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Mary and her crew crash lands on a planet where women rule everything and men have become slaves. At first this seems like a woman's paradise, but when Mary is given a gorgeous man named Sabre he opens her eyes to the hell that Paradise has become for men. She must find out what happened to her male crew mates and deal with what she sees all around her. Her growing love for Sabre further complicates everything.


Sabre's only mission was to become a pet to one of the high council members, but he is given to Mary by the Queen. He finds himself quickly feeling things for Mary that he has never felt before. He had grown so use to women using his body that Mary's tenderness and compassion is almost overwhelming to him. He soon finds himself trusting her enough to tell her about the Rebellion and its leader Cyrus. But will she be willing to risk everything to free the men of Paradise?



This is an exciting story with a terrific amount of suspense and intrigue. The inequality of the sexes and the attitudes of the women towards the men makes for an interesting conflict to base the story around. The collars are effective plot devices that make the domination of the men more plausible. The setting is detailed and befitting to the storyline.
        This fabulous story is chock full of interesting characters that really grabbed my attention. The characters felt so real to me that I cried at points and I laughed at others. The way the men handle their repression is fascinating. Ms. Roux has a very creative imagination and uses it here to create a futuristic world that many are sure to enjoy as much as I do. I recommend Paradise to anyone who enjoys stories of love and lust on other worlds.

4 out of 5 cups
Susan White
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



The basic premise of Paradise is just fantastic. I could only imagine what a world in which it was a complete role reversal to our current society would be like. Justus Roux not only imagined it, she brought the fantasy to fruition in this enlightening story of love, courage and compassion.

Reviewer: Sin St Luke

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Rating: 3/4 Stars out of 5
Heat level: S


A very exciting, sizzling futuristic story. Mary is a tender, yet strong person who is totally dazzled by the new world and that women rule on this planet. I like that she doesn't give in to temptation to treat men in the same callous way as the women on the planet do. On the contrary, she holds on to her believes back from Earth that men and women should be equal. Sabre is used to men having no worth in his world and that women use him as they want to. However, he doesn't like it and he doesn't sit by and accept it but wants to help the Rebellion. After the first shock that his good looks didn't get him into the Queen's circle but sold to a woman from another planet, he finds he is enchanted by Mary. He isn't used to somebody caring for him and treating him with respect. You really like them both for being strong and loving characters.

4 out 5 cupids

Reviewer: Susanne

Cupid library Reviews


Paradise is loaded in suspense and fascination. It was intriguing, reading about the manner of the sexes and their disparity. Mary's character is strong in the way she cares for her crew and will stop at nothing to discover the answers behind their disappearance. I could practically feel the intent look in her eyes when she saw the collars wrapped around the men's neck. Sabre as a slave shows much depth to his story line. Ms. Roux creates a clever plot with a very interesting cast of characters. The addition of the collars around the men seemed so genuine. I sat in awe with every turn of the page the way the men handled their subjugation. And when Sabre ran his finger over his brother's headstone, I could not help but feel what he was thinking. Ms. Roux takes characters, enlists a wonderful visualization and blends a fabulous story that shouldn't be overlooked in this tingling tale.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Linda L.

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Sample Chapter



Mary was led into the great chamber.  The room was enormous and all around was large pillows and what looked to Mary like fainting sofas dotted throughout the room. There was three layers to the room each level slightly higher than the next. The middle of the room was empty and off to the back was two large pillars with silk curtains strung between them. This must be the exit or perhaps where the entertainment entered, Mary couldn't tell which. Acacia was seated on a large fainting sofa with Lucius, the dark-haired man from earlier and an exquisite looking black man seated on the ground beside her.  Mary looked around and saw several other women seated in various fainting sofas throughout the room who had one, two and sometimes three beautiful men seated around them. What caught Mary’s eye was that every one of the men had silver collars on their necks and the women all wore one silver bracelet on their wrist.

Loli pulled Mary into the room and brought her to Acacia.

"Mary, come sit next to me." Acacia motioned to the fainting sofa to her right. "You have met my Pet Lucius." She ran her fingers through his silky hair. "This is Vardon, she caressed the brunette's cheek, and this is Argus, she ran her hand over his shaven head."

Mary smiled at the men then sat down on the fainting sofa. "What’s going on?"

"Soon the seduction dance will start."

"What is the seduction dance?"

