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Tomar, the ruler of the Rundal people, discovered a planet called Loma. This planet has the same problem as the planet Malka, but in reverse, where as the Malka people lack females the Loma people lack males. Tomar is excited and travels to Loma to start talks with the Empress. Yet, when he arrives he soon finds that he may have made a mistake wanting to introduce the Loma females to the Malka males. The Empress wants Queen Rhaya's village destroyed because of the male child born in that village. No male child has been born on Loma for a hundred years and the Empress sees this as a bad omen. Tomar uses his ships to transport the villagers to safety on Malka. But he stays by the Empress's request.


On Malka the young warrior name Zenith has been chosen for the honor of being the trainer to Niro's son Zenos. He gets introduced to the warrior women of Loma when Queen Rhaya shows up to meet with Niro. Petra the Queen's guard is instantly attracted to Zenith, even though he works her last nerve by his arrogance. On Loma smaller, weaker males are desired, but Zenith is large and strong just like all the male warriors on Malka. Niro soon finds out his warriors are having trouble adjusting to the strong female warriors of Loma.


Ramiro, the son of Tomar, has been best friends with Zenith forever. He was named the grand general of the Rundal warriors. His duty is to train the Rundal warriors to fight along side of the barbarians. His older brother Alamaxa is being groomed to be the next ruler of the Rundal people and with Tomar away Alamaxa becomes the acting ruler. His first act as ruler is to command his brother Ramiro to choose a mate. Ramiro doesnít want a Rundal female but is most curious about the human females. However, it is forbidden for a Rundal male to be with a human female.


Laigne, the weaker male servant to Niro's mate Robin, can't believe it when a large beautiful Loma female wants him. On Malka being a weaker male was the most undesirable thing there was. Weaker males in the Dascon clan became servants and playthings to the large male warriors which was considered lucky for in the Larmat clan they simply killed the weaker males.



Emotionally moving, sexually scorching, and the best in the series so far! I couldnít put it down and hated for it to end. Justus has made a world that may be primitive but the rewards of the love there are worth the risks the hero and heroine take. I can only hope that there is more to this series that is coming. Top scores all around


5 out 5

Reviewer: Melisa




The Warrior's Heart by Justus Roux is a fabulous addition to the Barbarians of Malka series. The focus on these three couples keeps the pace of the book swift and enjoyable. There is plenty of sex and adventure packed into only 180 pages. The males of Malka must prepare themselves for women who are just as capable as they are. There is an underlying theme in the story of acceptance and tolerance. I have read the other books in this series and I found this to be my favorite by far. The characters have an appeal that is engaging. The sex is hot without being overwhelming and the plot kept me entertained. If you haven't read the other books in the series, donít worry. This is a story that can be read on its own, but you may want to pick up the other stories. All are enjoyable and will help fill in the background on Malka and its inhabitants.


4.5 out 5


Reviewer: Tara Renee






Sample Chapter:


Chapter One


"Zenos, you can't charge at an enemy who is much bigger than you like that," Zenith said as he easily blocked the little boy's sword.

"Yes I can. I have watched daddy fight."

"Your daddy has trained for many years. You however, have just started your training."

"Ramiro, tell Zenith to try harder. I am not afraid of being hurt."

"Your father Niro has commanded Zenith to be careful with you."

Zenos walked over to Ramiro. "Then you spar with me now," he said to the Rundal warrior.

"Afraid I can't, Zenos."

"Zenos go practice your sword swings for a little while," Zenith said as he sat down next to Ramiro.

"I want to spar!" Zenos growled, tightening his grip on his sword.

"You will do as your instructor has told."

Zenith and Ramiro quickly came up to their feet and bowed their heads as Niro entered the room.  Niro was the ruler of the Dascon people and now since the unification of both the Larmat and Dascon clans he was pretty much the grand ruler of all Malka. He appointed Alistair to rule beside him as the acting leader of the Larmat people.

"But Daddy?"

"Enough!" Niro's voice thundered. "Now go do as your instructor told you to do."

"Yes Sir." Zenos quickly hurried off to practice his sword swings.

"You mustn't allow him to act like that."

"But..." Zenith kept his gaze to the ground. He was honored when Niro wanted him to help train Zenos. He suspected it was his friendship with Ramiro that help get him this position and the fact that he was only eighteen summers old. Ramiro was the Rundal leader Tomar's offspring and thankfully Zenith's best friend. Zenith was used to the Rundal's reptilian features. He has been around them since he could walk. His father Dalas was stationed at the Rundal village. In fact, he was one of the high guards of the Rundal people. A position most honored by the Dascon people.

"No excuses. I don't want my son to be a spoiled brat. He will be our next ruler someday."

"I am sorry Niro."

"There is no need to apologize."

Zenith looked up at Niro. He was always in awe being this close to the ruler of his people. Niro looked every bit the part of ruler. Strong, confident...Zenith has had the honor of training with Niro and the grand warrior Demos. Both men are idolized by all young Dascon warriors. Someday he hoped to best these men, but that was a long way off. Right now, being able to train Zenos was honor enough.

"Niro, when is my father returning from Loma?" Ramiro asked.

