want to do this?” He stroked her cheek gently.

“I want to do whatever makes you happy. Seeing that smile on your face is nirvana to me.”

Barett smiled then put his pants back on.

“I must finish some work. Feel free to wander around. This is after all your home now too.”

She just nodded her head. She watched him leave the room.  She couldn’t think of nothing right now. She rolled over and saw the silk ropes lying on the pillow next to her. She reached out and took them into her hands. The light blue color of the ropes shimmered in the sunlight that came from the window. She rubbed the silky fabric between her thumb and finger. How could two pieces of cloth symbolize so much to her?  But they did. They were the symbol of her submission to Barett. Soft, gentle, beautiful, yet strong, these silk strips of fabrics symbolized everything about their relationship. She clutched the fabric to her. He left them here for her. Did they mean the same thing to him?  It didn’t matter. She was going to keep these two pieces of beautiful fabric. Her silk ropes. She went over to her dresser and carefully placed the fabric in the top drawer. She lovingly patted them then closed the drawer. She wanted to take a shower, then look around. Strangely, she wasn’t nervous thinking about her being with both Derek and Barett. No, she wasn’t nervous she was excited. She allowed herself to feel this way. No thinking, no analyzing, none of that. She was only going to enjoy.




Justine nervously readied herself. She wore only a red silk robe. Barett wanted to be with her and Derek. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She hardly recognized the woman staring back at her. Too many years she didn’t like her own reflection. Andrew had a way of making her feel inadequate, especially when she gained the extra weight. Never mind that Andrew had developed quite the beer gut over the years. It was her weight that he focused on. He never made her feel beautiful.

She opened her robe and ran her hand over her now flat belly. She worked hard to lose the weight. Her eyes followed the path her hand made. The thousands of sit-ups she had done over the last year showed. She ran her fingers over the light muscle lines of her stomach.

“It figures, after we are divorced you lose the weight.”  Andrew’s voice echoed in her mind.

Her eyes traveled up to her face. Her eyes sparkled with life. She ran her fingers over her full lower lip. Everything was different. Barett made it that way. She felt so beautiful, so sexy, she felt like a woman.

“You are so beautiful, Justine,” Barett’s voice filled her mind.  He had told her this so many times. She felt beautiful.

She closed her robe and headed to Barett’s room. She was nervous, excited, turned on, hell so many emotions swirled around inside of her.

Barett was standing by the door to his room.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” he said.

“Yes,” she could barely get out.

He opened the door and let her in. Derek was already lying naked on the bed.

“I want to watch you and Derek kiss,” Barett said.

Justine didn’t hesitate. She would do whatever Barett wanted. She had to. His happiness was now her need. She climbed onto the bed and Derek took her into his arms. He was so soft, silky and smelt so good. His lips tasted sweet and she lost herself in his erotic embrace. She could feel Barett’s eyes on them. This excited her more than anything else.

“You look so good together,” Barett said.

She felt his weight go onto the bed, then his hand stroking her back. She must have held her passionate kiss with Derek for what felt like a sweet eternity.

“Come to me now.”

Both she and Derek released each other and like a well-rehearsed ballet they positioned themselves on each side of Barett, each feeling him, tasting him, wanting to please him. They stroked, kissed and made their way down to his delicious cock.  She watched briefly as Derek took Barett’s cock into his mouth and started nursing on it. She lowered down and caressed Barrett’s balls with her tongue. His delectable moans made them intensify their efforts. In a well-timed erotic dance of their tongues and mouths, Derek and Justine alternated between Barett’s cock and balls. Increasing his pleasure and delaying his release.

Justine’s pussy dripped from excitement. The second Derek’s hand touched her clit she exploded in a most exquisite orgasm. Her body rose up as she cried out in pleasure.

She felt Barett’s hand tangle in her hair, lowering her head back down to his cock. She opened her mouth and let him guide her as he thrust his cock deeply into her mouth. She sucked hard, she could feel Derek’s soft hair brushing up against her chin as he licked feverishly at Barett’s balls, when Barett’s hips raised up higher, both intensified their efforts, both wanting to bring their Master over the edge of bliss. Justine felt the rush of warm, salty cum splash at the back of her throat. She sucked deeply, wanting to drain his cock of his precious elixir.

“Take her, Derek. I want to see you take her.”

Justine felt Barett’s cock pop from her mouth and Derek gently positioned her on her hands and knees. She allowed him to guide her. She needed a cock deep inside her, right now. Her pussy clamped down on his cock when he impaled her with it.

“Master…” Derek moaned. “I can’t stop it.”

“Don’t come Derek, not yet. Ride her hard. She wants it, she needs it. I will help you fill her full.” Barett pulled her up to him so now he was under her. Derek still kept fucking not skipping a beat.

Both Derek and Justine moaned loudly when Barett’s cock slid into her pussy, stretching her almost to the point of pain.

“Don’t come, Derek.” Barett rammed his cock into her over and over.  He could feel Derek’s cock doing the same. He watched Justine’s face as she came again and again.

“Master please,” Derek begged.

“Come now.”

Derek moaned so loudly it made Justine’s body quiver. She looked down at Barett, wanting to see the moment he came. God damn did he look so good in the throes of passion. She watched every second of his orgasm.

“Mmmm, that was so good,” he cooed. “But the night is still young.”

Justine’s body felt so deliciously used by time the night was over. She laid contently in Barett’s arms as they all three fell asleep.




In the morning Justine awoke alone in Barett’s bed.  She rolled over to see what time it was.

“Damn, it’s ten already.” Then it dawn on her that she had no set schedule this month.  She laid there for a moment going over what happened the night before.  Something in her head told her this should be wrong, but it didn’t feel wrong.

She climbed out of bed and went to her room.  Everything was so quiet. Were Barett and Derek here? Did they go into town?  She popped into the shower and then got dressed. When she came out of her room she saw Derek in the kitchen.

“Good morning, Justine.” His smile was so welcoming.

“Good morning. I thought you and Barett had gone out, it so quiet in here.”

“Master is in his office. He is not to be disturbed while he is working.” Derek paused for a moment. “Although… I don’t know if you are not allowed to disturb him or not.”

“I will ask him later. I wouldn’t want to interrupt him while he is working anyways.”

“Master works very hard to provide for us.” Derek felt awkward. Last night was hot, but in the light of the morning he really didn’t know how he was supposed to act around her. It was much easier when they were at her house, but being here in his and Master’s apartment, he felt kind of awkward around her.

“Do you need my help with anything? I’m a pretty good cook.”

“You can make the salad if you want.”

Justine began chopping the vegetables for the salad. She could feel Derek’s uneasiness. Hell, she couldn’t blame him, she felt uneasy too.

“Derek, you don’t have to change how you and Barett do things just because I’m here. I mean, I really need to learn about your lifestyle.”

“To be honest I don’t know how to act around you. Up until now it’s been just me and Master living together.”

“Well, like I said, do what you would normally do. After all, it’s me who has to fit into your lifestyle.”

“But that wouldn’t be fair.”

Justine stopped chopping the green pepper and went over to Derek. “I need to see your lifestyle. We will worry about what’s fair later.”  She gently grabbed his hand.  “We do have one very important thing in common.”

“What’s that?”

“Our love for Barett.”

Derek smiled and squeezed her hand.

“Anyways, we need to get this awkwardness out of the way. So do what you would normally do, okay?”

“I will try.”

They talked about Derek’s latest yaoi manga comic. Justine was very interested in his work and he really liked that. She had wrote some storylines that later became yaoi mangas. Derek even had read a couple of them before.

“Good morning,” Barett said as he entered the kitchen.

Derek hurried over and came to his knees before Barett.  “Master.”

Barett stroked Derek’s hair.  He gestured for Derek to get up. “It smells wonderful in here. I’m starving.” He walked over to Justine and kissed her.

They ate brunch together. Barett listened to both of them talking.

Derek cleared off the table.

Barett could feel his submissive’s awkwardness. This had to be just as hard on Derek as it was on Justine.  Still, there was little he could do to ease this. Justine and Derek would have to find a way to ease the awkwardness.

“Barett…” Justine quietly said.

“You may speak to me about anything, Justine. So don’t hesitate.”

“I don’t know how to act. I mean…oh I don’t know what I mean.”

“Derek is a true submissive and therefore I don’t expect you to do what he does. However, I believe he should serve me the way he always has done. There would be no purpose served on him modifying his behavior. The same is true for you, Justine. You do what is comfortable for you.  If in time you feel you want to be my submissive, then Derek can train you. However, if you don’t wish to be my submissive then we will be just lovers. It is all up to you.”

“What about you two?”

“What about us?”

“Why should you two make all the concessions?”

“The mere fact that you accept us for who we are is enough. In my opinion you are the one who has to make the most adjustments. Be who you are, Justine. And we will be who we are. Honesty is the bases of any good relationship. “

“What happens if we can’t mesh our lifestyles?”

“We will cross that bridge when or if we come to it. Now I must get back to work.”

“Am I not to disturb you when you are working? Derek said he is not allowed to.”

“If you need me I’m there for you, sweet Justine.” Barett stood up. “Derek, come.”

Derek hurried over and came to his knees before Barett.

“Yes Master.”

“You are free to be with Justine in any way you want, providing of course, she wants to be with you.”

“Yes Master, thank you.”

Barett left the room and Derek came up to his feet.

“Does it bother you to kneel before him like that?” Justine asked then felt bad for asking it.

“Don’t ever worry about asking me anything. I’m sure you have a lot of questions and I’m more than happy to answer these questions.” Derek paused. “As far as how I feel about having to kneel before my Master…I love to do it. I want to serve him and show him my submission to him.  I would do anything my Master asks of me and I would do so happily.”

“What if he asked you to do…umm…”

“Please don’t be afraid to ask me anything.”

“What if he asked you to do something humiliating?”

“I would love it.” He saw the shocked look on her face. “If it brings my Master pleasure I would do it, no matter what he asks of me.  I know it’s hard to understand if you are not a true submissive.”

“So you are telling me if he asked you to say…suck his toes in public you would do it?”

“Yes, and I would do it with much gusto.” Derek smiled. “I remember Master having me suck his cock in public. Oh, it turned me on so much I came the moment he moaned.”

“I don’t know if I could do that.”

“Master wouldn’t ask you to. He knows I enjoy those sorts of things and he would know you don’t. Master is a good master and only commands me to do things I enjoy, unless of course he is punishing me.”

“Punishing you?”

“When I have disobeyed him, he will punish me. But I rarely disobey him. Again, he wouldn’t do that to you, unless of course you decide to become his submissive.”

“I have written countless stories about the master/slave lifestyle, but still I have much to learn. To be honest I don’t think I would make a good submissive.”

“You don’t have to be Master’s submissive. I fill that need for him. All you have to do is love Master for who he is. And if I’m lucky you will grow to love me too.”

“Well, you are making it easy to love you.” Justine smiled at him.

“I must go do the shopping. Will you come with me? I would enjoy having your company.”

“I would love to come with you.”

“I will go tell Master we are leaving.”

Justine honestly didn’t know what to think right now. The realization about Barett and Derek’s relationship was hitting her hard.  They had ten years of history together.  She knew in her heart if she couldn’t live their lifestyle or fit it into hers, Barett would leave her.  He would never live without Derek. Their bond was too strong.

Derek came back into the room. He had such a lightness, a happiness to him you couldn’t help but feel it.

“Master told us to have fun together this afternoon.”

He grabbed her hand and led her to his car. He opened the door for then went around to his side.

She smiled at him. She liked him already. This gave her hope that maybe, just maybe, this three-way love story would work out. Oh God, she hoped so. The thought of not being with Barett was something she didn’t want to think about.

Derek and Justine spent a pleasant afternoon together.  She couldn’t help but notice the countless eyes looking at Derek. He seemed oblivious to their stares. Derek oozed sexiness, and he didn’t do this on purpose either. It was just the way he was.

“Do you notice all those people looking at you?” Justine asked when they were driving home.


“It would bug me to have people staring at me all the time.”

“If someone enjoys looking at me I don’t have a problem with them doing so.”

Justine found herself looking at him a lot. He was a very beautiful man.  She felt herself becoming aroused on the way home. His scent was so heavenly.  She sat up when Derek pulled the car over to the side of the road.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

“You have need of me, don’t you?” His voice was so sexy.

He positioned his seat so it was as far back as it could go.  He began to unzip his pants.

“You can have me if you want,” he said.

Justine couldn’t stop herself. She removed her panties then climbed over the seat. She lifted her dress and positioned her so that his cock eased into her pussy. She sighed when his cock was completely encased with her pussy.

“Anytime you want me you can have me,” he moaned as he licked her lips.

She rode him with total abandonment. She didn’t care if anyone driving by saw them or not. She accidently hit a lever and his seat reclined all the way back forcing his cock deeper into her. His hands reached up and cupped her breasts as she continued to ride him.  Her body quivered from her orgasm.  She felt his hands on her hips now as he helped her to move up and down.

“Faster…please faster,” he purred.

The sound of their bodies smacking together permeated through the car. The smell of their fucking filled her nostrils, making her come again.

“Come, I want to hear you come,” she cried out.

Derek moaned loudly and said something in German that she couldn’t understand.  She felt his cock pulsate deep inside her.  He said a few more things in German she couldn’t make out.

She climbed off him. She slipped her panties in her purse.

He moved his seat back into an upright position, pulled his pants up, then adjusted it so he could drive.

“If you need me you can have me,” she said softly.

He smiled at her and drove home.

She watched him hurry to the wine cabinet and pulled out a bottle. He grabbed a glass. He kept looking at the clock.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m going to be late with Master’s wine. He wants a glass brought to him at five in the afternoon.”

She moved out of his way as he hurried to Barett’s office.

Derek knocked twice then went in. He hurried over to where Barett was sitting and came down to his knees. He held the wine glass up and offered it to his Master.

“Good, boy,” Barett said as he took the glass from him. “Did you have fun with Justine?”

“Yes Master.”

“I can smell her pussy on you.”

“You said I could…”

“Shh, it’s alright. Tell me where did you fuck her?”

“In my car.”

“Really? Why?”

“She wanted me. I could feel it.”

“Did it feel good to bury your cock in her warm pussy?”


“Justine!” Barett bellowed. His body became instantly aroused when she rushed in.  Her eagerness for him showed.

“I want to watch you and Derek fuck.”

Derek quickly came up to his feet.

“Did you not hear me, Justine?”

She slowly went over to Derek. She watched as he undressed.

“Derek is so beautiful isn’t he?”

“Yes,” she quietly said.

Barett walked over to Justine then went behind her. He reached down and pulled her dress over her head. She wore nothing under her dress.

“Barett…” she moaned.  “I want you.”

“In due time. I want to watch you fuck Derek.”

Justine hesitated.  

“Don’t you want him?”


“Fuck him. Obey me!” Barett growled.

Justine felt an erotic shiver race over her.  She went over to Derek then bent over Barett’s desk. Derek grabbed her hips and drove his cock deeply into her.

“Don’t you come, boy.”

“Yes Master.”

Barett walked behind Derek then reached around and grabbed Derek’s nipples. He pinched hard, knowing Derek loved this.

“Don’t come.”

Derek bit his lip trying to hold back from coming.

Barett released Derek then walked over to the side. He watched Derek’s cock disappearing into Justine’s pussy.


Derek immediately stopped and pulled his cock from Justine.

“Stay just like you are, Justine.”

She was compelled to obey him.  She heard him unzipping his pants, then she felt his hand on her hips. She moaned loudly when his large cock filled her.  She could hear Derek moaning.

“Come Derek,” Barett moaned.

Justine felt a warm sticky fluid on her back.  Her body trembled when she felt Derek’s tongue lap up the fluid.

“That’s it lick your cum from her back,” Barett said as he continued to thrust harder into her.

Justine came so hard it almost hurt.

“Kneel beside me, Derek. I want to feed you,” Barett said. He thrust a few more times into her then pulled his cock out.

She heard sucking sounds. When she went to get up Barett pushed her back down.

“Stay like that, Justine. Come on, Derek, suck harder. I want to feed you.”

Justine’s body trembled when she heard Barett moan.

“Oh fuck yes!” Barett cried out.  “Come here.”

Justine felt the heat of Barett’s body leave then she felt a tongue starting to lap at her pussy.

“That’s it, lick her. Does his talented tongue feel good, Justine?”

“Yessss,” she hissed.  She felt Barett’s hand in her hair. He pulled hard forcing her head up. He rammed his cock into her mouth and started to move his hips, back and forth, forcing more of his cock into her mouth.  He pulled her hair with each thrust of his cock.

She became dizzy from the orgasm Derek’s tongue gave her.

“I see Derek made you come. Look at me.” He pulled her hair harder.

She looked up at him as he slowly inched his cock deeper down her throat.

“A little more, take it all, Justine, oh…yes…ah!” He arched his head back as his cum shot down her throat. He pulled her hair harder forcing his cock to pop from her mouth.  He leaned back onto the desk.

“Master,” Derek purred as he knelt down by Barett and began licking at his balls.  Barett open his legs wider and lay back on his desk.

Justine watched as Derek buried his tongue into Barett’s ass.  She stood up her gaze able to leave them.

“Climb on this desk and sit on my face, Justine,” Barett growled.

She did as he commanded.  Once she had positioned herself over his face he grabbed her hips and forced her to sit on his face.  He moved her hips back and forth as he rubbed his face against her pussy.

“Barett!” she cried out when he stuck his tongue deeply into her.

She leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth. Between Derek’s talented tongue and her sucking it didn’t take long to get him off.

She climbed off the desk then grabbed her dress.

She looked up and saw Barett kissing Derek.  Her body instantly became aroused. Damn, her pussy couldn’t take too much more of this.  Still, seeing them in such a passionate embrace aroused the hell out of her.

“Come here, Justine,” Barett purred.

She hurried over and groaned when he kissed her the same way he had just kissed Derek. She felt Derek’s body pressing against her back. Barett alternated between kissing her and Derek until both of them couldn’t stand it any longer.

“You both can go now,” Barett said as he stepped out their intimate embrace.

“What?” Justine said. Her pussy ached to be filled with his glorious cock.

“Both of you leave my office.”

Derek grabbed her hand and led her out of the room.  He closed the door then led her into the living room. He pulled her to him and kissed her with the same fiery passion he had just giving Barett.

“Fuck me, fuck me now,” her voice begged.

He pushed her onto the sofa then climbed on top of her. He lifted her dress up then plunged his cock deeply into her.  He thrusts wildly into her, needing the same release she did.  Within a matter of moments both of them came. He laid there on her for a few moments. His body so deliciously sated.



Justine took a walk in the morning. She needed a little time to think.  The sex between the three of them was amazing, still there had to be more to a relationship than just sex.  She was so confused. All those years she was with Andrew…she cleared her thoughts of that,  still, having Barett treat her so well, after being treated so badly by Andrew. She was just waiting for the dime to drop. She walked for what seemed like hours. She headed back to the apartment. Barett had made her a key so she could come and go as she pleased. 

She went to the kitchen to get herself some water.  She then headed to the living room and stopped in the doorway. Barett was reading a book and Derek was sitting at his feet with his head on Barett’s lap. Barett gently stroked Derek’s hair as he read the book. Derek looked so content.

Barett looked up and saw Justine in the doorway.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to disturb you two.” She started to walk away.

“Justine, come here. Sit next to me.”

Justine slowly walked over and reluctantly sat down next to him of the sofa. Barett was still stroking Derek’s hair.

“Listen to me.” He reached over and gently grabbed her hair.  “Are you listening?”


“Good. You are never interrupting us. If we are sitting like this, feel free to come sit by me. If me and Derek are making love, join us, if you want. If you want to talk to me, hold me, make love to me, all you need to do is ask.”

“You two must want some time alone.”

“If we do I will tell you so.  We are one.” He gestured to all three of them. “One…do you understand, Justine?”  He reached up and gently stroked her cheek. “I want us to be one. To me we already are. I know you will need some more time and I understand. Tell me what you need and I will provide it.”

“What about what you need?”

“I have all that I need.” He stroked both hers and Derek’s hair. “No man could be more blessed.”

“What are you reading?” she asked as she snuggled next to him.

“One of your books.” He showed her the cover. “You are such a wonderful storyteller.”

“Thank you.”

“What would you like to do today, Justine? I have the whole day off.”

“There is an art show going on.”

“Really?” Derek asked.

“I saw the ad for it when I was walking.”

“Then we will do that today. Go get ready.”  He watched both of them hurry off to their room.




Barett went to Derek’s room.  He needed to talk with him.

“Master,” Derek said as he started to go down to his knees.

Barett gestured for him to stop. “I want to talk with you.”  They sat on Derek’s bed.  “Tell me what do you think of Justine?”

“I like her.”

“I want the truth. After all, this whole thing concerns you too.”

“Master, I really like her. I think she is the one we have been waiting for.”

“I’m going to ask her to live with us. I wanted to make sure you were happy with this arrangement.”

“Oh, I am, Master.”




Justine sat in her room. She stared at the computer screen. She was going to do some writing today, but she had too much on her mind.

She loved Barett, there was no question about that.  But, she couldn’t be the kind of submissive to him that Derek is.  She looked at the two strips of silk fabric she had laid out. Barett tied her up with these silk ropes last night. The way that man could dominate her in the bedroom was so delicious. And in the bedroom she had no problem submitting to him.  Derek gave his submission to Barett all the time. Yet, the more she thought about it the more she knew she couldn’t do the same thing.

She held the silk ropes in her hand.  Barett and Derek’s lifestyle wasn’t that hard to work around. That wasn’t the problem. Yet, if she couldn’t give her total submission to Barett…damn, would he be okay with that.

She placed the silk ropes back on her desk. There was no way she was getting any writing done today.  She had too much to think about.  Barett must have sense that because he took Derek out somewhere for the evening to give her some time to herself.





Derek adored Justine, this made Barett very happy. Yet, he could tell Justine wasn’t comfortable with being his submissive. She could never be like Derek. Could they work around this?

Barett sipped his morning coffee and watched Justine out on the balcony. She was deep in thought. He had to talk to her. He had to know. Was she going to give their relationship a chance? Or was his lifestyle too much for her? 

“Justine.”  He felt his heart literally skip a beat when she turned and smiled at him. She loved him, it showed on her pretty face.

“It’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it?” she said.

“Yes it is. I want to talk to you.”

She turned back around and looked out over the town waking up.

“I know this has been tough on you.”

“It’s nothing I can’t handle. But…”

“Talk to me, Justine.”

“I love you so much it hurts.” She felt his hand on her shoulder. “I know I can handle sharing you with Derek. That isn’t the problem. It’s just that I can’t be your submissive. I can be your lover. I can play submissive in the bedroom. But I can’t totally give my submission to you.”

“I know.”

She turned to him. “What do we do?”

“I will love you whether you are my submissive or not.”

“What about Derek, my children?”

“Derek loves you I can see it. So he will not have a problem about sharing me with you. Your children…I will love them as if they were my own. They are a part of you. I will abide by however you want to handle our relationship.”

“I want us to live together. All of us. But… is this realistic. I don’t know.”

“We don’t have to decide everything right away. We will see what works. I just need to know one thing. Do you love me enough to make this work?”

“I love you so much I would go through hell for you.”

Barett took her into his arms. “Then we will find a way to make this work.”

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“Can you love me without me being totally submissive to you?”

“I will love you no matter what, Justine. Derek fills my need to be dominant. You allow me to dominate you in the bedroom. This is enough for me, Justine.” He felt her hold him tighter.


Chapter Seven


Six months later…


Justine sipped her coffee as she read over what she wrote that morning. She smiled, she wrote very well today.

“Hey Mom.” Andy came in. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know you were writing.”

“That’s okay. I’m done for now. What is it?”

“Derek and I are leaving for the art festival.”

“Okay, have fun. See if you can find something to hang on the living room wall. It looks kind of bare.”


“What is it?” Justine saw the strange look on her son’s face.

“Nothing, it’s just kind of cool having Derek here. And what Barett did for Crystal was awesome. Especially since Dad didn’t bother showing up for her dance.”

“Barett loved taking her to the father/daughter dance.”

“Crystal has been going on about it for days now.”

“Yeah, she has.”

“I better go. See you at dinner.”

“Okay, have fun.”

It’s been five months since Barett and Derek moved in. Everything was working out so well, she can hardly believe this is real. Barett is gone a lot on business, but she is growing use to it. She and Derek keep each other company while Barett is gone.  Besides, she found herself in love with Derek too.  He told her the other day that he loved her.  When Barett was here with them it felt perfect. They were one, all three of them.

She had to add on to the house again to accommodate Barett and Derek. They need their own space to be together in a way they need. 

Strange, this odd family is working better than when she and Andrew were together. She has never been happier. Hell for that matter, everyone has never been happier. Barett treats her children as if they were his own. Derek gets along with everyone. 

Justine looked back at her computer screen. She still needed a title for her story. She opened her desk drawer and smiled seeing the blue strips of fabric lying there.

“Perfect,” she said as she typed the title of the story.

“Yeah, the title is perfect.” She saved her work then left her office. She saw Barett out on the patio. She went out and wrapped her arms around him, snuggling her face up against his back.

“I finished my story.”

“What did you decided to name it?”

“Silk Ropes.”

“I would love to read it.”

“Once I edit it you can.”

“Well, we will have to get some wine to toast your new book.”

“That sounds good.” She breathed in his scent and held him tighter. She was so glad she took a chance and loved Barett.








“Poison”- Regina finds herself accused of murder. She tries to explain to her attorney how a man who simply goes by the name Poison drove her to commit this atrocious act by leading her into the world of S&M.






     Written By Justus Roux






Regina jerked when she heard the metal sound of the doors closing. She doubted she would ever get use that noise. She looked up at the woman who was appointed to represent her.

“Mrs. Mitchell…”

“Please call me Regina.”

“Alright Regina, my name is Katrina, I am here to start to put together some kind of defense for you, so I will have to know what happened that night.”

“I am afraid I will have to go back a little further than that night for you to understand.”

“I don’t really need to understand why you killed that woman. I just need to know if you killed her.”

“I killed her, but I need you to know why.” Regina didn’t know why she needed this complete stranger to understand, but she did. She only hoped that Katrina would indulge her.

“Alright Regina tell me your story.” Katrina pulled a tape recorder and got a note pad and pen ready. Maybe this will give her something to use for this woman’s defense. Just by looking at her she didn’t seem like the murdering type.

“I want you to know that I did love my husband Richard, love was never the problem in our marriage. Now, I wish…” Regina’s voice started to shake.

“Here…” Katrina handed her a glass of water. “Take your time.”

Regina slowly sipped the water. “I wish I could go back and stop myself from going to that club. I wish I never met…Poison.”


“He is the reason I am here and not at home with Richard.”  Regina drank the rest of the water. “I wish…oh damn you Poison.”


Chapter One


Regina parked out in front of the Sweet Agony.  Ever since she heard about this S&M club from an Internet friend she had been dying to check it out.  She needed something more, a little spice in her life. Her life was in rut and she was damn determined to get herself out of it.

She and Richard had been married for ten years. Though he was a sweet man, he wasn’t too adventurous in the bedroom.  Richard had left on yet another one of his business trips. He would be gone for at least a week. Plenty of time for her to have a little fling, play with someone new for a week, then go back to her safe ordinary world.  It would save her sanity, she reasoned with herself.

She had no idea what she should wear to this kind of club, so she just chose to wear her little black dress. She knew she was an attractive woman. She didn’t hide behind false modesty. She ran her fingers through her shoulder-length dark hair as she checked her makeup in the rearview mirror. She was going home with someone completely different than Richard, now the question she had to decide was who. She climbed out of the car and headed over to the club.

When she entered the club she felt her disappointment mount. Leather clad men and scantily dressed women seemed to fill the club. It looked like the set of some cheesy porno movie. She walked over to the bar and sat down. There was no way she was going home with any of these walking clichés. She ordered vodka straight up and glanced around the bar. Her eyes locked with the gorgeous man who was standing at the end of the bar. He was wearing only jeans and a T-shirt, which made him stand out in the sea of leather. He downed his shot of whiskey, his pale blue eyes never leaving her.

He slowly walked over to her. There was something overpowering about him that literally took her breath away. His long, thick, light brown hair had a reddish tint to it and her fingers ached to reach out and grab a hold of a strand of it.

“You aren’t usually the kind of woman that I normally see here,” he said as he sat down next to her.

“I have to admit this is my first time here.”

“First time…oh I see, curious are you? I like curious.” His voice and the way he held himself were silky smooth.

Regina felt her body heat up, oh yes, this was the man she wanted to bring home. The only bad part was that she only had a week to explore every inch of his six-foot frame. “My name is Regina.” She smiled at him.

“I am Poison.”

“Poison? That is certainly an interesting name.”

“Well, it’s the only name I go by here.” His attention went to the woman who just walked in. She was clad in a leather miniskirt and a bra, she was holding onto a leash with a rather large man attached to the other end.

“Tell me, Poison…” Regina tried to get his attention back to her.

“Let me guess you want to play with me. Take a walk on the kinky side for a night.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Alright Regina, I will play with you, but I am not sure you are ready for me.”

“Confident aren’t you.”

“Naïve aren’t you,” he replied. “Let’s go back to my place.”

“No, I was thinking more on line of you coming back to my place.”

“Afraid I can’t do that, Princess. Suburbia isn’t my thing. Come with me to my place or find another playmate.”

Regina thought quickly. This man excited her, something she hadn’t felt in years. “Alright let’s go.”

He escorted her out of the club and to his black corvette.

“What about my car?”

“You can come back for it in the morning.”

Without giving it a second thought she climbed into his car and they took off down the road.




Poison didn’t say a word all the way to his apartment. This made Regina a bit uncomfortable. They walked into his apartment, she barely had time to look around when he grabbed her by the arm and led her to what she thought was going to be his bedroom.

“Oh, my God!” Regina exclaimed when they entered the room. She tried to get him to release her, but his grip on her was tight.

“What’s wrong, Princess?” He laughed.

“What the hell kind of room is this?”

“My playroom, don’t you like it?”

“No, it looks like some sort of torture chamber.” Her eyes darted everywhere. All sorts of strange contraptions, restraints…her eyes darted to the wall where whips, crops, metal objects and too many other strange things were hung.

“You went to an S&M club to pick up somebody and now you are shocked when you see a well stocked playground…” He burst out into laughter.

“Let me go.” She struggled.

“You want to play with me, so let’s play.” He dragged her over to a metal post then secured her wrists behind her. He stepped back and just looked at her.

Regina didn’t like the cold metal against her back or the clanging noise the handcuffs made when she tapped the metal post. Her arms felt odd being pulled back like this.

“First things first,” he said, walking over to her. He pulled out a pocketknife and smiled as he watched her tremble. “Let me guess, you are a bored housewife whose husband spanks her. He is gone either out with the boys or on some long, dull business trip.”

“What are you going to do with that knife?”

“Mmm, there are many possibilities isn’t there. Are you scared Princess?” He used the knife to cut her dress from her body. “Nice.” He snapped her garter belt. “Came all prepared didn’t you. Black panties and bra, silk black stockings, mmm…even black stiletto shoes, how thoughtful.” He cut the straps to her bra then yanked hard removing the rest of it from her body. He lowered the knife and cut her panties then pulled them off. “I think I will leave the stockings and this garter on, and oh yeah leave the shoes on too.”

“We need a safe word,” Regina’s voice trembled.

“We do?”

“There is always a safe word.”

“Between lovers perhaps, but I am just a stranger to you.”

Regina trembled, what in the hell did she get herself into. Would he really hurt her or was this part of his game?

He squatted down in front of her and took her nipple into his mouth. His tongue flicked rapidly over the tender flesh. Regina moaned loudly and moved her arms, banging the cuffs against the metal bar. Her clit tightened as his tongue swirled around and around her erect nipple.

“Ahhooowww!!” she cried as he bit down. “That hurts, that hurts.” She squirmed. Her body shuddered when he gently suckled on her sore nipple. “AHHH!!!” she screamed when he bit harder this time. “Stop, please stop it!”

He slowly rose up and cupped her chin. He kissed her hard forcing his tongue into her mouth. The intensity of his kiss made her dizzy. She sighed when he stopped and walked away.