"This is where the women may choose their new Pets, or better yet, this is where I decide which woman can have what Pet. Only the most exquisite males dance here. Most of the time a woman can simply purchase a Pet, but every now and then a male so extraordinary will show up and several women will want him, this is when I decide who he should belong to."

"Whoa wait, did you just say a woman can purchase a…man?"

"But of course."

"So basically you practice slavery."

"It is not that simple. Here drink some wine and let me explain things to you." Acacia waited for Mary to sip some of her wine. "A long time ago Paradise was ruled by men, they held all the positions of power. Us women, while we were allowed to serve in the military and could learn trades, we still didn't really have a voice. The last King Paradise ever had was named Graydi, his queen Ziva grew tired of his infidelities and his seemly unquenchable bloodlust.  Paradise is a small planet with one third of it uninhabitable due to the great desert. So, we have one ruler for all. But Graydi saw conspiracy everywhere and would send the soldiers out to squash any rebellion." Acacia took a sip of wine.

"Why do you need a military if there is only one ruler?"

"It is a big universe and as I am sure you are aware, there a limitless thieves, raiders, who know what threats lurk out in the universe."

"Okay, that makes sense."

"Ziva wanted to take Graydi's power away, but since he was a man that made him a lot more physically stronger than her. She would have to tame him using her mind not her muscle. So, she invented these." Acacia ran her fingers over Lucius' collar. “Once a man has been collared he can be controlled with this." She gestured to her bracelet.

"I don’t understand."

"Vardon, I am sorry about this, my Pet." Acacia pressed the green button on her bracelet and Vardon lay on the ground squirming in pain for a few seconds. "Come here my Pet." Acacia opened her arms and waited for Vardon to slowly come up to her. She held him for a minute then kissed him lightly. She gestured for him to sit back down.

"Is he alright?"

"He is just fine. This green button is for Vardon, the yellow is for Lucius and the blue is for Argus, the small red button that is below each of these is the kill button."

"Kill button?"

"It will kill the man." Acacia saw the look of shock and disgust on Mary’s face. "Ziva designed the collars and bracelets so a woman could control a man. Soldiers have override buttons that will kill any male if he is within range of her bracelet."

"The men agreed to wear these?"

"Not at first. Ziva tricked Graydi into wearing the collar. While they made love with her on top she waited for him to orgasm, then she quickly attached the collar on him before he knew what happened. Ziva got word to all the females who lived in the palace to do the same to their men and soon all the men in the palace and military were collared. Graydi wouldn't accept the fact that he could be controlled, so Ziva was forced to kill him using the kill button on her bracelet. It took many years for women to gain total control. Now every male born is collared. There are no more wars, no needless blood shed, and no hunger for power."

"And no freedom, this is wrong."

"You are not from Paradise, you have no idea how bad things were when men ruled. Now Paradise is truly a paradise. You will see, once you have been here awhile. No woman needs to fear for her safety, needs to worry if her man will come home to her or will use his brute strength to control her."

"What about your men, they can’t like this?"

"You see my Pets, they are happy and well cared for."

"No man on Paradise is without this collar?"

"All men are collared. Here this is for you." Acacia gestured to Loki.

Loki hurried over and placed a bracelet on Mary’s wrist.

"All women must wear the bracelet. The red button is the kill button and once you have acquired a man¬his collar will be calibrated with your bracelet. The silver button off to the side will allow you to shock any male. But, you must be careful, if you hurt another woman's Pet or a prize Breeder the punishment is very harsh."

"Prize Breeder?" Mary slowly said as she looked over the bracelet.

"Prize Breeders are the favorite for wealthy women. Any woman who wants a child must go to the Breeders' compound, where she must pay to have selected men impregnate her. The higher the cost, the more exquisite the male is.  Prize Breeders are exceptional men and only wealthy women can afford them."

"I can't believe what I am hearing."

"It all will make sense once you get to know more about Paradise. Now we must get you a man. I don’t know when the next trader ship will be arriving and you will need someone to bring you pleasure."

"Oh, I couldn’t possibly..."

"I will be insulted if you don’t take my gift."

Mary didn't know what to do. She didn't want to own a man, it was wrong, but at the same time she couldn't afford to make Acacia angry. She had to play along for now. Then an awful thought filled her head, what if Gregory, Brian, Ronald and Frank were forced to wear a collar. No…they were visitors…Mary quickly dismissed the thought.