"That is what I would like to know. I suspect it wonít be much longer." Niro missed Robin and his daughter Rose. The empress Aviva of Loma had denied any male warriors from coming to her planet. She would only speak with Robin. Nina and several Rundal warriors were escorting her. If this wasn't for his people Niro would have forbade Robin from going alone. The planet of Loma had the same problem as Malka, but only in reverse. They had a shortage of males, where as Malka had a shortage of females. More so, the Loma females were as large as the Malka males which will make for more offspring. The Earth females, though able to mate with the warriors were almost too small to carry the large Malka infants. Robin had managed to give Niro a son and daughter, but that was all she was able to provide. Tomar had to make it so she won't be able to have any more children. The strain on her small body was too much. Niro had insisted on Tomar making this so. Robin almost died giving birth to Rose.

"Niro..." Zenith repeated. He could see Niro was lost in thought.

"What is it?" Niro forced himself to concentrate on the here and now.

"I said, your female is well guarded. I am sure everything will be fine."

"I look that worried huh?" Niro chuckled.

"Yes Sir you do."

"Zenos, you do as Zenith tells you to or I will not let you train with me later on today."

"Daddy..." Zenos rushed over. Zenos was now six summers old and looked so much like his father. Both had dark hair, full lips, dazzling green eyes, and judging by how fast Zenos was growing he would surely be just as big as his father. 

Niro tussled Zenos' hair. "Another hour with Zenith and if you behave I will take you out on the training grounds with me. Today Demos is training with me."

"Really?! I will behave Daddy, I promise."

"Alright then, back to work."

Zenith watched Niro leave the room then he turned his attention back to Zenos. "Well, you get to train with your father and Demos, lucky you." He smiled down at the little boy seeing that excited look on his face.

"Yes...how do you want me to finish up my training today?"

For a six summer old boy Zenos was well spoken. Zenith suspected that was probably Robin's doing. "I think a few more sword swings should do it. You don't want to tire yourself out before you train with your father and Demos."

"Thank you Zenith. I will go over to the practice dummies and do my swings."

"You are too easy on him," Ramiro said.

"I know."

Both of them sat back down.

"You have been in a foul mood lately," Zenith said.

"It's my father. He is insisting that I choose a mate soon."

"What is so wrong about that? I would kill to have a female."

"I don't expect you to understand. With so few barbarian females you can't possibly understand my hesitation. In fact, you might want to punch me when I tell you my reasons for wanting to wait."

"What? You want to get back at your father for something?"

"It's not that simple. My father has many offspring. That is another area where the barbarians are different from my people. All offspring are basically raised by the village, not just by their parents." Ramiro stood up and moved away from Zenith just in case. Nothing was worse than an angry barbarian male. ďThe reason I hesitate in choosing a mate is once I have chosen a mate we are bound together forever."

"Thatís pretty much how my people mate."

"Yes, but..."

"You keep moving further and further away...you fear my anger...why?"

Ramiro paused. "I want to see what it is like to be with a female barbarian."

The silence hung heavy in the air.

"There are so many Rundal females. Hell, enough for every warrior to have a female. Why would you want to take one of our rare females?"

"I have been around your people since I was a hatchling." Ramiro turned toward Zenith. He was relieved that Zenith looked more puzzled than angry. "I have heard the female Rundal speak of the male barbarian's soft skin and hair. The way it's different to be taken by a barbarian than by a Rundal male. I often wondered if the male barbarian were so soft, the female must feel like heaven, silk under my scaly hands. What would it feel like to be buried deep inside such softness? I have looked at the females of your race...their beauty...the softness of their voice...the way their hips sway...the way their behind curves like it was made for a maleís hands. I have felt the silky strands of their hair as they have walked by and the breeze catches their mane just so. I want to know what it's like to hold one of your females."

"I want to know that too, Ramiro. I have never been with a female, my race or yours for that matter."

"Are you angry with me?"

"No, you are just curious. The males of my people have had the pleasure of your females and you are not angry about that."

"There is no way Niro or my father for that matter would allow me to be with a female barbarian. As my father has stated the match wouldn't produce offspring. He only tolerates you male barbarians being with our females to ease their need.  And probably at first out of curiosity to see if such a union would produce offspring."

"Tell your father. It canít hurt to ask."

"You don't understand. My people wouldn't allow such a union. A Rundal male is meant to protect and provide for the females. As you have stated there are many Rundal females. I must go. Itís my turn to help train the new Rundal warriors."

Ramiro left without saying anything more. Zenith sat back down and watched Zenos practiced his swings from a distance.

"You can stop now, Zenos. Have one of the guards escort you to the training grounds."

"Alright Zenith."

He smiled watching Zenos hurry off. He remembered training with his father. Hell, he still does on occasion.

A female...thoughts of holding a precious female flooded his mind. His body began to ache. His need to mate was almost unbearable now. The older he got the stronger his need for a female grew. To be a protector to a female, his female, dare he dream such a thing. He really should be angry at Ramiro for whining about choosing a mate, yet strangely he understood why Ramiro did just that. Many barbarian males sated their curiosity about the Rundal female. Was it really so wrong that a male Rundal should be curious about a female barbarian?

Zenith quickly looked up when he heard someone enter the training chamber. "Ramiro?"

"My father is sending a ship back from Loma. It should be arriving soon."

"Why do you look so excited?"

"It carries Loma warriors."

"What? More males."

"No their warriors are females. Come, I am to meet the ship. Go see if Niro will allow you to come with me."

"You want me to come with you?"

"Of course. Now hurry and go ask. I will meet you at the Conja stables."

"All right." Zenith hurried off to find Niro.




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