“I will start slow, Princess.” He pulled his shirt off revealing his hard muscular upper body. He walked back over to her. “On your knees.” He glared at her when she stood there. “Now!”

Regina jerked back at the sound of his angry voice then slowly went down to her knees. It was awkward to do with her hands behind her back, but she did it.

“Good girl, next time I will cane you if don’t comply right away.” He walked behind her and lowered a hook from the ceiling. He attached her handcuffs to the hook then raised it into the air, forcing her arms up, pressing them against the metal pole.

“Ouch,” she snapped.


She heard him remove his shoes then unzipped his pants. She looked up at him, he was completely naked now just standing there holding a thin wooden cane looking at her. Her eyes went to his cock. It was hard, thick, large…she licked her lips in anticipation.

He pulled a chair over and sat down right in front of her. He spread his legs and began stroking his cock. “Want to suck on my cock don’t you?” He slowly stroked his cock. “Don’t you Princess?”

Regina winced when he struck her with the thin cane.

“Don’t you?”

“Yes,” she said quietly. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter.

“Of course you do that is why you followed a strange man home. Yeah, you want me to stuff that mouth full of my cock. You want to suck and slurp until I come down your throat. But that won’t be enough will it Princess? Oh no, then you will want me to stuff that pussy full of my cock. Mmm, that wet pussy being pounded with every last inch of my hard cock. That is what you really want isn’t it, Princess?”

“Yes…yes…” She was breathing harder. She wanted him so badly that it made her pussy sopping wet. She jerked when he hit her with the cane again and again until her thighs grew red.

“Open your mouth,” he said, stroking his cock faster. “Do it!”

Regina slowly opened her mouth.

“Wider.” He struck her with the cane.

She opened her mouth wide.

“That’s it, Princess. Now keep that mouth open, I want my cum to drip from that sweet mouth.” He stroked his cock faster and faster until his cum spurted into her mouth. He slowly stood up and kicked the chair away. He walked over to the wall and pulled down a large dildo. He went back to her and shoved it into her mouth. “Show me how you will suck my cock.”

Regina sucked on the rubber dildo as he slowly moved it in and out of her mouth.

“Mmm, you are so eager.” He watched her for a few more moments then removed the dildo. “You’ve made my cock hard again, good girl.” He pulled on the rope lifting her arms up higher as he pulled her to her feet. He lifted her up and rammed his cock deeply inside her, enjoying the way she wrapped her legs around his waist and started riding him frantically. He watched her face as she came then slammed his cock into her again and again until he came.

“Mmm, good girl,” he said, licking her lips.

She unwrapped her legs from his waist and he slowly eased her down to her feet. He unhooked the cuffs then walked over and lay down on the water mattress he had on the floor.

Regina started to walk over to him but he lifted his hand signaling her to stop.

“That’s enough for today, Princess. You know where I live if you want me to take you further. What just happened was merely a small baby step. Now get out.”

“But…my clothes…my car…you drove me here.”

“Grab my shirt and put it on. The rest is up to you to figure out. Now get the hell out.”

Regina grabbed his shirt and put it on. She grabbed her purse from the floor and hurried out. She made a mental note of his apartment number then used her cell phone to call a cab.


Chapter Two


“I should have listened to the sane part of my mind and never saw him again. Poison used me. The problem is I loved it.” Regina drank some more of the water.

“He treated you like crap. I am sorry I don’t understand.”

“Neither did I, but when I finally got home that first night he was all I could think of. I had to see him again. Maybe it was curiosity—he did say that was only a baby step into his world. I thought I could walk a little further into his world, thought it would be safe. But I was so wrong.


Regina found herself at the door to Poison’s apartment. This time she wore only a simple sundress, white stiletto pumps and nothing else. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Her body started to stir when she heard footsteps heading toward the door. Her breath caught when the door opened and there Poison was standing before her. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was wet and was combed back from his face.

“On your knees,” he growled.

“What?!” She looked up and down the hall.

“Now Princess, unless I need to get my cane.”

Regina came down to her knees in the hallway.

“Good girl.” He took off his towel and grabbed her head pushing her closer to him. He smiled when she took his cock into her mouth. “Yessss,” he hissed, tightening his grip on her head.

Regina took his cock deeply into her mouth as she bobbed her head in a steady rhythm. She heard a man and woman gasp and then their hurried footsteps.

“Mmm, she will suck your cock too, neighbor.” Poison chuckled.

Regina only hurried the woman mumble something then a door slam.

“You liked that didn’t you, Princess. You like to be watched.” He grabbed a handful of her hair and bobbed her head faster and faster, then he pulled his cock from her mouth. “You want to taste my cum…then crawl to me.” He slowly backed up into his apartment as he stroked his cock.

Regina couldn’t stop herself, she crawled over to him.

“On your back and open your mouth.”

She complied quickly. She felt his cum hit her face and some go into her mouth. She went to raise her hand to wipe his cum from her face but he slapped her hand away. “Leave it and don’t move.”

She heard him putting on his pants then the sound of him leaving the apartment. She reached down her hand and began slowly stroking her clit. She needed to come.

“You don’t listen well do you?”

Her hand quickly left her pussy. He had only pretended to leave. How could she have been so stupid?

Her body tensed up hearing his footsteps as he came over to her. He pulled her up to her feet. “Remove your clothes.”

She quickly obeyed.

“Mmm, nothing underneath this time, oh you are so eager.” He grabbed her arm, dragged her to his playroom and led her over to the wall and shackled her to it. He grabbed a delicate looking chain that had three small clamps on it. He attached two of the clamps to her nipples and the third to her clit.

Regina felt a slight discomfort at first then quickly realized if she moved it pulled on the clamps causing her more pain.

Poison stepped back and just looked at her. “I see you understand how this little device works.” He smiled. “I am going out for awhile. I will just leave you like this until I return.”

“You can’t do that!”

“Yes I can and you want me to do this you.” He leaned in closer. “You like the anticipation.” He slowly licked her lips then gave the chain a tug, causing her to cry out. He used his hand to wipe his cum from her face, then he ran his hand over her hair. “Don’t worry Princess I will be back.” He pulled on shirt and grabbed his shoes, then left.

Regina couldn’t help but wonder just how long he was going to leave her like this.




Regina heard the door open and a strange sound. She slowly looked up. Her neck, legs, arms…oh her whole body ached from being left hanging like this. She had no idea how many hours had passed since Poison put her here.

She watched as Poison threw a bound and gagged woman onto the water mattress. “Hey Princess,” he said, walking over to her. He removed the chain and clamps but left her shackled to the wall. He walked out of the room and came back shortly with a small silver bucket. He put the bucket on the floor by Regina and grabbed a handful of ice cubes out of it. He rubbed the ice over her sore nipples then her clit. The sensation were strange, yet felt incredible at the same time.

“Who is she?” Regina quietly said.

“Someone a bit further on the journey than you are. It is none of your concern. Now, just hang here quietly like a good girl and I will fuck the hell out of you when I have finished with her.”

Poison went over to the woman lying on the water mattress and untied her arms then undid her gag. “I know what you want, you dirty little bitch,” he growled at her. He stood up and removed his clothes. The woman put her arms straight out over her head and straightened her legs. Poison climbed on the bed facing her feet. He slowly straddled her head and sat down. All Regina could see was the woman’s hands and forearm. Poison kneaded the woman’s breasts through her dress as he sat firmly on her face. After a couple of minutes Regina saw the woman start to struggle under Poison.

“You’re hurting her?!” Regina called out.

“I told you to be quiet.”

The woman started to struggle more violently.

“You are going to hurt her.”

“Be quiet, Princess.”

Poison sat up for a moment, the woman gasped for air, then moaned loudly. This puzzled Regina. Poison just smiled and sat firmly on the woman’s face again this time he started to stroke his cock.

Regina watched as Poison repeated everything over and over to the woman until it seemed like she actually came. He finally got up out of the bed. What surprised Regina the most was when the woman quickly climbed out of the bed and fell to her knees before him. She took his cock into her mouth and sucked loudly. Regina couldn’t look away from his face as the woman brought him to orgasm. All the woman did after that was slowly come up to her feet and leave the room.

“Did you like that, Princess?” He moved closer to her. “She likes breath play. I wonder if you will like that? Don’t look at me like some scared child. I won’t be doing anything like that to you for a while.”  He undid her shackles and lifted her up into his arms. He carried her over to the water mattress.

She liked the feel of his hair against her skin, the way he held her so effortlessly. He carefully laid her on the mattress then climbed onto the bed. He grabbed her legs and placed them on his shoulders as he rammed his cock deeply into her.

“I shouldn’t fuck you, but…mmm, your pussy feels good,” he growled. She reached up and braced her hands on the wall as he pounded his cock into her. She could hear herself moaning and crying out, but she could barely recognize her own voice.

“Ah, yeah, that’s it…oh yeah come, fucking come!” he yelled. He groaned as he came deeply inside her. “Fuck yeah!” He rolled off of her. “Go home, Princess.”

“I want to stay here.”

“I said go home. You want more come back tomorrow.”

Regina slowly got up and went over to the other side of the room to grab her dress. She quickly put it on and turned back to him.

“Go home,” he growled.

She hurried from the room and out of his apartment to her car. She sat there in her car just holding the steering wheel. “Fuck you Poison,” she hissed as she started her car and headed home.



Chapter 3


“The woman you mentioned…” Katrina had her pen poised over the paper.

“Yes, it is the same woman that I killed.” Regina stood up and walked over to the barred window.

“Her name was Jamie Johnson. Did you know that?”

“No…Poison never used her name.”

“Did this Poison kill Jamie?”

“No!” Regina quickly said. “I did.”

“I am assuming you did go back to him the next day.”

“Yes, I did.” Regina looked out the window. “It was too late—he had caught me in his erotic web.”


Regina grimaced when Poison tightened the ropes making her arms and legs stretch even further apart. She had hurried to his apartment first thing in the morning, after she swore to herself the night before that she wouldn’t see him again. Now, he had her suspended in the air by these ropes in the middle of his playroom.

“Today you get to taste my whip.” He smiled at her. He walked over to the wall with all his playthings hanging from it and carefully chose a whip. “I think this one is perfect for you, Princess. Its kiss won’t hurt you too badly.”

Regina shook—she was afraid yet excited all at one time.

“I like that look in your eyes. Oh…it’s making my cock so hard,” he purred as he coiled up the whip.  “I am going to make you fly, Princess.”

To her it seemed like he was moving in slow motion as he whipped her over and over. She tried not to cry out, but the pain begun to be too much. Lash after lash, the pain started to be unbearable.

“Fly, Princess, fly,” he said in a soothing voice. “Go within yourself, go beyond yourself.”

Regina wanted to beg him to stop, but she needed to do this for him. She closed her eyes trying to escape from the pain he brought her. Then…it stopped hurting and she felt herself lifted beyond the pain. She was…flying. She could hear his praise. For a few moments she was lifted mentally to another place. She opened her eyes and screamed out when she felt the pain of his whip again.

“That’s a good girl,” he said, lowering his whip. He dropped it to the ground and went over to her. He softly kissed all over her body. “You will learn to fly easier, I promise,” he softly said as he continued to caress her body with his kisses. “You have done well, Princess.” He undid the ropes and carried her over to the side of the room.

Regina looked down and saw the large cage. She started to squirm is his arms but then quickly stopped, her body was still sore from her whipping.

“I want you to stay in here for tonight.” He nudged opened the door then gently placed her in the cage. A large satiny pillow covered the floor of the cage and it felt good against her hot flesh.

She must’ve of fell asleep for the next thing she knew she was awoken to the sound of heels clicking on the floor. She quickly sat up and saw the same woman from the other night. She watched Poison tie the woman’s hands behind her back, then he stepped back and removed his pants. The woman fell to her knees before him and took his cock into her mouth. Regina felt a pang of jealousy watching the woman give Poison pleasure and yet, she was unable to just look away. Poison grabbed the woman’s head and rammed all of his cock down her throat and held her head to him, keeping his cock deep in her throat. Regina watched as he held the woman like that for what seemed like forever. Eventually he slowly pulled his cock out, the woman gasping for air. He waited a moment then rammed his cock down her throat again, holding her head firmly. He did this over and over until the woman came. He bobbed the woman’s head faster and faster until he came down her throat. Then she simply stood up and allowed him to untie her. She bowed her head to him and walked out of the room.

“Why does she let you…”

“I told you, Princess, she enjoys breath play.” He walked over to the cage and squatted down so he could look at her. “I see the anger in your eyes.”

Regina looked away from him.

“Your jealousy is so hot to me.” He unlatched the cage and pulled her out of the cage. He picked her up and bent her over the cage. He rammed his cock into her, grabbing her hips and driving himself harder and deeper with each thrust. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled forcing her to arch up. She could feel the cold metal of the bars rub against her clit with each thrust of his cock.

“My jealous little bitch,” he growled, pulling her hair harder. “You want my cock all to yourself, don’t you?” He thrust harder. “Don’t you? Answer me bitch!” He pulled her hair harder.

“Yes…yes…oh God yes!!” Her orgasm was so intense she couldn’t breathe for a moment. “Come, please come, honor me, fill me full of your precious seed.” She couldn’t believe those words came from her. But hearing him cry out gave her such a sense of satisfaction that she had never known.

“Oh, good girl…that was such a good girl,” he purred as he bent over and pressed his body against hers. He lay there for a few moments then put her back into the cage. He squatted down and reached his hand inside the cage gently running his fingers through her hair. “My good girl.”

His soft touches and praises made Regina feel complete.




She woke up in the morning and was startled at first when found herself in Poison’s playroom. Then she remembered that he had left her in this cage. Her body was sore and she needed to go to the bathroom. She looked around the whole room and he wasn’t anywhere. She gripped the bars of the cage as a sense of panic started to engulf her. She looked to the door when she heard it open up.

“Good morning, Princess,” Poison said as he entered the room carrying a tray with coffee, eggs, bacon and toast. He set the tray on top of the cage and then unlatched it.  “I will be going out for a while, but you are free to go home if you wish.”

“I want to stay.”

“Stay, go, whatever…but if you stay I better find you in this playroom when I get back.” He turned and left the room.

Regina slowly crawled out of the cage and hurried from the room. She found the bathroom, after she relived herself, she went back to the playroom and drank the coffee and ate the breakfast he made for her. Everything tasted so much better knowing that he made it for her.  After she was finished she carried the tray back to the kitchen. His apartment was quite spacious and was decorated definitely to a man’s taste. Everything was neat and clean. She wondered if he cleaned everything himself or had someone do it for him. She slowly looked around his apartment but kept her senses keen, she had to make sure to be in the playroom when he got back.

She went from room to room, finally she found his bedroom. She almost felt as though she was invading some sacred place. Everything was a rich brown color, except for the bed, which was black. She could almost see him lying on the deep-brown satiny sheets. This thought aroused her. His scent was everywhere and she breathed in deeply. She walked slowly over to his bed. She lightly ran her hands over the sheets. She wanted to lie in the bed and let his scent envelope her, but she decided she better not.

She slowly left his room and headed back to the playroom. She didn’t want to disappoint him by not being where he told her to be. She wanted to please him—maybe he would let her stay here with him.

She lay down on the water mattress and just looked up at the ceiling. She slowly removed the robe she was wearing. She wanted to feel the cool air on her hot skin. Her body was so aroused. She didn’t hear him come in until he climbed onto the mattress.

“That’s a good girl,” he said, lowering his head between her legs. His tongue was so skilled it didn’t take long for her to orgasm. As she came down from her pleasure high she felt his teeth scrap against her clit, then he bit her gently. It was a strange sensation, but she arched up and screamed his name when his mouth latched onto her clit and sucked hard.

He sat up on his knees and grabbed her hips, lifting her off the mattress a little as he drove his cock into her. He rode her hard and fast until she was dizzy with pleasure. He kept up this pace until he came. He climbed off the mattress and went to the cage. He opened the door to it and she quickly hurried into the cage.

“You learn fast, Princess.” He smiled down at her then he left the room.  He didn’t need to latch the cage; he knew she would stay right where she was. Regina had no plans of leaving anytime soon.


Chapter 4


“Wait, what about your husband?” Katrina got up and got her coffee from the guard. “Didn’t all of this happen too fast?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I mean come on…you just met this Poison, spent what maybe three days with him and then decided you are going to leave everything for him? At least that is what it sounds like to me. This doesn’t make sense.”

“I guess it doesn’t, unless you have met Poison before you couldn’t understand. He had a way about him, an aura…I can’t explain it.”

“I am not buying this.”

“I don’t blame you.”

Katrina sat down. “What about Richard?”



Regina walked into her house. Poison told her to go home and if she came back to him she was going to stay with him. She had a lot to think about. But, looking around at the place she used to call home—it didn’t feel like home anymore.

She slowly walked through each room looking at everything. She stopped by the fireplace mantel and gazed at the pictures of her and Richard.

“Oh, Richard what have I done?” She grabbed her favorite photo of Richard and held it in her hands. Richard’s best feature was his warm smile. She lovingly ran her finger over his mouth. She knew in her heart she couldn’t stay here with him anymore. Her soul belonged to Poison now.

“My soul…” She slowly put the picture back down on the mantel. What an interesting choice of words.

She gathered some of her things and sat down to write Richard a note. Yeah, she knew it was the chickenshit way to tell Richard she was leaving, but she didn’t know if she could tell him to his face. She didn’t want to hurt him; he had been good to her. All she wrote was Goodbye Richard please find someone who will give you all that you deserve, Love Regina.  She didn’t know what else to say.

She took one last look around then left the house. She threw the two suitcases into her car and then headed back to Poison’s apartment. She found herself wiping the tears away the whole ride.

When she pulled up to Poison’s apartment building she saw him standing there with that woman. Regina felt a surge of jealousy. Who is the hell was this woman?  She watched them for a moment and saw the woman hand Poison an envelope, then she walked away. He took the envelope and put it into his back pocket. Regina climbed out of her car and opened the trunk.

“Well Princess, I see you decided to stay with me?”

She was startled by the sound of his voice, even more so when he took the suitcases from her trunk and carried them toward the apartment building. She quickly closed the trunk and hurried up after him.

He didn’t say a word the whole way up to his apartment. He led her not to the playground but to a bedroom. He set the suitcases down and took her into his arms. He smiled at her then kissed her deeply as he held her tightly to him.

Regina felt warm, aroused…safe in his arms and welcomed his passionate kiss.

“Unpack your suitcases and settle in, Princess. I have to leave for a little while.”

She wanted to clutch onto him and beg him to stay for just a little while longer, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She felt the heat of his body leave hers—an empty feeling slowly engulfed her.

“You will be alright, Princess. I will be back soon then we will play.” His smile warmed and brought calm to her. She watched him leave the room. She went about putting her things away. The bedroom he gave her was simple and yet elegantly decorated. After she finished unpacking she went about exploring his entire apartment.

She was drawn to his bedroom. She slowly opened the door and stepped inside. He was everywhere in this room. Just being in here made her feel as though he wasn’t that far away. She walked over to his bed and ran her fingers over his silky sheets, then she spotted an envelope. Was it the same envelope that woman gave him earlier. Her curiosity overtook her—she had to know what was inside that envelope.  She carefully opened it up and was stun to find a stack of hundred dollar bills. She just stood there staring at the money. That woman was paying him to abuse her?

“No…there has to be some other explanation,” she said, putting the envelope down. She pulled open the drawer to his nightstand, a well-worn black book sat in there. She wanted to look inside, but she just couldn’t, it seemed wrong to invade his privacy like this. But still, the envelope with the money nagged at her thoughts.

She slowly closed the drawer and left his room. She walked over to the playroom and went inside. She was stun to see a young woman locked in the cage.

“Please let me out!” the woman cried, holding the bars.

“Who are you?” Regina hurried over to her.

“I didn’t know he would do this to me. Please let me out.”

Regina looked for the key. It wasn’t in this room. “I can’t find it.”

“Please find it, please before Poison gets back.”

“Why would he put you in there?”

“I wanted to experiment with a little S&M and he came highly recommended. But he scares me.”

“Highly recommended? You paid him to do this to you?”

“Yes…please help me.”

Regina ran out of the room and straight back to his room. She looked in both of his nightstand drawers. She grabbed the black book and looked inside. It was filled with appointments, she looked at today’s entry and sure enough for about the time he left it was written, client ten. She quickly put the book back and looked around his room for any kind of key. She couldn’t just ignore the woman’s pleas in the playroom. She found a set of keys on top of his dresser. She hurried back to the playroom.

“Thank you, thank you,” the young woman said over and over. Regina tried each key, until finally she found the one that opened the cage. The woman quickly put back on her clothes, she hugged Regina then quickly left.

Regina put the keys on top of the cage and just stood there. Her mind was spinning. She didn’t hear Poison enter the room.

“What the fuck!?” he yelled, startling the hell out of Regina. He went to the cage and kicked it hard. “What the hell. Where did she go?”

“I let her out, she wanted out.”

“Of course she did, you stupid…” He raised his hand then lowered it down. “You went into my room, didn’t you?”


He grabbed her arm and dragged her to the metal post. He shackled her arms above her head then went over and grabbed one of his whips. “Don’t ever do anything like this again, or I will throw your ass out. Do you understand me?” He started to whip her. “Do you?!” he screamed.

“Yes…I am sorry Poison.”

“I will make you sorry. If you wanted to know something about me why didn’t you just ask?”

“I am so sorry, please forgive me.” She felt lash after lash of his whip go across her back. She closed her eyes—soon she went above the pain.

Poison whipped her a few more times and all of a sudden stopped. “You’re flying…” None of his clients ever managed to do this. He knew Regina managed to fly once before, but not like this. He whipped her a few more times then dropped his whip. He walked over to her and pressed his body against hers. This woke her up from her dream-like state.

“I am sorry, Poison.”

“Shh…now tell me what you wanted to know that you were willing to evade my privacy to find out.”

“That woman, the one who likes breath play, she gave you an envelope…”

“She pays me to play with her. She is one of many clients that I have. How do you think I pay the bills, Princess?  I don’t have a wealthy spouse who takes care of me. You are my only possession, Regina,” he purred into her ear.  


“I want to be your Master. Will you give me the honor?”

“Yes, yes…yes.”

He wrapped his hands around the metal post and pressed his body firmly against hers. She felt so safe and secure with his body covering hers like this.

“You’ve made me really happy, my Princess.” He nuzzled his chin to the top of her head.

At this moment she didn’t care how he earned his money, all that matters was that she was his.



Chapter 5


Katrina just sat there looking at Regina. Something wasn’t adding up. “So this Poison played rough with women for money?”


“Didn’t this make you angry?”

“At first yes…but most of his clients he went to them.”

“All but Jamie Johnson.”

“And that young woman I found earlier. The time I knew him Jamie was the only one who came to his apartment.”

“Did you ever ask him why?”


“Jamie Johnson was a married woman. I suppose you didn’t know that, did you?”

“No.” Regina looked to floor.

“Regina, I want to help you, but I have a feeling you aren’t telling me everything.”

“I am trying to tell you.”

“If you killed Jamie in a fit of jealousy…it just doesn’t make sense. You knew that Poison, basically whored himself out with God knows how many other women. So far it didn’t seem to bug you all that much.”

“He didn’t bring any other woman home.”

“Except that young girl you found in the cage. You didn’t seem too jealous of her.”

“You don’t understand.”

“I am trying to understand, Regina. But, it seems to me that you had accepted Poison’s profession. It doesn’t add up that you killed Jamie out of jealouy.”

“I will tell you about that night then maybe you will understand.”



Regina waited as Poison readied himself. She had no idea what he was going to do, but it mattered little to her. This last couple of weeks was like heaven to her. He spent most of his time at the apartment showing her all sorts of his special brand of delights.  She accepted her role as his slave, hell she relished her roll.  He seemed so pleased with her it made her proud.

Regina gave little thought to Richard, except that one night when she wondered if he missed her. Other than that, she hoped that he moved on already.

Poison had instructed her to stay kneeling by the water mattress. She obeyed him without question. She watched as he laid out a length of rope and handcuffs.

“You be a good girl and don’t say a word while I entertain my client.”

“Yes, Poison.”

“Mmmm, that’s my good girl.” He gently caressed her cheek. The doorbell rang and he left the room.

Regina didn’t like the fact that he wanted her to watch him with that woman, but she didn’t want to displease him. She would do this for him. She took a deep breath when the woman entered the room. She never really took a good look at the woman before. The business dress the woman wore was obviously expensive, hell everything about this petite woman screamed wealthy. She had to be in her early forties, but she was still a very attractive woman. Regina watched as she handed Poison an envelope, he just set it aside and begun to get undressed.  There were never that many words exchanged between the two, in fact, it was Poison who spoke. Regina had yet to hear the woman utter a word.

Regina felt more at ease when Poison smiled at her. “This is my slave, I thought you might enjoy an audience this time,” he said to the woman. She just nodded her head and then lay down on the bed. Poison grabbed her and rolled her over securing her arms behind her back. He then took the rope and wrapped it around the woman’s neck as he thrust his cock deeply into her.

Regina watched as he strangled the woman to the point of passing out then would stop. He did this over and over until the woman came.

He heard the phone ring and climbed out of bed. “I will be right back—maybe I will make you come again, a little bonus for you.” He slapped the woman on the ass then left the room.

Regina looked at the woman lying there. Her eyes focused on the rope. She didn’t know what came over her, but the next thing she knew she was on top of the woman pulling the rope tightly. She quickly released the rope, but it was too late.

“What did you do?!” Poison said as he pushed Regina off of the woman. He checked the woman’s pulse. He unhooked the cuffs and flipped her over. He started doing CPR. “Call an ambulance, now!” he yelled at Regina.


“The rest is in the police report,” Regina said.

Katrina clicked off the tape recorder and put it and the notepad back into her briefcase. “You are going to go to prison, you know that don’t you? Even if we can prove temporary insanity, you will still have to go to a mental home. You are going to lose at least five years of your life.”

“I know.”

Katrina reached out and grabbed Regina’s handcuffed hands tightly. “Think about that.”

“What are you getting at?” Regina moved her hands away.

“You know what I think…I think Poison killed Jamie and you are taking the blame for him.”

“No! I did it!”

“Come on Regina. I think he killed Jamie by accident…”

“I did it!! Are you going to defend me or do I need to get another lawyer?”

“I will defend you, Regina.” Katrina stood up. She motioned to the guard to let her out. “I will try my best for you.”

Regina watched her leave.

“Regina, you have a visitor. You got ten minutes,” the guard said as he escorted her to the visitor’s room.

Regina smiled and hurried over to the chair. She pressed her hand up against the glass. “Poison!!”

“Hey my Princess.” He placed his hand where hers was on the glass. “Did you do what I told you to do?”

“Yes…you know I would do anything for you.”

“Mmm…that’s my good girl.” He smiled at her.








                 “I’ll Eat You Up”

             Written by Justus Roux





Violet liked to stalk her prey, especially the extra special meal that a Nephilim provided. And the beautiful creature she has been hunting is most certainly a Nephilim. She watched him from the shadows as he washed the fire truck.  Over the past two weeks she has watched him and what was puzzling was that he acted nothing like the usual Nephilim. He wasn’t vain or selfish, quite the opposite. He was very kind and unaware just how beautiful he is.

A Nephilim to a vampire was like chocolate was to a human female. Violet was ready to eat her tasty found treat. And yet something was stopping her.  A feeling she got looking at this beautiful male was foreign or long forgotten.

“Hey Devon, I will finish that for you. Your shift is over, go home and relax.”

“Thanks Mike.”

Violet couldn’t afford to wait much longer to eat her prey. She could feel the presence of a male vampire coming closer. She hated male vampires. They were arrogant, forceful, and very territorial. Why in the hell did this asshole have to move into her territory? And once this asshole got a whiff of a female vampire he would stop at nothing to find her and fuck her. God, she hated male vampires.

She followed Devon back to his apartment. She smiled watching the human females looking at him with such lust in their eyes. He was unaware of what he was doing to them. She watched him play a game of basketball with the neighborhood kids. He just got off a twelve hour shift and still agreed to play with them. When he finished the game he headed up to his apartment.

Violet was tired from being out during the day. As long as she kept in the shadows she was safe from the sun’s detrimental effects on her body. But even so, doing this drained her energy. She would have to eat and take a quick nap before finally claiming that Nephilim.

“Hey Baby, got something for you.”

Violet rolled her eyes at the clumsy advance of the cheesy middle-aged male that approached her. Normally, she would avoid such a disgusting meal.  Since, this asshole decided to volunteer himself up like this who was she to refuse an easy meal.  She sighed then smiled at the walking mid-life crisis. “I got something for you,” she purred.

She let him take her back to his place, which was decorated just as cheesy as he was dressed. She didn’t hesitate, she attacked him the moment he closed the door.  She drained the blood from his body and let his limp, lifeless body fall to the floor.   She used his shower to freshen up, then she headed back to Devon’s apartment.

She really did want to wait a little longer to feast on Devon, but that damn male vampire would catch the Nephilim’s scent quickly once he scouted the town.  She would take her time eating Devon. She could keep him alive for a day or two enjoying the sweet nectar of his blood. Yet, the thought of taking his life away sadden her. How unusual and unsettling that thought was. She couldn’t possibly feel love for this Nephilim. It would be like a human female falling in love with a Hershey bar. Violet laughed at the thought and headed to Devon’s apartment.




Victor inhaled the night air. The sweet scent of a female vampire was faint. She had to be in this town somewhere. It had been awhile since he had taken a female. His cock hardened just thinking about sinking his fangs and cock deep into a female vampire.

He spotted the two young human females walking down the alley.

“Stupid females,” he growled. Why were human so frustratingly stupid. Killing these two would prove easy. They might as well have served themselves up on a platter for him.  He leapt down from the building and landed just in front of them startling them. He smiled as they screamed and started to run. He quickly caught up to them. He snapped the brunette’s neck killing her quickly. He didn’t want to eat both of them, just the blond. He didn’t bother to mesmerize her, making her believe that this was just going to be a good fuck. He liked when they were frightened. And besides he had no intention of sticking his cock into any human female.  He slowly fed on the young girl. He let her go a couple of times making her believe she might have a chance of getting away, then he would recapture her again and feed.

He let out a loud burp as he let her limp body fall to the asphalt. He looked at her just lying there.  There was no light in her eyes. He arranged her and her friend so that they were laying side by side holding hands. He grabbed some discarded flowers from the dumpster and placed them in both of the young ladies hands. He gazed at his handy work, admiring the creativeness of it. When the human cops find them it would surely make the newspapers, a calling card of sorts to the female vampire.

He climbed back up the building. He leapt from building to building until he found an abandon apartment.  This hovel would have to do for now. He was tired from his long trip. He went to work putting newspaper and whatever else he could find to block out the sun’s rays that would flood this hovel in the morning.  Tomorrow night he was going to find that female vampire and ride her until he was satisfied.




Devon had the feeling that someone was watching him again.  He took a shower and then went to watch some television. It had been a long day. Just as he was about to doze off he heard a window smash in his kitchen. He quickly jumped up and grabbed the first thing he could find, which was the table lamp. He pulled the cord from the wall and slowly made his way to the kitchen.

“You are even more beautiful close up, Nephilim.”

“Who the hell are you?” Devon said as he looked at the beautiful woman with the bluest eyes he had ever seen before.

“I’m Violet.”

“You want to explain why you broke into my house, or should I have the police ask you?” He couldn’t look away from her gaze.

“You will relax. Slowly put the lamp down.”

Devon couldn’t fight her will. He slowly dropped the lamp.

“You are going to enjoy this.”  She moved closer to him. “Remove your clothes and let me see your body. Take your time. I want to savor this.”

Devon slowly removed his shirt.

“Wait.” She ran her hand down his chiseled stomach. “Damn…” She moved her hands up his chest then across his shoulders. “Take off those jeans.”

Devon couldn’t stop he had to do what she asked of him. He slowly removed his jeans.

Violet ripped his underwear from his body. Her eyes lingered over his cock, it was perfect, not too big, not too small. Her gaze traveled down his strong legs. “I’m going to savor you, Nephilim.”

“My name is Devon, not Nephilim.”

