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Ayden came to Emily in her dreams. Was she the one he had been searching centuries for? Could she finally bring him salvation after endless years of pain? 

Ayden was cursed from the moment he was born.  He had to find his soul mate or suffer the pain of love lost over and over.  Now after centuries of searching he believes he has finally found the one woman that could free his tormented soul.  However his fear of destroying her keeps him from finding her.  Until he has no choice but to find her in order to save her.  A multitude of demons have been unleashed on Earth, and their target was Emily.

Ayden and his demon hunters face the battle of their lives.  Now that Ayden's true purpose is revealed the leaders of Heaven and Hell will stop at nothing to destroy him and his hunters.

"Ayden’s Awakening" is the exciting conclusion to Justus Roux's Demon Hunter series.


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While not a classic gothic novel, Ayden's Awakening is a great read full of evil demons, cold hearted angels, and a creator who is beautifully described.  The characters are all well developed, and readers of the prequels will enjoy how the characters have remained true to their personalities.  This is, however, a completely stand alone book.

The love and sex between Emily and Ayden is very romantic; this is a couple facing huge obstacles yet willing to love unselfishly and represent unconditional love at its best.  Other lead characters in the book, even two utterly evil demons, display a sense of honor and retribution against perceived betrayal.  One of the sub-plots between an ex-demon and his former protégé is wonderfully written and a great part of the story.

Since all characters behave appropriately to either their good or bad beliefs, the book has a number of rape scenes that will shock many.  All these scenes are within the context of the storyline, but that doesn't make them any less gruesome.  While I have no problem recommending this keeper of a book, it is not for the faint of heart.

4 out 5 stars
Anya Khan
Just Erotic Romance Reviews


With Emily’s life in danger, Ayden knows now is the time to reveal himself to her and hope she will forgive him for putting her life in jeopardy.   He knows nothing will stop the demons or archangels hunting him, only he does not know why they want him dead.  Will he discover the reason why before they kill him?  Will Emily be his salvation or his downfall?

Emily has dreamt of a man who fulfills her, but she knows it is only a dream until Ayden comes for her when she is attacked by demons.  She must uncover the truth and reveal her feelings for him, while trying to understand what it is about him that calls to her heart.

This is a fantastic conclusion to Ms. Roux’s Demon series.  Ayden’s Awakening will entertain the reader until the end.  This story features some aspects that will horrify, but in the context of the story, I can understand why it is in there.  The love Ayden and Emily feel for each other is palpable and I loved how all the secondary characters seem to come to life during certain scenes.  For me, this story was emotional and also at times hard hitting, but I really loved reading it.  


4 out 5 cups


Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance




This is definitely an interesting book and one that readers will want to read over and over again. Emily is ready to move on with her life and then Ayden pops up and everything changes. His sensual pull is too much to ignore and Emily finds herself falling fast for her sexy protector. Ayden is the perfect man, protective and sensitive. He will make you melt and in the same breath steam the room. This couple is perfect for each other and Justus Roux has done a wonderful job of creating a story reader's won't soon forget.

Overall rating: 4 out 5 hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Angel Brewer




In Ayden's Awakening, Justus Roux brings back all the familiar characters that fans of the Demon Hunter series have come to know and love. The stakes are higher than ever and so is the danger. The sex scenes are hot enough to melt your keyboard... and leave you gasping for air. No need to stay away if you have not read the previous installments, each book in this series is strong and complete enough to carry it's own weight. There is a lot of violence in this one, including rapes and some gory battle scenes... but after all we are talking about demons from Hell here, not exactly good guys! Thanks to Ms. Roux for presenting this fascinating series. I am glad to have found her works and she can definitely add me to her fan club!


4 out 5 Angels
Reviewed by: Johnna

Fallen Angel Reviews   www.fallenangelreviews.com



Sample Chapter

Emily carefully placed the figurines on the shelf.  Scott bought her each one of these little dragons.  She always had a thing about dragons.  Scott knew this and always made sure to have some sort of dragon image in the gifts he gave her.  Strange, she thought she put the tears behind her.  But looking at these beautiful dragons she felt the familiar pain come back.  She and Scott were married for seven years. She believed they were happy, up until six months ago when he announced he was leaving her.  He handed her the divorce papers right then and there.  No sorrow, no regret, no anything in his eyes. He just wanted to be rid of her and their life together.  How can someone claim to love you one minute then just stop?

