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Not even Hell could keep him from her


Miranda Williams lived a normal life until a tall, blonde, handsome stranger named Michael Varzor appeared in her life. He wasn't your ordinary run of the mill stud muffin, but one that could leap four stories into the air, run at mind numbing speeds, and oh yeah, who hunted demons for a living. 

Miranda is quickly pulled into Michael's world when he has to protect her from a demon named Syn.  Miranda can't believe that this sub world exists. Michael has to be crazy or even more terrifying that his tales of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory are true. Endanger of losing her mind and her heart Miranda must believe in her instincts and trust Michael.

Michael Varzor was a paid killer in his mortal life but after his death, he was pulled from the grayness of Purgatory by a man named Asurul.  Michael was trained to become a demon hunter so he can protect Asurul's son Ayden.  Suited for a life of a hunter Michael had learned long ago to numb his feelings. He swore to never love another woman again, never to give a woman that kind of power over him. But one look at Miranda sends him into a spiral.  Wrestling with his pass and trying to fight the present Michael now has to battle with a demon that is stronger and more cunning than any before. Michael must allow Miranda into his heart or both of them will lose their souls.

This book one of  Justus Roux's demon hunter series.


This is an exciting read and you won't give up until it's finished. Michael is really a tortured soul who still suffers under his mother's strong hand. Miranda is completely lost in a world she doesn't understand, but her feelings for Michael are intense. The imaginative world of demons and demon slayers is sure to keep even the most jaded reader interested. An introduction of how the series gets started goes a long way in helping to understand the background of the book. An excellent read for paranormal lovers!

4 out of 5 hearts- : Angel Brewer ,  The Romance Studio



The eternal conflict of good and evil is always an interesting background for any storyteller.  Mrs. Roux has a cast of characters that exude kindness and absolute evil.  Miranda and Michael are the focal point of the story and I learned through Mrs. Roux’s unique storytelling method about their past.  The passion between them is hot and you feel each touch as they seek comfort in the arms of each other.  This story contains a great deal of violence and will not be for those with a weak stomach.  The characters leave it wide open for many sequels.  It is an interesting romance set in the backdrop of the eternal conflict.  If you like books that provide more than just the usual romantic erotic backdrop and aren’t squeamish then this could be a choice for you.  

 4 out 5 stars-Julie Esparza

Just Erotic Romance Reviews



KEEPER OF MY SOUL examines the good hearts of some and the pure evil of others. Michael and Miranda's story is sexually explicit and keeps you wanting more. These characters have to fight the memories
of their pasts they would rather never face again. This story is so electrically charged with passion and evil that it is hard to put down. If you like sexually charged stories and do not have a weak
stomach for evil, this it is a must read. JUSTUS ROUX writes such a fantastic tale, I give it 5 out of 5 wine glasses.

Reviewed by Briana
Raven Reviews

Raven Reviews


Despite the endearingly sweet title, Justus Roux’s KEEPER OF MY SOUL is not for the faint of heart. There are instances of extreme and gory violence, BDSM, as well as male on male action and group sex. All of this contributed to a magnificently engaging read that ended with a powerful climax that left me anxiously awaiting the next installment of this fantastic series. I look forward to reading and learning more about this elite group of beautiful but deadly demon hunters. I especially hope to see more of the golden boy Ayden himself.


4.5 out 5 blue ribbons

Lady Novelistic, 



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Sample Chapter


"Blast your way in there, Michael," Sabrina barked.

"But, there are women and children hiding in there too, Mom." Michael winced when Sabrina slapped him across the face.

"So is our enemy, what does it matter if a few civilians are lost, now get in there." Sabrina shoved Michael into the complex.

Michael could here the rat-ta-tat of Sabrina's gun as they swept through the building. Michael a dead on marksmen shot the men perched up on the rafters as he slowly made his way through the old building. As he rounded the corner he readied his pistols but then came to a dead stop. A group of young women and their small children were huddled together. Michael froze, a deadly thing to do when you are in enemy territory, but he couldn’t bring himself to shoot them.

"What the hell are you doing, shoot them damn it!" Sabrina said as she came up behind him.

"They are no threat to us." Michael lowered his guns.

He gasped when he heard Sabrina’s gun going off.  The women and children fell to the ground as their bodies became riddled with bullets.

"There, now move your ass must I do everything for you." Sabrina tugged at Michael’s coat and pulled him forward.

 "Why?!" Michael screamed, sitting straight up in bed.

"What’s wrong?" Miranda quickly sat up and reached over to Michael.

"Don’t touch me, damn it! I hate you, I fucking hate you!" Michael shoved Miranda out of the bed.