“Oh, I know that. Lay down on the sofa.” She watched him walk over to the sofa. God damn, his ass was perfectly male. She bit her lower lip as she gazed upon his perfection.

She stood beside the sofa and just looked at him lying there for a moment. She removed her clothes. Fucking a human male was something she rarely did, but her body demanded she partake.

“You are very beautiful, Violet.”

“Why thank you.” She straddled his hips and eased his cock inside her. The warmth of it felt so good inside her. His touches were gentle unlike a male vampire whose touches were always rough.  There was nothing wrong with a bit of slap and tickle sometimes, but sometimes a female needed some tenderness.

Her fangs began to elongate as she continued to ride him. She bent over and licked the side of his neck then she bit just enough to sample his blood. The ecstasy that coursed through her was beyond anything she felt before.  His blood was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. It was beyond other Nephilim’s blood she had tasted before. She sank her fangs in deeper as she rode his cock to orgasm. When he orgasmed it gave her jolt as his blood became sweeter. She quickly stopped feeding on him. She licked at his wound sealing it up.

“I will not take your life,” she said quietly as she looked into his crystal blue eyes.

“I will not die from an orgasm,” he chuckled. He was unaware that she just fed on him.

His smile was like sunshine itself. She quickly got off him and put her clothes back on.

“I feel as though I know you,” Devon said as he sat up.

“You don’t…” She threw him his jeans. “It will be dawn in a few hours.”

“You can stay here.”

“If you weren’t mesmerize you be shitting yourself not inviting me to stay. Get your pants on and sleep, Devon.” She waited for a few moments then looked at him lying on the sofa peacefully sleeping. She left his apartment and went to find somewhere to rest for a few hours.  He stirred something inside her that was beyond mere lust or hunger.




Violet woke up at dusk. She quickly got ready and headed out. The sun was low enough in the sky that it would not hurt her to be in it, even so, she stuck to the shadows. She needed her strength tonight. She passed a newspaper box and stopped abruptly when she saw the headline.  She pulled open the box and took a newspaper out and read the article.

“Oh fuck,” she growled. “Victor…that has to be your handy work, you sick asshole.”  He was the male vampire that she got scent of, it had to be him. Of all the male vampires in the world Victor would be the one to find her. They had a brief thing a half a century ago. She enjoyed his bizarre hunting method and he was a good lay. But soon his bizarre hunting turned to cruel and sadistic and that wasn’t her scene.

She threw the newspaper away and headed down the street.  “Devon,” she gasped. Victor would easily find Devon and he wouldn’t hesitate to drain him dry. It wasn’t the thought of losing a tasty meal that bothered her. It was the thought of Devon losing his life that did. She hurried to Devon’s apartment, but he wasn’t there.

She watched the sun slowly fade below the horizon. Soon Victor would awaken and he would catch Devon’s scent. Frantically she went to find Devon.




Devon came out of the restaurant and waved goodbye to his friends.  He felt unbelievably good tonight. He wasn’t sure the beautiful woman he was with last night was real or just a really good dream. He couldn’t get her beautiful eyes out of his mind.

He decided to walk home instead of taking a taxi. He breathed in the night air as he walked. Then that feeling of being watched came over him again. He found himself hoping that it was Violet, the woman from last night.  He had this feeling just before she broke into his apartment last night.  Yet, this feeling was different. His fight or flight instincts were kicking in. He scanned everywhere looking for anything to use as a weapon should whoever this was decided to attack.  He kept to busy streets. He checked behind him every so often to see if he could get a glimpse of whoever was following him.

He stopped at the crosswalk and quickly turned around. An ethereal-looking man was standing a few feet behind him.  The man didn’t look real, like something out of a dream, and yet his dark eyes bore through him like something from a nightmare.  When the slow smile came across the man’s face a cold chill race over Devon.

Devon was startled when he felt a woman’s hand grab his arm.

“Come with me, Devon.”

“Violet?” Devon asked as he looked down at her. She was real. He hadn’t just dreamt her up.

He let her lead him. He saw that they were going to the direction of his apartment.

“What’s going on?” Devon asked.

“I have to get him away from you. Don’t look into his eyes.”


“Trust me, now keep moving. I don’t know if I can take him or not.”

“I will not let a woman fight my battles.” Devon stopped abruptly. “Who are you?” Devon turned around and faced Victor.

“Violet, what a pleasant surprise,” Victor said. “And you brought me a special dinner, how kind of you.”

“You will not harm him,” she said.

Victor laughed. “Playing with your food again, Violet.”

“Is this your boyfriend?” Devon asked.

“She is my female, happy meal, keep quiet. How cute, Violet. I think he is going to be chivalrous and try to kick my ass. Won’t this be fun.”

“Devon…” Violet grabbed him and turned him to her. She looked deep into his eyes. “Run to the nearest public place and stay there.”

“No, I’m not leaving you here alone with him.”

Victor laughed harder. “You can’t mesmerize him.” He laughed harder.  “Happy meal is in love with you.” 

Violet growled then lunged for Victor.

“He is mine,” she hissed as she slammed Victor into the wall of the building.

Before Devon had a chance to do anything Violet dragged Victor up the side of the building. Devon just stood there stunned with disbelieve at what he just saw. He quickly pulled himself together and rushed into his apartment building. He took the elevator to the roof. He looked around but didn’t see them anywhere.

“Violet!” Devon cried out.

He searched for her until the dawn. Exhausted he went back home.




“Remember our deal, female. You back out of it and I will eat the Nephilim up,” Victor said as he sought shelter from the sun.

Violet headed to Devon’s apartment. It took her forever to get there as the sun was bright today and she had to stick to the shadows.  She quietly went into his apartment and just sat beside his bed.

Her gaze wondered over him.

Victor was stronger than her and she knew it. She pledged herself to be his female. Letting that asshole fuck her last night was stomach turning, but as she gazed upon Devon, it was worth it. She had saved him. Victor was a dick, but he was a man of his word. 

“Violet!” Devon said as he sat up. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Devon.” She waited for the other questions to come. Who was Victor? How did she drag his big ass up the side of a building?  She mentally tried to prepare for the onslaught of questions and was totally shocked when he just took her into his arms.

“I don’t care what went on last night. I’m just glad you are alright.”

He kissed her taking her breath away.  She relaxed into his embrace for a moment then pushed him a way. “This can’t happen.”

“Why not? I feel as though I have known you forever.”

“You have no idea what I am, what you are.”

“I don’t care about any of that. If that man from last night is the problem. I will protect you from him.”

“Stay away from Victor.” She felt the tears wield up. Devon would never be safe with her. She kissed him one last time.

“That felt like a goodbye,” Devon said.

“It is. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of humanity again. You will never be safe with me, Devon. The thought of your light being extinguished because of me, I couldn’t bear it.” She left his apartment.

When night fall came she had Victor remove all thoughts of her from Devon’s mind.  Then she had him put the thought of Hawaii into his dreams. No vampire liked tropical islands. He would be safe there.

Violet watched Devon pack up his things and had them shipped to Hawaii. He got a transfer to a fire station there.  She followed him to the airport.

“You do care for that snack don’t you?” Victor said as he sat beside her at the airport.

“Yes,” she said quietly.

“This is unlike you.  I knew you had some sort of compassion since you kill your prey quickly, but this, well this was unexpected.”

“I know, that is why it hurts so much.”

“Happy meal will be safe where he is going. I won’t hunt him even if you do back out of our deal. I am amused by your feelings for this male. I’m going hunting. You can moon over your male by yourself.” Victor left the airport.

Violet stayed wanting to get the last few glimpses of Devon before he boarded the airplane. Who would have thought that this half man-half angel could give her, for one brief moment, a taste of humanity.


The End



Fotolia_19106256_XS Sarah’s New Beginning



Sarah has always done what was expected of her. She became a wife, and had a part-time job as an office clerk. Her family was close and she lived near them as they requested.   She had been taught sex was only for the marriage bed, nothing more was said on the subject.  She married right out of high school and of course her husband was the first man she ever had sex with.

Her husband John was a gentle, but not a very adventurous lover.  She did love him though, and tried everything to keep him happy.  However, something was missing in her life and lately this really started to weigh on her.

Sarah trudged down the street. She had just gotten out of work and headed out to do a few errands.  She smiled politely at the people she knew as she passed them on the sidewalk.  She looked into the various store windows but nothing sparked her interest. After she picked her dry cleaning up and mailed the packages for John she headed back to her car.  She looked across the street at the store simply called Sizzle.  She had read about this store in the newspaper.  Her curiosity got the better of her and she headed towards the store.  She looked down the sidewalk to make sure that no one she knew spotted her, then she headed inside.

“Ah,” a small gasp escaped her lips as she looked over the display of various sex toys. Her eyes scanned the store. Books, videos, costumes, and every imaginable sex toy filled the store.  She slowly walked over to the video section.  A bounty of busty women graced the covers of most of them, but way at the end, a particular video caught her attention.  She looked up quickly to make sure no one was watching then headed over to it.  The image of the woman on her knees before a man holding what appeared to be a whip above her bowed head instantly aroused Sarah.

“May I help you find something?”

Sarah jumped when she heard the deep male voice. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him.  “No thank you,” she quickly replied.

“This is your first time in my store isn’t it?”

“Yes.” She wanted to die and wished this guy would just go away.

“I thought so; I most certainly would have remembered such a beautiful woman. If you need any help finding something let me know.”

“Okay.” Sarah heard his footsteps as he walked away.  She looked one more time at the cover of the video. The feelings the image stirred up frightened her.  This kind of thing shouldn’t arouse her, but it did to an intensity she never felt before.  She turned around and headed towards the door. She glanced over at the man behind the counter.  He was rather handsome, not at all who she expected to own this kind of store.  He had shoulder-length rich brown hair; his eyes matched the color of his hair.  His body looked to be lean and strong, judging by how nicely the shirt stretched over his muscles.

“Did you need help finding something?” He smiled at her.

“Ah…no.” She looked away from him.

“There is no need to feel embarrass. What is purchased here is confidential.”

“Thank you for your time.” She hurried from the store.  She went to her car and cursed herself for going into that store. That image of the woman kneeling before the man wouldn’t leave her mind.






Sarah tried to concentrate on dinner, but her thoughts returned to the image. She quickly snapped out of it when she heard John enter the kitchen.

“How was your day?” she asked as he kissed her on the cheek.

“Long, I am so glad to be home.” He went behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.  “How long before dinner?” He nibbled on her ear.

“About a half an hour.”

“Well, how about a quickie?” He gave her breasts a playful squeeze.

“Alright, let’s fuck right here.” She turned around and started to paw at him.

“On the dirty kitchen floor?” He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom.  “The bed is so much more comfortable.” He laid her down softly and took his clothes off.

Sarah removed her clothing then got on all fours and raised her ass up to him. “Really hard,” she cooed.

“Been thinking about me all day, have you?” He went behind her and slowly slid his cock in.

“Hard.” She pushed her hips back into him.

He thrust a little harder but not hard enough for her. She slammed her hips back into him. “Whoa baby, I don’t want to hurt you.” He gripped her hips so she couldn’t move too much.

Sarah laid her head down on the mattress and gave up. She allowed him to set the speed and hardness of their fucking.  She felt the tears come to her eyes.  The frustration was almost too much.  She felt him shudder, and then he lay down on the bed.

“I better go check dinner,” she said, quickly getting dressed.






Sarah found herself standing in front of Sizzle again. She stood by her car and wrestled with herself on whether or not she should go in.  She was compelled to go in again.

“Hello again,” the same man from yesterday cheerfully greeted her.

“Hello.” She pretended to browse around.

“By the way my name is Michael, just in case you need help with anything.”

“Thank you, Michael.” She didn’t even look over to him.

Michael watched her as she nervously looked around. He couldn’t help but smile. He so did love the curious.  She stood by the same row of videos as she did yesterday.  His smile widened as he observed her doing a quick check seeing if anyone was watching her.  “Ummm, curious about being dominated are you?”  He almost laughed when she let out a loud gasp.

“That is none of your business,” she snapped.

“You are correct it is none of my business.” Michael walked out from behind the counter and headed straight for her.  “I know a lot about domination and submission. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.”

“Excuse me…” Sarah became flustered.  “I am a married woman.”

“Oh, I get it. Your husband is your Master and he sent you in here to purchase something.”

“No you don’t get it.” Sarah started to walk away but he grabbed her gently by the arm.

“I am sorry. Let’s try this again.  Hello I am Michael and you are?”

“Leaving.” Sarah pulled her arm away from him. But he grabbed her again more firmly this time.  “Hey let me go.”

“You need not be embarrassed.  If you are truly curious about that lifestyle, I really can help you.” He let her arm go.  “I was once someone’s Master, so I know this lifestyle intimately.”

“You don’t know me. Why are you telling me this?”

“Because, I find you very attractive,” he moved closer, “and I would be honored to teach you how to be submissive.”

Sarah just stood there and looked into his beautiful eyes. This whole scene was strange, like some opening scene to a raunchy porno movie.  “I…” She didn’t know what to say.

“If you like, I can show your husband how to properly train you as well.”

“John wouldn’t like that.”

“But you would, wouldn’t you?”

Sarah’s body trembled, her breathing became erratic. “Yes,” she whispered.  “But I can’t.”

“Think it over, then just stop by and let me know what you have decided. Either way it’s nobody’s business but ours.” Michael looked over her small, curvy body.  “For now, at least tell me your name.”


“No last name.”

“I prefer not to say.”

“Okay, Sarah, I will look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” He watched her as she hurried out of the store.  His cock became very hard as he thought about how he could teach her to be submissive.




“Oh, there you are sweetie.” John threw the garbage bag into the trash can as she pulled into the driveway and got out of the car.

“I had to drop off some movies.”

John went over and opened the front door to the house letting her go in first. “I got some good news and some bad.”

“Bad news first.” Sarah sat down her purse and keys on the small table in the foyer.

“I have to go out of town for a couple of days.”

“The good news?”

“If I can sell my idea to this new client it could mean a promotion.”  John became puzzled by the strange look on Sarah’s face.  “What’s wrong?”

“When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning.” John ran his hand gently over her cheek. “I would take you with me sweetie, but you would be bored stupid. But if you wanted to join me I could arrange it.”

“No, you will be busy. Besides you will need to concentrate on your pitch, not worried about me being bored in some hotel room.”

“Then what’s with the sad look.”

“I just was a bit surprised you were going out of town so sudden. But this will be a great opportunity for you.” She smiled warmly at him.

“I will bring you back something special.” He stroked her hair and kissed her gently.

She just stood there in the middle of the room and watched John head back outside. Michael’s offer, she wished she could just forget it, but, damn it she just couldn’t.





Sarah gripped the steering wheel tightly as she sat parked outside of Sizzle.  Her mind tried to think of the many reasons she should just drive away, but…

Sarah jumped when she heard someone knock on her window.  She was surprise to see Michael smiling at her.  “Are you going to sit in here all day?”

Sarah slowly opened the door and climbed out. “I think maybe…I…”

“We can just talk for now. There is no need to rush.” Michael gently grabbed her hand. “If you decide you don’t want to play then that’s okay too. The main thing is that we both want it.”

“Okay.” Sarah felt more relaxed now that he had given her an out.  She would just see what he had to say and then leave.  No harm in that.

Michael led her up to the apartment above the store. She was surprised that it looked like any normal apartment. She figured it would be all decked out with all sorts of fetish stuff.

“Please sit,” he said.

Sarah sat down on the sofa and watched Michael head into the kitchen. He came back with two sodas and a box.  “What’s in the box?”

“Well open it and find out.” He smiled.

She slowly opened the box and found a thin leather collar. “What?”

“You will be wearing that during your stay.” Michael took the collar from her and gently turned her around.  He slipped the collar around her neck and fastened it.  “This is to remind you to be submissive. When you feel like arguing or denying whatever I have told you to do, this will remind you to…obey,” he whispered in her ear.  She felt the heat of his breath followed by the wetness of his tongue as he licked her earlobe.

“But, I thought we are going to talk?” She turned around and moved herself away from him.

“We are talking Sarah.” Michael stood up. “I will not touch you sexually unless you have given me permission first.” Michael extended his hand to her and helped her off the sofa. “Now your first lesson.” Michael pushed her gently to her knees then raised her arms above her head.  He placed his hand on top of her head and lowered her chin to her chest. “This is how you will present yourself to me.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “Just like the woman on the cover of that video.”

Sarah couldn’t stop herself she was compelled to obey him. Her body ignited, her desire for him was beyond mere words.  “Do you want me Sarah?” Michael asked as he walked around and gazed down at her.  “Answer me.”

“Yes.” Her voice shook when she spoke.

“Remove your clothing and return to this position.”

She did as he asked. Her hands trembled when she tried to unbutton her shirt. “Shh…” He grabbed her hands. “What we do here will go no further. So be who you are Sarah.” He gently removed her shirt.  He stood and let her finish undressing herself. He pulled his shirt off and waited for her to present herself.

Sarah came down to her knees and raised her hands in the air, while she bowed her head.  She could feel his eyes on her.  She heard the sound of her breathing as she waited to see what he would do.

“Very good.” He grabbed her by the arms and pulled her up to him. “You are most beautiful, Sarah.” He led her to his bedroom, she paused in the doorway.

“Don’t hurt me.” She backed up when she saw all the assorted restraints, crops, whips and various other strange objects.

“I will not push you beyond what you can endure.”

“How will you know?”

“Say my name then I will stop.  This is the only time you are allowed to use my name.”

“Then what should I call you.”


“Ahh…” Sarah’s body trembled, not out of fear, but of desire.

“Now follow.” He walked ahead of her. “Don’t worry Sarah, I will not make you do anything that you are uncomfortable with, simply say my name, I will stop.  Understand?” He turned towards her.


“Yes, what?”

“Yes Master.”

He leaned her up against the wall and shackled her arms and legs. Sarah felt the cold of the metal on her wrist and ankles. The feeling of complete surrender was like a rush to her.  Michael’s fingers flicked her nipple only briefly but it was enough to cause Sarah to moan.

“How long have you waited for this?” he asked as he took her nipple into his mouth.

“Too long,” she sighed.

His hand slowly traveled down her body as he continued to suckle, he paused just before he reached her pussy.  “You are so eager,” he sighed, as her nipple popped from his mouth. “Maybe you should wait.”

“Mmm…no…ah…” Her breathing became labored.  She could feel the heat from his hand.

“Yes, you will wait.” He stood and left the room.

Sarah all of a sudden became scared. What in the hell was she thinking?  Here she is chained to a wall completely at this stranger’s mercy.  Her eyes wandered over the room. There were so many strange objects.  She couldn’t move her arms and legs. There was no way she was getting out of this unless Michael let her out.

Michael stood silently by the doorway and watched her. He sensed her fear and went back inside. “Shh…I have told you I won’t hurt you.” He cupped her breasts in his hand. “I guess I will have to show you.” He pressed his body against hers’ and pinned her to the wall. He tilted her head up and kissed her hard.  Sarah was so use to John’s tender kisses that Michael’s hungry one threw her off balance.  He kissed her so deep, so powerfully, she could feel his dominance.

“Sarah.” He kissed her again then stepped back. “I want you, will you allow it?”

“Yes Master.” She could barely speak.  She watched as Michael removed his jeans. His cock was thick and large, far more so than John’s.  She began to worry Michael might hurt her.

Michael bent down and unshackled her legs. She gasped when he lifted her legs up and placed them around his waist.  He thrust hard.  Sarah groaned, his cock stretched her almost to the point of pain. His thrusts were slow, hard and deep. Her ass banged against the wall with each powerful thrust.  His body moved against her as he thrust deeper. Her arms began to ache from being shackled above her head, but she didn’t care. She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly.

“Ahh…” he moaned when he finally buried himself to the hilt in her.  Sarah tried to move her hips, she wanted him to continue thrusting.

“No!” he said sharply.  He reached back and removed her legs from him as he slowly pulled out of her.

“Please don’t stop,” she cried.

“Oh, not yet Sarah, I don’t want you to come yet.” He walked over to the bed and sat down. Sarah’s eyes followed every movement he made. He poured himself a glass of wine and slowly sipped it.  His hand went to his cock. Leisurely he stroked it. He watched Sarah’s face the whole time. 

Sarah’s body ached with want, ached to touch, to feel, to taste, to…”Please Master!” she cried out.

Michael slowly stood up and walked over to her. He reached up and unshackled her arms. Sarah’s hands went to his hard, chiseled chest.

“No!” He pushed her hands away.  He walked back over to the bed and sat down again. He grabbed his wine glass. “Would you like a drink, Sarah?”

“Yes Master.”

“Then come to me.”

Sarah slowly walked over to him and came to her knees before him. “You learn fast, Sarah.” He tilted her chin up and placed the glass at her lips. Carefully he tipped the glass up and let her drink.  He took the glass away.  “Want more?”

“Please Master.”

Michael tilted the glass. Trickles of wine cascaded down his cock. Sarah bent down and licked up the droplets of wine. Her tongue moved slowly up his shaft, she lapped up every last drop of the wine. She paused at the head, her tongue swirling around and around.  She felt more wine splash onto her face. She quickly lapped up the wine from his cock. Michael placed his hand on top of her head and lowered her down. She quickly licked all the wine off his balls.

“Oh yessss…” he hissed as he fell back onto the bed.  “Suck my cock, Sarah.” He groaned loudly, he could feel her eager mouth latch onto his cock.  “Wait.”  He sat up and gently pushed her from him. He stood up and reached over for some rope.  “Sarah…” he sighed when he felt her tongue on his balls again. He should stop her but he couldn’t. He sat back down and her mouth immediately latched back onto his cock. He bent forward a little and ran his hands down her back.  Her movement was restricted due to his body leaning over; it trapped her head in his lap, so she only sucked on the head of his cock.

He grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back. He could feel and hear her as she sucked on the head of his cock. He waited a moment before he tied her wrist together. He enjoyed the sucking sensation on his most sensitive area.

“Sarah, yes!” he moaned as he fell back onto the bed. He grabbed hold of her head with both of his hands.  “Let my cock go down your throat.” He pushed down on her head; it made her take more and more of his cock into her mouth. Then he grabbed handfuls of her hair and bobbed her head on his cock.  “Like that, oh yes, just like that.”

Sarah felt his cock going down into her throat cutting off her breathing for a second. She relaxed and allowed him to fuck her mouth. She sucked hard and flicked her tongue around at the same time. Having her arms tied behind her was awkward and again she surrendered total control over to Michael.  Her pussy was so wet, her body so tight with want she could barely stand it.  She heard Michael cry out something followed by thick streams of hot, salty liquid.

“Sarah.” He pulled her up to her knees. He grabbed her and threw her onto the bed and pushed her head down onto the mattress. He lifted her hips up. Sarah groaned when he filled her full with his large cock, amazed that he could get it back up so soon.  His thrusts were hard and fast.  Sarah was right there between pain and pleasure. She gasped when he slapped her ass hard.  But she didn’t stop him.  He periodically spanked her ass as he continued to ride her hard.  Sarah’s arms and neck were sore, the rope bit into her wrist.  Strangely she liked this new sensation.

“Come for your Master,” Michael growled.

Sarah’s whole body exploded with pleasure. Her orgasm was so intense she could barely breathe.  Michael thrust two more times deeply into her, and then they collapsed onto the bed.

Sarah’s arms really started to ache. “Michael please untie me.”  She was relieved when he did.

“Did you like your first steps?” Michael lay in the bed next to her.

“Yes,” she whispered. Her hand went to the slim collar on her neck.

“What’s wrong? Do you want to play some more?” Michael reached for her but she sat up.

“I think I better go home.”

“Did I hurt you too much?” Michael sat up in the bed.

“No, it’s not you.” She ran her hand tenderly over his face. “You were perfect.” She liked the way his eyes had so much life in them.  Never had she felt so alive than right now. But John…

“Then why are you leaving?”

“I…” She reached up and removed the collar and handed it back to him. “I need some time to think.”  

“Alright, but take this.” He tried to hand her back the collar.

“I can’t.” She climbed out of bed.

“It’s yours Sarah, I gave it to you.”

“Michael…” She didn’t know what to say. She quickly got dressed. She grabbed her purse and keys then paused at the doorway.  She turned back towards him. His eyes, his beautiful smiling eyes held so much promise for her.

“I will be here waiting Sarah when you decide I am what you need.” He watched her leave.

Michael lay back onto the bed. She was perfect for him. But she must come to him willingly or there is nothing between them.





Sarah hurried into her house. She quickly removed her clothes and jumped into the shower.  Michael was all she could think of as the water ran down her body, his touch, kiss, scent, the sound of his voice and those beautiful eyes.  Sarah closed her eyes and let the warm water wash over her face.

She climbed out of the shower, dried herself off then walked over to the sofa. She grabbed the phone receiver and the number John left for the hotel.  John was such a loving man but…

“Damn it!” She slammed the phone down. She didn’t want to think about this anymore today.  She decided just to go to sleep. Her body was deliciously sore from what Michael had done earlier this only made her think about him.





Sarah slowly opened her eyes and saw a perfect red rose and John’s smiling face. “You are back early.”

“I wrapped everything up quickly so I could spend today with you.”

Sarah just smiled at him. She wasn’t expecting him home today and wanted to use this time alone to think.

“Hey I got you something.” John pulled a small box out of his suitcase. “I stopped at that store called Sizzle.”

“You did?” Sarah was surprised by this.  Her heart pounded in her chest.

“I know it’s a little kinky for us, but I thought why not. I was going to buy you a sexy little negligee, but then it would be more of a gift for me,” he chuckled. “The owner was very helpful and said this would probably suit you.”

He handed her a small thin box.

Sarah opened the box and almost stopped breathing.  She looked up at John as she pulled the thin leather collar from the box.

“Wear that and nothing else tonight.” He kissed her sweetly. “I got some phone calls to make then I want to take you out for breakfast.”

“Thank you, it sounds lovely.” Sara waited for him to leave the room then she walked over to her vanity.  Slowly she put the collar on and lovingly ran her fingers over it. Her eyes followed every movement of her fingertips.

“Master,” she whispered. She closed her eyes and all she could see was Michael’s smiling eyes.




submission  “Submission’s Beauty”





He fastened the last rope then stepped back to look at her.  His gaze wandered over each strand of rope.  She lay on the bed with her arms tied securely back.  He had carefully placed her on her side. Soon, he would turn her on her stomach.  But for now, he wanted to look at her.  He had also placed ropes over, under and around her breasts, so that the tender flesh would be tested, but more so, it displayed her nipples so beautifully.

“Sumi, you are so beautiful,” he whispered.  He could hear the soft sound of her breathing as she lied there perfectly still.  “Mmm, so beautiful.” He climbed onto the bed and let his hands lightly caress her exposed flesh.  He gently rolled her nipple between his fingers, evoking a deep sigh from her.  He rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips up, and then he climbed out of the bed.  He looked her over then moved her legs further apart. His eyes feasted on her exposed pussy already glistening with the evidence of her desire.  He wanted her so much…but no, the anticipation of the moment is what he wanted her to experience.  The longer he made her wait the more she would want his touch.  He checked the ropes making sure they weren’t tied to tight. He walked over to the chair he had placed earlier and just sat down and looked at his submissive’s beauty.

Sumi could feel her Master’s eyes upon her. The longer he made her wait the more her body ached for his touch. The ropes bit her skin, but it was nothing she couldn’t stand. After the way he so lovingly tied each rope, she would endure this sweet torture for as long as he wanted.  His heavy stares made her feel so beautiful. The pleasure she saw earlier as he prepared her was heavenly. She needed to please him, wanted to with every fiber of her being. His pleasure, his needs and wants were most important.  By seeing to each of these she too found fulfillment.

“Arch your back, Sumi.”

She did without hesitation. Her pussy began to ache with need the longer he left her like this. Time was nonexistent as if they were frozen in this one moment.  She never knew what he was going to do. Somedays he only wanted to bind her, others he would lightly beat her with his soft whip. That was the beauty of this, she never knew what her Master was going to do to her. But whatever he commanded she would obey. This was the one constant, the one thing that would never change. His will was law to her. She trusted him to never do anything that she couldn’t endure. He knew her, knew every detail about her. He knew where and how to touch her to bring the most pleasure. He knew what to say… her Master knew her, more so, than anyone else had ever known her.  He was everything to her, the sole reason for her existence.

“Sumi…” He came to her and lightly brushed her pussy with his finger tips.

She moaned softly. He had told her from the beginning to vocalize her feelings, to let him know that his touch pleased her.

He squatted down and buried his tongue into her pussy. He slowly licked, lingering on her clit. “Don’t come yet, Sumi.”

“Yes Master,” she sighed. She had to concentrate to keep herself from coming. His tongue felt so good, and it hit all the right spots to bring her right to the edge. She focused harder, forcing herself not to go over the edge.  Thankfully he stopped, leaving her body so deliciously alive with want.

“Very good, Sumi.” He pulled on the ropes that bind her arms, causing a brief moment of discomfort. He swatted her ass until it glowed red then climbed out of the bed and went back to the chair and sat down.

The myriad of sensations made her groan with desire. Her ass burned, her pussy ached and the ropes were causing a strange but wonderful discomfort. All of these sensations made her feel alive and in great need of his touch. She wanted more, but she wouldn’t tell him. This was for his pleasure not hers. She heard his footsteps heading toward the bed again. Her body tensed with anticipation. She felt the head of his cock rub against her ass cheeks as his hand cupped her pussy.

“I haven’t decided which opening to use yet,” he said, slapping his cock against her ass.  He climbed out of bed and came around to the front of it. He pulled on her ropes, bringing her up to her knees. He lowered her head down to his cock. “Just lick nothing more.”

She did as he commanded and licked every inch of his cock. He only let her enjoy the taste of him for a few moments then he lowered her head back down onto the bed.

“Lift your ass up for me, Sumi.”

She quickly obeyed.

 He slowly walked around and climbed in the bed behind her. He could tell his beautiful submissive was ready now for him. Her anticipation had crescendo. He rubbed the head of his cock against her clit. He smiled, seeing her thighs quiver with each stroke of his cock. Slowly he eased his cock into her.  His eyes looking at her bound arms as he slowly thrusts.

“Come Sumi,” he commanded. He arched his head back when he felt her pussy pulse all around his cock. Her sweet moans were the most beautiful sound to him. He lingered slowly thrusting, wanting her to feel more pleasure. Her pussy clamped down on his cock as another orgasm raced through her.  He grabbed her hips and thrusts harder. He has to feel his own release now.  He pumped harder and harder until the exquisite moment of his climax filled him.  He gently caressed her ass for moment then slowly pulled his cock out. Slowly, carefully he began to undo the ropes.  Once he had the last rope off he gently massaged her skin to ease the discomfort she would feel.

“Thank you, Master,” she purred as he laid down on her, letting his body cover hers.

“Sumi,” he whispered, lying there contently with his beautiful submissive, his treasured and most valuable possession.  



The End




 Jennifer felt the strap tighten across her stomach as she chewed on the leather bit that was firmly in her mouth.

 “That’s a good little filly,” Mike said in his best southern accent.

Jennifer tried not to laugh at Mike’s silly accent. He stood in front of her all decked out in his cowboy gear.  Hat, boots, and nice suede chaps, this was all he wore.  His cock already hard looking down at Jennifer, she was completely naked except of course for the small leather saddle on her back and the bit and reins in her mouth.

 “Time to ride out into the sunset.” Now he sounded more like John Wayne.  He carefully climbed onto Jennifer’s back and got into the saddle.  Ah, but this was a special saddle she designed just for him.  He slipped his cock into the vibrating sleeve that was attached to the saddle.

 “Mmmm, nice,” he purred.  He supported most of his weight with his
legs. After all Jennifer was a petite woman and he was a pretty good size man.  He reached his hand over to the sofa and grabbed the dildo that was laying there.  He leaned back a little and slid the large dildo carefully up into Jennifer’s pussy.

 “This ought to get you bucking, missy,” he said, his accent getting more southern by the minute.  He grabbed a hold of the reins forcing Jennifer’s head up.

 Jennifer leaned back into the dildo wanting it all in her. But Mike was teasing and only would put half of it in, so she thrust back harder causing Mike to lurch forward on the saddle.  He rewarded her with giving her more of thedildo.

