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Alistair's parents were from two different clans, he was use to being called a half-breed. In fact he was a rarity on his planet most of these half-breed children never made it pass childhood. It was only because Hakan the former ruler of the Dascon clan protected Alistair and his mother that Alistair survived and grew up to be a grand warrior. Now Hakan's son Niro has appointed Alistair to lead the Larmat clan. Niro's hope is to finally bring peace to the people of Malka by joining the two clans.


Anne Jacobs has spent the last year trying to find the people responsible for her parents' murder. It is clear the motivation behind this heinous crime is hate. Anne who was training to become a vet, drops out of school and devotes all her time to helping the police. On the anniversary of her parents' murder she finds herself being kidnapped by a large barbarian warrior named Demos and his mate Nina. She is taken to the planet Malka where a warrior named Alistair is to be her protector. After she is told that she would be able to go back to Earth in six months she agrees to meet this Alistair. Her resolve to ignore Alistair quickly dissolves when she lays eyes on him. Their instant attraction to each other paves the way to acceptance and healing.


This is book three in Justus Roux's Barbarians of Malka series.


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A Song for My Warrior by Justus Roux is an emotionally stirring passionate romance that deals with the hatred of prejudice. The characters are remarkable for what they experience does not make them act out against others. They are both kind and know what it feels like to be hated for something that they had no control over. They believe that peace is possible between the races and each person should be judged on their own merits not their race. The story conveys the pain Alistair experiences from the way he is treated and leaves the reader wanting him to find happiness. Anne has experienced similar pain but she has dealt better because she had found some acceptance from the people of Earth. That is not to say that she did not experience the pain of being called half-breed and abomination as well as a few other names that cruel minded people tossed at her. But she grew up with her parents and their love that reinforces the fact that people of different races can find love together. She is wonderful in trying to help Alistair find peace in his heart. Their attraction is instant when they meet it is as they have been hit by lightening. Their passion blazes out of control. Their intimate encounters are described in steamy explicit details to aid the readerís imagination. This romance is a wonderful depiction of love and understanding. No matter what pain and injustice they continue to experience their love remains true. The action in the story comes from the danger they experience as people try to destroy them. Because of Alistair mixed heritage it is believed that he is unable to be their ruler. He will end up having to battle for his love and prove to the people he is worthy to be a leader. A Song for My Warrior by Justus Roux is an emotionally stirring, passionately exciting, action-packed romance that details a love that grows from similar experiences and understanding. I highly recommend this book to all readers.

Overall rating:   5 out of 5
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Anita





Justus Roux has enchanted me with her BARBARIANS OF MALKA series and I now anxiously await each new addition. The storylines have all been vastly different while still encompassing this planet full of barbaric men who have resorted to taking Earth women as mates in order to ensure that their people donít die out. Alistair and Anne are bold characters who will charm readers with their gentleness and honest emotional reactions to each other. A SONG FOR MY WARRIOR is a wonderful addition to this thrilling series. Iím practically salivating just imagining what Ms. Roux will come up with next. There is mention of another planet being found thatís full of warrior women who should also be compatible with the males of Malka so I can hardly wait to see how these men handle women who are so similar to them.

4.5 out 5

Chrissy Dionne

Romance Junkies




            The third book in the Barbarians of Malka series, A Song for My Warrior is a grand and well-developed love story between two people who have both been misunderstood by societyís prejudice. Ms. Roux has again created thoroughly developed characters with unique personalities and a plot that shines with vivid descriptions. Both Alistair and Anne are detailed characters. Alistair is tenderhearted and not much of an alpha male, which makes his love of Anne more believable. Likewise, Anneís personality doesnít melt under the stressful situation in Malka. Her sweet songbird voice and desire to become a veterinarian survive, even when her freedom is restricted. I fully believed in their growing relationship as evidenced in the time they spend together, both in the bedroom as well as out of it. They are a compatible couple whose sexuality is both wildly exciting yet also lovingly sensual. As in the previous two books, the return to Malka heralds more unrest between the Dascon and Larmat tribes.                                   

