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Paranormal: impossible to explain by any scientific method.


         This is the literal definition of the word paranormal.  But this word invokes so much more: images of the deadly seduction of a vampire, the sinful embrace of a demon, mythical love of gods and goddesses.  This is but the beginning of what the word paranormal conjures up. The sixty-nine stories and poems in this book combine the worlds of erotica and the paranormal. Dangerous and forbidden, frightening and arousing, magical and mythical... 

         Enjoy as each writer and poet weaves tales that will have you longing or fearing the Erotic Fantasy.

Cover art by; Janet Chui

Table of Contents;



1. Love in a Fiendish Place- John Weagly

2. The Hunted - H. H. Self & Shelly Yates

3. Flesh of the Tree— Clio Knight

4. Cadain’s Passion— Glyn Armitage

5. Caretakers — Steve Savas

6. The House that Fuck Built — Anthony Beal

7. Black Widow—Lynne den Hartog

8. Feeling Wolfish Tonight—Lee Clark Zumpe

9. Cold until the Night— Ramona Thompson

10.On the Conception of Romulus and Remus—Brendan Connell

11. The Balcony—A.J. Heard

12. Faith Scarified— Ian Hawke

13. The Creek—Barry Hollander

14.Melody of Flesh, Melody of Bone — Brian Rosenberger

15. Miscegenation — Sheela Ardrian

16. Laurinda’s Damnation— Christopher Jones

17. Mermaid Song—Rochelle Mitchell

18. Waking Breath—Justin Josephnek Klöer

19. Artistic License—Andrea Dale

20. A Queer Christmas Carol— Lawrence Schimel

21. Graveyard Love— Philip Robinson

22. Mirror Image — F. Gernier and Marcel K. Bromius

23. Red & White—Jill Knowles

24. Mistress—C. Dennis Moore

25. The Connoisseur- Seduced2Cheat

26. Test Drive—D. L.  Tash


27. On the Head of a Pin— Robert Buckley

28. At Home—William DeVente

29. The Fairy Lover— Lawrence Barker

30. Requiem for a Dead Man — M. T. Douglass

31. Mistress of Fire—D. Musgrave

32. Bane and Angeline— Mia Jennings

33. When Darkness Falls— Ozit Bittner

34. Sirens Weeping— Judy Lynn Day

35. Hands of Fate— William Meikle

36. Plane Sailing— Lily Ryder & Daniel Thornton

37. The Need— Ray Wallace

38. Phone Sex on the Nightside — David Bain

39. Tales of the Crimson Succubus, Sanguine Maiden—Carmine

40.The Last Poetry Night at the Saturnalia Coffee House-Mark McLaughlin.

41. Trapped— Tony Leather

42. Inspirations End— Eugie Foster

43. Nocturne Expire—Colleen Anderson

44. The Cure—   P. Courson

45. Ink Works- a Tattoo Tale — Sharon Moore

46. Red is the Color of Passion—Brian Rosenberger

47.  Redemption— Alyn Rosselini

48. Midnight Lover— A.M. Norman

49. Portrait Portal —Ann Cory

50. Final Call — Christian Brinner

51. Pandora: The Gift of the Gods— Michelle Houston

52. The Last Dark Mage—Francesca Angelique Carrillo

53 The Dark —Jude Mason

54. Of Body and Blood — L. Marie Wood

55. Headless Kel — J.R. Cain

56. The Victim — Lynne den Hartog

57. The Satyr — Mark Antone

58. Curse of the Incubus' wife-Bruce Boston

59. Bloody Thirst—Jocelyn Bringas

60. Night Flight — SilverRaven

61. An Uncle's Loving Testament— Bes R. Walker

62. Eternal—jules

63. Mortal Dilemma— Geneva King

64. The Red door— Vila Rane

65. The Curse of the Alien's wife-Bruce Boston

66. Black, Black the Raven- Norman A Rubin

67. Passion Bites — jules

68. Cinquita the Dark Queen —Christopher Jones

69. Asurul;s Redemption— Justus Roux



The varying styles are consistently strong and they showcase a wicked blend of writers who are skilled at story telling and justifiably confident with the polished voices of their fiction. This is a book for lovers of all varieties with 69 stories equally suited for adherents of erotica and aficionados of the paranormal. The sexual content is suited for lovers in traditional relationships, lovers in same sex relationships and lovers in less conventional relationships. —Ashley Lister, Erotica Readers and Writers Association


This collection of erotic tales was to me a private treasure. It would be an ideal book to give to the one you love or keep by the bedside for sleepless nights. Lovers of the fantasy world and of erotica...please indulge!!! — Naomi,  Fallen Angel Reviews    For entire review please go to:

Fallen Angel Review


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