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Gabriele would ascend to the heights of Heaven to save the man who was the other half of her soul.


Gabriele Conner is the only female demon hunter. Though Asurul was reluctant to train her and only did so by request of Isa.  Gabriele has proven herself a valuable asset to Asurul. With her skill and dedication, he knows his son Ayden is well protected with her guarding him.


Gabriele doesn’t quite know what to make of their new guest Ryker Brower, a Special Forces soldier that she and her fellow hunters Ryo and Saban rescued from certain death at the hands of Kali, a powerful Demon General.  Ryker’s training and skill may prove useful in baiting the demon to them.  The more time Gabriele spends with Ryker the more she is drawn to him. Her feelings for him trigger painful memories of her mortal life. On top of this Kali has taken the Archangel Kannon as her lover, making her even more deadly.  Gabriele must pull herself together and focus on her enemy, protecting Ayden comes before all. However, when Ryker is taken by Kannon she can think of nothing else than saving the one man that is the other half of her soul.


This is book two of Justus Roux's  demon hunter series.




Ryker is a truly exceptional hero; he’s a strong alpha hero, both of mind and body, and he likes to take charge at every turn. He considers Gabriele’s feelings and wants to protect her and ease her worries. What woman wouldn’t want such a man? Especially when he thinks of her when they make passionate love? Gabriele is an independent female and likes to be in control of the situation at all times; she’s drawn to Ryker and his compelling presence; all this makes for some interesting scenes between our two main characters.

Resolution for some of the characters, and the stylish sub-plots that are interwoven in Heavenly Surrender make it a unique paranormal story.

4 out of 5 stars

Aggie Tsirikas
Just Erotic Romance Reviews



Justus Roux’s HEAVENLY SURRENDER was everything I expected it to be and much more. Her characters come alive with a zest for life on pages filled with action, love, despair and hope. As the series progresses, I find myself highly anticipating the telling of the beautiful and ethereal Ayden’s tale as the conclusion to a gorgeous series that dares you to believe.  I recommend HEAVENLY SURRENDER to erotic romance lovers who enjoy their stories hot and passionately told. Surrender yourself to the sensual writings of Justus Roux and see for yourselves the celestial delights that await you.

4.5 out 5 blue ribbons  -  Lady Novelistic  Romance Junkies




  Heavenly Surrender is the story of a woman who finds her soul mate while guarding a man from being assassinated. Gabriele is strong after facing everything that happened to her before she trained to become a demon hunter and protector. While Ryker has been running from his past life, emotions of failure have haunted him, but when he meets Gabriele, he is finally able to overcome all obstacles so that he can share his life with her. This is a wonderful story of closure; redemption and finding something so precious that you would do anything for it…love.

5 out 5 cups
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



This is the second in the series and I had not read the first. I have to admit that other than the nagging "you are reading a book out of order inner alarm" one of my personal peeves, I had no
problem following or understanding the story. In fact I found myself truly getting involved and was sorry to reach the ending. The characters were all so interesting- human ,angel, demon, you name
it, and the fast action level kept the story moving along at a enjoyable pace. I highly recommend this tale and will be looking for more in this series as soon as I can!


4 out of 5 wine glasses
Reviewed By Johnna
Raven Reviews



Sample chapter:


"Whoa, what’s wrong?"

Gabriele's voice shook Ryker unexpectedly. He squatted down and covered his ears taking deep breaths to control his emotions.

"Hey…" Gabriele didn’t know what to do. She squatted down beside him and gently ran her hand down his strong back.  “All this weird stuff can be overwhelming, it took me some time to get use to it," she said quietly stroking his back.

"That's not it," he barked, falling back until he was sitting down. "Do you know what it is like to hear that your wife and child are dead? To know if you would have stayed like they asked you to, you would have died with them. To wonder whether they suffered or not, were they afraid, did they see their death coming.  And know, to fucking know you could have been there, and maybe prevented it or at least held them as the fucking truck slammed into the car." Ryker was breathing really hard trying to contain his emotions.

"Ryker…" Gabriele reached up and grabbed his hand. His voice was so full of pain and regret.  "I am so sorry to hear you lost your family."

"Let's focus back on this mission. I don’t want to talk about this." He pulled his hand from hers.

"Ryker." She reached up and stroked his face. His pain tore at her. She was compelled to ease his pain.

He looked into her big blue eyes, his breathing still heavy. "I don’t want your pity."

"It's not pity Ryker. I know what it is like to lose someone, to feel responsible for their death. I too try not to think about it."

He pulled her into his arms and captured her lips with his. He needed this. She needed this. He felt her uncertainness, her fear.  "I won’t hurt you," he whispered against her lips.

"Ryker…I …"

"Shhh." He kissed her softly, slowly letting his hand caress her. Taking his time letting her set the pace.

"Ryker… I don’t know what to do," her voice sounded so vulnerable, so fragile, he was almost afraid to touch her.