"Enough of this." She wiped the tears away. Crying wasn't going to make him come back and to be honest she didn't know if she would take him back.  She stood up and walked over to another box.  Shelly and Diane were busy unpacking all the kitchen stuff and left Emily alone to unpack the bedroom things.  Emily smiled she loved her friends they seem to know just what she needed.  She didn't know if she could have gotten through all of this without them.

"This is so tiring," Emily said as she went over to the bed. She lay down and just looked up at the ceiling.  She gasped when thoughts of Ayden bombarded her mind. "You will have to wait until I go to sleep Ayden," she chuckled.


His deep, sexy voice aroused her. Her little fantasy thing was starting to get out of hand. It's one thing to have Mr. Perfect in her dreams, but hearing his voice while she was awake, now that was different.  Oh Ayden was perfect too.  She closed her eyes and indulged herself.  Her hands reached out to touch his sculpted chest in her mind while outside her daydream her hand went down to her pussy.

"Emily," he sighed as her hands caressed his chest.

Emily let her hands wander down his body as her fingers caressed her clit. She watched as he slowly removed his pants. She licked her lips in anticipation as his beautiful cock was slowly revealed to her.  She imagined her hand wrapping around the shaft as her eyes stayed focused on his gorgeous face. She slowly stroked up and down his cock watching the look of pleasure on his face.  Her fingers circled faster and faster on her clit. Her body shuddered when he moaned.

"Ayden, if only you were real," she sighed.

"I am real Emily."

"No your not, you are just a wonderful figment of my imagination."

"I am very real."

Emily sat up. "Oh great, now my fantasy man is going to argue with me." She decided now probably wasn’t the best time to pleasure herself anyways. She wouldn't want to embarrass her friends should they walk in on her.

"I am real, Emily, and I am coming for you."

Emily just stood there for a moment. She felt someone gently caressing her body and it frightened her.  Ayden sensed her fear and immediately stopped.

"Shelly, Diane, I am coming to help you guys for awhile." She took one last look over the bedroom. No, Ayden didn't just caress her, no, no, it must be her imagination. She convinced herself of this and hurried downstairs to help the others.




Ayden's cock was so hard it ached.  He reached back down and slowly began stroking his cock again.  He closed his eyes and pictured Emily. He pictured her lying under him with her beautiful legs wrapped around his waist.  His hand slid faster and faster up and down his cock as he tried to imagine what it would feel like having his cock buried deeply in her.  "Emily," he sighed as he reached up his hand and grabbed the tree he was leaning against.  He tilted his head back as he orgasm, his hand slowly stroked milking every last drop of his cum out.  "Emily," he whispered as he enjoyed the afterglow of his climax.

His moment of serenity was brief as a feeling of dread washed over him.

"I must go to her." Ayden stood up and straightened himself up before he walked back towards the hunting cabins.  He could feel the presence of several demon Generals. This was most disturbing, never had he felt the presence of so many Generals before. He hurried over towards his hunters.

Ryo had his sword drawn. "Do you feel their presence?" Ryo asked.

"Yes, prepare to leave this area," Ayden answered.  He watched Gabriele pack up their weapons and supplies.  Saban was heading towards Ryker. Ayden almost chuckled when Ryker backed away from Saban protesting that he didn't want to be carried by him. Ryo already had Jasmine scooped up in his arms. 

"I told Michael and Miranda where to meet you," Isa said, grabbing Ayden's hand. "You must go to Emily. She needs your protection."

"I will protect her, mother. I will worry about my feelings for her later."

Before Isa could reply she was torn away from Ayden.  "Mother!" Ayden reached for her just before she disappeared.

"Mommy and Daddy can’t help you or your hunters, Ayden." Lasax’s voice boomed in his mind.

"I don’t need their help to defeat your pathetic army!" Ayden shouted out.  The others just looked at him, not knowing who he was talking to.

"Are you all right?" Gabriele asked as she threw the weapons pack over her shoulder.

"Yes, Asurul will not be aiding any of you. We are alone and I fear Lasax and Prolo will try their best to destroy me this time."

"Not with us around they won’t," Gabriele said.

"I have faith in all of your abilities." Ayden waited for them to get ready. He could fly like an Archangel, but he opted just to use his demon speed, so his hunters would be able to keep up with him.

"Oh no…" Ryker groaned when Saban picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. "I really hate this stuff, Gabriele."

"So do I Ryker," Jasmine added as she latched onto Ryo.

Ayden started to laugh then he raced off.  The others were right behind him.


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