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Nominated for The Romance studio’s 2008 Psyche Award



These twelve stories written by Justus Roux will send erotic shivers through you. Each story explores different aspects of sexuality and love.


Stories included are:

Yes Master Dante

Ecstasy's Story

Wrath's Story

The Darkness and the Light

Dangerous Addiction

Kiss of the Vampire

Trouble Brewing

Sweet Seduction Stories- collection of short stories

Tales of Submission- collection of short stories


Love is Love

Precious Cargo


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I found all of these stories a joy to read. Somehow, no matter how bleak the story may seem at first, how hopeless, Justus Roux finds a way to turn it into a powerful story with a message that love can happen even in the the most difficult circumstances. Sometimes I found myself wishing the stories were longer. Some of them are only 3-5 pages in PDF. Others are 20-30 pages. All of them are well plotted. The characters are developed into people we can love, hate, lust for or any other range of emotions. When the bad guys get what’s coming to them, it feels right. When there’s a happy ending we know the characters often went through hell and deserve all the good they can get. Very well written.

Overall rating: 5 out 5
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Dee Dailey

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Here is a sample story from the Erotic Shiver "Tales of Submission" 






I would endure anything for him...anything. He knows me...he knows what I like, what I can take. My arms ached as he tightened the rope. I looked up and saw the excitement in his eyes. He had something new for me.  What was it? Whatever it was I will endure it for him.

"Lay back," he whispered.

I slowly complied, unable to look away from him. I want to see his excitement, his anticipation. I winced from the slight discomfort from lying back on my arms. The rope bit into my skin.

He grabbed onto my shoulders and wrapped another rope around me. He stood on the bed and secured the end of the rope to the hook in the ceiling, pulling me up and causing my back to arch.

I looked up at him as he stared down at me. Oh, I loved sweet look of delight on his face. He slowly climbed out of the bed, his eyes wandered over my body.  The heat of his gaze made my pussy wet. 

I watched as he slowly turned and headed over to the window. He grabbed the large candle that he so lovingly placed earlier to give the room a soft glow of light. I watched the flame flicker as he slowly walked back over to me.

He climbed back onto the bed and stood above me, his feet straddling my hips. "I want you to feel the searing heat of my kiss," he said as he tipped the candle, allowing the hot wax to drip across my breasts and stomach.

I felt the slight burn of the hot wax and I bit my lower lip. I will endure this for him. I felt more of the wax drip over my skin and gasped when he pulled the rope forcing me to arch my back even more. I knew his eyes were upon me—soon I felt the heat of his breath as he placed the candle on top of the nightstand.  I heard a clicking noise like ice cubes rattling in a glass. I felt the chill of ice as he ran it over the trail of wax on my body. The mixture of heat and cold thrilled me, but hearing his moan as he took my nipple into his mouth was pure ecstasy. His tongue rolled over my nipple then followed the trail the ice cube had made.

"Ahhh," I sighed when he buried the ice cube deep inside my pussy. His tongue lapped greedily over my pussy lips as his finger pushed the ice cube deeper into me. "Please..." I moaned, wanting him to bring me to orgasm.

"Not yet, my flower," he cooed as he took another ice cube and pushed it deeply into me.

I tried to look as I heard him remove his pants. I wanted to see his glorious cock...I want to taste it...feel it.  I felt him straddled my waist and the head of his cock rub against my nipple. I licked my lips as I longed to taste him, but he denied me the pleasure of it. I felt as he rubbed his cock over my breasts, stomach and inner thighs.

"Please!" I cried out, unable to take much more of the sweet torture.

He rubbed the head of his cock over my swollen clit as he inserted another ice cube deeply into me. I tried to move my body, wanting him to bring me over the edge of bliss. I sighed when he stopped. I tried to look at him, but my body was in such an awkward position that I couldn't. I could feel the heat of his body—I know he was watching me.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered as he blew across my clit his mouth hovering just above it.

"Please, oh god please," I moaned, but still he tortured me. Oh the sweet torture of anticipation. "I’m begging you please...oh please." I needed his cock...I need him to fill me.

He grabbed my hips and drove his cock deep into me. The coldness of the ice and the heat of his cock thrilled me. He rammed his cock harder and deeper, filling and stretching my pussy, giving me what I craved. Within moments, my orgasm rushed through me. I screamed his name over and over as he continued to thrust deeper and harder, making me come again and again. Then the sweetest moment, I heard the sounds of his pleasure as his cum sprayed all over my stomach and breasts.

I felt him climb out of the bed. I turned my head to the side and saw him on his knees beside the bed looking at me.

"I need more, my flower," he whispered as he gently stroked my hair. "I am going to leave you just like this for a little while. I want to just look at you, then I will...” he took a soft leather whip and let it run over my breasts. "My flower," he sighed, kissing me deeply.

He stood up and walked out of the room. I will endure this for him...I would endure anything for him.


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