 “YEEHA!!” Mike shouted, causing Jennifer to completely lose it.  She started laughing so hard she could barely hold her self up.

 “Come on, giddy up.” He playfully slapped her on the ass.  The velvety sleeve his cock was being massaged in wasn’t enough.  He climbed off the saddle and got behind her.  He pulled the dildo out and replaced it with his own hard cock.

 “Ahh,” Jennifer gasped as she nibbled on the bit.  The warmth, softness, ummm, and hardness of his cock felt wonderful. 

 “Giddy up.” He smacked her ass again. She drove her hips back into him wanting all his cock deep in her.  He obliged and repeated but harder and faster
with each stroke.

 “Oh damn, I’m going to cum.” This time Michael used his own sexy voice.

His grunts and growls were music to Jennifer as her orgasm washed over her.  She closed her eyes and enjoyed the glorious feeling of afterglow. She felt the weight of the saddle being removed and the bit falling from her mouth.

She licked her lips to get moisture on them as she sat on the couch. “Well, baby I do believe it’s time for me to be the cowboy or should I say cowgirl.”

 “Ah, but first this cowboy needs a snack.” He smiled devilishly at her as he lowered his head between her legs.

Jennifer took his hat off and put it on then lightly ran her hands through his hair.

 “Like this, little missy,” he said as he smiled up at her licking his lips.

“YEEHA!” she hollered.



Yes, Master Dante



Tonya coiled up in her seat as the limo parked in front of the Mansion. Fear and anxiety engulfed her. Master Dante was to train her to be more submissive. She had heard many rumors about Dante and feared most were more than likely true.  Her Master, Alan Demonte, had lost patience with her and that was why he brought her to Dante.

“You better not shame me,” Alan growled. He, though average looking had a presence about him. He was in his late thirties, which showed on his harden face and gray peppered dark hair.

“I will try not to Master.” Tonya, who recently turned thirty, had long auburn hair and her body was trim but still curvy. Her shining grace was her emerald green eyes.

Tonya looked up at the gorgeous blond-haired man as he opened the car door for her.

“Mr. Demonte, welcome to Master Dante’s mansion. I am Apollo and I will guide you to Master Dante.” Apollo didn’t acknowledge that Tonya was even there.

“Well then lead the way.” Alan smiled a rare thing for him.

Tonya quickly got behind Alan and followed him into the Mansion. Everything was lavishly decorated. Tonya was most impressed. She could feel that Alan was growing tense or irritated. She couldn’t really tell which.  Dante’s mansion was far more luxurious than his was.

“Please wait a moment,” Apollo said as he opened the two large carved wooden doors.  Tonya felt like she wanted to throw up. Mostly she was confused as to why Alan was unhappy with her. She thought she was a most obedient slave.

“Listen to me.” Alan grabbed Tonya roughly by the arm.  “I warn you, if he sends you back to me and declares you unworthy, I will beat you within an inch of your miserable life.” He gave her a violent shake. “Master Dante is an important connection and I want to impress him with the quality of the slave I trained. Now ready yourself.”

Tonya felt as though someone kicked her in the stomach. She wasn’t here to be trained, but to show Master Dante how well trained she was.  She choked back the tears that threatened to spill.

“Please come in,” Apollo said, holding the door open.

“Master Dante,” Alan said, bowing his head in respect.

“Mr. Demonte.”

Tonya’s eyes shot up hearing Dante’s deep gravelly voice.  Her body started to tremble as her eyes looked over the large man.  He had to be at least six foot four, his body nothing but muscles, his hair hung to his waist braided up in hundreds of smaller braids. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen. His gray eyes gave him a dangerous look. Tonya was torn between fear of Dante and lust for him.

“Your slave dare look me in the eyes,” Dante rumbled.

Tonya felt Alan’s hand strike her across the face. “Eyes down.”

“Sorry Master.” Tonya immediately looked to the ground.

Dante walked to her and looked over the woman. She was quite beautiful and seemed eager enough, but so were all his other female slaves.  “Why are you not on your knees before me?”

“Please forgive me.” Tonya fell to her knees.

“I don’t know Mr. Demonte. I am not too impressed with your slave.” Dante strolled back over to his bed and sat down.

“She is just thrown off balance Master Dante. I will be happy to double the price for your training.”

“Very well, I will give her a couple of days. If I am still not pleased with her I will send her back and keep my fee.”

“Fair enough.”

“You may leave.” Dante gestured to Apollo to escort Alan out. “What is your name woman?”

“Tonya Roche, Master.”

“I will be back, don’t move from that spot until I return.”

“Yes Master Dante.” Tonya heard his heavy footsteps as he left her alone in his room.




Tonya’s legs ached being in the same position for so long. It had been over six hours and Dante had yet to return.

“Very good Tonya.” Dante’s voiced caused her to jerk.

“Thank you Master.” Tonya kept her eyes down. She saw Dante’s bare feet and the bottom of his leather pants. His delicious scent surrounded her, a mixture of leather and spicy cologne.

“Come,” he simply said. She came to her hands and knees and crawled after him. Her leg muscles cramped but still she followed him.

Dante sat on his bed and watched her crawl over to him. A delicious grin swept across his face.  “Undress me.”

“Yes Master.” Tonya came up to her knees, her kneecaps screamed in protest, but she hid her pain well. She reached up and undid the button to his leather pants then slowly unzipped them.  He lifted up a little so she could remove the pants from his body. Her eyes slowly traveled up his well-muscled legs until they rested on his large cock.

“Bathe my cock with your tongue,” he ordered.

“Yes Master.” Tonya leaned forward and began at the base of his cock, licking with long, wet strokes.

“Lower.” Dante pushed her head down until her tongue was eagerly lapping at his balls.  “Lower.” He pushed her head down further. Tonya nuzzled her nose against his balls so her tongue could reach under them.  She buried her face in his balls trying to make her tongue go lower until it darted in and out of his ass.

“Very good, now come back up and suck my cock.” Dante smiled as she latched her mouth onto his cock.  Her head bobbed in a slow even pace, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth until she managed to swallow the whole thing.  Slowly she picked up the pace, increasing the intensity of her sucking.  She felt Dante’s hips thrust forward forcing his cock down her throat.  His hands wrapped in her hair as he fell back onto the bed. “Oh yessss,” he hissed as his cum shot down her throat.  Mmmm,” he purred gently caressing her hair as she lapped up the last of his cum from the head of his cock.  “Keep licking.” She ran her tongue up and down his cock until he released her head and pushed her away from him.

“You can suck cock woman. I’ll give you that.” Dante pulled his pants back on. “Bazil!” Dante shouted.

Tonya kept her eyes to the ground even when the hurried footsteps of a man entered the room. “Yes Master.”  She could feel the man kneeling next to her. His voice was gentle and she ached to look up and see the owner of such a sweet voice.

“Take this woman to your chambers. I will have need of both of you later.”

“Yes Master.”

Tonya felt Bazil’s hands gently pull her up. Her legs refused to hold her weight for a moment until he helped steady her. Once she heard Dante leave the room, she looked up into the face of the man with the gentle voice. His appearance matched his voice perfectly. Long blond hair, baby blue eyes, and a handsome face which seemed more feminine than Dante’s, but it was his smile that instantly put her at ease.

“I am Bazil and you are?”

“Tonya.” She felt steadier on her feet now as he led her into his chambers.

“Hello Tonya, please sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

“Thank you.” She walked over to his bed and sat, mostly because it was the closest thing to the door.

She looked around the elegant bedchamber. It was every bit as large as Alan’s and this Bazil was only a mere slave.  “Why do you have such a lavish bedchamber?” She couldn’t stop herself from asking.

“I am Master Dante’s favorite slave,” Bazil said, handing her a glass of water.

“Favorite slave of Master Dante? What an honor it must be.” Tonya hurriedly drank down the water.

“Indeed it is. Would you like more?”

“Yes please.” She let her eyes linger on Bazil’s trim and well toned body. The tight leather pants he wore left little to the imagination.  Her eyes turned back to the floor as he walked toward her.

“I don’t mind if you want to look at me.” He handed her the water. “You have extraordinary looking eyes.”  He placed his finger under her chin and lifted her eyes up to his.  “Amazing eyes, I have never seen such a rich shade of green like these before.”

“Thank you.”

“Bazil.” Dante’s voice caused both of them to fall to their knees.

“Yes Master.”

“Apollo, place him in the harness.”

“Yes Master.” Apollo went to Bazil and roughly pulled him over to the leather swing harness on the other side of the room. He yanked Bazil’s pants off and pushed him back toward the swing.

“Be careful with my Bazil,” Dante growled.

“Sorry Master.” Apollo glared at Bazil.

“Woman, up on your feet.”

“Yes Master.” Tonya quickly stood.

“Remove your clothes.”

“Yes Master.” She untied her skirt and pulled her silky shirt from her body.

“Very nice.” Dante’s hands cupped her breasts.  “Now you will do what I say when I say or you will taste my whip. We will see how well trained you are.”

“Yes Master.”

“Apollo sit down on the bed. I may need you later.”  Dante walked over to Bazil who was naked and laying in the leather swing.  Mmmm, my Bazil.” Dante let his hands wander up Bazil’s body causing him to sigh with contentment.  “Come here woman.” Dante bent over and kissed Bazil roughly.

“Yes Master.”

“Take your breasts and caress Bazil’s body.” 

Starting at his feet Tonya rubbed her breasts slowly up Bazil’s body until she reached his cock.  “Take your time there, woman.” Dante squatted down behind Bazil letting his tongue run over his earlobes.  Tonya squeezed her breasts together and totally engulfed Bazil’s cock.  “Feel good Bazil?”

“Yes Master.” Bazil arched his back and tilted trying to capture Dante’s lips with his own.  Dante leaned forward, grabbed a handful of Bazil’s hair and pulled him closer. The heat of their kiss filled the room.

Tonya moaned and gently rubbed her breasts over Bazil’s balls letting her nipples stroke his ass.  She felt Bazil struggle in his restraints which caused the swing to sway. 

“Apollo come.” Dante licked at Bazil’s lips.

“Yes Master,” Apollo said between gritted teeth. He knew Dante rarely kissed his slaves, as it was a special privilege, but here, he lingered over his kiss with that damned Bazil.

“Both of you use your tongues to please my Bazil.” Dante looked down at Tonya who was lapping at Bazil’s balls. “Rim him woman. Apollo suck Bazil’s cock.”

Ahhmmm,” Bazil moaned as Tonya began to rim him while Apollo took Bazil’s cock into his mouth and devoured it.

“Don’t even think about using your teeth, Apollo.”

Dante stood and walked over to where Apollo and Tonya were. The slurping noises coming from Apollo made Dante’s cock harden even more than it already was.  “More.” Dante pushed Tonya’s face deeper into Bazil’s ass.  “Does her tongue feel good Bazil?”

“Oh yes.” Bazil arched his back.

“Don’t you dare come yet, Bazil.” Dante smiled watching him bite his lower lip trying not to come.

“Please Master let me come, mmmm, yesss.” Bazil struggled harder in his restraints. Dante pushed Tonya’s head closer burying her face in Bazil’s ass.

“Fuck his ass with your tongue,” Dante growled, watching Bazil biting harder on his lower lip. “Yeah that’s it fuck his ass. Suck harder Apollo.”

“Master please, please, oh god let me come. I…I … can’t hold it much longer.”

“Stop!!” Dante shouted. Both Apollo and Tonya immediately obeyed. “On your knees both of you.” Dante stepped closer to Bazil and in one motion filled Bazil’s ass with his cock.  “Pleasure me,” Dante growled.  Apollo got behind Dante and buried his face into his ass. Tonya went around to the other side, got under Dante, and began licking his balls. 

“Don’t come Bazil.” Dante thrust deeper and faster.  “Switch between both of us, woman.  Dante pulled Bazil closer, giving Tonya access to his balls as well.  Tonya lapped at Bazil’s balls then switched over to Dante’s. She had to bend over and lift her mouth up otherwise she would get in Dante’s way as he fucked Bazil.

“Master, pleassseee!” Bazil cried. He didn’t want to disobey Dante, but he couldn’t stop from coming much longer.

“Lick only my balls, woman. Oh yeah that’s it right there.” Dante felt his balls rubbing on Tonya’s chin as he thrust into Bazil.  “Fuck my ass with your tongue Apollo, oh fuck yes,” Dante growled.

“Master, I beg of you to let me come.” Bazil’s hands wrapped tightly around the leather strap which held his arms in place.

“Come Bazil.” Dante reached down and stroked at Bazil’s cock. He watched Bazil’s face as he cried out his orgasm.  “Like that Apollo, oh fuck yes, bury your tongue in my ass” Dante thrust harder into Bazil. “Lick woman, get my balls really wet.” Dante felt his orgasm start. “Yes, ahh, yes, yess FUCK!!!” Dante roared his climax.  “Stop,” he said breathily.

Dante stepped back. “Get Bazil down, Apollo.”  Dante looked down at Tonya. This woman was well trained. Why would Mr. Demonte feel she needed more?  In one quick motion, Dante scooped Tonya up into his arms and carried her from the room.

“What the fuck…” Apollo said standing there.

“What Master does is not to be questioned. Now please get me out of this,” Bazil said quietly.

“Oh not yet, pretty fucker.” Apollo smirked then buried his cock into Bazil’s ass.




 “Let’s see how well you endure.” Dante secured Tonya into the wall restraints. He stepped back to look at her.  She was sprawled out across the wall completely naked, limbs stretched to the point of pain.  A metal band was fastened at her waist securing her tightly to the wall, preventing her limbs from being stretched too far to the point of permanent damage.  He blindfolded her, so she wouldn’t see what kind of pain he would bring.  His cock hardened as he looked at his handy work. There was something so beautiful and serene seeing someone tied up awaiting him. He indulged himself a little longer as he saw her anticipation…ummm… her fear mount with every passing second.

“You will not cry out, is that understood?” He walked over to the wall of various crops, whips and other assorted sexual torture devices.

“Yes Master.” Tonya’s body still ached with want after being held so tightly against his hard body when he carried her back to his chamber.  The careful way he had tied her up to the wall touched her.  She would endure anything he did to her. She had to please him.

 She could sense he was standing in front of her.  She braced herself for anything. The hard smack of the riding crop against her thigh stung, but nothing she couldn’t endure. He beat her with the crop in a steady rhythm hitting various parts of her body.  Still she held her cry.  He hit her hard enough to sting, but not hard enough to cause any real pain. She had a feeling this was only the warm up.  Tonya blew out her breath when he walked away. Her body felt warm and awake from the mild beating.

“Very good Tonya,” Dante said.

She heard him pulling something else from the wall.  Shortly after that, she felt the immense pain of a leather whip bite her skin.  The pain raced through her and she knew she had to really focus in order to stop herself from screaming.  He timed the lashes far enough apart to make the agonizing pain of it envelop her.

“I am most pleased, Tonya, but let’s see if you can endure this.”

Tonya trembled. It took everything she had to endure the lashes from the whip. What was next? Would she be able to endure it or scream in agony?

She heard a crackling noise, at first she tried desperately to place the sound, but when the searing pain of the electrical charge pulsed through her body, she screamed.

“Yell woman!!” Dante howled.  He placed the violet rod against her breast and watched as her body spasmed and her horsed cry echoed through the room.

“Please forgive me, Master,” she sobbed.  She screamed again as he placed the rod on her other breast.  “I am sorry, Master.”

Shhh” Dante ran his fingers over her lips. Shhh.”

Relief filled her when the crackling sound stopped.  “Master…”

Shhh, you have done well,” Dante said softly. Now, he had to ease his aching cock. The pleasure from beating her fed his need to fuck. He gripped her hips and entered her, stretching her pussy as his cock filled her up. He pumped feverishly and climaxed quickly.  He reached up and pulled the blindfold from her eyes.  “You will stay like this until I return.”

“Yes Master,” Tonya quietly said, turning her eyes to the floor.




Tonya slowly opened her eyes, her limbs ached and burned. How long had she been hanging like this?  Her bladder was full and painful, so much so, that she had to relieve herself right there.  She felt the warm liquid run down her leg and splatter on the floor.  She closed her eyes again and tried to go back to sleep.

After a couple hours Tonya was awakened by a woman’s soft touch.  “Don’t worry I will clean you up.”

Tonya looked down at the beautiful oriental woman.  “Thank you.” She could barely get out the words. Her mouth and throat were so dry.

“You’re welcome.” Emerald unlatched Tonya’s arms, legs, and the metal waistband, sending her crashing to the floor. “If I may give you some advice…” Emerald helped Tonya up supporting most of her weight. “You better not relieve yourself all over Master’s chamber floor again.”

“I am so sorry,” Tonya whispered. She tried to get her legs to move to help take the burden off Emerald, but they were too stiff.  She decided to let Emerald lead her into the bathing chamber.

“I cleaned it up this time, so don’t worry.” Emerald helped Tonya into the nice warm bath and began to bathe her.

“How long was I up there?”

“Twelve hours or more.” Emerald gently cleaned every inch of Tonya’s body.

“Is she clean?” Dante’s voice echoed through the bathing chamber.

“Yes Master.” Emerald came to her knees and turned to face Dante.

“Good then bring her to my bed.”

“Yes Master.” Emerald quickly grabbed a towel then helped Tonya out of the bath.  The warm water loosened up Tonya’s stiff muscles, allowing her to move a bit more freely.

“We must hurry,” Emerald said as she quickly dried Tonya off and removed her own skirt and blouse.

Come Emerald,” Dante bellowed.

“Quickly!” Emerald grabbed Tonya’s arm and hurried her into Dante’s chamber. He was lying on the bed naked. Both women fell to their knees beside his bed.

“I want to watch you two eat each other’s pussies.” Dante moved to the other side of the bed turning onto his side.  Emerald lay down on the bed and opened her legs wide.  Tonya squatted over Emerald’s face then slowly lowered her pussy down until she felt Emerald’s tongue move around inside.  She lowered her head down and placed it between Emerald’s legs. With long wet strokes, her tongue ran up and down Emerald’s pussy lips.  Tonya could see Dante’s hand resting on Emerald’s inner thigh. He watched her eat the other woman.  Tonya placed her mouth over Emerald’s clit and took it into her mouth gently sucking it.  She could feel Emerald’s tongue darting in and out of her own pussy causing her hips rocked as she fucked Emerald’s tongue.

“Yes,” Dante purred.

Tonya felt Dante’s hand on the back of her head pushing it down, causing her face to be covered completely by Emerald’s pussy. 

“Stick your tongue out and flick it back and forth,” Dante commanded.

Tonya felt him grab a handful of her hair, and move her head back and forth.  She felt his hot breath against her ear.  He wanted a good look at what she was doing.  She did as he commanded by sticking her tongue out and flicking it back and forth.  She could feel the folds of Emerald’s pussy as her tongue passed over.

“That’s it, eat that pussy.” Dante pushed down on her head again. “Stick your nose up her.”

Tonya let Dante guide her movements. He rammed her nose into Emerald’s hole, and ground her face into the slick wet pussy.  “Stick your tongue all the way out, mmm, that’s it, fuck her pussy, mmm yes.”  Dante grabbed more of Tonya’s hair, bobbing her head faster, grinding it deeper into Emerald’s pussy.  “Keep eating her,” Dante said, releasing Tonya’s head.

Tonya felt Dante pushing down on her hips, smashing her pussy onto Emerald’s face.  “Come on, lick that fucking pussy,” Dante barked.  “Sit up, Tonya.”

 Tonya obeyed. “Sit on her fucking face.”  Tonya sat back firmly on Emerald’s face. “Now fuck her face, rub your pussy all over it.” Tonya obeyed doing as her Master commanded.

Yesssss,” Dante hissed going to the end of the bed and lifting Emerald’s hips up. With one thrust, he impaled her tiny frame with his big cock. “Ride her face. Fucking come all over it.”

Tonya obeyed rutting her pussy hard against Emerald’s face as she watched Dante pound at Emerald’s pussy with his cock. His thrusts were hard and violent.  All the while, he watched Tonya.

 “Come,” he growled. “Fucking come.”

Tonya moved her clit over Emerald’s mouth, feeling her tongue lick rapidly. “Spread your pussy open now!” Dante barked. Tonya reached down and spread her pussy lips apart giving Dante a nice view of Emerald’s tongue lapping at her.  “That’s it come, mmmm. Fuck yeah.”

Tonya threw her head back and screamed her climax.  “Sit down on her face, cover the whole fucking thing.” Tonya obeyed sitting firmly on Emerald’s face.

“Fuck, Fuck!!!” Dante pulled his cock out and sprayed his cum all over Emerald’s belly.  “Get down here and lick my cum up.”

Tonya bent over and lapped up every drop. 

“Very good,” Dante sighed, falling into bed.  “Come” Both women quickly fell into his arms.  He pulled Emerald up to him and proceeded to lick Tonya’s pussy juice off her face.  “Yummy,” he said, pulling Tonya up to him doing the same to her.  “Now sleep.”

Both women cuddled up against him and contently fell asleep.




Tonya awakened abruptly feeling her body being turned over.  She felt a hard male body under her and another set of strong hands on her hips. Her eyes fluttered open and she caught a glimpse of Dante’s braided hair fanned out over the mattress.  She felt his cock fill her pussy and another cock fill her ass.  The hands that gripped her hips held her firmly, almost painfully.

“Stay still Tonya,” Dante commanded.  “Rock her Apollo, make her ride my cock.”

“Yes Master,” Apollo’s deep voice replied.

“Apollo,” Tonya whispered.  She remembered him from when she first arrived.  This excited her.  She found herself starting to rock back and forth.

“Stay still,” Dante rumbled.  She grimaced as he pulled her hair.

Apollo grunted and growled as he pounded at her ass. This brought her closer to her own orgasm.  “Apollo,” she whispered again, but this time Dante heard her.

“Make me come,” Dante commanded.

Apollo rocked Tonya back and forth causing her pussy to slide up and down on Dante’s cock.  She felt Apollo lean into her, pressing her between both of their glorious bodies.  Dante growled out his orgasm followed shortly by Apollo.

Apollo climbed off of her and went to a kneeling position by Dante’s bed. Tonya looked at him then at Dante.  “Yes Tonya, that is expected, Apollo is trained well.” She immediately climbed off of Dante and knelt on the floor beside Apollo.  “You may only share my bed if I have given you permission,” Dante said, sitting up in his bed. Apollo jumped to his feet and went to Dante’s closet. He quickly returned with a pair of Dante’s leather pants.

“Very good Apollo.” Dante caressed his hair as Apollo knelt beside Tonya.  “I may give this woman to you Apollo would you like that?”

Tonya could feel Apollo’s eyes on her.  “Very much so, Master.”

“But Master Dante, I belong to Master Alan Demonte.”

“You belong to me.” Dante rose and strolled over to the bar. “And I will do with you as I please.”

“Master Dante, I…”

“Silence,” Dante’s voice rumbled.  “Your Master sold you to me yesterday.”

“What?” Tonya started to shake.

Apollo couldn’t stop himself from feeling sorry for her.  He couldn’t imagine how he would feel if Dante sold him to someone else. It would be worse than if Dante just released him.

Dante slowly sipped his juice watching the way Apollo looked upon the woman.  He was pleased with Apollo’s response. Since Bazil became his favorite, Dante knew he neglected his Apollo. He meant a lot to him but not as much as Bazil.  Maybe giving Apollo his own plaything would show that Dante did still care for him.

“You are mine Tonya and I give you to Apollo.” Dante sat the glass down and went back over to them.  “Now you two leave me.”

“Yes Master,” they said in unison.

Tonya quickly stood and followed Apollo out of the room.  Alan gave her away so easily. This thought tore at her.  She kept her eyes down as they entered Apollo’s chamber.

 She looked up slowly as she felt the heaviness of Apollo’s stare.  His face beamed as he looked upon her, but she suspected it was Dante’s gesture not her that lit up his face.

“Well what do I do with you?” Apollo said as he lay on in his bed and removed his pants.  “I want you to suck my cock, slow and deep.”

Tonya climbed onto his bed and took his cock into her mouth. Apollo looked up at the mirrors he had mounted above his bed.  “Every night you will do this. Mmmm,” he purred, he placed his hands on her head.




Dante sat behind his desk and picked up the phone.  He looked out the large window and spotted Bazil who was busy sketching the landscape.  Dante smiled then stood, taking the phone with him.  “Yes get me Mr. Demonte.”

  Dante’s cock hardened as he watched the intensity within Bazil when he created his artwork. This was but one of the things he adored about Bazil.  “This is Master Dante.” He couldn’t pull his gaze away from Bazil. The way the sunlight played off Bazil’s golden hair was intoxicating.  “That slave you sent me is pathetic. You may come and pick her up.”  Dante’s eyes traveled down Bazil’s body then back up to his face, where his gaze remained. That look of concentration and delight Bazil had as he created mesmerized him.  “No excuses, she will need too much training.”  Dante’s glare followed Bazil’s tongue as it slowly went across his lips.  “I will tell you what, since I can tell you are a good trainer and just had the misfortune of a bad slave, I will take the woman off your hands.  The challenge of training one so pathetic intrigues me.”  Dante barely paid attention to Alan’s blatant ass kissing.  He knew tricking Alan would be so easy. In fact, Tonya was very well trained and perfect for Apollo, and this moron would gladly give her to Dante to gain his favor. “You are making the right choice, until next time Mr. Demonte.”

Dante walked over to his desk and placed the phone down. He knew he lied to Tonya telling her that her master sold her, but he had already planned to keep her, it was just the matter of this one simple phone call. Men like Alan were easy to read, and acquiring Tonya for his Apollo would be easy as he just proved.

Dante left his office and headed outside to the gardens where Bazil was. He stood behind him and watched as Bazil’s hand flew over the canvas. “It’s beautiful, my Bazil,” Dante said as he wrapped his arms around him.

“Thank you Master.” Bazil placed his drawing pencil down and turned to Dante.  He looked up into his Master’s face awaiting his command.

“Bazil.” Dante lowered his lips and kissed him deeply.  “Go back to your drawing,” he whispered against his lips.  Dante could wait to make love to him later.  He didn’t want to disturb Bazil’s creative flow.

“Yes Master.” Bazil turned back around, picked up his pencil and began sketching again.  Dante lovingly stroked his hair then headed back inside.  He had more training for Tonya to endure.






Tonya knelt on the floor next to Dante. The room he brought her to had all sorts of restraints and sexual torturing devices. She looked down at the marble floor. Drops of blood were splattered across it. Judging by the freshness of the blood someone had just received a beating.  Tonya lifted her eyes when she heard the sound of Dante’s whip striking flesh. 

Shock spread across her face brief as she looked upon the strong blond-haired man being beaten by Dante. He was strung up on the wall similar to the way she was earlier. Blood ran down his well-sculpted chest and yet he did not scream.

“You ever touch my Bazil again Tavon and I will do permanent damage to you,” Dante boomed. Tonya’s body chilled watching the force Dante beat Tavon. How could this man hold his agony?  She was in awe of his discipline, there was no way she could endure such a beating.

“You are lucky Tavon that I am pleased on how well you hold your tongue.” Dante coiled his whip back up.

Tonya wondered what did Tavon did to Bazil as she watched Dante make his way back to her. “Let this be a lesson Tonya.  Tavon struck my Bazil out of his pathetic jealousy. No one is to lay a finger on Bazil.  This is your one and only warning.”

“Yes Master,” Tonya quietly said.

“Stand up.”

“Yes Master.” Tonya was shocked when Dante ripped her clothing from her body then forcibly bent her over a large wooden block.  He locked her hands and feet in the metal restraints.  Her back tightened when she heard him uncoil his whip. The whip bit into the skin of her back, but she managed to squelch her scream by biting her lower.  Dante struck her three more times, nowhere near as hard as he had done to Tavon, but the pain was still intense.  Tonya stared at the floor, her arms and legs stretched so tight it made her stomach press into the wooden block.  She felt Dante’s hands spread her ass cheeks apart, and then she felt a large cold metal object pressing at her asshole.

“Apollo come,” Dante said as he inserted the large metal dildo up Tonya’s ass. “We shall fill her full, which end do you want?”

“I want her pussy, Master.”

“Very well, but keep that dildo in her ass.”

“Yes Master.”

Tonya bit her lip harder trying not to let out her moan of pleasure as Apollo entered her. The dildo stretched her ass and Apollo’s cock stretched her pussy. Each time Apollo thrust, he would push the dildo further into her ass.  Tonya was surprised when Dante pulled her hair forcing her head up.  She opened her mouth wide and waited for him to ram his cock into it.

“Very good,” Dante growled, shoving his cock deep into her mouth.  He thrust at her mouth as Apollo thrust into her pussy.  Tonya sucked and relaxed her throat letting Dante fuck her mouth.  She felt his hands cup her ass as he thrust his cock harder and faster down her throat.  The pleasure filled Tonya, the sounds of their moans and grunts gave her a wonderful feeling. She wanted so much for both of them to come all over her.  Please Master Dante say something…she quietly hoped as he continued to fuck her mouth. 

“Ride her harder Apollo. Mmm, yess swallow my fucking cock,” he shouted.

Yes Master, oh fuck yes, Tonya screamed to herself.  Use me. Make me feel like your slave Master. Her orgasm started to build.

“Suck woman, let me fucking hear it.” Dante smiled hearing the slurping noises coming from her.

Tonya sucked as loudly as she could as her orgasm washed over her.

“Cum on her, Apollo.” Dante smacked her ass hard.

Tonya felt Apollo’s cock pull out of her followed by warm sticky fluid being sprayed all over her back.  Dante pulled her head back violently, taking his cock out of her mouth. She saw him stroking his cock. She closed her eyes as his cum sprayed all over her face.  He pushed her head down then straddled the back of her head leaning over her. He grabbed the dildo and moved it in and out of her ass.

Tonya wanted to shout, scream, even whimper her pleasure, but Dante didn’t give her permission to.  She couldn’t move her head, but she could smell Apollo’s scent. She felt the heaviness of his balls on the back of her head, followed by the delicious wet sounds only tongue could made.

Mmm, very good Apollo,” Dante purred.

Tonya could mentally picture what was happening. Apollo had to be rimming Dante. She felt his balls rub back and forth against the back of her head.  Dante slowly removed the metal dildo from her ass and leaned his body up against hers.  She had to take quick, shallow breaths, as the weight of Dante’s body combined with the wood block pressing into her stomach made it very hard to breathe.  The wet sounds coming from Apollo grew louder as Dante rubbed his cock against Tonya’s back.

“Like that Apollo, yesss.” Dante reached back and pushed Apollo’s face deeper into his ass. “Like that, Sssssmmm.”

Tonya felt Apollo’s cum spray all over the back of her neck and Dante’s all over her back.

“Enough Apollo,” Dante said, winded.

“You may leave.”

“Yes Master.”

Tonya felt Apollo rise and Dante step back. She took several deep breaths, thankful to be able to breathe normally again.

“As for you.” Dante unshackled her arms and legs then helped her up. “I am most pleased with you. You may look at me.”

Tonya slowly lifted her eyes to his.  God he was beautiful.

“You will make a wonderful companion for Apollo. Not to mention a pleasant distraction for me.” Dante smiled at her.

Tonya basked in his praise, enjoying the warmth his smiled brought to her.

“Now go bathe and make yourself presentable for Apollo.” He stroked her cheek tenderly.

“Yes Master Dante.”  She watched as he left the room, her eyes unable to leave him until he was no longer with her.




Tonya felt Apollo pull on the leash. He had placed a collar around her neck and now he secured the leash to the wall. She was on her knees before him with her legs slightly apart.  All the mirrors Apollo had in his room were a bit distracting. She slowly looked up when she felt him walk away.  He walked over to the bed and sat down. He just looked at her. The intensity of his stare aroused her.

“Touch your pussy,” he said.

She did as he commanded, letting her fingers circle around her clit. He watched every movement of her fingers. Her breathing became labored as her arousal intensified. She gasped watching him slowly stroke his cock as he continued to stare at her.

He stood still stroking his cock. “Come,” he said.

She closed her eyes and let her orgasm wash over her. She felt his fingers in her hair, followed shortly by streams of his hot cum spraying over her face and breasts.