 Miranda slowly got up and looked at Michael he was still sleeping.  She jerked back when he came to his feet his eyes popped open, it seem to take him a moment to figure out where he was.

Michael looked across the room and saw Miranda sitting on the ground. "Oh shit, did I hurt you?"

"No, I will be alright. Are you okay, you seemed to be having a nightmare?"  Miranda gasped when before she knew it Michael was over to her lifting her up. He held her body against his for a moment, almost as if he was seeking comfort.

They stared at each other for a moment, both breathing hard, as if this moment had been frozen in time, neither quite knew what to do. Michael seemed to be waiting for something or perhaps wrestling with something. Miranda gently lifted her hand to his cheek, a simple gesture really, but one that meant so much to Michael.  He closed his eyes and tilted his head toward her hand nuzzling gently against it.  He felt Miranda’s lips tenderly brush against his. He reached back one hand and cupped the back of her head deepening the kiss. Each needed something from the other, maybe a moment of tenderness or a moment to forget the past or present. Both surrendered into the kiss. Miranda wrapped her legs around Michael’s waist and her arms around his neck. He wrapped both his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him.

He slowly carried her over to the bed, still holding that searing kiss. Even as he laid her gently into the bed they held that kiss, almost as if they couldn’t breathe on their own if they stopped. Miranda's hands went to Michael’s wealth of soft blonde hair; she lightly ran her fingers through it. 

"You sure you want this," Michael said as he looked down into her face.

"Yes," she quietly said.

Michael knew he shouldn’t do this that it would only complicate everything, but he needed a moment of tenderness, of distraction.  The memories of a sixteen year old boy still fresh in his mind, he needed to quiet them. 

He reached down and undid Miranda’s jeans pulling them slowly from her body as she pulled her shirt off. He let his eyes wandered down her soft curves, lingering on her full breasts. This was a woman's body not some unrealistic stick figure that he had seen too much of.  His hands cupped her breasts enjoying the softness and weight of them in his hand. He slowly lowered his head and gently took one of her erect nipples into his mouth.

Miranda moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her. The way he looked at her body made her feel beautiful, no man ever made her feel like this. She felt his tongue travel lower, licking all the way down her body. For a moment she became self-conscious as his mouth hovered over her pussy.  She usually never allowed her lovers to pleasure her this way, but when he growled and buried his tongue deeply into her there was no way she was going to stop this delight.

Michael let his tongue explore every part of her pussy. He buried his tongue deep in her wanting to coax more of her sweet nectar out, needing to feast on it.  He felt her hands tangle in his hair, her hips slowly starting to move. He ran his tongue up each one of her pussy lips before sucking it into his mouth then he spread her pussy open so he had full access to her clit. He rolled and flicked his tongue over leisurely, enjoying the way she gripped his head tighter pushing him closer. He knew he had her on the edge and he planned on letting her hover there for awhile. He placed his mouth over her entire clit then began to nurse on it, letting his tongue flick back and forth at the same time. He felt her hips rise off the bed and her clit pulsing in his mouth. He took two of his fingers and shoved them deeply into her feeling her pussy walls clamp down on them.

"Please…" she quietly said. She needed his cock in her. She heard Michael unzip his pants, she quickly looked up. Damn he was magnificent looking. He climbed on top of her and buried his cock deep into her.

Michael felt the warm and wetness of Miranda’s pussy surround his cock as he buried himself deeper into her. His thrusts were slow and hard. He felt Miranda's legs wrap around him urging him to go deeper. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her so now his whole body was crushed against hers. The softness of her, the pleasure of having his cock buried in her….Michael closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of it. Her quiet moaning heighten his pleasure, he felt his climax building. He grunted and thrust harder waiting to feel his release. He arched his back and tilted his head back as he rode the waves of his orgasm, when his cock was drained he laid all his body on Miranda being careful not to crush her. He felt her hands slowly running up and down his back, her lips gently kissing his chest.

"That was wonderful," she whispered against his chest as she continued to kiss every inch of skin she could reach.

"Yes…." Michael didn’t know what to say. He rolled off her and pulled back on his pants. "You should get dressed now." He felt awkward and quickly got dressed.

Miranda pulled the sheet up covering her body as he left the room. Her body never felt so alive before, but…. She didn't want to over think this, it was a nice distraction and that was all it was. "He is a demon hunter….." The words faded quickly, she couldn't think on how to finish that sentence.  She lay back down and snuggled up with the pillow and started to cry. She doubted everything now, even her own mind.  She wished she had Amy to talk to right now. Thoughts of her friend being murder so gruesomely caused Miranda to sob uncontrollably. 



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