"Don’t worry about that. I will only go as far as you want. If you ask me to stop I will."

She saw the gentleness in his eyes and she surrendered to his touch. His lips wandered down her neck as he carefully laid her down on the ground. He quickly pulled his shirt off and laid it under her head. His fingertips lightly ran over her full lips. Softly he kissed her, gently he caressed her.  She reached down and pulled her shirt off then looked away from him.

"No…look at me, please don’t close your eyes and go somewhere else. I won’t hurt you," he said, turning her head back towards him.  Her hand timidly went to his shoulder, her fingers traced his muscle lines. "Touch me; feel free to explore my body," he whispered as he kissed her hand. 

He reached down and unbuttoned her pants watching her reaction. He felt her body tense up so he removed his hand. He will wait, having her so close to his body felt good, he will not rush this moment. He watched the timid way her fingers ran down his chest, her eyes following the trail her fingers made.

"You are so beautiful," she said quietly.

He rolled over onto his back letting her take control of the moment. Her hands explored his entire upper body. She reached down to the button of his pants then stopped. "My body is yours, Gabriele," Ryker whispered.  He held his breath as she undid his pants, slowly she lowered them. He lifted his hips a little making it easier for her. Her fingers traveled down the muscle line leading to his cock, she paused.  She looked at the bulge still covered by his underwear.

"Touch me Gabriele," his voice almost pleaded.

Her hand traced the line of his hard cock through his underwear. She felt it grow even harder with her touch. She reached up and pulled down his underwear watching his cock being revealed inch by inch. Her hand wrapped around the thickness of him, she looked up into his face, the pleasure she saw in his eyes ignited her body.

"Gabriele," he moaned as she begun to stroke his cock. 

He reached down and pulled her up to him. He cupped the back of her head and kissed her deeply, slowly rolling over placing her under him. His cock was heavy with need but he will not rush this. He felt her reached down and unfastened her pants, he moved a little to the side allowing her to remove her pants then her body laid there rigid.

"Gabriele," he said, tracing her face with his fingertips. "You don't have to let me have you if this is not what you want."

"I want you…" her voice shook and the tears spilt from her eyes. "I am afraid of your body."

He turned to his side and pulled her to him, holding her close to him. He felt her nuzzle up against him, the heat of her body, and the feel of her soft skin against his own.  He wanted her with every fiber of his being but he will wait.  He stroked her skin tenderly and just held her.

"Ryker." She looked up into his face, his eyes…so warm, so open to her.  She rolled over and pulled him to her. "Make love to me."

"Gabriele." He kissed her with every thing he had. His tongue explored her mouth while his hands explored her body. He opened her legs and cupped her pussy in his hand, inserting one of his fingers slowly into her making sure she was ready for him. He held their fiery kiss as he positioned himself between her legs. He grabbed his cock and placed it at the opening of her pussy. Slowly he pushed forward; he felt her body stiffen under him. He brought one of his hands to her face and caressed her cheek while he looked deeply into her eyes. "Gabriele…." The trust in her eyes touched him deeply. He watched her face as he thrust deeply into her. Slowly he moved his hips as he captured her lips again.

Gabriele was lost in his touch. Never had she known the tenderness of a man, she had started to believe there was no such thing.  Her body had been used countless times, always brutally but never like this. Ryker was so gentle and the way he looked at her making sure he wasn't hurting her. Gabriele choke back the tears that threaten to spill this moment was so beautiful. She reached up and pulled him closer wanting to feel his body against hers as he gently made love to her.  "What do I do?" she whispered against his cheek.

"Just hold me," he replied, kissing her again.

She felt a wonderful feeling building and she surrendered to it. His touch, the way his cock moved in and out of her, his soft kisses, she felt it all. Pleasure like she never felt before washed over her body, she found herself holding him tightly against her as the waves of pleasure subsided.  His moans drew her attention, she looked up into his face as he thrust faster, closing his eyes arching his head back. "Please look at me." She couldn’t stop herself from saying.  He looked deeply into her eyes as his orgasm hit. She shuddered looking at the pleasure etched onto his face.  The soft way he said her name as he kissed her again warmed her heart. She held him tightly to her wanting to feel him against her.

"Ryker…" She didn’t know what to say or if words were needed at this moment.

"Are you alright?" he said, stroking her hair.

"Yes…Ryker…"  She looked from him.

"What is it?"

"Will you hold me while I sleep?"

"Try and stop me." He smiled down at her. His smile lit his eyes melting her heart. He rolled off her and pulled on his pants. "I will be right back stay here."

"Okay." She pulled on her clothes and waited for him. He came back with two sleeping bags. He unzipped them and laid one out on the ground. He held his arms open to her and she fell into them. He lay back pulling her close to him as he covered them with the other sleeping bag. She nuzzled her face against his chest and simply enjoyed the warmth of being so near to him.

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