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Cover art by: Keith Dolney

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There is nothing quite as sexy as an alpha male.  Come on, you know it's true.  This anthology contains twenty-two of the hottest short stories paying homage to this sexy breed of man.  Whether you want to be the alpha male or be loved by him there is a story in here for you.  Warriors, Lovers, Husbands, Businessmen, Masters, oh the list goes on. 

An ensemble of talented writers of erotica will tantalize you with their sizzling tales of the alpha male.  Enjoy!


1. Lead On — summersub

Miss Self-Sufficient meet your match

 2. Admission of Submission—Thea Hutcheson

Excited and intrigued by her first taste of dominance, Theda creates a situation so she can get more of Dan’s firm-handed discipline.  Things heat up nicely and get juicy under his hands as Theda makes her Admission of Submission.


3. Claiming the Twilight— Michelle Houston

Heather gasped as she arched into Nicholas's touch, her hips lifting off the bed.  He loved the way she responded to his touch, so open and uninhibited.  Nothing faked, nothing held back.


4. Criminal Desire —Inga Mahn

In the course of her latest LAPD assignment, Laura has had to put her undercover skills to the test as she plays the role of a stripper / prostitute at the "Butterfly", a club owned by one of the cities largest drug lords. Thanks to the backup provided by her partner Vick, all of her "acting" has been kept to the stage, that is until something goes terribly wrong and she finds herself nearly nude and trapped in the trunk of a car driven by one of the top men in the drug cartel she has been working to take down. Once she is discovered in the trunk, somehow the line becomes blurred between the role she is playing, and her own unexpected sexual desire for her now captor.

The raw sexual heat that ignites between them is downright criminal!


5. Sacred Sites— D. L.  King

Ellen, an American tourist in Ireland, gets to experience a lot more than the usual tourist attractions when she meets a handsome, charming, and very dominant Irishman


6. The Last Intimacy— Dani Benjamin

Step in from the cold, warm up by the fire and watch barriers drop and passions unfold as a woman learns the sweet joy of surrender. It's a moment as powerful as the winter's storm, as irrevocable as time itself


7. Holidays with Max and Martha - John Irvin Long

When Martha does the dishes during the holidays, she's in a hurry. And
she can't wait for Max to celebrate the holidays with her.


8. Bound by my Love— Ann Cory

Elizabeth knows how to get what she wants from her master. From the delicious smacks with his hands, to her hands bound tight, to the subtle touch of a feather, she gets what she deserves, and a whole lot more. In their playground, her sexual desires run free.


9. Ravished— Robert Buckley

Sandra feels betrayed when her best girlfriend and fellow wallflower gets a boyfriend and backs out of a Caribbean cruise they planned to take together. She just knows she'll have a miserable time alone. But white sails and a black flag prowl just over the horison ¬ lying in wait for a girl just like Sandra.


10. Incubus— Cynthia Richards

A young witch finds an uninvited guest in bedroom who wants to bump her in the night in mysterious New Orleans


11. Road to Hell— Geneva King

"Yes—No!"  She gripped his knee as he flipped it back off.  The woman beside her gave her a funny look.

"Say it nice."

"Please!" she whispered urgently.

He turned the toy on at a lower intensity than she wanted.  "That's good for now."

Alisa fumed.  The vibrations tantalized her pussy, but they weren't strong enough to make her come.  She squirmed, trying to create some friction of her own.

"Sit still.  We are in church you know.  Get ready to take up the offering."

Whips and chains, she thought.  Better yet, lipstick and bunny slippers.  He is so gonna get it! 


12. Edges —Teresa Noelle Roberts

From the pocket of his vest he took out the small bag which, she knew contained steel claws. Too much, oh, that was too much, just not fair at all. She moaned something to that effect.

"I know," he said, and put them on. He smiled down on her, eyes extraordinarily blue looking through the wine-colored leather of the mask. Cool steel sharp on her hot, already sensitized breasts, pricking at her swollen, tormented nipples, digging not quite hard enough to draw blood, though she found herself wishing that he would, that he would tonight cross that boundary.


13. Ride to the Top—Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

Conrad's lips trembled as Taran stood and unbuttoned his dress shirt, pulling it from his sculpted chest and dropping it to the floor. His chest muscles bulged and Conrad swallowed hard. He had a wonderful physique, which was obvious through his clothes, but even more so now that he was undressed. Next came his dress pants, which slid silently to the floor. Conrad's breath caught...his boss was wearing a g-string! Conrad knew that he had been planning this all along thanks to that ridiculous story he told him, but a g-string? Taran smiled slyly, slid it down and threw it at Conrad. Conrad swallowed audibly and stared at his boss's huge, throbbing cock. Taran began to walk over to the bed, and then turned to Conrad, tossing a sly smirk over his shoulder and climbed onto the bed, posing as if he were a porn star. He climbed under the sheets and folded his hands behind his head.