“Look at me,” he whispered.

She looked up into his handsome face as he slowly came down to his knees. He brought his hand to her face and rubbed his cum all over her face until her skin absorbed it, his hands slowly wandered down to her breasts where he rubbed his cum into her skin.  He was so intense, his stare, his touch. Tonya was drawn to his intensity. She wondered if it was what had made Apollo Dante’s favorite once.

Her whole body tingled from his unexpected kiss. The fire of his kiss melted her. His tongue explored her mouth, his breath was warm and his lips were soft. His masculine scent enveloped her as he crushed his body against hers. He literally took her breath away with his intense kiss. Then he pulled away and pushed her to the ground.

“You are going to stay like that until I return,” he growled at her.

She heard him put his pants on and stomp out of the room. She was confused by his cold action after such a passionate kiss. She lay on the floor, fearing that his punishments were probably even more intense than his affections.




Apollo looked at himself in the foyer mirror. He ran his fingers through his hair making sure he looked presentable for Master’s guests.  He nodded his head toward Habu as the guard opened the front door. Apollo walked to the awaiting limo.

“Oh, aren’t you a beautiful creature,” the middle aged woman said as Apollo helped her out of the limo.  “Look at him, Rita.” She looked back at her friend.

Apollo helped Rita out of the car also.

“Damn, what is your name, sexy?”

“My name is Apollo.”

“I like that.” Rita smiled. “What do you think, Lisa?”

“Very nice.” Lisa ran her hand over Apollo’s tight ass.

“Please follow me.” He stepped away from their groping hands. Though both of the women were attractive, Apollo didn’t like Dante’s guests touching him without Dante’s permission. After all, he was Dante’s slave.  He heard the familiar “oohs” and “ahhs” as he led the women to Dante’s chamber. Master Dante’s mansion was exquisite, Apollo was proud to live there.

“Please wait,” he said as he stood by Dante’s chamber door.

“Anything you say, sexy,” Lisa said as her eyes slowly wandered down Apollo’s body.

He knocked on the door then entered. Dante was pulling his long braided hair back. Apollo hurried over to him. “Please allow me, Master.” Apollo took the leather band from Dante and lovingly tied back Dante’s hair.

“I take it the guests are here.”

“Yes Master.”

“Tell me, Apollo, are you pleased with the gift I gave you earlier?”

“Yes, Master. The woman was a generous gift. Thank you.”

Dante turned around and looked down into Apollo’s eyes. “I am glad to hear that.” He briefly kissed Apollo.

“Master,” Apollo sighed.

“Now, show my guests in.”

Apollo hurried to the door. “You may come in,” he said to the women. He watched the looks on their faces when they saw Dante for the first time. His Master always filled him with a sense of pride, watching the way his guests reacted to him. Complete awe, was on both of the women’s faces. All Apollo could think about was that this was his Master, his. These women could only bask in Dante’s glow for a short time, but Apollo had the honor of being around him all of the time.

Apollo stood at attention awaiting Dante’s orders. He looked over as Dante motioned toward Habu.

“Bring my males to me,” Dante said to Habu.

“Would you be available, Master Dante?” Rita purred.

“I don’t touch my guests unless they come here to train.”

Apollo wanted to tell these women that they haven’t earned the right to touch his Master, but, he kept quiet. Speaking out in front of Dante’s guests would just earn him Dante’s whip. Apollo looked toward the door when Tavon, Silas, and Xylon entered the room.  Dante had several more males, but these three and Apollo were mostly offered to the guests.

Silas recently earned Dante’s favor simply because Bazil liked Silas. Apollo still didn’t like the fact that Dante took Silas away from him, after all, Silas was Apollo’s plaything first, but now that he had Tonya, he couldn’t really care what happened to Silas.

The two women looked over the three men. Tavon was six foot tall, long ash-blond hair and nicely built, Xylon was oriental, had short black hair and sinewy muscles, while Silas was average size, had short brown hair and beautiful green eyes. He was a bit more average looking, compared to the other men.

“Well they are all pretty nice,” Lisa said, looking at the men.

“I want someone to dominate me,” Rita added.  “Lisa would like a more passive man.”

“I want Apollo,” Rita said, smiling at him.

“Hey, you bitch, you knew I wanted to play with him.” Lisa gave Rita a shove.

“Ladies, Apollo could easily fuck both of you, but, Lisa if you want someone more submissive, I would suggest Silas. If you want someone perhaps a bit bigger than you, you’ll want Tavon. Xylon is more dominant and so too is Apollo.”

“Alright give me Tavon.” Lisa walked over to him.

“Rita, Apollo is more, how should I put this, for the advance lover. You might be better off with Xylon.”

“What do you mean, advance lover? Please explain.”

“Apollo can completely dominate you, but I doubt you could handle his brutality. Xylon could also dominate you; he is a bit gentler on his lovers.”

“Well, I think I can handle Apollo. Besides, he is just too damn sexy. Xylon is beautiful, but he is just not my type.”

“Alright, but you have been warned. Xylon escort Rita to Apollo’s chambers. I need to speak with him for a moment.”

“Yes Master.”

Dante waited for both women to leave. “Apollo, I want you to show that little rich bitch everything I have taught you. There will be no safe word.”

“Yes Master.” Apollo could feel Dante’s anger and it ignited his.

Apollo headed back to his chambers. He will make Dante proud of just how well he would dominate this woman and knowing that Tonya would watch every delicious moment of it made Apollo’s cock so hard.




“Who is this? And more importantly does she really have to be here?” Rita asked when she saw Tonya lying on the floor.

Apollo looked down at Tonya and smiled. She managed to stay just like he left her. He walked over to her and helped her to a seated position. “Very good,” he whispered as he nuzzled his face against hers.

“Excuse me. I want that little bitch out of here.” Rita crossed her arms and started tapping her foot.

“You will sit against the wall and watch everything I do,” Apollo said to Tonya as he caressed her cheek.

“Yes, Apollo.” Tonya’s mouth was so dry.

Apollo walked over to the bar and poured some water into a glass. He headed back to Tonya and handed it to her.

“Thank you,” She quietly said, and then guzzled the water down.

“Did you hear me?” Rita said.

She gasped when Apollo charged at her and threw her onto the bed. Before she had time to react Apollo grabbed her arms and secured her wrists in the metal shackles.

“What in the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Dominating you,” Apollo growled.  He climbed off the bed grabbed his whip from his dresser and snapped it on the bed right next to her.

“Don’t even think about…” Rita winced when Apollo’s whip kissed her thigh.

“Shut up. You wanted me. Master warned you about me and you didn’t listen. Now you will feel the sweet pain that I can give.”

“No, damn it, I don’t want this.”

“Too fucking bad.” Apollo brought his whip across her thighs, belly and breasts.

Tonya watched every movement he made. She knew he was holding back, giving this woman just a taste of what he was capable of. Strangely, it excited Tonya. Her pussy grew wetter with each moment she watched him.

Apollo looked over and saw the lust in Tonya’s eyes. He threw the whip down and walked over to her. “Come here,” he growled, lifting her to her feet. He removed his pants then grabbed her and pinned her up against the wall. He positioned her over his cock then filled her with one thrust. He growled and grunted as he thrust harder and harder.

“Apollo,” she cooed into his ear.

Ahhhh!!!” he cried out as he buried his cock to the hilt as his orgasm consumed him.

“You bastard,” Rita wailed as she fought with her restraints.

Apollo slowly lowered Tonya down to her feet. “On your knees,” he said in a stern voice. Tonya immediately obeyed. Apollo walked over to where he threw his whip then headed back toward the bed.

“No!” Rita cried out as Apollo began whipping her again. He didn’t listen to her protest, but instead watched the delicious look of lust on Tonya’s face.

Apollo used Rita over and over, each time more brutal than the next. Finally Rita begged him to stop. Apollo threw her to the floor, while his eyes locked on Tonya. He wanted nothing more than to grab Tonya and fuck the hell out of her, but he denied himself, letting his anticipation grow. If only Rita could take more, oh how delicious this scenario would be. Finally, he looked over to Rita huddled on the floor, she was still sobbing.

“Master told you to be with Xylon, you should have listened.”

“I want out of here. Take me to your Master, you son of a bitch.”

“Don’t talk to Apollo that way. He gave you what you asked for.” Tonya quickly looked to the floor, knowing she probably overstepped her boundaries, but at the moment she didn’t really care.

“I will take you to Master,” Apollo said as he slowly climbed out of bed and put on his pants. He walked over to Tonya. She expected him to deal out some sort of punishment, but instead he gently caressed her hair. “You may move freely around my chamber. Take a bath, have some food brought up for yourself,” he said as he continued to gently pet her.

“Thank you, Apollo,” she quickly said.

“As for you.” Apollo turned to Rita. He charged at her and pulled her up to her feet. “Let’s go see my Master.” He smiled so wickedly at her it gave her chills.




Apollo groaned as Dante beat the new slave. This man was given to Dante by another Master and Dante didn’t even bother to give him a name.  Rita was told to sit and watch. Apollo smiled seeing the horrified look on her face as Dante continued to beat the man. Apollo was knelt beside Dante as he was instructed to do. Anticipation filled Apollo. Dante was always very horny after training a new slave.

The man’s cries filled the air as Dante continued.

“Stop it!” Rita whimpered.

Dante charged at her and lifted her from the chair, holding her wrists firmly in his hand. “Do you want to take his place? Do you desire to taste my whip?”

“NO!!” she cried out. Her whole body was trembling.

Dante threw her back into the chair. “You contacted me, woman.  Didn’t the fool who directed you here tell you that I am the Master of Pain?”

“No, he just said you were one of the best Masters.”

“Then I suggest you get the fuck out of here.”

Rita dashed from the room. Apollo could hear her crying out for her friend Lisa. These two women won’t be back.

“Come here, Apollo,” Dante boomed.

Apollo crawled over to Dante. He could hear his Master unzip his pants, making Apollo’s mouth water. Apollo came up to his knees and opened his mouth. Dante shoved his cock down his throat, giving Apollo what he wanted.  Dante firmly gripped Apollo’s head as he brutally fucked his mouth.

“Take your cock out and stroke yourself. I know you want to,” Dante said, thrusting harder.

Apollo quickly obeyed, stroking his cock faster and faster as he sucked on Dante’s cock. Dante buried his cock to the hilt down Apollo’s throat. He arched his head back as he came, Apollo’s head against him.

“Come, Apollo,” Dante growled.

Apollo started to feel light-headed from the lack of air, then his orgasm hit. Dante slowly pulled his cock from his mouth.

Apollo breathed in as his body shuddered from the aftermath of his powerful orgasm. Dante pushed his face closer and Apollo lovingly started licking at Dante’s balls.

Mmm, that feels good,” He purred as he ran his fingers through Apollo’s hair. “You did a wonderful job with that guest. I don’t think she will be back.”

“Thank you, Master.” Apollo buried his face in Dante’s balls as he continued to caress them with his tongue.




Tonya lay in Apollo’s bed. She had just eaten a delightful meal that Bazil prepared for her. She wasn’t expecting to see anyone but servants in the kitchen let alone having Bazil cook for her, but he did. He was charming company as they ate dinner together. Apollo had been gone for a few hours now, no doubt pleasuring his Master. Tonya wondered if Dante would ever want her again, especially now that she was Apollo’s.

She jerked when she heard the door open. Apollo was happy, it showed on his face. This lightened her heart. She couldn’t help but smile at him. A flood of warmth filled her when he returned that smile.

“Did you get something to eat?” Apollo asked, sitting next to her on the bed.

“Yes, I did.”

“Good, I like your body the way it is. I don’t want you to get any thinner.” He lay down beside her.

“May I caress your body?” she asked.

“Alright” Apollo rolled over onto his stomach.

Tonya straddled his hips and slowly began massaging his back. “Master Dante must have been pleased with you.”

“Yes, he was.”

“May I ask something?”

“You can talk freely.”

“Did that awful woman get what she deserved for treating you like some servant?”

Apollo chuckled. “Yes, Master taught her a lesson.”

“Good.” Tonya continued caressing him. She loved the feel of his skin and muscles. His body was so firm, yet soft.  She massaged him until he fell asleep. She slowly climbed off him and lay next to him. Tonya lightly ran her fingers through his hair.  Apollo was a mystery. She barely knew him, but somehow she had the feeling few people truly did. She had so many questions she wanted to ask him.

She gasped when she saw him staring at her.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

“I was just thinking about how much I would like to know you.”


“I am yours now. I would like to know how to serve you better.”

Apollo rolled over then sat up, leaning his back against the headboard. “Well what do you want to know?”

“How did you find Master Dante?”

“Xanthos gave me to him.”

“Who is Xanthos?”

“He was my first Master, though you could say he was more like a trainer. I was very young when my mother sold me to Xanthos.”

“What?” Tonya sat up and tried to reach for his hand but he wouldn’t allow it.

“I don’t want your pity.”

“Please, tell me more.”

Apollo began to climb out of the bed, but Tonya grabbed his arm. She was shocked when he leapt on her and pinned her to the bed. “Don’t ever touch me like that again.”

“I am sorry.”

Apollo had her arms pinned above her head. “I was only fourteen when my mother sold me. Xanthos kept me as a servant first. He was busy training some other young man and had no time for me. I guess I should be grateful for that. He took up all of Xanthos’ time and he left the running of his home to his male treasure. For the life of me I can’t remember his name, but this asshole wasted no time using me as his personal plaything.”

“You were so young, it’s wrong to…”

“Well, not at Xanthos’ home.” Apollo released Tonya and climbed off of her. He hadn’t spoken of this to any other person except for Dante. “When Xanthos finally came to me, he told me I was going to be given to a man named Dante. That I was never to tell anyone that I lived in his home.” Apollo just sat silently.

“He just gave you away…like my Master.”

Apollo turned around and looked at her. “Yeah, pretty much the same way, but when I met Master Dante, I didn’t care…I loved him the moment I saw him.”

Tonya saw the sadness creeping into Apollo’s face. She wanted to reach out and touch him, but she knew he wouldn’t allow it.

“I was Master Dante’s favorite for quite some time. It was heavenly.”

“You still are one of his favorites.”

“Bazil is his fucking favorite. That fucking little sissy boy took my place in Master’s heart.” Apollo’s feelings switched so rapidly it scared her. He was like a bomb with a hair trigger, only she didn’t know what set him off.

“I doubt that.”

“You don’t know me, you don’t know this house. What makes you qualified to say something like that?”

“I see how Master Dante looks at you. He gave you me, to make you feel better. If he didn’t care anymore why would he bother?” Tonya gasped when Apollo grabbed her and dragged her over to the wall. He shackled her arms and legs and pushed her face to the wall. There was a moment of silence before she heard the familiar whoosh noise of his whip.

“You don’t know me. You don’t know my Master,” Apollo cried out as he whipped her back.

“I want to know you, Apollo!” she yelled.


She cringed when she heard him beating the bed with the whip. The force he was using split the bedpost.

“What in the hell is going on?” Dante said as he burst through the door.

“AHHH!!” Apollo cried as he threw the whip and smashed the wall.

“Apollo on your knees, now!” Dante watched as he slowly came down to his knees. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“You are going to throw me away,” Apollo quietly said.

Dante walked over to Tonya and unshackled her from the wall. “On your knees woman. Somehow I think it was you who picked at his emotional wound.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt him, Master Dante. I just wanted to know him…”

“Shut up, before you taste my whip.” Dante walked over to Apollo. “Stand up.” Dante grabbed Apollo’s arm and pulled him close. “I will never throw you away, ever. Are you listening to me, Apollo?”

“Yes Master.”

“Don’t ever think that again.” Dante turned to Tonya. “And you, woman, don’t upset him again or you will answer to me.”

“Master, I didn’t mean to…”

“Shut up.” Dante cupped the back of Apollo’s head then kissed him deeply. Apollo melted into Dante’s embrace. “You will always be my Apollo…always,” Dante whispered. He released him and walked to the door. “Now call someone to fix that,” Dante pointed to the wood canopy on the bed, “before it falls down. Wouldn’t want all the mirrors you’ve got on that damn canopy to go smashing all over the place.”

“Yes Master.”

Dante left the room.  Tonya slowly came up to her feet. “Apollo, I am sorry.”

“It is alright. I have to find someone to fix this.” He walked over to her and turned her around. He came down to a squatting position as he kissed the whip marks on her back.

This unexpected act of tenderness was heavenly to her.

“I am sorry that I took my anger out on you,” he said as he continued to kiss the whip marks. “I could have hurt you.”

“But you didn’t.”

Apollo stood up. “Get dressed.”

She quickly did, and then she quickly followed him out of the room.




Apollo said little as they walked around the mansion. He seemed lost in his own world. Tonya didn’t want to disturb his thoughts. She enjoyed just being with him.

“Apollo, Master wants you to go pick up his new guest,” Habu said. He smiled down at Tonya. She couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Alright, Tonya you will join me.”

“Yes, Apollo.”

They both got dressed. She wore a simple sundress and he wore jeans and a black T-shirt. She wondered if they were dressed appropriately. Apollo led her out to the waiting limo.  The inside of it was very luxurious.

“This is nice,” she said, looking around the limo.

“Master has great taste.”

“If it is alright to ask, who are we going to pick up?”

“Master Talon. He wants to kiss my Master’s ass.”


“Same old shit. I am sure Talon wants something from Master.”

“I can’t help but to hear the disdain in your voice.”

“There are only two Masters I have any respect for. The others I have met so far, in my opinion are unworthy to be called Masters. Your former Master is included in that sorry bunch.”

“Who is the other Master you respect?”

“A man called Master Drake. I met him when my Master went to visit one of his old slaves. That man knew how to be a Master.”

“Perhaps, I will meet this Master Drake someday. Any man who has earned your respect must be quite a man.”

Apollo turned and looked out the window. Tonya was starting to get under his skin but in a good way and he didn’t know if he liked that. She admired him, it was quite obvious, but there was something extra in her eyes…warmth.

Apollo instructed Tonya to wait in the limo while he went inside the hotel to get Talon. A short while later Apollo came out with an elegant older man with a fairly young man following behind him. Apollo climbed into the limo and sat beside Tonya.

“This is Tonya,” Apollo said as Talon and the young man sat down.

“Charmed.” Talon smiled at her. “This is Jacob, a present I have brought for your Master.”

Apollo reached over and grabbed Jacob. He latched onto his short dark hair and pushed his head down. Apollo took his cock out of his pants and shoved Jacob’s face onto it. “Suck my cock. Let’s see if you are worthy to be with my Master.” Apollo rammed his cock into Jacob’s eager mouth.

“I assure you that he knows how to suck cock.” Talon chuckled. “Come here woman and keep me entertained.”

“No, don’t touch her,” Apollo growled as he ground Jacob’s face into his pubic hair.

“Very well.” Talon had no wish to upset Apollo. He had seen what Apollo was capable of and since he wasn’t his Master, Talon didn’t want to chance that Apollo would listen to his commands or not.

Apollo pulled his cock from Jacob’s mouth and stroked it. “Keep your mouth open.” He watched as his cum shot into Jacob’s mouth. He smiled as Jacob licked all the cum from the head of his cock, then he carefully he placed it back into Apollo’s pants.

“I told you, Jacob knew how to suck cock.”

“Then why are you so eager to give him to my Master?”

“Only the best for Dante.”

Apollo sat silently as they drove back to the mansion. Dante always sent Apollo to collect the guests. He remembered Dante telling him why. You are beautiful, my Apollo, and you are lethal. You are the first thing I want my guests to see, my best slave.  Dante’s words echoed through Apollo’s mind, this made him smile.

Apollo told Tonya to go wait in his chamber while he escorted Talon to Dante. He left as soon as Dante dismissed him and he headed back to his chambers where Tonya was waiting for him. He didn’t wish to see Talon trying to gain Dante’s favor anyways. 

“What about you?” he asked her as he kicked off his shoes and pulled off the T-shirt.

“What is it that you wish to know?” Tonya quickly grabbed his shoes and shirt off the floor and took care of them. She went into his closet and pulled out a pair of soft black leather pants that Dante required his males to wear. She handed the pants to Apollo then gathered the jeans he had just discarded.

“Tell me about you.” Apollo sat on the bed.

“There is little to tell.” She was a bit embarrassed to tell him about herself.

“You better tell me or else I will get angry. I can always find out everything I want to know about you from Master, but I thought you might like to tell me yourself.”


“Sit down next to me. It can’t be that bad. Trust me, I have heard about all the slaves here.”

Tonya slowly sat next to him.

“I am afraid you will think ill of me.”

“Don’t worry, very few things shock me anymore. Now tell me, my patience is running out.”

“I ran away from home when I was sixteen. To support myself I became a…prostitute.” Tonya felt her shame creep up. She didn’t want Apollo to know this about her.

“It’s alright.” Apollo grabbed her hand. It surprised her. “My mother pimped me out since I was twelve. Her new boyfriend was about to find out about me and that is why she sold me to Xanthos.”


“So see, I won’t think less of you just because you did what you had to do to survive. How did you come to serve your former Master?”

“Well, he wasn’t my first Master.” Tonya moved closer to Apollo. “My first Master was this very gentle man who was probably in his fifties when he found me on the streets. I was eighteen and he was one of my regular customers. He wanted me to come live with him. He was the one who introduced me to this world. I think he wanted companionship more than anything else. I lived with him for about five years.”

“What happened?”

“He died. But he did have connections in this circle of Masters and Mistresses. Your former Master Xanthos was my next Master’s trainer. Though I went from one Master to another for a little while, I was what they call a party favor, or at least that is what Master Demonte said I was. He bought me from some new Master and I stayed with him for quite some time, until well you know the rest.”

“Party favor?  I haven’t heard of that term before.”

“A party favor is a slave who has no place in their Master’s heart, so they are passed around to all the other Masters.”

“He called you this?”


“How long was he your Master?”

“For about six years.”

“What an asshole.” Apollo stood and began pacing. Tonya became tense. Apollo was getting angrier by the moment. “You are not some party favor. Stay here.”

“Apollo, where are you going?”

“To handle something, now stay here.” Tonya watched him stomp out of the room. His temper flared so fast, but this time, he was angry about what happened to her. He did care about her; why else would he be angry. She was drawn to him, more than she was to any other man before, even more so than Master Dante. She was falling in love with Apollo and it could be very dangerous. Apollo seemed incapable of loving anyone, except of course for his Master.  From the little that he had told her about himself, she could understand why.




Apollo paced back and forth in front of Dante’s chamber.

“What is wrong, Apollo?” Habu asked. He was one of Dante’s sentinels and it was his turn to stand guard by Dante’s chamber.

“I want to talk with Master.”

“Then knock and go inside.”

“I don’t know if I should bother him with this.” Apollo quickly looked up when he heard Habu knock on the door. “What are you doing?” Apollo growled.

“You should talk with Master. It’s better than you pacing in front of his door.”

Dante opened the door. “What is it?”

“Master, Apollo wishes to speak with you.”

“Come in, Apollo.”

Apollo quickly followed Dante inside. The slave Jacob that Master Talon gave Dante was chained to the wall. It looked like Dante had just finished whipping the new slave.

“I shouldn’t bother you,” Apollo quickly said.

“Out with it, Apollo.” Dante lay down on the bed.

Apollo hurried over and came to his knees beside Dante. “Tonya told me about her former Master and it really pissed me off the things he said to her.”

“You want some sort of revenge?”

“Yes Master.”

“That pathetic former Master of hers isn’t worth the effort. He has no respect in the community and is constantly trying to buy some.”

“Why is a man like that honored by being called Master?”

“Good question, Apollo.” Dante looked down at him. “I have never seen you get so upset over a slave before.”

“It’s just men like her former Master piss me off.”

“Reminds you of Xanthos doesn’t it?”

Apollo looked up at Dante. “He threw both of us away, Master.”

“His loss. Why all of a sudden are you thinking about all of this?”

“Tonya, Master.”

“Ah…” Dante scooted over on the bed. “Come here, Apollo.”

Apollo quickly climbed into the bed and lay in Dante’s arms. He closed his eyes and breathed in Dante’s scent. It had been so long since he had lain like this with his Master.

“I know you have trouble with emotions, which is why you are so volatile.” Dante stroked Apollo’s hair. “Of course, your unpredictability is what I like so much about you.” Dante chuckled. “We have been through a lot together, Apollo.”

“Yes, we have, Master.”

“I think Tonya will be good for you. If you think otherwise I will send her to stay with my females.”

“I want her to stay with me.”

“Good, now sleep with me for awhile. This will calm you, and then I will let you beat my gift from Talon.”

“Thank you, Master.” Apollo smiled as he snuggled closer to Dante.




Tonya walked around the gardens with Apollo. The day was beautiful and she felt content just being with him.   He hardly said anything these last couple of days, and he barely touched her.

He stopped abruptly and she quickly looked toward what had captured his attention.  Bazil was painting a portrait of Emerald by the fountain in the middle of the gardens. He seemed lost in his work and didn’t notice them at all. Tonya looked at Apollo anger slowly started to brew in his eyes.

“Perhaps we should go in now, Apollo.”


“I miss your touch.”

Apollo looked down at her. “I will not give you gentleness right at this moment.”

“I know.”

He grabbed her hand and led her back to his chambers. Apollo tore the dress from her body then used it to bind her hands to the bedpost. He grabbed his whip. He paused for a moment and took a deep breath before he struck her.

Tonya hugged the bedpost and endured lash after lash of his whip. She heard him drop the whip to the floor and she sighed when his body press against hers and his hands covered hers. 

He held her like that for a little while then tore the cloth that bound her hands. He turned her around and threw her onto the bed. Slowly he climbed on top of her. She opened her legs for him. He grabbed her hips lifting them off the bed then he impaled her with his cock. He thrust wildly into her.

“Watch,” he growled, looking up at the mirrors above them.

Tonya gasped watching Apollo’s cock going in and out of her, harder and harder, faster and faster. Knowing that he was watching her was so erotic that she grabbed her breasts squeezing them together as she continued to watch.

Yessss,” Apollo hissed, seeing her get off on watching them.

“Come all over me, please,” she begged.

Apollo pulled his cock out and stroked it a couple time before he sprayed his cum all over her breasts.  She continued to watch every movement he made in the mirror. He lay on top of her and she wrapped her legs and arms around him. He knew she was focused on them in the mirror. This thought excited him, causing his cock to harden again. He slowly thrusted, filling her, he allowed her to enjoy the image of their lovemaking for as long as possible.

“Kiss me please, Apollo.”

He kissed her hard and hungrily, letting his tongue explore her mouth. He felt her pussy clamp down on his cock. He sighed as he held their kiss, letting his orgasm flood through him. He held their kiss for a little longer then rolled off her.

“I understand why you like mirrors so much now.”

Mmm,” he purred.

“Are you going to keep me?” she whispered.

“Yes,” he simply replied. He couldn’t help but be warmed by her smile.

“Apollo, Master summons you,” Habu said as he knocked on the door.

“I will be right there.” Apollo quickly climbed out of the bed and so did Tonya. She hurried to the closet and grabbed him a fresh pair of pants while he brushed his hair. She handed the pants to him and watched as he put them on. Apollo ran his hand down her hair before he left the room.

Tonya smiled as she tidied up his chamber. Apollo was a mystery and she couldn’t wait to figure him out, if she ever could.




“Dangerous Addiction”

Written by Justus Roux




My name is Jenny Devon and I am what you would call a paranormal investigator. I know what you’re thinking, that I have too much time on my hands or that not both of my oars are in the water.  And maybe I am a little crazy.

I have had a love for the paranormal ever since I saw my first ghost when I was eight. No one believed me of course when I told them about the old woman who would visit my room sometimes.  I didn’t care if they did believe me or not. I know what I saw.  Ever since that moment my curiosity couldn’t be sated. 

When I was sixteen I met my partners in crime, Stewart Wilson and Shelly Smith.  These two quickly became my best friends.  We really didn’t do much with our paranormal hobby other than talk about it until we graduated from college.  I became a writer, Stewart a website designer and Shelly was a freelance writer.  My first book was about ghosts and it sold pretty well, so that I could afford to pursue my paranormal hobby.  Now we three live and work together and life is pretty good. 

My luck with men has been, well…pretty crappy, though I have only really dated about two men.  Both of them could have been poster boys for male chauvinistic weekly. So mostly now when I need a man I go more for the one-night stand thing.  

Shelly and Stewart were made for each other and maybe someday they will see it. So needless to say neither of them dates much, they are too busy waiting for the other to make a move.

I am about to go out on a field mission. Shelly doesn’t like actually going out there and getting her hands dirty. Stewart sometimes comes with me.  Shelly found out about a legend in a small town and of course, I want to go check it out. Most of the time I don’t find anything to prove the legend, ghost story, folk tale, whatever you want to call it.  But I do love the thrill of the hunt and nothing is wasted. What I do find out while I am out investigating always makes for a good story.  



Part 1 - Am I ready for this?




Derek walked out onto the porch of his cabin. The sun was just peaking above the horizon. He slowly sipped his coffee and watched the beauty of it. However even this natural beauty couldn’t ease the pain of his loneliness. It had been several years since he had been around people. Ever since that night when…he couldn’t bear to think about what he did to Lisa.

He finished watching the sunrise and tried to clear his thoughts of that night. His self- imposed exile was his punishment for her death.




“You are not going up into those mountains alone,” Shelly said, blocking Jenny’s way.

“Oh yes I am.” Jenny gathered her camera equipment and waited for Shelly to move.

“No, you are not. It is too dangerous to be walking around by yourself.”

“I am prepared.” Jenny flashed her pistol. “Besides I doubt anything is up there. I will probably get some nice shots of the wildlife and that’s all. I will be back in two days.”

“Bullshit, if you thought there wasn’t a monster up there you wouldn’t bother going up there. You forget who you are talking to.”

“Alright, alright, but you also know that I have to investigate this.”

“Your damn curiosity is going to get you killed.”

“I will take all necessary precautions. Don’t worry about me.” Jenny hugged Shelly and headed towards her jeep.  She could drive part way up, then it was on foot from there.

Ever since Jenny heard that story from the locals she was more intrigued. They told her tales of a man-wolf who tore apart one of the women in the village. Now he lives up in the mountains alone.  Of course she heard different variations of this same tale.  Like the full moon makes the man-wolf urge to mate unbearable and this turns him into the beast. Or the other versions that a husband walked in on his wife with another man, his jealousy turned him into a beast.  Either way, Jenny had to know if a werewolf did indeed live up in those mountains. She had been interested in the paranormal ever since she could remember. She believed these amazing creatures did in fact exist.  Shelly shared her love of the paranormal, but she didn’t want to come face-to-face with these creatures. Stewart was off looking into a vampire sighting a few towns over.  He wasn’t too happy with Jenny wanting to do this by herself.  He knew there was no way he was going to talk her out of it, so he made sure at least she was prepared.

She climbed into her Jeep and headed up the dirt path into the forest. Nervousness and excitement filled her body.  She had to stay alert though. There very well could be a madman up in these mountains. She wanted to camp out once she got half way up the mountain. If something were up there she would find it.




Derek could feel the beast stir inside him. Tonight there was going to be a full moon. His cock had begun to ache with need. Every thought he had was about sex.  His lust so strong it was unbearable.  His senses became acutely aware of his surroundings. He could hear the animals of the woods moving away from his cabin. They could sense the dangerous beast that raged inside him.

His eyes gazed out across the forest. Everything was still, everything but his need, his beast. He sniffed the air and caught the faintest scent of a female.  “No,” he growled. “Please no,” his voice deepening.  The beast in him wanted to track the female, but he resisted.

He hurried back into his cabin. He had to get away from the sweet intoxicating scent of female. His body ached. He gripped his hard cock in his hand and began to stroke furiously, images of mounting a female from behind, gripping her hips tightly and driving his cock deeply into her over and over, faster and faster.  He came hard, but it wasn’t enough, he needed a female.  He tore the remainder of his clothes off and walked back onto the porch. He sniffed the air again, the female was coming closer. His battle with the beast was a losing one. He couldn’t resist the urge to mate anymore and he let his animalistic tendency take over.




Jenny loaded a fresh roll of film up in her camera. She felt the stillness of the forest. Part of her was afraid the other was excited. Something was here, had to be. She patted her pistol. Stewart made her several rounds of silver bullets, just in case. Though she had no desire to kill the werewolf she was prepared to.

