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   Readers, being a reader of erotica myself, I have selected the finest examples of erotica around. New and experience writers and poets will tantalize you with all things erotic.  Whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, little kinky or a hopeless romantic there is a story for you. 

                  There are sixty short stories and poems covering the gamut of Erotica. Fantasy, romantic, S&M, playful sex, self discovery, couples, group, fetish and many more subjects covered in this large book of sizzling erotica .


1. Ode to Sex~Norman A Rubin

2. For Better or Worse ~ Krissy Brady

3. I love You Best When~Roxanne White

4. Perseid Meteorite Shower~Peter Baltensperger

5. Perfect ~ Kit

6. Focal Point~ Jean Blanchefils   

7. Simply Love ó Deanna Thorson         

8. Heat  ~ Ralph Greco 

9. On Display ~A.M. Norman

10. The Hand~ C.A. Robert

11. The Altar ~Richard Vargas

12. Susan Grow you Penis ~ Crystal Canyon

13. Sensuous Moments ~ Isuku

14. Train Ride Part 1&2~ Terrance Hollis

15. Angel of the Night ~Kyann Denton

16. Birds Eye View ~ Ivy Heart

17. Passions of Rain ~ Karl Krausbart

18. A Moonlight Affair ~ Christopher Jones

19. Controlled Corruption ~ Kwame Pitts

20. Musical Interludes ~ Ann Cory

21. The Gift ~Jules

22. Masterpiece  ~Mia Jennings

23. So Many Nights~ Alexa Robinson

24. Sweeter than Candy ~Joanne Whispers

25. Late for an Appointment ~Jordana Winter

26. Realms of Desire~Ivy Heart

27. The Prisoner ~Lady Blade

28. I wish you were here ~Alexa Robinson

29. The Induction Ceremony ~Jules

30. Erotica ~Melissa McCarthy

31. Toys for Two ~Lucinda Baker

32. Skin Flick ~Ken Goldman

33. There is now a place (for Kathy)~Richard Vargas

34. Christmas Staff Meeting ~Biff Martin

35. All Tied Up~Iris

 36. Decadent Chocolate ~Renee

37. The Mansion House ~Thomas Branca

38. One Night in New Orleans ~Dominic Giardina

39. Bittersweet~Shanna Bachman

40. He Might be Married ~Shane Allison

41. Sadness, a River, and a Black Slut ~Eva Locke

42. What you can learn in a week ~ Ralph Greco

43. In my Mind ~Iris

44. Cherry Delight ~Jade Blackmore

45. If asked...~David B. McCoy

46. No! She Said ~Stanfield Major

47. A Model Woman ~ Sarah Dobbs

48. Dick Psalm ~Kenneth Pobo

49. Prostitute ~Corey Mesler

50. Sometimes She forgets ~Renee

51. Definition of Desire ~Michelle Houston

52. Soul Mates ~David B. McCoy

53. XX  ~Jason Lee Brown

54. Itís Even better than Viagra ~Justin Barrett 

55. The Cards We Play ~Alyn Rosselini   

56. Musing of a Horny Woman ~Stephen Scott  

57. A Different Kind of Prayer ~ Magdalene Reales

58. Her Bear  ~Roscoe Lake

59. Pretty ~Justin Josephnek Klör

60. Dance for Me ~Justus Roux

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