14. The Unforgiven -Mark James

Verik the merciless gladiator lives in the harsh world of New Earth. In prison, Verik fought his way to the top of a brutal game, battling each day for survival.  When the gladiator buys Nahji, the boy whore falls victim to Verik's cruel desires.


15. Dungeon of Desire—Raven Young

A playground for privileged adults where he is her Master and she his oh so willing submissive.  Come along and play with them as he shows her pleasures like she has never known


16. Call me Sir —Terry MacCoy

She has been a very bad girl. Naked and vulnerable, she waits in trepidation for whatever punishment Sir has in store for her.


17. Love and Literature—Bes R. Walker

Love and Literature is a tale of two people, both of whom are involved in the development of erotic romance fiction. These characters feel a deep unspoken attraction to each other, but both are reticent about expressing their sentiments.  The inertia is ended when one contrives an evocative literary vehicle to express his true erotic and romantic feelings.


18. The Upper Hand— Gwen Masters

Even the best of relationships sometimes have their rough days. But when Boyd and his wife argue, it isn't just a small marital row; it turns into an explosive showdown of wills. Never underestimate the power of a determined man!


19. He Followed His Ex...— Oya

He loved her tits and hard nipples, her hips and meaty thighs, her dark bushy pussy and her magnificent big ass.  He adored her body.  She felt so desired by him.  She liked that she was the only one naked while he was dressed and in charge. 


20. Star light, Star Bright—Jennifer Metz

Not happy with today’s choice in men, Denise Stapleton makes one up through dreams.  Add a midnight wish, a dash of magic and a healthy dose of humor and life as she knows it is thrown into a whirlwind.  Mr. Perfect becomes a reality, but definitely not how she envisioned him.  Can she overcome her prudish ways and give herself over to unadulterated passion?


21. Handle with Care—Brian Rosenberger

Handle with care- It’s over 6 feet tall when fully erect. BOOM BOOM BOOM

It won't stop until satisfied. BOOM BOOM BOOM

It's coming your way. BOOM BOOM BOOM

Psst... A word of advice to the lady Vex and Smith, her traveling companion – You're gonna need some protection. BOOM BOOM BOOM


22. Under His Spell—Justus Roux

A married couple meets a true alpha male who leads them on a journey of sexual discovery and sweet pleasure.



 Available now




This is a wonderful compilation of twenty-two short stories celebrating the alpha male. Each author brings his or her own conception of the alpha male to this anthology. Whether you love him, fear him, or even hate him, there is something about the alpha male that calls to something deep and primal in all of us.

These stories emphasize the wide-range of characteristics of the alpha male. He’s strong and masculine; gentle and loving; masterful and understanding. Sometimes, he’s even a little bad. There is something in this book for everyone. From gentle, loving caresses to passionate, fierce lovemaking to light and not-so-light BDSM, readers will find aspects of the alpha male that will definitely have them shouting, “Who’s Your Daddy?

5 out 5 Angels
Reviewed by: Brandy
Fallen Angel Reviews  www.fallenangelreviews.com

Justus Roux has done a wonderful job compiling authors capable of telling highly erotic tales. WHO'S YOUR DADDY? contains some of the most powerfully erotic stories I've ever read. There's an exciting blend of variations of BDSM. Some of the stories I found shocking and a little disturbing, and yet, I was still excited by them. This book is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you've ever had any interest in BDSM this is a compelling look into that dungeons, bedrooms, playrooms, or just about anywhere else the powerful men we call Master or Sir like to take control.

4.5 out 5

Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

For entire review go to http://www.romancejunkies.com/artman/publish/article_3615.shtml

The Romance Junkies  www.theromancejunkies.com


This excellent anthology contains wonderfully creative stories. Edited by writer Justus Roux, the book is captivating from its introduction to the last page.  The connecting thread between the stories is the dominant alpha. The flow of the book is excellent, never jumpy, and very well laid out.  To me, this is what makes the book so great. Once you start reading, you are going to want to finish it the same night due to the clever plot lines, excellent characterizations, quick dialogue, and unbelievably hot sex.

Who’s Your Daddy does have some graphic erotic scenes, but all the stories are well written with submissives who are as well regarded as they wish to be.  I never feel the submissive lovers are “doormats” nor do I feel the dominants are abusive, unless required by the storyline. The book moves from a married couple enjoying a spanking in the kitchen to a parallel earth with violent homosexual acts, while remaining a wonderfully compelling read.  One story that I particularly enjoy demonstrates to readers how the dominant alpha male is not always the one in charge.

Ms. Roux has edited a diverse and well-written book with convincing stories and outstanding sex.  Who’s Your Daddy is perfect for those who enjoy reading about men who tell you what they want and then take it. An exceptional read and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys alpha males.  

5 out 5 cups

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance










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