She snapped a few shots of some interestingly shaped trees. It was growing dark out and soon she would have to set up camp. She came across a likely campsite and pitched her tent.  Being alone never bothered her. She went about making a fire and getting something to eat.  Army rations were her preference when she was out in the field, they were easy to pack and cook.

As she ate her meal she gazed up at the full moon. If there were indeed a werewolf up here it would be out tonight.




Derek watched the woman, he was still a man but not for long. He broke out in a sweat trying to control his urge to ravish the female.

“I am sorry,” he whispered as he ran towards the campsite.

Jenny heard the sounds of twigs snapping. Something was approaching quickly. She reached into the tent to grab her gun but before she could something pulled her out.

“Who are you?” Jenny squirmed.

“I am sorry,” Derek growled as he tore the clothes from Jenny. He forced her hips up and drove his cock into her. Jenny tried to fight but whoever this man was he was incredibly strong. She relaxed and hopes that this would prevent this man from hurting her. 

Derek slammed his cock into her harder and harder. His growls sounded more and more like an animal.

Jenny’s body tensed when she heard him howl. “Oh my God,” she whispered. Fear slammed the air out of her lungs.  Her eyes fixed onto the tent. She had to get that gun or she was dead.  The second he loosened his hold on her she tried to crawl away, but he caught her and flipped her over.

“Please…” she said, looking into his handsome face.

“I can’t stop this,” his voice changed pitches as he spoke. “Please forgive me,” he howled as he spread her legs and lifted her hips up, driving his cock into her again. He thrust hard and urgent as his nails dug into her tender flesh.

“Take what you need,” she said, looking him in the eyes.

Derek howled as he came again. He released her. “Go, please go now.”

Jenny crawled quickly over to the tent and grabbed her pistol.  She lifted it up and pointed it at him. She watched in horror and amazement as he began to change from a man into a beast.

“Kill me.”

“I…I…” Jenny’s hand shook.

“Please, kill me.” His eyes pleaded with her. She could see the pain in his eyes. “I will kill you if you don’t.” His words barely understandable anymore.

Jenny fired twice hitting him squarely in the chest. He fell crumpled to the ground. She watched as he turned back into a man. She threw the gun down and hurried over to him.

“Thank…you.” He smiled weakly at her, then he closed his eyes.

Jenny couldn’t catch her breath. She slowly went back to her tent and grabbed her fresh clothes. Her body was sore from his abuse, but she couldn’t think about it.  She had always imagined werewolves were soulless beings that lived for the kill. But this man, he seemed trapped in some sort of hell.

 She scouted the area and saw the small cabin about a half-mile ahead.  She took down her tent and used it to drag his body up to the cabin. When she entered the cabin and looked around, pictures of a beautiful dark-haired woman were pasted all over the walls.  There was little furniture and no creature comforts at all, just the bare essentials for survival.

She saw the news clippings that he had saved.  Jenny felt a sinking feeling in her heart as she read what each paper said. The woman’s name was Lisa Randal and she was torn apart by her attacker. Jenny gasped when she saw the picture of the man she just killed.

“Derek Randal…” she said, looking down at his body.

He was investigated and proved innocent of his wife’s murder. The wounds on the various pieces of Lisa’s body looked more like an animal attack.

Jenny saw the various books about werewolves lying around—some were open while others were thrown around the room. Her eyes were drawn to the passage in one of them.  Natural born werewolf was circled repeatedly. The hand written words that read, If only I knew… brought tears to Jenny’s eyes.

He must have killed his wife during his first transformation. Jenny looked down into Devon’s face.  So many mysteries, so many unanswered questions lay dead inside of him. She looked around the cabin, which became a prison for this man. His pain, his remorse decorated this small space.  Jenny grabbed a picture of Lisa and placed it into Devon’s lifeless hand.  What she did next was pure impulse. Though she knew nothing about this man, and yes he did attack her, she just couldn’t let anyone see this cabin.

Jenny grabbed the lighter fluid and sprayed it around then lit it. The cabin went up in flames. She didn’t know what to think or what to tell Shelly. She watched the cabin burn, then she started her journey back to town.




“Oh thank God,” Shelly said, running over to Jenny.  “I just heard a report of some sort of fire up there.”

“That’s why I decided to hike out of there.” Jenny hugged Shelly.

“Well, did you find your werewolf?”

“No, I guess the legend was bullshit.”

“Oh well, there are always other leads.”

“Yeah, let’s go home.” Jenny just wanted to forget this weekend. Was what happened to her even real or was she dreaming.  She waited by her Jeep for Shelly to grab her things. She took her pistol out of her backpack and emptied it of bullets. There were only four bullets left.

“Okay ready to go,” Shelly said, hopping into the jeep. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, let’s go.” Jenny took care of the pistol then got into the Jeep and drove off. She decided she wasn’t going to tell anyone about her encounter with a…lonely werewolf.




Part II     The Mysteries of the Heart






In all his existence he had never seen anything more beautiful than her. But yet, he could almost taste her sorrow and it ate at him like a disease. He watched her gaze out her window with such longing in her eyes. Every night since he had discovered her, she has done this. She stared as though she is searching or hoping for someone or something.

Victor closed his eyes for a moment. The smells and noises of the city bombarded him.  He slowly opened his eyes and saw that Rosemary was still sitting there. How could she not see all this life that is around her? Perhaps he should go to her and take away the sadness from her eyes. But he dare not, how can he trust himself?

The smell of fresh blood heightened his hunger, reminding him that he has not fed in days. He looked one more time at Rosemary then took off to find the source of the smell.




“Jenny, sometimes I think you are crazy,” Stewart said as he opened the pint of blood. “First, I am not even going to ask how you got this blood. Second, what exactly do you plan on doing to the vampire if he or she shows up?”

“First, I got the blood from a doctor friend of mine. Second, I want to see the vampire and hopefully take his picture.” Jenny splashed some blood on the wall. “Besides what else do you think I was going to do with the information I got from Shelly, and it was enough to bring you up here. I got a chance to see a real life vampire, come on; you know I couldn’t pass that up.”

“Oh I am sure Dracula is going to just pose for your picture and leave us alone. Besides, do vampires even show up in photos?” Stewart watched Jenny spray some more of the blood around.

“I am sure you can take their picture, it’s mirrors they don’t show up in and even that isn’t proven yet.  What are you worried about, you said you didn’t believe in vampires, which by the way, I find funny coming from someone who firmly believes in werewolves.” Jenny squeezed out the last of the blood. If this doesn’t get the vampire’s attention she doesn’t know what else would.

“Need I remind you that you believe in werewolves too?”

“Of course, you don’t have to remind me.  Anyways let’s get ready. I am getting that funny feeling I always get.” Jenny still couldn’t take her mind off the episode with the werewolf. Once she came to terms with it, she would share with Stewart what she discovered. But now wasn’t the time to be distracted. She readied her camera. She glanced over to Stewart and almost chuckled seeing him gripping the silver cross in his hands.

“Did you bring garlic and a wooden stake too?” She couldn’t help but tease him.

“No, don’t be silly,” he said, gripping the cross tighter and wished he would have thought to bring that stuff just in case it really did work.




Victor slowly approached the alleyway. His senses heightened to any danger that may be present.  He stopped abruptly when he spotted the blood splattered all over the wall. This was strange, he couldn’t sense any evil. He breathed in deeply but the scent of blood clouded his mind.

“What the fuck?” some man grumbled as he stumbled into the alley.

Victor, unable to control himself any longer, leapt at the drunken man, sinking his teeth deeply into his neck.

“Holy shit,” Stewart whispered.

Jenny snapped a couple of pictures, but the flash drew Victor’s attention. Jenny’s eyes fixated on the blood that dripped from Victor’s mouth.

“Come on.” Stewart pulled at Jenny’s arm and dragged her into the doorway. He had no idea what this place was, but judging by the loud music playing, it had to be some sort of bar.

“Did you see that?” Jenny exclaimed.

“Yes, now is not the time to get giddy.” Stewart looked behind them and saw Victor was now in the bar. “Oh, God damn it.”


“Your vampire is following us.”

Jenny looked back and her eyes locked with Victor’s.  He was a rather handsome man, and if she didn’t just see him take a bite out of that poor man in the alley, he would be just her type, tall, dark, handsome, with an air of danger about him.

“Snap out of it girl.” Stewart pulled at her arm. “If we stay in here we will be alright.” 

Jenny glanced over the crowd.  It was your run of the mill bar crowd. The loud music was coming from the jukebox in the corner. A few couples were out on the small dance floor.

“Oh shit, shit, shit!!!” Stewart exclaimed as Victor made his way to them.

“Calm down Stewart, I don’t think he will attack us with all these people in here.”

Jenny kept her eyes focused on him as he made his way towards their table. In an instant he was sitting right next to her. Jenny was startled but tried to keep her cool.

“Hunters?” Victor whispered into her ear.

“No, just curious.”

“You laid a trap for me.” He ran his fingertips down her cheek.

“Well sort of, I only wanted to see a vampire.” Jenny’s body stiffened.

Victor’s laugh startled her. “I will make you a deal, curious one.”

“I will not lure someone to you.”

Victor laughed again. “I am quite capable of luring my own prey. All I want you to do is to talk to someone for me. If you do this I will leave you and your friend alone.”

“How will I know what to say?”

“Don’t worry you will.”

“How will I know you will keep your bargain?”

“I swear on my honor.” Victor glanced over to Stewart.

“Okay, we have a deal…ummm…”


“Okay Victor, but Stewart stays here.”

“As you wish.”

“Hey, I am not going to let you go out there alone.”

“Don’t worry about me, Stewart.”  Jenny reached across the table and gave his hand a gentle pat.

“Then go Jenny and keep your end of the bargain.”

“How did you know my name?”

“Your mind is like an open book to me.” Victor grabbed her hand and brought it up to his lips and kissed it softly. In an instant he was gone.

“Oh no, you are not going to do what that vampire just asked of you,” Stewart said as he looked around for Victor.

“Of course I am. Do you really want a vampire stalking us?”


“Shhh, I know what I am doing. I just have to talk to someone for him, simple enough.”

“Simple huh, then tell me who is it that you have to talk too?”

Jenny went to speak then stopped. Who was she suppose to talk to?  All of a sudden a picture of a hauntingly beautiful woman popped into her mind.

“I think Victor just answered that question. Now stay here. Promise me you will stay here.”

“Damn it Jenny.” Stewart looked in her pleading eyes. Oh he hated when she looked at him like that, it made it impossible to say no to her.  “Okay, okay, I will stay.”

“This shouldn’t take long. Don’t lose this camera.” She handed him the camera then headed back out the way she came into the bar.  She was compelled to go this way.

Jenny was in the alleyway and heard some moaning. She saw the drunken man from earlier slowly stand up. “Victor didn’t kill him.” She was genuinely surprised by this.  She watched the man stumble out of the alley. 

“Of course I didn’t kill him, do you take me for a monster?”

Victor’s voice echoed in her head causing her to look around for him. The compulsion to move forward was too strong to ignore.  She headed out of the alley and down the street.


Jenny looked up and saw a very beautiful, dark-haired woman sitting out on a balcony. But the way Victor said this woman’s name, almost as if he was in love with her, puzzled Jenny. 

“Go now.”

Jenny headed into the apartment complex. It was almost unsettling how she knew exactly where to go.  She found her way to apartment ten. The door opened startling her. Slowly she made her way inside.

“Rosemary,” Jenny softly called out.

“Who are you?”

“Jenny.” She watched as Rosemary wheeled herself into the room on a customized wheelchair. Jenny didn’t notice the wheelchair from the street.  Words of love invaded her head, sweet beautiful words.  These words so beautiful Jenny’s eyes began to tear up.  However, there was no way she could repeat them. This woman would think her mad if she did.

“Are you okay? Please sit down.” Rosemary’s voice was soft and gentle.

Jenny sat on the sofa across from Rosemary. “I am sorry. I don’t know how to explain this. Someone sent me up here to talk to you.”

“The dark-haired man, whose eyes have spoken to me?”

“Yes, I think that is the same guy.”

“She saw me?”

“Every night I went out onto the balcony hoping to catch a glimpse of him.”


Jenny started to feel like the third wheel with Victor’s voice in her head and Rosemary’s obvious admiration for him.  “Well why don’t you invite him up here?” Jenny couldn’t believe those words flew out of her mouth. What the hell was she doing? Victor was a freaking vampire.  Oh damn it, what did she do?

“No, there would be no point.”

“Why? You seem to have taken a liking to him.” Jenny wished she could kick her own ass, then maybe she would shut the hell up. 

“Jenny, is it?”


“There would be no point in getting to know this beautiful man…” Rosemary looked back over to the balcony. “Simple because there wouldn’t be enough time.”


Rosemary looked over to Jenny. “I am dying. So you see there is no point to it.”

“Rosemary, no wonder you look out across the city with such longing in your eyes.”

“I am sorry that…ummm.”

“There is no need for that.” Rosemary smiled at her. “So, you may tell your friend that he is wasting his time.”

Jenny was startled when the door opened up and there in the doorway stood Victor.

Rosemary couldn’t take her eyes off him. For weeks she had gaze out upon him, wishing that she could love such a man.

“You will feel no more pain, Rosemary.” Victor walked over to her and kneeled down in front of her.

Jenny slowly got up and made her way to the door, but her feet seemed to be frozen to the ground.

“You have kept your bargain, curious one.” Victor briefly looked over to her.

Jenny felt strange and confused, her mind was telling her not to leave Rosemary alone with this vampire, but her heart could see Victor meant Rosemary no harm. “I can’t leave you alone with her,” Jenny said quietly.

“I am no monster, Jenny.” Victor brought his hand to Rosemary’s face. “I can take away your pain if you will allow me.” He opened his mind to Rosemary and let her see him as he was.

 She brought her fingers to his long, dark hair and let her fingers run through it. Victor slowly brought his lips to hers and kissed her softly, gently.

Jenny couldn’t look away. Rosemary’s acceptance of him was immediate. The scene before her was beautiful and touching. Tears filled her eyes as she watched Victor scoop up Rosemary into his arms and carefully carried her to the bedroom. She turned around and headed out of the apartment, she quietly shut the door on her way out.  Slowly she made her way back to the bar she left Stewart in. Her mind swimming with so many thoughts, the lonely werewolf she encountered earlier and now this vampire who obviously was in love with that woman. Both men were not monsters as everything she had read would suggest.

“Are you alright?” Stewart rushed over to her.

“Yeah, I am just fine.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“Victor loved that woman.”


“She was dying and…I just want to leave here.”

“Is Victor going to stalk us?”

“No, let’s go.”




Jenny sat out on the porch of Shelly’s cabin. She loved it out here. Everything was so peaceful.

“Who is the hotty?” Shelly asked, handing Jenny the photo.

Jenny looked at the picture and it was Victor, not as the monster she had taken the picture of, but as a man just smiling at her.  “How in the world did he do that?”

“What are you talking about?”

“That is Victor, the vampire you gave me the lead on.”

“Your shitting me aren’t you?” Shelly grabbed the photo out of her hand. “He just stood there and posed for you, huh?”

“It’s a long story and once I wake up a bit, I will tell you all about it.”

“Okay, but this picture is coming back inside with me.”

Jenny chuckled and then looked out across the forest. She wondered what else was out there, what other creatures roamed around.  But yet, her mind kept going back to Victor. Did he save Rosemary?  Were they together right now?  Somehow she knew the answer was yes to both questions and strangely it made her feel happy.

“Are you okay?” Stewart sat down next to her.


“I am man enough to admit seeing a real vampire really freaked me out. But…do you think he turned Rosemary into what he is?”

“It would be the only way to save her. You know Stewart…never mind.”


“You should really tell Shelly how you feel.”


“Oh come on, it’s me remember. I know both of you better than I know myself.”

“I value my friendship with Shelly. I don’t want to do anything to mess that up. Could we please not discuss this?”

“Alright, but you should really think about telling her.”

“Changing the subject quickly.” He chuckled. “Shelly has found some interesting newspaper articles you may want to look at.”

“Really?  Cool, I will finish my coffee and take a look.”

“I have to finish up that website I have been working on, so I will leave you alone to enjoy this beautiful morning.”

Jenny looked out across the forest. It seemed to be waking up, the dew still covered everything.  She couldn’t get how Victor looked at Rosemary out of her mind. Never had any man looked at her with such love in his eyes.  Maybe a love like that wasn’t in the cards for her. She caught Stewart looking at Shelly with love in his eyes. Jenny smiled, she was happy for her friends, now if only the two chickens would admit their feelings for each other.

Jenny stood up and stretched. She couldn’t dwell on her lack of any kind of love life.  She wasn’t lacking in male company. If she wanted to have sex she could easily find a suitable partner. But sometimes this wasn’t enough. She often wondered what it would be like to wake up next to a man she adored.  Oh well, she refused to let herself go down that path of thinking.  She remembered Stewart saying something about Shelly finding something interesting. Jenny drank down the last of her coffee then went inside to see what Shelly had found.



Part III         The Beginning




Jenny was gathering her supplies while Shelly nagged and picked at her not to go.  A series of brutal murders were reported near a small village in Romania. What caught Jenny’s attention is that all of the victims had been drained of blood.

“Are you crazy?” Shelly said as she grabbed the clothes out of Jenny’s suitcase.

“It’s a vampire who is killing those people. If I can document this maybe the local authorities might actually be of some use helping those people. 

“This vampire is not like Victor.”

Jenny grabbed her clothes from Shelly and threw them back into her suitcase. Maybe it was because of Victor she was going. He didn’t kill his victims. He saw no point in it. He took only a small amount of blood from each of his victims then left them with a memory of passing out.  But the point was Victor wasn’t a monster even though he was a vampire.  This new vampire however was a monster. Jenny was compelled to do something to help those people.

“Damn it Jenny.” Shelly sat down on the bed and started crying.

“Hey, I will be very careful. Believe me I don’t want to end up on this vampire’s menu.”

“Promise me you will get the hell out of there if you even suspect this vampire is on to you.”

“I promise.” Jenny hugged Shelly tightly. 

Jenny let Shelly drive her to the airport, and though Shelly kept trying to talk her out of going, Jenny boarded the plane to Romania.



Sebastian perched on the large rock as his eyes scanned the forest below. He knew Ezra was here somewhere. He had been tracking this monster for a week now. There was nothing he could do for the people Ezra so brutally murdered, but those who still lived in the village he had to try to protect.

The sun would be up soon ending his hunt for the night. Ezra would be forced underground as well, so for tonight the innocent humans were safe.

Sebastian jumped down from the rock and headed for the cave he spotted earlier. This would provide him shelter from the sun’s deadly rays.




Jenny arrived at the town of Bakau. There was only one small hotel, more like a bed and breakfast actually.  The town was rather small but very quaint looking.  She unpacked her things and headed out to talk with the villagers.

Her Romanian wasn’t the greatest, she only knew a few phrases that she learned from Stewart, but she had her handy translation book with her, so she knew the people understood her, at least she hoped so, but none of them wanted to talk about what was happening.  The only thing some of them would say was that the hunter would come and rid them of their monster.  When Jenny inquired into who or what this hunter was no one would answer.

Slightly discouraged Jenny headed back to her room. She had to prepare for tonight. Stewart packed her a gun with silver bullets, garlic, a cross and holy water. He was going on all the myths on how to kill a vampire, but in truth, they really didn’t know what killed a vampire. Jenny was pretty sure sunlight would kill one and removing its head probably would do a fine job of killing it too.  She took Stewart’s care package along with her silver dagger. She waited for the sun to start to go down, then she hit the streets.  Several villagers told her she should lock herself in her room, but she ignored them.

She really had no idea which way to go. She checked her camera to make sure it was loaded and she headed for the outskirts of town. The Carpathian Mountains could be seen in the distance. This land was rather pretty and certainly had old world charm.  As she waited by the entrance of the town she could hear wolves baying. By the faint sound of it they were quite a ways into the forest. So she wasn’t concern with the wolves. The atmosphere that surrounded her made her feel like a character in some monster movie. A thought that would have made her laugh if she wasn’t so scared.

As the darkness of the night settled out across the land, Jenny started feeling more and more scared. Perhaps she should have listened to Shelly and not have come. Then someone’s heavy stare was upon her making her heart pound harder. She scanned the area but saw no one. She slowly started walking back to the village. As she passed the town hall she heard something land on the roof of it.

“Foolish human,” a deep male voice bellowed.

Jenny slowly lifted her eyes up and saw a man standing on top of the two-story roof glaring down at her. He was the oddest, yet most handsome looking man she had ever seen.  His eyes were the same color as his long auburn hair. He was tall and sinewy, and only wore a pair of black leather pants.  His extremely long hair gently danced on the wind as he stared down at her.

“Who are you?” she somehow managed to ask.

“Sebastian, and you shouldn’t be out at night.” His voice was almost hypnotic.

“I am looking for the vampire who is terrorizing this village.  Are you what I seek?”

His laughter stunned her. She watched as he jumped down from the roof. His hair looked like a veil of silk as it whipped around him.  “I am a vampire, but not the one you seek.”

“Then you must be the hunter.” Jenny couldn’t move as he came closer.

“Done your homework I see.” He let his eyes wander over the small woman.  Her brown hair was short, hanging just above her shoulders.  Her frame was very petite; she couldn’t possibly weigh more than one hundred pounds. Her face was pretty and he suspected she would be rather beautiful if she really wanted to.  He could sense her fear but yet she didn’t run away. This intrigued him.

“Have you seen the vampire who has murdered these villagers?” Jenny couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Never had she seen anything like him. Victor was a rather handsome man, but he looked like a regular human male. Sebastian however looked mystical.

“I have seen Ezra and I will kill him. Now go back into your hotel where you might be safe from him.”

“Might? Don’t I have to invite him in before he can enter?”

Sebastian started laughing. “A vampire with manners would wait for an invitation, but not one who is bent on murder. What else have you brought to fight a vampire?”  He was amused by this female. He couldn’t sense Ezra near so he had time to play with her.

“Why would I tell you?  After all you just admitted that you were a vampire too.”

“Please humor me.”

Jenny couldn’t say no to him, which this in itself bothered her. She showed him what was inside her backpack. She became a little angry when he started laughing again.

“The only thing you got there that might do you some good is your gun and the dagger. The rest you might as well just throw away, sunlight or blood letting, which usually entails decapitation are the only things that will kill a vampire.”

“You expect me to believe you?”

“If it makes you feel better then try throwing the holy water on me, or wave the garlic or your crucifix in front of my face.”  He laughed louder when she did just that.

“Oh damn it,” she muttered as she threw the items to the ground.

She jerked when she saw his body coiled as he went on guard. “Though this has been most amusing human…”

“My name is Jenny.”

“Jenny…I am afraid I require you to go back to your hotel.”

“Ezra is coming, isn’t he?” Before she could pull her pistol out Sebastian grabbed her and leapt on top of the roof.  He jumped from roof to roof then swung down and went through the open window of her room. He threw her onto the bed then headed back towards the window.

“Have your pistol ready, Jenny, but don’t leave this room. Make sure to close this window when I leave.” With that he jumped from the window. 

Jenny hurried to the window but didn’t see him anywhere. 

A scream echoed through the night air causing Jenny to grip her pistol tightly. The scream wasn’t human sounding nor was it like any animal she had ever heard before. She gasped seeing Sebastian chasing another man across the rooftops. Both men stopped as Ezra turned around and hissed at Sebastian. Ezra wore jeans and a silken shirt. Blood stained the front of his shirt. He had short dark hair. Jenny couldn’t really make out just what he looked like, but his silhouette hinted that he was a beautifully made man.  Jenny held her breath and watched as Sebastian leapt toward Ezra.

“Oh no…” Jenny rushed out of her room when she saw Ezra throw Sebastian to the ground. 

When she got there Sebastian was nowhere in sight. She looked up and saw shadowy figures leaping from the rooftops to the street below.  Jenny slowly walked out into the street trying to catch a glimpse of them.

“You don’t listen well do you Jenny?”  He grabbed her and leapt back up to her room.

“I thought you were hurt. You are hurt.” She saw the blood run down his side.

“It is nothing.” He looked deeply into her blue eyes. “Why would you risk your life to help me?”

“You were fighting that monster.”

“But in your eyes I am a monster too.”

“I never said that.” Jenny climbed in the room from the window then stepped away from it as he climbed in. “What about Ezra?”

“He is hurt far worse than I. He will seek shelter.”

“Shouldn’t you go kill him now?”

“I had to save a foolish woman first.” He smiled when he saw her blush.

“Well…let me bandage that for you.” Jenny rushed and got her first aid kit. She grabbed some cloth bandages and then went back to him. Carefully she bandaged his wound. His masculine scent enveloped her.  It stirred her body. She quickly finished bandaging him.

“I have to go before the sun comes up.” He stepped away from her when he smelled her arousal.

“But the sun won’t be coming up for awhile.”

“I have to go. Don’t come out at night until I have killed Ezra. He has picked up your scent and no doubt will be looking for you.”  Sebastian couldn’t tell her that Ezra probably picked up his scent on her and now she was more than likely going to be his next victim. He didn’t want to scare her too much.

“Alright…but do you have to go. There are so many questions I would like to ask you.”

“Perhaps tomorrow night.” He needed a little time. This strange little female was stirring up feelings in him he thought were long dead.

Jenny watched as he leapt from her window.  He intrigued her and she couldn’t deny the way her body reacted to just the scent of him. As she tried to convince herself that she only wanted to interview Sebastian she drifted off to sleep.





Jenny couldn’t sleep with thoughts of Sebastian making her body restless. She tried to talk herself out of her attraction to him. Tried to convince herself it was just some strange spell he had weaved over her. And maybe she should be afraid; maybe she was going to be his dinner.  But no matter how hard she tried to convince herself of these things, she didn’t believe a word of it.

She went through the day almost in a daze. She couldn’t wait for nightfall. Again she told herself her excitement was only because she wanted to talk with Sebastian.

She waited in her room as the sun slowly began to set. She had to be careful of Ezra. She had no idea if he was going to be out this night.  She hoped that Sebastian had wounded Ezra bad enough that the vampire would stay in the ground at least one more day.

She looked at herself one more time in the mirror. She wore her usual jeans and casual blouse. She paid a little more attention to her hair and dabbed on her makeup a little more carefully. She sprayed on a little of her favorite perfume.

“Oh what the hell is wrong with me?” she scolded herself. She gathered her tape recorder and her note pad.  “This is research not some date.”  Again she caught herself checking out her hair and makeup in the mirror.  “Oh boy,” she sighed.  “You are one stupid girl, you know that don’t you?” she muttered at her reflection in the mirror.




Sebastian was perched on the rooftop across from the hotel. He gazed in the window at Jenny and watched her fidget about her room.  He should just hunt down Ezra, the vampire didn’t wake. He should be out there trying to find Ezra’s resting spot. But he finds himself here. The one place he had no business being. It was obvious the little mortal woman was enamored with him. This usually was enough to keep him away from any woman.  It was a woman that made him what he is now, a woman that led him astray. Love, lust, what did it matter. What mattered is that he swore to never be with a woman again.  He owed his soul that much.  But still looking at Jenny, he couldn’t deny the emotions that simmered. 

“Why?” he cursed under his breath.  He didn’t know this woman. Why did his body betray him like this? 

He froze when Jenny’s eyes locked with his. For a moment time seemed to stop as her gaze melted into him. Jenny hurried over to her window and opened it up.

He cleared his head then jumped over to her window. “I see you listened to me,” he said as he climbed into the window. He tried to sound casual.

“I may be a bit crazy but I am not stupid.” She stepped away from him, giving him a little room. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. She found herself wondering what it would be like to sink her hands into the wealth of his auburn hair.

“You said you wanted to ask me questions.” Sebastian walked over to the wingback chair that set in the corner of the room and sat down.  His body was becoming aroused just by the intensity of her stare.

“Is Ezra awake?”

“If he was do you think I would be here?”

“I suppose not.” Jenny clicked on her tape recorder and then sat on the bed. “I don’t know where to start other than the obvious question.  How did you become a vampire?”

“That is a loaded question.” Sebastian kept his eyes focused on the floor in front of him.  “I was tricked you could say.”


“Love can make a man do strange things.”

“If you would rather not talk about this I would understand. I would be disappointed, but I would understand.”

“You know, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe talking to you is what I need. So Jenny I will tell you my tragic tale.” He looked up at her. She sat on her bed with her legs crossed and pen in hand ready to write down what he would tell her.  Her genuine interest somehow made it easier for him.  “I was made a vampire over two hundred years ago. Up until I met…her, I was a priest.”

“A priest?”

“Shocking isn’t it. Yeah, I was a priest. I devoted myself to my church, the town and the people. I gave myself to God.” Sebastian stood up. “I gave up the pleasures of the flesh. I believe this would interfere with my higher purpose, until of course when I met her.”

“What was her name?”

Sebastian looked at Jenny. He has never uttered that woman’s name, not since…

“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me.” She saw Sebastian’s hesitation and was worried that she had overstepped some line. 

Sebastian started to chuckle. “It’s been so long since I have even spoken about her.” He walked over to Jenny and sat down on the bed next to her. “Her name was Scarlet.”

“If this is too painful for you...” Jenny froze when Sebastian gently stroked her cheek.

“I am touched that you care about my feelings, Jenny.”

Hearing her name come from those sensuous lips sent a shudder through her body.

Sebastian could smell her arousal and he slowly stood up and put some distance between them.  “Scarlet came to my small town and every male wanted her attention, hell they seemed to crave it.  But then the women started disappearing. The first was Mary, the sweet wife of David.  The whole town searched for her. Everyone feared some sort of animal might have killed poor Mary and dragged her body off.  But what struck me as odd was the way David acted. He seemed more interested in Scarlet than knowing where his wife, the mother of his children, was.  Then a week later Elizabeth disappeared and like before, her husband Joseph seemed more enthralled with Scarlet than finding his wife.”

“Scarlet was killing these women wasn’t she?”

“Yes, she used the men to bring her what she wanted.  After the fourth woman disappeared I confronted Scarlet. She was the only thing that was a common link.  She was beyond beautiful, her voice was like a melody that made my body come alive, and I too found myself enthralled with her.  Though I tried to reason why this woman would make me…” Sebastian sat back down in the chair.  The familiar shame and anger surged through him.

“Make you do what?” Jenny slowly said.

“Make me give up my vows as a priest, make me turn my back on my village, make me follow her like some pet.” Sebastian’s voice was becoming louder as his anger filled him.

“She weaved a spell on you.”

“It doesn’t matter!!” Sebastian yelled. “I was a priest. How strong was my faith, Jenny, that I allowed myself to throw it all away for her pussy?!” 

“A vampire’s spell is strong; you of all people should know this.” Jenny was frightened, but she wasn’t going to let him know, even though her heart threatened to beat right out of her chest.  “It was more than just sex wasn’t it?” Jenny nearly screamed when he lunged at her.

“Of course it was more than just sex,” he growled at her, pinning her to the bed. “I thought she loved me, she said she loved me. She made me feel loved, then she took my soul away from me.” Sebastian pinned Jenny’s arms above her head as he straddled her waist. “She turned me into this monster that I am then she left me when she grew tired of me. You know what she said?  She said she wanted the challenge of turning a priest into a demon. She said that as she laughed at me,” he growled. His teeth began to elongate. “You know what I did, Jenny?”

“You killed her,” Jenny’s voice trembled.

“Your damn right I did. When I was strong enough, I hunted the bitch down, drained her blood, tied her to a tree and watched from a cave as the sun burnt her body.”

“You had every right to do that.” Jenny was so frighten. Was he going to drain her of blood? What the hell did she get herself into?

“Jenny…” Sebastian slowly climbed off her then let his body slide off the bed until he was sitting on the floor.  “That moment when I watched Scarlet’s body burn, that moment I became a hunter. And I swore I wouldn’t take the blood of another human.  I feed off of cattle and other animals. I won’t allow myself to become the monster Scarlet tried to make me.”

“I don’t think you are a monster.” Jenny reached her hand out and ran her fingers through his long, silky auburn hair.

