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With these chains...a love so deep, so pure is forged that not even the cruelness of the most evil trainer could break it.


I couldn't believe what had happened to me, couldn't believe that sex slaves were real until I became one. I was forced into this life, forced to service the wants and needs of others. I was robbed of my humanity until I believed I was only a mere possession.  I was beaten, humiliated, and forced to fulfill every atrocious, perverted, twisted need of those who put me into this life.  I had all but given up, should I choose death or do I continue to be a possession...then Emma gave me back my humanity.

My name is Gaven Reese and this is my story...


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Gaven had hitched a ride with a truck driver to the address on the card. Sir Derek Ravencroft was written on the card.  What a regal name, Gaven thought.  He thought long and hard on Misty's offer then decided he might as well check it out, what did he really had to lose.

"Are you sure this is the right spot?" the truck driver asked.  There was only a long winding paved roadway with no house or anything in sight.

"Yes, thank you for the ride." Gaven climbed out and slung his duffle bag over his shoulder and started walking down the roadway.  It went on for almost two miles before he spotted the large manor. He literally gasped seeing the splendor of it. The grounds around it were immaculately groomed.  The manor itself was grand, never had he even come this close to something like this.  He started doubting whether he should have come or not, especially when he looked down at the old T-shirt and jeans he was wearing.

He got strange stares from the servants who were working outside which puzzled him. They didn't look at him as though they were degusted or anything, but it almost looked like pity in their eyes. He must look really bad to garner such looks.  This rattled his confidence more.  He finally made his way to the large doors just as he did he was greeted by a rather large man.

"Who the hell are you?" the very muscular man growled.

"Gaven Reese." He handed the man the card.

"Oh, do come in."

Gaven followed the large man into the house. He instructed Gaven to wait in the sitting room. Gaven's eyes glanced everywhere. This Sir Ravencroft must have tons of money to afford such an extravagant home.

"You decided to come after all," Misty said as she entered the room.

Gaven had to admit he was relieved to see her.

"Sir Derek, this is Gaven," Misty announced as an extremely distinguished gentleman entered the room. He was tall and appeared to be in great shape judging how his suit looked on him. His shoulder-length dark hair was tied back. He was a very handsome man. He oozed power and grace with each movement he made.

"Mr. Ravencroft." Gaven rose up and extended his hand.

"Call me Sir Derek." He shook Gavenís hand and let his eyes wander over the young man. He was a bit lean and scruffy looking, but he did have a rather boyishly handsome face and that sandy-blond hair of his looked lush and soft.  Yes, he could clean up real good. Derek smiled over at Misty.  "So you are an artist, let me see some of your work."

Gaven reached down and pulled out his sketch pad. Derek perused through the drawings. "Ah, you were right Misty he is rather talented." He handed it back to Gaven.

"Thank you Sir."

"Please sit down." Derek motioned to the leather sofa as he sat down in the wing back chair that was across from it. "What I need is an artist to paint a mural in one of my guest rooms. I will pay you handsomely of course and provide you with room and board while you work.  I must warn you I had two other artists try to do this for me and I was terribly disappointed.  However, judging by your work I think I might have found the right person for the job. Well, does my offer interest you?"

"Yes Sir Derek, thank you very much." Gaven smiled. At least now he would have a roof over his head and some food, not to mention some money when it was all done.

"Very good, I will have my butler show you to your room. You may send for your things later if you wish." Derek got up and left the room with Misty right behind him.

Gaven followed the large butler upstairs to where his room would be.  Gaven looked around at the lavishly decorated bedroom. This would be his for the next month at least. He rushed to the bed and fell onto it.  The bed was soft, comfortable and smelt good. Gaven quickly got up and went to the bathroom. He took off his clothes and jumped into the shower. The warm water felt wonderful against his skin.  When he finished he found a tray of warm food waiting for him. He grabbed the tray and sat down on the bed.  He felt great, he was clean, fed, and soon he was going to sleep in a warm cozy bed.  He was so glad he decided to take Misty up on her offer.  He lay in his bed content for the moment. He soon started wondering just how much money Sir Derek was going to pay him for his work as he drifted off to sleep.




"Gaven is a bit scrawny," Derek commented.  "But he is a pretty one isnít he?"

"Yes Sir," Misty replied as she continued to massage his shoulders.

"I am pleased, Misty." Derek reached up and lowered her head down. He let his lips hover just a mere inch from hers. "Very pleased." He smiled feeling her body shudder.  He allowed her to kiss him and enjoyed her hunger for him.

"Sir Derek," Marcus spoke up. He was busy massaging Derek's feet and wasnít at all happy with the kiss between those two.

"What is it Marcus?" Derek gently pushed Misty away.

"I helped her." He almost whined like a spoiled child.

"Good boy." He reached down and petted Marcus' hair. "Now use your tongue instead of your hands." Without hesitation Marcus began licking at Derek's feet.  "Umm, very nice, get my toes good and wet. You help him, Misty."

Misty quickly went around to the front of Derek's chair and knelt down. She grabbed his other foot and began sucking on his toes.

Derek leaned back in his chair and enjoyed the sensation of both of them licking and sucking on his toes.  "I want that boy fattened up a little before we cage him.  In his present condition he will not survive his training. Oh, yes that's a good boy, Marcus." He loved the way Marcus' tongue felt going between his toes. He smiled feeling Misty intensify her efforts.  "Imagine how much money Gaven will bring in." Derek shoved more of his foot into Marcus' mouth. "That's it, slobber all over my foot."  He reached down and pulled his cock out of his pants. "Misty, attend to my cock."  He looked down and watched her latch her mouth onto his cock. She sucked hard and feverishly, taking all of it down her throat with each down stroke.

"Sir, oh Sir," Marcus moaned, watching the pleasure on Derek's face.

"That's it suck my fucking cock you little bitch." He grabbed the back of her head and held her firmly to him. His whole cock was shoved in her mouth.  Oh how he loved watching someone struggle to free themselves as his cock robbed them of breath.  He watched as around her lips started turning blue. He waited just a little longer than pulled her from his cock. She gasped for air, but wouldnít dare complain to him. He stroked his cock faster and faster.  He pushed her out of the way and let his cum splatter on the floor.  "Both of you lick that up."  A certain sense of satisfaction washed over him as he watched both of them lick his cum off the floor.

"We will make sure Gaven feels safe and comfortable as he works. I am kind of curious to see what kind of mural he would design anyways." Derek put his shoes back on and stood up, straightening himself up.  "I think this one will make an interesting challenge."

"He seems like a little pussy to me," Marcus said.

"True, he does seem a bit meek. But still, I have a feeling I will enjoy training him to be the perfect sex slave."

"For a man or woman, Sir?"

"Both, who knows what kind of client will want to buy him."  Derek stood in front of the two. They were still kneeling on the floor.  "I want you two to be nice to Gaven, let him enjoy his freedom while he still has it."

"Yes Sir," they said in unison. Then they bent over and kissed Derek's polished dress shoes.

"I have to meet with a client today, so you two will have to see to our special guest."

"Yes Sir."

 Derek watched as Marcus licked the spot off his shoe. "Very good boy," Derek reached down and petted him then he left the room.

"You go to that little sissy boy first. I have to help train that little bitch downstairs."

"You have all the fun,"  Misty pouted.

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