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A collection of Justus Roux's short stories that will leave you...





Plus the two novellas:


"Forever"~  Ryo had lived a lonely existence when he was mortal. Even now as one of Asurul's Demon hunters he keeps his past pretty much to himself.  While Ryo mended the wounds from an earlier run in with a demon, Isa showed him an image of Jasmine, his soul mate. Jasmine is running for her life and he comforts her in her dreams while he mends.    Ayden, the man Ryo must protect has awoken, but he is weak.  The powerful Demon General Manus is close by.  The fates have finally granted Ryo love, but will he be willing to risk everything to keep this love

 "Forever" is another exciting edition to Justus Roux's Demon hunter series


"Master Drake" ~Drake comes back to his island after his stay with Xanthos. He misses his three pets Rapture, Wrath, and Lust.  But Drake is the Master of this island and must hide his pain. Only Jessica, his beloved wife can help him adjust.  Drake must train two new pets that Michael has brought him to replace Rapture and Wrath.  Plus he has agreed to help train Jade, Master Nikolai's submissive.

"Master Drake" is a tantalizing continuation of Justus Roux's Master Series. 

Plus the short stories:

Eve's Exploits:

Delights of the Orient

Tasty Treat

The Fireman

A Spanking Good Time

Guessing Game


Meet My Match


Slip and Slide

Triple Treat





The Amulet


Mr. Right

Master Vampire

Lethal Lover

Haunting Desire

Deadly Temptation

Dance of the Possessed

It's Only a Dream



Contemporary Erotica:

Friendly Seduction

Hurt Me So Good

Inspire Me


Remember My Touch

Three is so much fun

Throes of Passion

Two are Better than One

The Tryst


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Below is a review of Breathless' various stories. Thank you to Julie Eaparza - Just Erotic Romance reviews.



Forever: Demon Hunter, Ryo’s Story
Reviewer: Julie Esparza
Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: H

Ms. Roux’s Demon Hunter series has always been captivating. Ryo’s story is just as interesting. Ryo’s character projects nothing but pure love for Jasmine. Jasmine is just at a loss having never been truly “loved.” As usual the ensemble of characters makes the story vibrant.. The sex is hot in the story and the romance is very sweet. I look forward to eventually reading the final tale of Ayden’s redemption.

Master Series: Master Drake
Reviewer: Julie Esparza
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: H

I love the Master Series. Each book is a romantic view of BDSM and a variety of love involving different people. Drake’s character is truly feeling the loss of his pets. Jessica is feeling the loss as well. Jade, as the submissive that Drake has been asked to train, is a catalyst to a deeper understanding between Jessica and Drake. Their love is even more evident and passionate. My only problem with the story is that Jessica and Drake don’t get to explore the love physically, but there are several very hot scenes involving the new males and Jade.

Eve’s Exploits
Reviewer: Julie Esparza
Rating: 3/4 Stars
Heat level: H

Reviewer: Julie Esparza
Rating: 3 Stars

Contemporary Erotica
Reviewer: Julie Esparza
Rating: 3 Stars

Throughout the book, the characters are well developed and easily believable. The supporting characters are interesting and help to make the stories more complete. The relationships between the characters are filled with love and mutual attraction. The sex scenes are so hot and steamy, they left me entirely breathless. The varied settings of the different stories are well described and appropriate to the storylines. The plotlines are intriguing and kept my eyes riveted to the pages.

 Ms. Roux is a talented and prolific writer who has compiled a collection of wonderful short stories that I enjoyed very much. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys erotic romance in a variety of settings and situations. Breathless is most definitely a keeper!

4 out of 5 cups
Susan White
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


This is not a collection for the faint of heart. Every page in this collection sizzles! All sorts of sexual encounters and escapades can be found within; from the couple deeply in love making love, to the strangers who meet and give in to the heat! My favorites would be the two longer length stories in this book, especially Ryo's Story. I love this series and this short addition delivers the same power punch as those which came before. If you want something to ignite the imagination, this collection more than fits the bill. Just be advised... keep a fire extinguisher handy... this one is way too hot!

4 angels

Reviewed by: Johnna


For the rest of the review go to:



Breathless is only for the strong heart. With a huge assortment of sexual antics and escapades, this whole compilation of stories sizzles to the touch. All the stories are so exceptional that it is hard to choose the top one. The characters are well rounded and believable, and the supporting characters enhance the stories further. The stimulating plotlines are truly captivating. Ms. Roux is such a gifted and prolific writer that all her stories speak volumes in these tales. For anyone who enjoys a variety of erotic stories, look no further, this book has a range of flavors to suit anyone's desires. Ms. Roux has penned a magical tour of erotic love in so many diverse settings that really heats without the need for a blazing fire in the fireplace.

Overall rating:   Five Hearts
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Linda L.
January 15, 2006


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