Sebastian reached up and grabbed her hand. He pulled her down into his lap. He placed his hand gently on her cheek and gazed into her eyes. “Jenny…I want you as much as you want me.” He saw the surprised expression on her face. “My senses are heightened and I can smell your arousal.”

Jenny tried to look away from him, but she was lost in his rich auburn eyes. “I do want you.”

“Jenny.” He ran his fingers through her hair and softly kissed her lips. “I can’t allow myself to be with you.”

“Why?” she whispered. Her body ached for his. For the first time in her life she really needed to be with someone.

“You deserve better than a monster, Jenny.” He gently lifted her into his arms then he stood up. He sat her down on the bed.

“You are not a monster, Sebastian.”

“I must go hunt Ezra. I will not return to this room.”

“Then go hunt Ezra, but I will help you.”

“No! I forbid it.”

“How are you going to stop me?” Jenny gasped when he charged at her and lifted her up by her neck and pinned her to the wall.

“I could drain your blood.” His teeth elongated again. “Show you what kind of monster I am.”

“Then do it,” Jenny gasped.

He slowly lowered her back down to the ground. “I am sorry, Jenny.”

“Don’t be. But don’t tell me what I can or can’t do.” Jenny had no idea where this courage was coming from. Sebastian could easily kill her. Somehow she knew he wouldn’t.  But she couldn’t just let him walk away. Something inside her screamed to make him stay.

“Ezra is a powerful vampire. Even I am having a hard time killing him. What chance could you possibly have against him? What purpose would there be to you risking your life?”

“You could use me as bait.”


“Use me as bait. I will lure him out then you can take care of the rest.”

“And what if I fail?”

“You won’t.”

Sebastian just looked at her. He was genuinely surprised when she moved closer and placed her hand timidly on his chest. 

“I don’t know why I feel this way about you, Sebastian. But I have a need to be near you. I understand if…”

“Jenny, you are drawn to me because that is how I would lure my prey to me.”

“No that’s not it. I have met another vampire and yes, he too was very beautiful, and yes, I admit I was physically attracted to him briefly, but I didn’t lay awake thinking about him.” Jenny pushed Sebastian back. She was both embarrassed and emotionally drained. Why was she admitting this to him? She was only setting herself up to be hurt.

“Jenny.” He took her into his arms. He wanted so much to kiss her, to make love to her, but he couldn’t allow himself to do this. He gasped when she captured his lips with hers. He could feel her desire, her need for him that it threatened to melt his defenses. He allowed himself a moment to enjoy her hungry kiss, then he gently pushed her away.

“I can’t Jenny, please understand this.”

“I understand.”

Her tears stabbed at his heart. He gently wiped them from her face. “I must go.”

“Take me with you. I can help you with Ezra. Please allow me to do this for you.”

“Jenny, it will be dangerous.”

“Please…” Her pleading eyes melted his heart.

“You must do what I say. For if you don’t it will only distract me.”

“I will do what you say.”

“Then rest Jenny, tomorrow night we will hunt down Ezra.”

“What about tonight?”

“He has gone deep underground. I doubt I will be able to find him before sunrise. Meet me at the edge of town at sunset tomorrow.”  He looked at her once more then headed towards the window.

“Wait.” She hurried to him.  She grabbed a handful of his luxurious hair and pulled him down to her. She kissed him deeply wanting one more taste of his lips.  Sebastian allowed himself to enjoy this brief moment.

“I will be there,” she said as she shut the window, then slowly backed away from the window. She had handed him her heart, now she would only have to wait and see if he would accept it or break it.

He knew this as he leapt from her window and ran out of town. He couldn’t allow himself to feel anything for her. He raced into the woods scanning for Ezra.  He knew the ancient vampire was too clever and finding his resting place would be close to impossible.  So Sebastian opened the ground and slowly sank into it as he weaved an enchantment to protect him as he slept.  He had to get Jenny off his mind and gather his strength.  He had to focus on Ezra, not only to protect the villagers, but more importantly to protect Jenny. 

“No!” he groaned. She wouldn’t leave his thoughts.




Sebastian watched Jenny as she walked slowly out of the village. He shouldn’t have allowed her to do this. Ezra might, hell he would kill her if given the chance.  He quickly scanned the area when he felt Ezra’s presence near.

“Damn it,” he growled as he leapt from the roof he was perched on.  He couldn’t let Jenny do this.  He raced to where she was and scooped her up into his arms.

“What?” Jenny was startled but then relaxed when she realized it was Sebastian who grabbed her.

Sebastian hurried into the forest then set Jenny down. He had to lead Ezra away from the village as well as protect Jenny.

“What are you doing?”

“I couldn’t let you be bait. I felt Ezra coming; I just…couldn’t allow you to put yourself in danger.”

“Sebastian,” a deep male voice bellowed.

“Come out you coward.”

Jenny gasped when the tall, dark haired, well-muscled man walked into her view. His eyes were a pale blue and almost looked like crystal.

“It’s time to stop playing with you Sebastian. Why are you waiting to attack? Ah, is this your female? Will you turn her into a monster like us?”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, I have turned many females, huh, and males for that matter into what I am. The sweet agony they feel when they must feed off of others to live.”

“You are a monster,” Jenny said as she raised her gun up.

“Why thank you.” Ezra smiled at her.

“Jenny back away.” Sebastian placed himself in front of her.

“I want your female, Sebastian, mmmm, to taste her warm, sweet blood, as I take her soft body.” 

“Arrrhhh!!!” Sebastian yelled as he lunged at Ezra.

Jenny still had her gun raised but she dared not shoot, she might hit Sebastian. They didn’t fight like mortal men, but more like animals. She watched them claw and try to bite at each other as one try to dominate the other. The force in which they hit and threw each other would have killed a normal man by now. But it didn’t seem to faze them too much.  Jenny held her gun up ready to fire.  She winced when she heard Sebastian cry out as Ezra sunk his teeth into the base of his neck.

“No!” Jenny cried out as she shot.  Ezra let go of Sebastian and hissed at her.  Within a blink of an eye he was there in front of her.

“You little bitch.” Ezra’s voice sounded monstrous.

Jenny fired her gun again, knocking him back a little. This time he raised his hand up to the wound. The look of agony washed over his face.  Jenny jumped back when Sebastian knocked Ezra down.  Ezra growled and threw Sebastian off him, then he took off running.

Sebastian didn’t get back up.  Jenny hurried over to him. He was extremely pale and she could see the blood flowing from the bite mark on his neck. Jenny tore a piece of cloth off her shirt and held it to Sebastian’s wound. 

“What do you need?” she asked, looking into his eyes.

“For you to run from here.”

“No, I won’t leave you like this.  Now tell me what you need to get your strength back?”

Sebastian just turned his face from her.

“You need blood don’t you?” Jenny had to get him back to her hotel so she could take care of the bite wound.  “Use mine.”

“No!” Sebastian bellowed.

“You have to.”

“No!” he growled.

Jenny looked around. “Here hold this firmly against your neck.”  She grabbed her gun and headed into the forest a little further.  She quickly replaced her silver bullets with a couple of regular ones. Judging by Ezra’s reaction, the silver must cause some kind of pain to a vampire. It may not kill them but obviously it hurts like hell.  Thank God her father taught her how to hunt.  She could find something for Sebastian to feed on.

After about twenty minutes she came back with the rabbit she got.  She quickly handed it to Sebastian then turned around to let him feed in private. She could hear the snapping of bones followed by a growling, sucking sound coming from Sebastian. The blood he would get from the rabbit wouldn’t be enough to heal him, but it should give him a little strength so she could take him back to the hotel.

The walk back to the hotel was a slow one. Jenny prayed Ezra wouldn’t return. Ezra was much stronger than Sebastian.  Why was he toying with Sebastian?  He could have killed Sebastian if she wasn’t there and helped a little.

Jenny helped Sebastian into her bed then quickly went to get her first aid kit.  She sutured and bandaged the wound.  However, he still looked too pale.

“I will find you some more blood.”

He grabbed her arm before she got up. “Leave me, I will be alright in a little while.”

“I will be right back.” She gently removed his hand from her arm then left the room.

Sebastian was so weak.  Ezra was far stronger than he first thought. The bastard was toying with him. It would take more than brute strength to defeat this maniacal enemy.  Jenny too, surprised him, she was a strong woman, something her appearance didn’t let on.  More important she was a very accepting woman.  He had to get away from her. He was in danger of falling in love with her.  But who was he kidding, he was already in love with the mortal woman.

He must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing he knew Jenny was propping his head up and telling him to drink. “What is this?” he said weakly.

“It’s blood, now drink.”

“Where did you get it from?”

“An animal, don’t worry, so drink, you have to.”

 The familiar taste and texture of blood filled his mouth and he drank greedily.  He felt the blood renew his body filling him with strength.

“Do you need more?” Jenny asked as she lowered the empty jug down.

“No, thank you.”

 He opened his eyes when he heard the sound of tape being unraveled.  He watched as Jenny began taping the curtains to the windows.

“What are you doing?”

 “The sun will be coming up soon.”

“Jenny, you don’t have to take care of me.”

“I know…I want to.”

When she finished taping the windows up, she climbed into the bed and lay down next to him. She reached out her hand and touched his chest. He felt warm, his skin was soft yet the muscles underneath were hard to the touch.  He felt like any other man.  She moved closer and snuggled up beside him.  After a few moments she felt his arm go around her, pulling her closer.  Both didn’t say a word as they drifted off to sleep.




Ezra growled as he suckled on the young woman’s breast.  She was easy to lure to him, but weren’t all mortals? He bit down hard and began sucking the blood from her breast much like a baby suckles his mother for milk.  The young woman was so enraptured by his lovemaking she had no idea he was stealing her life away.  He thrust his cock harder and deeper into her as he continued to feed. The mixture of feeding and fucking at the same time was pure pleasure to him. He growled louder as he finally orgasm. He continued to feed until he took her life, then he dropped her to the ground like a discarded toy. 

He headed back into the forest. His body still ached from that little bitch’s silver bullets. But now that he fed the wounds Sebastian gave him would heal quickly.  He was growing tired of playing with Sebastian.  Though Sebastian was the strongest vampire he has run into in years, Ezra was still stronger. 

Ezra was six hundred years old, which made Sebastian nothing more than a fledgling to him.  Ezra took delight in tormenting any vampire he came across. He had no use for any male vampires.  He didn’t mind the females that much. After all, they loved to fuck.

Ezra found a suitable sleeping area. The sun was almost up.  He lay in the ground and allowed the dirt to cover him.  Tomorrow he would kill Sebastian and take Jenny. Oh yes, he would screw the hell out of her and turn her into what he was…a monster.




Sebastian slowly opened his eyes. He felt the warmth of Jenny’s body snuggled against his. He looked down and moved the hair from her face.  She looked so peaceful sleeping cradled in his arms.  His fingers traced her lips and she stirred a little.

“Jenny,” he whispered as he cupped her cheek with his hand. Timidly he lowered his lips to hers. Every reasonable thought told him not to do this, but his body, his heart told him otherwise.

He awakened her with his kiss. He sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer.  This shouldn’t be and yet it felt so right holding her like this. His hand wandered down her body until he cupped her pussy. The fabric of her jeans and panties were the only thing that stood between his hand and her sweetness.

“Sebastian…” Jenny sighed.  She reached down and undid her jeans then took his hand and guided it inside her pants. She needed to feel his hand, to feel the warmth of it. She pressed his hand firmly to her as he began to explore her pussy with his fingers.  She fumbled with her jeans trying to remove them from her body. Within seconds she found herself naked. Sebastian had removed their clothing with just a thought.

“I can’t wait, I need to feel you against me,” her voice pleaded.

He removed his hand and slowly rolled on top of her, positioning himself between her legs. He felt her hands in his hair as she pulled him closer. He waited for a brief moment with his cock poised at the entrance to her pussy.  The sweet hunger in her eyes as her anticipation built.

“Please Sebastian,” she begged.

“I want to savor the moment.  The look in your eyes Jenny…it feeds my desire.” Sebastian arched up as he entered her. Inch by inch his cocked filled her. Painfully slowly he allowed her pussy to sheath his cock.  When he was buried to the hilt in her he gazed down into her face again. He slowly began to thrust as he watched her face. He felt the monster in him begin to awaken. His thirst intensified as he heard the delicious moans coming from her. He thrust harder and he could hear the growls coming from himself, though he could barely recognize his own voice. His eyes locked on her neck as his teeth began to elongate.

“Jenny, I must feed…I must…” He tried disparately to control his hunger, but as his pleasure built, so too did his thirst.

“Take what you need, Sebastian.”

Unable to control his urge to feed any longer he sank his teeth into her throat, as he continued to thrust harder and harder.

“Oh yes…yes…yesss!!!” she cried out. Her orgasm was so intense it caused her whole body to quiver.

Sebastian growled as he continued to feed. He thrust harder and faster, going deeper with each thrust. His orgasm exploded through him, forcing him to arch up and cry out.  When his body stopped trembling from pleasure he licked the wound on her neck closing the bite marks. He quickly looked into her face to make sure he didn’t harm her. He was so relieved when he saw the smile on her face.

“I am sorry…” He was shocked when she placed her fingers on his lips.

“You don’t need to apologize, Sebastian.”

“I could have hurt…”

“Shhh…now kiss me.”

Sebastian took her into his arms and kissed her intensely.  He could sense Ezra rising and knew he only had a few precious moments left with Jenny. He kissed her deeper and held her tighter, lingering in her loving embrace.




Ezra roared as he emerged from his sleeping place. His hunger was great this night and he intended to satisfy it. He was going to drain every last drop of blood from Sebastian, the power this would give him would be euphoric. Then, he would turn Jenny into what he was, but he would do this as Sebastian lie there dying.  This thought excited Ezra so that he reached into his pants and pulled his cock out. Slowly he stroked as he played the sweet images in his mind.  Sebastian who loathed being a vampire…mmm…he would be forced to watch Ezra turn the mortal woman into the very thing Sebastian hated most.  Ezra leaned his head back as he stroked his cock faster. Vivid images of the towns’ people dying at his hands raced through his mind as he stroked his cock faster and faster. He climaxed seeing Jenny kneeling before him sucking his cock, calling him Master as Sebastian breathed his last breath.

Ezra licked his own cum from his hands as he planned his attack.




Sebastian waited just outside of town for Ezra. Jenny was safely hidden away. He knew Ezra wouldn’t hide this night or sneak around, not this night.  But still, it was too quiet and Sebastian couldn’t help to think that maybe he made a mistake leaving Jenny alone.  A fear began to race through him as if someone was filling him with this fear, a mind trick no doubt. Sebastian focused and shook the feeling of fear.

“Ever diligent I see,” Ezra mocked.

“Ever the coward I see you are. Come and face me.” Sebastian looked everywhere but couldn’t see the snake anywhere. That alarming feeling started to grow again, this time he knew he had made a mistake. Jenny was with Ezra. He could feel it now.

“I see your senses are sharp, Sebastian.”

Sebastian turned around quickly when he heard something hit the ground with a thud. “Jenny!!!” Sebastian raced toward her.  She was so very pale, but she was still alive.

“She tasted so sweet, but you know that don’t you Sebastian?”

“Face me you bastard,” Sebastian growled.

“Eager to die are you?” Ezra leapt down from the roof and landed a few feet away.

“Eager to kill you.” Sebastian raced over to Ezra. He had to kill him quickly, Jenny’s life depended on it.

Ezra and Sebastian clawed, bit and punched at each other. Sebastian’s anger lent him strength he didn’t know he possessed.  But still Ezra was more powerful and soon Sebastian was overwhelmed by Ezra’s strength.

“Once I have drained you dry, I will turn her into a vampire. She will be my plaything until I tire of her.”

“Arrggh!!” Sebastian struggled under him.

“I will have her suck my cock every night and fuck her like a dog before I sleep.” Ezra forced Sebastian’s hands over his head. “I will watch her feed, knowing the agony it would cause her to take a life of a human. I will let her know what a monster she has become. Then…” Ezra smiled down at Sebastian. “I will tie her to a tree and watch her burn in the sunlight.”

“I will kill her first before I will let you do that to her.” Sebastian struggled he had to free himself to spare Jenny this cruel fate.

“Like you will be able to escape me.” Ezra chuckled.

A loud bang filled the air and Sebastian watched the blood flow from Ezra’s chest.  Ezra’s roars were deafening as he struggled to hold Sebastian down. But before long he started to weaken and Sebastian kicked him off. 

Like a wild animal Sebastian attacked Ezra, clawing, biting and ripping at Ezra’s flesh until at last he tore open Ezra’s juggler vein, spilling his blood over the ground. 

Sebastian rolled off Ezra and slowly stood up. He looked over to Jenny and saw her lying there holding her pistol in her hand. She was the one who shot Ezra. She had saved his life.

“Jenny!” He raced over to her. She didn’t respond. He had to do something, but he wouldn’t turn her into the monster he was, he just couldn’t do it. He scooped her up into his arms and hurried over to the doctor of the village.

 To his surprise the doctor didn’t hesitate to help him and he quickly went to work aiding Jenny.

Sebastian waited in the small waiting room. He would have to dispose of Ezra’s body. The morning sun would do that job for him.

 He waited as long as he could before he had to seek the shelter from the sun. He looked in on her, but it was still too early to know if she would survive such a heavy blood loss.

As Sebastian lowered himself into the ground his thoughts were on Jenny. He could have turned her to a vampire, this would have saved her life for sure. But what kind of life would she have had?  For the first time in centuries Sebastian prayed.




As soon as the sun set Sebastian awoken and he rushed back into town. He had no desire to hid himself from the villagers and was surprised when he was greeted by grateful townspeople the moment he entered the village.  He took their gratitude graciously even though he wanted nothing more than to race toward the doctor’s and make sure Jenny was okay.  He went over to the pile of ash that once was Ezra. The townspeople were too afraid to touch it, so Sebastian disposed of it for them.

Finally he made his way to the doctor’s.

“Don’t worry hunter your friend will be fine,” the doctor said. “You can see her if you wish. I can’t express my gratitude for you ridding our town of that monster.”

“No, I am in your debt for saving Jenny.” Sebastian nodded his head respectfully to the doctor then rushed to Jenny’s side.

“You are alright!” she said as he entered the room.

“Thanks to you.”

“Is Ezra dead?”

“Yes…” Sebastian didn’t know what to say or even what to do.  He smiled when she sat up and opened her arms to him.  He hurried over and fell into her arms.


Part IV    Jenny’s Surprise



Shelly and Stewart greeted Jenny at the airport. “I am so glad you made it home in one piece.” Shelly tightened her grip on Jenny.

“You are going to break me if you hug me any tighter.” Jenny chuckled.

“You scared the crap out of us. We couldn’t get a hold of you.” Stewart hugged her from behind. Now she was trapped in the middle of her friends.

“Oh I missed you guys so much and I didn’t mean to scare you.” Jenny hugged them tighter. “Do you forgive me?”

“Of course we do, but don’t do that again,” Stewart said.

“Yeah…I am just glad you are alright.”

“Let’s go home guys,” Jenny said as she gave both of them a kiss on the cheek.

They walked to the car and Jenny filled them in to what happened in Romania.

Jenny smiled looking at the familiar scenery that past as they made their way back to Shelly’s cabin.

“So when do we get to meet your new lover?” Shelly asked.

“What lover?”

“Oh come on girl. You are glowing like a woman in love.”

“Okay, I can’t hide anything from you.”

“So when?”

“Well I’m afraid you will have to wait until this evening before I can introduce you to Sebastian.” Jenny smiled. Just saying his name made her body heat up.

“Really, then he was on the airplane with you. Oh damn it girl, we could have given him a ride you know. Was he on the airplane with you?” Shelly looked over to Jenny.

“Yes, he was. But he had to have special seating.” Jenny was having the box he was in delivered to Shelly’s cabin. She had filled it with dirt so he would be comfortable. Now the only thing that was left was explaining this to Shelly and Stewart.

“Well, why didn’t you just bring him with us?”

“Don’t worry he will be at the cabin this evening.” Jenny listened to Shelly and Stewart’s conversation as they drove up to the cabin. But her mind kept drifting to Sebastian.

“I love you, Jenny.”

Those words repeated over and over in her mind, making her smile and filling her with warmth. She would have stayed in Romania with him. But her friends were here.

“I will go wherever you go Jenny. You have given me back my soul.”

All the beautiful words he said replayed in her mind. She could almost feel his hand on her body and taste his lips. 

She turned and looked at her friends and wondered how they were going to react. But she knew them, they would accept Sebastian. She chuckled a little thinking she was a paranormal investigator with a vampire boyfriend.  She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sound of Shelly and Stewart’s banter as images of Sebastian filled her mind.

They arrived at the cabin just before nightfall.  “What is that?” Shelly said looking at the large crate on her front porch.

Jenny grabbed the tire iron out of the trunk of the car and went towards the box. Stewart hurried over and got the tire iron from her and pried it open for her.

Stewart quickly placed Shelly behind him when Sebastian emerged from the soil.

“Please be calm,” Jenny said, going to her friends. “This is Sebastian.”

“What?!” Stewart and Shelly said together.

“Shelly, Stewart, I want you to meet Sebastian.” Jenny stepped back.

“It is nice to meet both you,” Sebastian said as he gently kissed Shelly’s hand then shook Stewart’s hand.

“You are a…” Shelly watched in amazement as the dirt seemed to disappear off of him.

“Yes, Shelly he is a…”

“Vampire,” Sebastian added. “If my presence upsets you I will understand and leave.”

“No, it’s okay, it’s just, well…”

“Going to take some getting use to,” Stewart injected.

“Well, ummm, we will leave Jenny and you alone so you can get settled in.” Shelly grabbed Stewart’s hand and dragged him into the cabin.

“Okay this is weird,” Stewart said as he looked out the window at Sebastian and Jenny embracing each other.

“Jenny’s happy and she wouldn’t put us in danger. So he must be alright.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Shelly grabbed Stewart by the arm and pulled him away from the window. “Give them some privacy.”

“I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to hurt her.”

“If he wanted to do that he would have by now.”

Stewart looked down at Shelly’s hand as she still had a hold of his arm. He was a bit disappointed when she finally let him go.

“Shelly,” he said quickly.


Without thinking he took her into his arms, then he cupped the back of her head and kissed her. When she offered no resistance but instead melted into his embrace, he pulled her closer as he continued to kiss her.  Maybe Jenny was right and it was time for him to admit his feelings for Shelly.

“Stewart…” Shelly said breathily.

“I want to make love to you,” he whispered.

Shelly smiled up at him as she reached down and grabbed his hand. “You read my mind, Stewart,” she said as she led him to the bedroom.




Jenny loved being in the warmth of Sebastian’s embrace.  No words were needed as they held each other.

Now what? kept running through her mind.  She and Sebastian discussed a lot of things when they spent that amazing week together. He would always be a hunter and nothing would stop her from her paranormal investigations.  The one thing they did agree on was that they would always be together. She would help him and he would assist her.  His mind was as curious as hers, much to her delight. Jenny wanted to hear all about Sebastian’s life, he fascinated her in every way and couldn’t wait to learn more about him.

Sebastian would become part of the team over time. She knew Stewart and Shelly would love Sebastian when they got to know him.

“We should give your friends some privacy,” Sebastian said as he took her hand and led her into the woods.


“My senses are much more acute than yours Jenny. I can hear them making love in the cabin.”

“They are!” Jenny smiled.

“I don’t understand…”

“Those two have loved each other for as long as I can remember. They were afraid to show it to one another.  I have been nagging and picking at Stewart to make the first move because I knew Shelly never would.” Jenny looked up at Sebastian. “It’s a long story—let’s just say Shelly got her heart broken really bad once.”


“Do you need to feed? It was a long plane ride.”

“Yes, I will return shortly.” He pulled her into his arms. “Then I will make love to you.” He licked her lips slowly.

“Oh, hurry back.” She grabbed handfuls of his lush hair.

He smiled then seemed to disappear. Jenny sat down by the river and gazed up at the stars. She couldn’t remember ever seeing such a beautiful night before.  A real sense of happiness filled her.  Sebastian was everything she ever dreamt of, him being a vampire in her opinion was a bonus. And Shelly and Stewart finally got together. 

She stared out across the night and wondered what else was out there. But knowing Sebastian and her two best friends would be there to find out with her filled her with a peace she never knew before.














You want me to describe my Master…there are no words that could even come close to doing him justice- Skye


Life and love are the words I would use to describe Master- Arnet





Chapter One



Skye fumbled with the napkins as she tried to set them out just perfect on the large table. Tonight her Master was having a dinner party and it was hers and Arnet’s job to make sure everything was perfect for it.

She was finding it hard to concentrate, as thoughts of last night wouldn’t leave her mind. Master…her breath caught just by the mere whisper of his name, he was amazing last night. She looked up and stole a glance of Arnet. He was so much smaller than Master. Arnet had to only stand five foot six. His sandy blond hair grazed his shoulder. He was boyishly handsome and compared to Master he was just a slip of a man. The way Master brought Arnet pleasure last night. Her body trembled from her budding arousal. The look on Arnet’s face…oh my God, that look. Arnet never looked as beautiful as he did at that moment.

A feeling of guilt washed over her. She shouldn’t be thinking about Arnet. She should be focusing on the task her Master had given her. He counted on her to make everything perfect. There was nothing in this world she wanted more than to bring a smile to her Master’s face. Yet…she found herself looking at Arnet again. He was busy putting white silk coverings on the chairs.

Master found both of them at the same time. So, they both fell in love with Master and trained to be everything for him.

She quickly looked away when Arnet glanced over to her. She had to stop this. Lately, she found herself looking at Arnet a lot. Perhaps, it was because they shared the common bond of their love and devotion to the same man. Maybe, it was the fact that they often pleasured Master together…oh she didn’t want to get bogged down with these thoughts today. Tonight was important to Master and making everything perfect should be her only concern.

“Ah, everything is looking perfect.”

“Master!” Skye yelled as she rushed over to him.

He opened his arms and waited for both Skye and Arnet to come to him. They almost knocked him over as they threw themselves into his arms.

“You look amazing, Master,” Skye said as she snuggled against his chest.

“You do, Master,” Arnett added.

Master wore and elegant black suit. He was a big man standing well over six foot four. He was very muscular, but not overly so. His dark hair was short which seemed to intensify his electric blue eyes. He was a very handsome man who carried himself with such grace and authority, but yet he had such a warmth to him. Arnet and Skye simply thought he was perfect in every way.

“My guests will be arriving soon. While they are here you must remember to address me as Mr. Arden or Sir. Calling me Master in front of them may make them uncomfortable.”

“Yes Master,” they said in unison. 

“I have had the servants lay out some clothes for you two to wear.” He stroked both of their hair softly.

“I am so nervous,” Skye said.

“Why, my beautiful one?”

She looked up into his handsome face. “I don’t want to disappoint you. What if I mess things up?”

“You will do just fine. You always do. Now stop worrying.”

She hugged him tighter. His scent enveloped her instantly putting her at ease. She loved the way he smelt… spicy, clean, masculine.

“Now, go ready yourselves. The servants will finish up in here.”

“Yes Master.”

He watched both of them hurry off. He loved both of his submissives very much. Yet, he could feel something was bothering Skye. It was more than worrying about this evening. He has sensed her uneasiness for the last few weeks now. When she was ready she would tell him. He knew that. He only wished she would hurry up and do so. He hated when his submissives were upset.




Master chose such a beautiful and elegant dress for Skye to wear. It was black, long, silky and fitted her body like a glove. She admired herself for a moment in the mirror. She wanted to look perfect for Master.  She wore her long hair up, which added to the elegant look.

“You look beautiful.”

Skye quickly turned and beamed at her Master.

“Here, I have something for you.” He gently turned her around and put on the diamond necklace.

“Master…” she gasped.

“Let me see.”

She quickly turned around.

“Put these on as well.” He handed her the matching earrings.

Skye quickly put on the earrings. “Thank you, Master.”

“It’s my pleasure.” He gently caressed her face. “Go to Arnet and help him finish getting ready. You know he never can tie his tie right.” Garrett smiled.

“Yes Master.”

“Be ready to greet my guests at six.”

“Yes Master.”

She waited for him to leave then she hurried to Arnet’s room. She chuckled softly when she saw him struggling to tie his bowtie right. Her eyes traveled down his small body. He looked really handsome in his tux. It accentuated his boyish handsomeness and made his tussled looking hair that much more pronounced.

“Here let me help.” She went over to him.

“You look beautiful, Skye.”

“Thank you. You are looking pretty good yourself.”

“I can’t tie this stupid tie and my hair won’t cooperate.”

“Leave your hair the way it is. It gives you a certain charm. Besides, Master likes your hair like that.” Skye tied Arnet’s tie. He smelled so good and with her heels on she was as tall as he was.

Their eyes locked for a moment then both of them stepped away from each other.

“We have to be at the door ready to greet Master’s guests by six.” She glanced up at the clock it was five-thirty.

“We better go now.”

Skye didn’t argue and followed him out of the room.

The next few hours went by quickly. They greeted Master’s guests and made sure each one was comfortable. It was their task to go and talk to any guests who looked nervous or alone. Master wanted everyone to have a good time tonight. Skye and Arnett were gracious and did their tasks well.

They stood by their Master’s side as he bid his guests goodnight. Both Skye and Arnett held their breath as they watched Master say goodbye to his last guest. Both hoped they pleased him. When he turned around and smiled at both of them they knew that they had done well.

“I am so proud of both of you.” He walked over and took both of them into his arms. “Now go get some sleep.”

Skye was a little disappointed that Master didn’t want her to pleasure him. But when she looked up into his face and seen that he was tired her disappoint quickly disappeared.

“Do you need anything, Master,” Arnet said.

“No, you two look tired I want you to rest.”

“Yes Master.”

Garrett kissed both of them goodnight then headed upstairs.

“I didn’t think we were going to make it through tonight.” Arnet took off his tie.

“What do you mean?” Skye let her hair down and took off her heels.

“There were more guests than I thought.”

“We did set up the big dining room.”

“I know, it’s just that I'm used to Master having only a handful of guests.”

“Master was pleased with how we did.”

“Master is an easy man to please, a fact that I’m grateful for.” Arnet removed his tuxedo jacket.

“I think I’m going to take a bath before I go to bed. Good night, Arnet.”

“Good night, Skye.” Arnet watched Skye climb the stairs. His cock started to harden as he watched the sway of her hips. He quickly looked away. Master told them to get some rest. Besides, Arnet couldn’t touch Skye without Master’s permission. At least he figured that was how it worked. Lately, he couldn’t seem to get thoughts of Skye out of his mind. He chalked it up to the fact that he was bisexual and she was a very attractive woman. Yet, he knew he was lying to himself. He was starting to develop feelings for her. He couldn’t do that. His love was his Master’s and no one else’s.  

Arnet grabbed a quick bite to eat. One of Master’s female guests demanded quite of a lot of his time, and for the life of him he couldn’t remember her name. Strange, after spending so much time with the woman he couldn’t even remember her name. He thought about it for a moment. The only thing that kept popping in his mind was images of Skye and the way she was so charming tonight.

“Oh hell, I got to stop thinking about her.” Arnet closed his eyes and pictured his Master. Instantly his mind and body relaxed.

After Arnet had something to eat he went upstairs. He heard soft music coming from Skye’s room, then the light splashing of water. He couldn’t stop himself as he walked inside her room. He slowly opened the door to her bathroom. His eyes locked on her lying their relaxing in the big bath tub. He shouldn’t be in here. And yet, he couldn’t will himself to move.

“Arnet, what’s wrong?”

“I heard your music and…”

“You shouldn’t be in here.” She covered her breasts with her arms. Arnet has seen her naked many times before, it was almost silly to cover herself.

“I know…I…”

“Master!” Skye’s eyes opened wide and she sat straight up in the tub.

Arnet quickly turned around. “Master.” He came down to his knees before Garrett.

Garrett looked at Arnet kneeling before him. He looked like a child who got caught doing something wrong. Why in the world would Arnet act this way?  Then his eyes went to Skye. She had that same expression to her face. They have done nothing wrong, why are they acting like they have. This was strange and intriguing all at the same time.