"Thank you for your generosity," Mary said.

"Good, then when the dance starts I will choose a man for you."

Mary's attention was drawn to the large red silk curtains as a loud horn seemed to herald the beginning of something. The curtains slowly opened and two women dressed in white leisurely walked into the middle of the chamber. They each held onto a long strand of white silk. Mary gasped when she saw the remarkable looking man being led into the room by the two women. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him as his body slowly started to move to the sensuous music. The two women ceremoniously removed the strands of white silk and the robe from the man's body. God, this man was beautiful, Mary became aroused just looking at his body. His sinewy muscles flexed with each sensuous movement he made. Her eyes followed his hands as he ran them down his well-chiseled chest to the ties of the white silky fabric that covered his lower body. With one elegant move he removed the cloth. Mary's eyes were drawn to the small piece of fabric that barely covered his cock, but his hands led her eyes back up his body.  She followed his hands as they went to his beautiful face. He slowly licked his sumptuous lips, then he brought his hands to his long silky dark hair. He arched his back as he ran his fingers through his hair, all the while his hips moved in the most seductive manner.

Mary couldn't catch her breath. Never has she been this aroused before. His eyes locked with hers making her hold her breath. She gasped again as he slowly moved up toward her. He stood before Acacia, his body moving so seductively, Mary felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Acacia ran her hands down his chest and with one movement removed the small piece of cloth revealing his glorious cock.

"His name is Sabre, Mary." Acacia smiled up at him. She gestured for him to go to Mary.

Mary slowly looked up into his eyes as he looked down at her. She wanted him so badly her body physically ached with need. She couldn't move, though she wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch him.

Acacia looked to Mary and smiled, she gestured for the trainer to come to her.

Mary was lost in Sabre's seductive dance. She couldn't look away from him. The music ended and Sabre stopped his dance, he moved back to Acacia and slowly came down to his knees.

"Very good, Sabre." Acacia leaned forward and ran her fingers through his hair.

"I want him, your highness," Mira shouted out.

"As do I," Dextra quickly added.

A few more female voices called out saying that they too wanted Sabre as their Pet. Mary didn't look to see who spoke¬her eyes were locked on Sabre. An explosion could have happened in this room and she wouldn't be able to look away from him. 

"I have decided to give Sabre to my guest Mary."

"What?!" Mira called out.

"You heard me. Sabre, go sit by your new owner."

One of the women, who had escorted Sabre in, quickly came up to him and wrapped a silken cloth around his waist.

Acacia handed the woman a piece of paper. "I have paid top dollar for this exquisite male. He has entertained everyone so deliciously."

"Thank you, your highness." The woman bowed her head and quickly walked away.

Sabre walked over to Mary and sat down by her feet as he looked out toward the middle of the room. Several more males had begun to dance.

"Mary, enjoy your gift," Acacia said, handing her another cup of wine.

"Thank you," Mary quietly said. She looked down at Sabre. His long hair went down the length of his back. His heavenly scent washed over Mary, she ached to touch him, but it felt wrong to do so. She couldn't focus on the men dancing with Sabre sitting so close. Mary gestured to the wine server and had him bring Sabre something to drink. Sabre graciously took the wine and bowed his head respectfully at Mary.  What in the hell am I going to do with him? She kept thinking as she watched him drink the wine.

Sabre looked out across the women. He had failed to capture the Queen's attention or even managed to get bought by one of the council members. He had no idea who his new owner was. The Queen did say she was a special guest, but she was just that, a guest. She wouldn't be able to get him into all the areas of the city. Now what was he going to do. He would have to get word to Cyrus. Maybe he knew who this woman was and if she could be useful. He felt her hand timidly touch his hair.

"My name is Mary," she said as she allowed her hand to run through his lush hair.

"Is this how you wish me to address you?"

"Yes, please."

Sabre slowly turned around and looked up at her. He could see she wanted him, but yet, she almost seemed afraid to touch him.

"Mary, you can play with your new Pet anytime during this ceremony if you wish," Acacia said as she gestured for Lucius to come to her. He knelt down in front of her and she wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her.

Mary quickly looked away.

Sabre watched the blush come across her face, this intrigued him. "Perhaps, you would like to go back to your chambers," Sabre offered up. He had no real desire to stay in this room and really hoped Mary wanted to leave.

"That sounds good." Mary slowly got up. "Thank you again, Acacia."

"Where are you going?"

"I want to go back to my chambers...if that is alright?"

"Perhaps it is better. Mira is glaring over at you anyways, that would be distracting."

Mary bowed her head and headed out of the chambers. She looked behind her and saw Sabre was following her. She didn't look back at him again until they were in her chambers.

He stood there just looking at her. "What is your wish?"

"To be honest…" Mary sat down on her bed. "You are so amazing looking, but...I can’t...I mean I don't feel right ordering you to do anything."   

"I am your Pet—you can have me do anything."

"I am not from your planet, so this is all so strange to me."

"You are not from Paradise!" Sabre hurried over to her, then he remembered his place and came down to his knees in front of her.

"Please...don’t do that."  Mary reached out and gently grabbed his arm, urging him to his feet. "Come sit by me." She patted the spot on the bed next to her.

Sabre slowly sat down next to her. "Where are you from?" he quietly asked.

"I am from the planet Earth. Me and my crew crashed landed on your planet. I wished there was a way to know if my crew mates are alright."

"What have you heard about them? Are your crew mates male or female?"

"My crew mates are male. I heard Chiara mention something about a Blue mountain, but that is all I know. I was taken to some sort of temple—all I remember was waking up there."

"Blue Mountain..."

"Do you know where that is?"

"I used to work in the mines at Blue Mountain."

"Really?!" Mary grabbed his arm. "Do you think you could take me there? I need to know if my crew is alright."

"I wish I could help you, but I am forbidden to leave the city unless it is to accompany you."

"Then, we will go to this Blue Mountain."

"You must get permission from Dextra, she runs things with the Workers."

"Oh great, she wasn't too happy about..." Mary looked over to Sabre, Dextra really wanted this man and was none too happy when the Queen gave him to Mary. "Well, let's say I don’t think she will be doing me any favors for a little while."

"You can command me to seduce Dextra and obtain whatever you want from her."

"Oh...I couldn't do that."

"Why not?"

"That wouldn't be right. I mean you are not attracted to her, or even have feelings for her...do you?"

"What does that matter?"

"It matters a lot where I am from. No, Sabre, I couldn't ask you to make love to Dextra. There has to be another way."

"Would you like me to pleasure you, to take your mind off of everything for awhile?"  He stood up and took off the silk fabric that covered his lower body.

"Sabre...I..." Mary wanted nothing more than to let this gorgeous man do whatever he wanted to her, but..."Sabre, I couldn't ask you to do..."

Sabre came down to his knees in front of her and brought his hand to her face. She was so pretty, so gentle looking he couldn't stop himself. For the first time, he wanted to please a woman, wanted her to take his body.  He slowly brought his lips to hers, he could feel her hesitation at first, then slowly she melted into his kiss. She couldn't stop the flood of desire that filled her. She pulled him closer desperately needing his body close to hers. Never had a man tasted, felt or smelled this good.

"Do you want me, really want me? Please I need to know that this is what you want to do," Mary said as she looked up into his eyes.

"Yes, I want you," he whispered.

Mary pulled her blouse from her body as Sabre removed her pants. His hands wandered over her body—gently he laid her back into the bed as he positioned himself between her legs.

"I wanted to savor you, but I need your cock inside me so bad." Mary pulled him down to her. She moaned loudly as he thrust all of his cock deeply into her. He thrust in a gentle rhythm at first, but he sensed her need for more. He thrust faster and faster, her body keeping pace with his. The urgency, her need for him was euphoric. His body was used by many women over and over again—each of them hungered for him, but not like this. He arched up so he could look down into her beautiful face—he wanted to bring this woman pleasure. When she cried out her pleasure and begged for him to come, he couldn't deny her. He felt her hands in his hair as he rode the wave of his orgasm.

"Thank you," he whispered as she pulled him to her and held him tightly. "Thank you for giving me a choice."

Mary released him and he rose up onto his elbows. She gently stroked his face, her eyes couldn't leave his. "I will always give you a choice whether you want to be with me or not." His smile warmed her, but also saddened her. The more she learned about Paradise, the less like a real paradise it seemed.

"I will help you find your crew mates," he said as he slowly rolled off of her and lay by her side.

"Thank you, Sabre." She reached down and grabbed his hand. He squeezed her hand tightly as both looked up at the ceiling, each lost in thought.

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