“I only came in here to remind you, Skye that you have to go into town tomorrow and get the things I have ordered.”

“I have not forgotten, Master. Thank you for taking the time to remind me.”


“Yes Master.”

“You may stand up.”

Arnet quickly came up to his feet.

“I want you to go with Skye tomorrow.”

“Yes Master.”

“I will go to my room now, if you don’t require anything, Master.”

“That is fine.”

Garrett watched Arnet hurry from the room.

“Good night, Skye.”

“Good night, Master.”

Garrett went to his room and removed his clothes, then lay in his large bed. He heard the soft knock on his door. He knew right a way it was Arnet.

“Come in, Arnet.”

“Master.” Arnet rushed to the bed and came to his knees. “I didn’t touch her, Master.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“It is wrong to touch Skye without your permission. I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t touch her.”

“When did I say you couldn’t touch Skye?”

Arnet slowly looked into his Master’s face. He didn’t have an answer.

“I never said you couldn’t touch Skye.”

“I assumed since she is yours that no one can touch her without you saying it’s okay.”

Garrett chuckled. “Skye is my submissive, not my property. The same can be said about you.”

“Please let me pleasure you, Master.” Arnet was confused and wanted nothing more than to suckle on his Master’s cock.

“I could use your mouth on my cock.” Garrett closed his eyes and enjoyed Arnet sucking his cock. He gently stroked Arnet’s hair. “That feels good.” Garrett’s praised made Arnet intensify his efforts and yet he paced himself so that his Master wouldn’t come too soon.

“Make me come. Oh yes…” Garrett tightened his hold on Arnet’s hair as his orgasm started to build. He looked down and watched Arnet slurp down every drop of his cum.

Mmmm, that was good.” Garrett ran his fingers through Arnet’s hair.

“Good night, Master.” Arnet left the room and headed for his. He licked his fingers wanting to get every drop of his Master’s cum.

He went into his room and lay in his bed.  Master didn’t care if he touched Skye. Was this what Master said? It didn’t matter. Arnet should concentrate on his Master. Being with Skye when she was with Master was a treat, nothing more. He wasn’t going to think about this anymore. His thoughts should be with his Master. And that was all there was to it.


Chapter two


Arnet followed Skye around town as she did the errands Master sent her on. Arnet was merely there to help her carry stuff.

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Her smile was so bright. Her joy showed all over her body. Just the way she carried herself was intoxicating. Her zest for life is what Master must love about her.

They stopped at a little bistro and had some lunch. She checked her list making sure she didn’t forget anything Master wanted.

“Arnet, did you go see Master last night?”

“Yes I did.”

“Why? You knew he was tired.”

“I wanted to make sure he wasn’t angry about me going into your bathing room last night.”

“And was he?”


“He wasn’t angry?” Skye looked puzzled.

“He said you were his submissive not his property.” Arnet couldn’t look at her.

“Arnet…why did you come into my bathing chamber last night?”

“I don’t know.”

Skye could see how uncomfortable this conversation was making him, so she quickly changed the subject. They talked about movies, music and whatever else she could think of. She could see Arnet relax. After a little while they went home.

The servants helped them carry the packages in.

“Master,” Skye called out as she rushed through the house looking for him. She hurried into his room.

“Sir had gone out. He will be back this evening,” one of the male servants said.

“Oh…” Skye was disappointed. She wanted her Master’s touch.

“What’s wrong?” Arnet said as he walked into Master’s room with his suits they picked up from the dry cleaners.

“Master is not here.”

“He is a busy man.”

“I know.” Skye went over and helped Arnet take care of Master’s suits. When they were finished they headed down to the living room.

“Skye…” Arnet sat down on the sofa.

“What is it?” She sat next to him.

“Do you enjoy it when we both pleasure Master at the same time?”

“Of course I do. Why would you ask such a silly question?”

A yearning to touch her overcame Arnet. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and stroking her cheek. She didn’t pull away. He wished that she would have.

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” he whispered.

“You shouldn’t say such things.” She had to get away from him. Yet, she couldn’t pull herself away.

“I know I shouldn’t.” He moved closer and captured her lips with his.

Skye pushed him away and stood up. “We can’t do this. We belong to Master.”

“I know…I just can’t stop myself. Forgive me.” Arnet looked to the floor.

“It’s alright.” She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to take him in her arms, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Master should have all her love and that was that.

“Sir has instructed you to ready his bath, Skye,” a servant said. “He will be home within the hour.”

Skye nodded her head, grateful for the task given her. She hurried from the room and straight up the stairs to Master’s room.

“Did Master want me to do anything?” Arnet asked.

“Yes, he wanted you to prepare your stir-fry dish for him.”

Arnet smiled then hurried to the kitchen. He loved cooking for his Master.





Skye ran the washcloth up Master’s back. She had prepared his bath just the way he liked it. Soft music, some wine, and the water temperature were just right.  Her eyes followed the V his back made. She lingered a little longer than she should have. She loved looking at Master. He was male perfection.

She quickly came to her feet when Master stood up. She grabbed a towel and went about drying him off. She handed him his robe.

“Come with me, Skye.”

“Yes Master.” She followed behind him as he walked into his bedroom. His room was very masculine and his scent was everywhere. Her body always sparked to life the instant she came into this room.

“Master, you called me?” Arnet said as he hurried into the room.

“Yes, I did.” Garrett sat down on his bed. “I want to watch you and Skye together.”

Both of them quickly removed their clothes.

“What would you have us do, Master?” Skye asked.

“Arnet, get down on your knees. Skye props one of your legs on his shoulder. That’s it. Arnet, caress her pussy with your tongue.”

Skye grabbed his head to steady herself. His tongue was very skilled. He knew where to lick her to give the most pleasure.

“Don’t come, Skye.”

“Yes Master.” Skye closed her eyes and tried to think of anything but what Arnet’s tongue was doing.

“Let me hear you enjoying her pussy, Arnet.”

Skye tightened her hold on his head as she tried to push back her orgasm. The lapping and sucking sounds coming from Arnet didn’t help.

“Don’t come, Skye.”

“Yes…Master,” she whispered.

She could hear Master getting off the bed and his heavy footsteps coming closer.

“Don’t come, my beauty,” Master whispered in her ear.

Having him this close to her was making it impossible for her to hold off her orgasm.

Master reached down and grabbed Arnet’s head.

“Let me see your tongue licking at her.”

Arnet looked up at Master as he licked at Skye’s pussy.

“Her pussy is so sweet, isn’t it?”

Mmm,” Arnet purred.

“Please let me come, Master. I can’t stop it too much longer.”

“No Skye.”

Master pushed Arnet’s face into her pussy. He moved it up and down.

Skye couldn’t stop the intense orgasm that engulfed her.

“Bad girl.” Master pulled Arnet away from her. He grabbed her arm and dragged her to the wall.

Her body tightened with fear and arousal. He turned her around and pressed her face against the wall. The clicking of the shackles as he tightened them held her firmly against the wall.

She knew what was coming. She both feared and wanted what he was going to do next. Her body tightened when she smelt the leather of his whip. The whooshing noise filled the air, her body anticipated the pain. She knew the taste and feel of her Master’s whip, it was both a punishment and a pleasure. She trembled after the first lash struck her back. Master wanted this to hurt, not to tease.

“How many lashes can you take, Skye?”

“I will take whatever you give me, Master.”

She knew those were the words he wanted to hear. His whip was an extension of his love or his anger. Today, it was love that wielded the whip. She knew his anger, feared his anger. The stinging pain that radiated through her body as he struck her with his whip was a sweet pleasure for both of them. Master needed to give pain and she needed to receive it.

Arnet moaned loudly as he watched Master whip Skye. Her perfect skin became criss-crossed with the pink marks of Master’s whip.

“Come here, Arnet.” Master’s voice was filled with arousal.

Arnet quickly came over and knelt in front of him.

Master removed his robe. His hard cock mesmerized Arnet.

“You want to suck my cock don’t you, boy?”

“More than anything, Master.”

“Position your mouth so that it hovers near the head of my cock.”

Arnet moved forward. He placed his mouth right next to the head of his Master’s cock. He could smell its familiar scent. His cock ached with need, his mouth watered to taste.

“Keep your mouth right there. If your mouth or tongue touches my cock I will beat you.”

Master went back to beating Skye. Her soft moans told him how much she enjoyed feeling his whip against her soft skin. With each lash Master’s cock bounced and Arnet had to move as not to come in contact with it, his eyes never leaving Master’s cock. His urge to taste his Master was becoming overwhelming.

“Master, please let me taste you,” Arnet begged.

“No, stay where you are.”

Master whipped all over the backside of Skye. Each time his whip came into contact with her ass she would moan loudly. Oh his sweet submissive loved being spanked and he knew it. Each time she moaned loudly he would move the whip, causing her to become frustrated and yet it built her excitement.

Arnet’s cock began to ache. The urge to taste his Master became too much. He watched Master’s cock bounce as Master struck Skye again.

“Please Master…” Arnet groaned.

Garrett reached down and grabbed a handful of Arnet’s hair. He positioned Arnet’s head so that his mouth was almost touching the head of Garrett’s cock.

“Don’t taste me, do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

Garrett pressed the head of his cock to Arnet’s lips.

“Keep those full lips pressed against the head of my cock, but don’t taste me.” Garrett released Arnet’s head and went back to beating Skye. Arnet struggled to keep his lips on the head of Garrett’s cock.

“Here let me make this easy for you, boy,” Garrett pushed Arnet away. “Lay down under me with your head pointing toward Skye.”

Arnet quickly did as Garrett asked. He looked up just as Garrett knelt down then he lowered himself down so that his balls covered Arnet’s face.

“Stay like that, boy. Remember don’t taste me.”  He repositioned himself so that he wouldn’t smother Arnet. He lifted his whip and struck Skye again. In this position her ass was in the perfect position for him to beat the hell out of it easily. Each time his whip struck her ass she would moan and wiggle.

“Do you want me to stop, Skye?”

“No Master.”

“Rest, my beauty, I will beat that ass some more in a moment.” Garrett set his whip down then positioned himself so that he could rub his cock on Arnet’s face.

“Don’t taste me, boy.” He could hear Arnet groan and knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before Arnet couldn’t take any more.

“You want to suck and lick me, don’t you boy.” Garrett rubbed the head of his cock against Arnet’s lips.

Arnet only nodded his head.

Arnet couldn’t stand this. He could feel the head of Master’s cock rubbing back and forth on his lips. He had to taste, but Master said not to. His hands clenched when Master rubbed the entire length of his cock all over Arnet’s face. He wouldn’t disobey his Master. He clinched his hands tighter when Master’s balls covered his face again. He heard Master’s whip and Skye moan again. When was this sweet torture going to end? Oh, damn when was Master going to let him taste him. Arnet rubbed his face against Master’s balls. He moved his head slightly to get a breath of air when he needed it. The intoxicating musk of his Master was driving Arnet wild. He wanted to take Master’s balls into his mouth and suck then he wanted to lap at them. Once he thoroughly licked and sucked Master’s balls he wanted to spend forever sucking and licking at Master’s cock. He wanted Master to come over and over. He wanted Master’s cum down his throat, on his face, covering his lips and tongue, feeding him. Arnet rubbed his face all over Master’s balls trying to fight off the urge to taste him.  He felt the rush of air when Master sat up.

“Please Master let me taste you,” Arnet begged loudly.

“I said no, boy.”

Arnet groaned when Master rubbed the head of his cock over his lips again. Arnet couldn't take any more. He came the instant his tongue started to lap at Master’s cock. He moaned loudly and took Master’s cock into his mouth.

“You bad boy.”

Arnet didn’t care what punishment Master gave him. He greedily sucked at Master’s cock taking all of it down his throat. He moved his tongue around as he sucked. He came again when Master started fucking his mouth.

“You are so greedy. I’m going to make you choke on my cock.” Garrett thrust hard and fast banging Arnet’s head against the floor with each thrust.  Arnet continued to suck taking everything Master had. Garrett pulled his cock from Arnet’s greedy mouth and watched as his cum splattered all over Arnet’s face. Arnet’s tongue wagged back and forth trying to catch Garrett’s cum.

“I want to feel that cum soaked face as I get more use for that greedy fucking tongue of yours.” Garrett moved slightly forward and sat down. He could feel Arnet’s wet face in his ass and soon his tongue doing it’s magic.

Garrett closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Arnet’s tongue in his ass. He reached over and grabbed his whip. He lifted his hips a little and groaned when Arnet pressed his face deeper into Garrett’s ass.

Garrett came up to a kneeling position with his legs opened wide. Arnet kept his face buried in Garrett’s ass.

“Damn,” Garrett growled.

He whipped Skye’s ass a couple more times then hit a button which released her from the shackles. “Get over here and suck my cock, now!” Garrett growled. The way Arnet’s tongue circled around his asshole was almost making Garrett come. The second Skye took his cock into her mouth his orgasm exploded.

“Drink it all,” he held her head firmly to him until she had sucked the last of his cum from him. He sat back forcing Arnet’s head to the ground.

“That’s it keep your tongue buried in me, Arnet.” Garrett released Skye’s head and pulled her up to him. He kissed her deeply tasting his own cum. He felt Arnet trying to move under him, reluctantly he sat up. He could have kept Arnet’s tongue buried in him all day. He felt Arnet gently lapping at his asshole. This Arnet was going to be doing it for awhile, it felt too good to make him stop.

“Master,” Skye purred.

Mmm,” Garrett replied. His legs were getting tired from being in this position, but he wanted Arnet to keep doing what he was doing.

He stood up and went over to his bed. He lay down on his stomach.

“Arnet, caress me some more with your tongue. You please me and I will beat you with my whip.” He heard Arnet hurry over and quickly buried his tongue back into Garrett’s ass. Arnet loved being beat with Garrett’s whip. Hell, he enjoyed it more than Skye did. He could take more punishment than Skye could.

“Skye suck on Arnet’s cock.”

“Yes Master.”

Garrett laid there for twenty minutes as Arnet licked at him. Skye made Arnet come several times.

“That’s enough. I’m sure your tongue is tired by now.”

“I will lick you as long as you want, Master.”

“That’s my good boy, but I still have to punish you for disobeying me earlier. Get your ass to the post. I want full access to your body.”

Arnet hurried over to the post in the middle of the room. Garrett went over and tightened the shackles. He took out his bigger whip and started beating Arnet with it.

“Skye, pleasure yourself as you watch me beat Arnet.”  He knew Skye loved to watch him beat Arnet. He smiled when he heard her moaning. He beat Arnet until his arms got tired. Arnet’s cum was splattered all over the floor in front of him.

“My, my, you came about three times, Arnet.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Garrett went over to Skye and climbed on top of her. He fucked her hard and fast, but he didn’t allow himself to cum yet. The longer he waited to come the stronger his orgasm would be. He went over to Arnet and released him from the pole. He grabbed him roughly and bent him over the bed. Skye quickly went over and lubed up Garrett’s cock. She watched every stroke of his cock as he fucked Arnet. Then she moaned loudly when his cum splattered all over Arnet’s back and ass.

“That was so good, my submissives.” Garrett swatted Arnet on the ass then gently stroke Skye’s cheek.

“Go back to your rooms and clean up.”

Both of them hurried from the room.

Garrett collapsed onto his bed. He was so deliciously sated.


Chapter Three


Arnet soaked in the bathtub. The warm water soothed his sore body. He loved feeling like this. The more his body ached after a night with Master, the more he enjoyed it.

He closed his eyes. He could see Skye's beautiful back with the pink marks from Master's whip. His cock started to get hard as he replayed the events from last night.

“I see you are thinking pleasant thoughts.”

“Master!” Arnet quickly came to a kneeling position in the bathtub.

“Now this is sexy.” Garrett let his gaze drift over Arnet's body.

“What would you have me do, Master?” Arnet's cock became even harder when he heard Garrett unzip his pants.

“Open up.”

Arnet opened his mouth wide. Garrett latched onto the back of Arnet's head then rammed his cock into Arnet's mouth.

Arnet began to eagerly suck on his Master's cock. His cock hardened more when he tasted Skye's pussy. She must have just been with Master. Arnet could smell the sweet scent of her pussy combined with Master's ambrosial scent. He moaned loudly as he sucked harder.

Mmm, you are so eager this morning,” Garrett moaned. He watched his cock going in and out of Garrett's mouth, and that sinful look on Arnet's face…Garrett's body shook. He quickly pulled Arnet from his cock and pushed his face to his balls. He didn't want to come yet. He felt Arnet's tongue flicker across his balls, then he would lightly suck at them. He alternated licking and sucking.

“Stop!” Garrett held Arnet's head away from him. He looked down at his submissive, oh that fucking look on his face: desire, love, admiration and want…Garett growled and rammed his cock back into Arnet's mouth. He thrust a few times then came really hard. He held Arnet's head to him until his cock stopped pulsating from his orgasm.

“Stand up.”

Arnet quickly obeyed. Garrett latched onto Arnet and pulled him close. He kissed him and stroked his cock at the same time.

“Come, my precious submissive.”

“Master!” Arnet cried out. He came all over Garrett's pants.

Garrett held Arnet in his arms until Arnet could hold himself up.

“Master…”Arnet looked at Garrett's pants. “I will clean that up.”

Shh, don't worry about it. I can change my clothes. You would have gotten me all wet anyways.”

Garrett reached over and grabbed a towel. He wrapped Arnet up with it.

“I will be leaving for a few days. You keep Skye company.”

“Yes Master.”

“Now get dress before you catch a cold.” Garrett left the bathroom and went to change his suit.

Arnet quickly got dressed then rushed down to the foyer. He hated it when Master left on business trips. He wished he could just take them with him. Skye was already waiting in the foyer. She looked so sad. It broke Arnet's heart to see her like this.

“I see Master told you he was leaving for two days,” she said quietly.

“Yes.” Arnet wrapped his arm around her trying to bring her some measure of comfort.

“Don't look so sad. I will be back soon,” Garrett said as he entered the foyer. He opened his arms and both ran over to him. He held them tightly.

“Master…take us with you,” Skye said.

“I wish I could. Now kiss me goodbye.”

Each one kissed him. He took his time with both of them. He hated leaving as much as they hated seeing him leave.

Garrett stepped out of their embrace. “Now, behave. Treat the servants well and don't abuse them.”

“You know we wouldn't do that,” Arnet said.

“I know…but it still needed to be said. Don't go anywhere or let anyone into the house. Good bye, my submissives.”

The servant picked up Garrett's luggage and carried it to the limo.

Both Arnet and Skye stood in the driveway and didn't go back into the house until Master's car was gone.

Skye rushed back into the house and straight up to her room. Arnet knew it was useless to try and console her now.

Arnet walked back into the house and saw the servants bustling about. Master had to have at least ten servants who took care of this enormous house and the lands of the estate. They catered to Arnet and Skyes' every wish too. No wonder they were always milling about. He didn't really talk to any of the servants. Neither did Skye.

An older woman hurried over to him. “Is there anything you need?”

“Not right now. However, wait a minute. I want to ask you something.”


“I guess Master pays well, since all of you work so hard and do everything he said without question.”

“The Master does pay well, but it's more than that. We all have great respect for him. He is kind, generous, and just has that aura about him. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.”

“Yes.” Arnet gazed over the rest of the servants as they came in to get their orders from the butler. Arnet glared at the two young men. They were rather good-looking. “Tell me, does Master fuck the servants?”

“Excuse me?”

Arnet looked down at the older woman. “Does Master fuck the servants?” he said slowly.


“Ah hah, what about them?” Arnet gestured to the two young men. “Or them?” He pointed to the two young women. “You can't tell me Master doesn't fuck them.”

“Master doesn't touch the servants.”

Arnet walked over to the two young men. “Tell me, have you sucked on Master's cock?”

They looked surprised.

“Answer me.” The very thought of these servants enjoying Master's cock enraged Arnet.

“We have not had the pleasure of Master's cock. He doesn't touch the help.”

“You want to suck on him don't you?”

“He is very handsome. I would be honored to be with him, and I'm sure I speak for everyone. However, as I said Master doesn't touch the help.”

“Why not?”

“It would be beneath him,” the older woman said sternly. “We are not worthy of the Master's touch. Seeing how you are, it surprises me that you would feel jealousy toward these young men. They work hard and earn what Master gives them.”

“I'm just finding it hard to believe that Master doesn't touch any of you.”

“Arnet, stop it,” Skye said as she came down the stairs.

“Maybe Master went to get another submissive,” the younger male said.

“That's enough,” the older woman scolded him.

“I apologize for Arnet. He just misses Master and he gets a little testy.”

“No harm was done. They really must get to work,” the older butler said.

Skye grabbed Arnet's arm and pulled him to the side. “Master said we are supposed to be nice to them.”

“Did you ever stop and looked at them? There are about four really attractive ones in that group. Master must use them.”

“And if he does, it doesn't concern us. What has gotten into you?”

“I don't know.” Arnet sat down on the steps. “What if he is getting a new submissive?”

“Then we will deal with it. If Master needs another submissive then he does. This is unlike you to be so jealous.”

“Tell me, can we use the servants?”

“I don't know. Why would you want to?”

“I'm just so angry, and I don't know why.”

Skye sat down next to Arnet. She grabbed his hand. “Master will be home soon. I will keep you company.”

“I know you will.”

Arnet felt like he was going to explode. He gripped her hand tighter. He was going to miss Master, but this time his pain was lessened, and he knew why. It was her…he squeezed her hand…he was going to be alone with her, and God help him, he was looking forward to it. Was it wrong to feel like this? Was he betraying his Master because he felt like this?

“I believe maybe I should go lay down. My body is still sore from last night.” He stood up and let her hand go.

“Do you want me to lay with you?”

He wanted so badly to say yes, but he couldn't. “Thank you, but I think I should be alone now.”


He hurried up the stairs and jumped into his bed. This was going to be a long couple of days.


Chapter Four


Garrett entered the house. He was tired from his trip. He hated leaving Skye and Arnet, but he had a business to run. Garrett went to his office, poured himself a glass of wine and sat down

A young male servant came in with the bundle of mail. He set it on the bar then backed away. .

“Wait,” Garrett said to the young man. “What is your name?”


“Come here, Jordon.” Garrett set his drink down.

“Yes Sir.” Jordan hurried over to him. His head was spinning and it felt like he couldn’t breathe. He has worked here for two years now and this was the first time Garrett had ever asked his name.

“How long have you worked here?”

“Two years, Sir.”

Garrett grabbed a strand of Jordan’s silky blond hair. He never noticed this young man before. He had no idea why he noticed him now. Garrett was kind to his servants, but he rarely spoke with them. He saw the young man tremble the second Garrett’s hand caressed his face. He knew this reaction, Arnet does this. It wasn’t fear that made this young man tremble.

“How old are you?”

“Twenty-one, Sir.”

“You look about nineteen.”

“I can assure you I’m twenty-one…Sir.”

Garrett stepped closer. “You want me, don’t you Jordon?”

Jordon was unable to speak being this close to Garrett. He has dreamt about this very moment. He never thought it would really happen.

“Answer me.”

“Yes…I want you, Sir.” Jordon’s voice shook when he spoke.

Garrett pulled Jordon’s shoulder-length hair forcing his head back. He hovered his lips next to Jordon’s. He looked into they young man’s baby blue eyes. He lightly ran his tongue over Jordon’s full lips. The way the young man trembled turned Garrett on. He remembered the way Arnet acted when he first acquired him. This young man acted the same way now.

“What are you willing to do to have me fuck you?”

“Anything,” Jordon said in a rush.

Mmm, good answer.” Garrett hovered his lips for a few more seconds then pulled away.

“Sir…” Jordon whispered.

“We will see if you are worthy enough to be with me.”

“Please tell me what I must do, Sir.”

“Patience. Now go back to your work.”

Garrett was looking for another submissive. Arnet and Skye were falling in love with each other. Any fool could see that.  He saw how much they fought their growing feeling for one another. He picked up his drink and gulped it down. Why did they fight their feelings?  Why not celebrate the fact that they loved each other. He already knew the answer. He was the reason they couldn’t show their love for each other. They must feel they are betraying him somehow. He has waited for them to come to him about this matter. He could alleviate their fears so easily. But, him telling them that he knows about their love for each other wouldn’t do anything. They must come to him. They must acknowledge their love for one another. When they do then he will tell how happy he is that they feel this way for each other. This is what he wanted all along. For his submissive to love each other as much as they loved him, then they could go to the next level in their relationship.

“Master?” Arnet said as he walked by the parlor. “Master!” He rushed in and came to his knees beside Garrett. He wrapped his arms around Garrett’s leg. “I have missed you, Master.”

“I have missed you, my submissive.”

“Why didn’t you say you were coming home today?”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

Arnet nuzzled his face against Garrett’s leg. Garrett reached down and stroked Arnet’s hair.

“We must wait to play, my submissive.”

“Why Master?”

Garrett just smiled at him.

Skye hurried past Arnet and came to her knees before Garrett. “Master,” she purred. “I have missed you.”

“I have missed both of you.” He gently caressed her hair. “Tell me what you did while I was gone.”

Arnet came over and knelt on the other side of them. Garrett happily listened to both of them.



Garrett closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was hoping Arnet and Skye would have talked to him about their feelings by now. He hated seeing them torn up like that. He slowly opened his eyes when he felt the heat from someone’s gaze.

“What is it, Jordon?”

“I didn’t mean to disturb you. I just thought you may be hungry.”

“Bring the tray in here.”

Jordon hurried in a set the tray down on Garrett’s desk.

“Please Sir, let me help relieve your stress.”

“Arnet knows how to relief my stress.”

“Would you like me to get him?”

“No. You may come closer.”

Jordon moved closer until he stood behind Garrett’s chair.

“I can feel how much you want to touch me. You may, but only my upper body.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Jordon began massaging Garrett’s shoulders.

Garrett closed his eyes and enjoyed Jordon’s skilled hand. “You are very good at this.”

“I took a couple of classes.”

Garrett opened his eyes when he heard Arnet gasped.

“Why is he touching you, Master?” Arnet said in a rush.

“I told him he could.”

Arnet hurried over and knelt down in front of Garrett.

“You look so beautiful now, Arnet.” Garrett stroked his cheek.

Arnet reached up and unzipped Garrett’s pants, then placed his hand inside and started stroking Garrett’s cock.

“Did I say you could touch my cock?”

“Please Master.”

“Do as you wish.”

“Thank you, Master.” Arnet latched his mouth onto Garrett’s cock. Garrett leaned back in the chair. He could hear Jordon’s excited breathing and this turned him on even more.

 Jordon lowered his hands until he was caressing Garrett’s chest. He could feel Garrett’s hard muscles through the shirt. His eyes couldn’t leave Arnet and the way he sucked on Garrett’s cock. He wanted to taste Garrett like that.

Ah..mmm.” Garrett moaned. His hand latched onto Arnet’s hair. “I’m right there, my submissive. Yess…ah…”

Arnet slowed down prolonging Garrett’s pleasure. He didn’t want him to come yet, not just yet.

Jordon slipped his hand into Garrett’s shirt. He had to touch Garrett’s skin…he had to.

Yesss, ah…Arnet…you are keeping me hovering…oh fuck this feels so good.” Garrett started thrusting his hips, driving his cock deeper into Arnet’s mouth. He could feel Jordon’s breath on his neck. Garrett arched back when his orgasm exploded.

“Oh God yes!” Jordon cried out. Just the sound of Garrett coming was enough to make him come.

Arnet let Garrett’s cock pop from his mouth once he drained every last drop of cum from it. He looked up at Jordon as he licked the head of Garrett’s cock, then he slowly put Garrett’s cock back inside his pants.

“That was good, my submissive.” Garrett stroked Arnet’s hair. He liked the way Arnet looked at Jordon. “Go back to your room now, Arnet.”

“Yes Master,” Arnet said as he slowly stood up. “What about him?”

“He is none of your concern.”

“Yes Master.”

Arnet stumped off.

“I heard you come, Jordon,” Garrett said as he stood up removing Jordon’s hands from him. “Did I say you could come?”


“Now leave and go back to your work.”

“But Sir…I …”

Garrett turned around and looked at the young man. “You were hoping for more?”


“You have not earned the right to touch me the way Arnet is allowed to touch me.”

“Tell me how to be worthy.”

“Keep this eagerness up. I like it. Now go.”

“Yes Sir.”

Garrett was feeling much more relaxed. Now, he must find a way to make Skye and Arnet confront their feelings for one another.  So he will purposely keep them apart for a couple of days




After a couple of days Garrett gave Arnet permission to go see Skye. He didn’t bother to knock and just let himself in.

“Master!” She sat up in her bed.

“It’s me, Skye.”

She jumped out the bed and hurried to him. She latched onto him holding him tightly. He wrapped his arms around her.

 “How long can you stay?”

“As long as you want me to.”

She released him and grabbed his hand leading him to the bed. “I’m glad you are here.” She did fell a lot better with him here. She missed him, not as much as she missed Master, but damn close. 

“I don’t like that look in your eyes. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to burden you with it now.”

“Please tell me or otherwise I will worry about you.”

“Master is…no, I don’t want to tell you now. I will tell you…”

“Tell me, Arnet.”

“Master has been with one the male servants.”

“What do you mean been with?”

“There is a very pretty young male servant named Jordon. Over the last couple of days I see him all the time with Master. He is either kneeling by Master or caressing him.”

“What does this mean? Is Master going to replace me?”

“If he was going to replace you he would be with a female servant.”

“He won’t replace you, Arnet.”

“But he hasn’t been with me that much in the last couple of days either.”

Skye stood up and headed for the door.

“What are you doing?” Arnet quickly followed her.

“I’m going to talk to Master.”

“You can’t leave this room.”

“I will take whatever punishment he hands out.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“He has hurt you. I can see it.” She pulled the open and left her room. She headed down the stairs toward Master’s office. She was shocked seeing the pretty young man kneeling by Master’s desk as Master did his paperwork. Arnet should be there by Master not this servant.

“Master!” Her voice louder than she intended.

“What are you doing out of your room?”

“Who is he?” She pointed to Jordon.

“He is none of your business at the moment. Jordon, you have done well, go back to your work now.”

Jordon quickly got up and left the office.

Garrett got up and pulled the paddle from his desk drawer. “I didn’t give you permission to leave your room, Skye.”

“I will take whatever punishment I deserve. You are hurting Arnet or do you even care that you are.”

Garrett walked over to her and pulled her by the arm to the sofa. He bent her over his knee and paddled her ass until it glowed red, then he pushed her off his lap. She came up to her knees and remained silent.

“How dare you say that I don’t care for Arnet.” Garrett threw the paddle across the room. “If I decide I want to train a new submissive this is my business.”

“A new submissive…”

“That’s right, Jordon is going to be my new submissive.”

“Aren’t me and Arnet enough?” She tried to hold her tears back.

“Why did you risk being severely punished by coming down here?”

“You were hurting Arnet and it tore me up inside.”


“I care about him, Master.” She paused. “I love him, Master.”

Garrett felt like an enormous weight had been lifted. He hated making Arnet feel insecure but he had to know if Skye loved Arnet enough to risk her Master’s anger.

“I know you do.”

She looked up at him.

“I have known for awhile now. I just wanted to wait until you told me.” Garrett looked over to the doorway, Arnet stood there with such a shock look on his face. “Come in here, boy.”

Arnet hurried inside and knelt down next to Skye.

“Tell something. Why did you not tell me about your feelings for Skye earlier?”

“My love belongs to you, Master.”

“Did I ever say that I didn’t want you to care about each other? That I didn’t want you two to love each other?”

They both thought for a moment.

“No you never said anything like that, Master,” Arnet said.

“You two have no idea how happy you two loving each other makes me.”

They both looked at him.

“I’m glad you can feel this way for each other and still make me feel very much loved.”

“Then why do you want to train Jordon?”

“He intrigues me and I want to give you two time to be together.”

“You don’t want as submissives anymore?” they both said at the same time.

“Of course I want to continue being your Master. That was never in question.” He opened his arms and they both hurried to him.

“Master,” they both purred.

“I love both of you very much. I am beyond pleased that you two feel love for each other too. This will only strengthen our bound.”

Garrett held them tightly. Everything felt right again. Their love for each other was the greatest gift they could have given him.













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