Reviewer: Francesca Hayne
Rating: 3.5 out 5 Stars



A Song for My Warrior is book three in Justus Rouxís Barbarians of Malka series. This is the first book of the series I have read and I am totally fascinated with the complex world of Malka this author has created. The hot and steamy sex is icing on the cake of a terrific story that held my attention from beginning to end. If you enjoy stories of love on other worlds or love between people from two completely different cultures, then check out this terrific book.

Susan White
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
4 cups out of 5


This is the third book in the Barbarians of Malka series, and I have to tell you, Iím a sucker for barbarian kidnapping stories. The author has a brash, straightforward style of storytelling, and it works well in this novel. I liked the characters of Anne and Alistair, who seemed like real people to me. The sex scenes are very graphic, mostly between committed male/female couples. The reader should be aware that there is one rape scene which is used to illustrate the evil nature of the villains. I thought this story was quite enjoyable, as I have liked all of the Malka series books, and believe that readers of futuristic and science fiction romance will enjoy it as well.

Reviewed by: Jean

3 out 5 Angels




A Song For My Warrior by Justus Roux is a hard book to put down. Ms. Roux once again constructs characters that come to life right from the first page. Anne and Alistair are a couple that have tremendous passion and strength. A Song For My Warrior is not only a spicy erotic tale; it is also a provocative look at prejudice in two different cultures. Anne and Alistair are a perfect blend because they each know what it is like to be looked down on just because of your parentsí differences.


4 out 5

Tara Renee



Justus Roux just keeps getting better! This book takes two people that are hurt and angry at the injustice of both their societies and gives the love they hold inside to each other.  This book has it all. There is anger, happiness, sadness and the love abounds! This one has found its spot on my keeper shelf. I can hardly wait for the next in this series. High scores all around.


5 out 5

Reviewer: Melisa




Sample Chapter:


Anne woke up the next morning her body was a bit sore. Alistair made love to her several times the night before. He made her feel so desirable. His hunger for her seemed insatiable. She slowly sat up and saw a large bouquet of the most vibrant colored flowers she had ever seen before lying on his side of the bed. The fragrance of the flowers was intoxicating. She couldn't help but smile at this sweet gesture. She climbed out of bed and wrapped a covering around her.  She gathered up the flowers and looked for something to put them in. She walked to the adjacent chamber.

"Wow, now that's a bath tub," she exclaimed, looking at the large bathing pool that was in the center of the room. A gentle steam rose up from the water.

"Alistair has instructed me to help you bathe," a woman's voice startled Anne.

"I didn't see you there," Anne said to the rather tall brunette.

"My name is Liza."

"I am Anne. It's nice to meet you."

"Would you like me to put those flowers in water for you?"

"Oh, yes please."

Liza grabbed a long crystal looking vase and then walked over to the bathing pool. She filled the vase with some of the warm water from the pool. Anne walked over to her and handed her the flowers.

"Alistair chose these flowers himself for you. Of course any Dascon male would think to do such a nice gesture."  

"I take it that the Larmat male wouldn't."

"No...not any I had the displeasure of knowing. I find it hard to believe Alistair has their vile blood in his veins. He is too kind to be part of these people."  Liza set the flowers up on a stone mantel. "Now let's get you bathed."

"I would rather bathe myself. If you could just bring me what I need I would appreciate it."

"Alright." Liza gathered up a few things and handed the items over to Anne. "The bathing bar will clean everything. If you need anything else I will be in your chamber getting your covering ready."

"Thank you."

When Liza left the room Anne removed her covering then slowly stepped into the warm water of the bath. She sat down so that the water went up to her neck. The warm water felt so good on her sore body. Her mind drifted as she let the water soothed her. There had to be some good to these Larmat people. Perhaps prejudice had clouded the minds of the Dascon people.

"Oh...this is so surreal. Maybe this is...all this is...a dream. Taken to a strange planet...a planet full of hot men, warring clans and women treated like either precious gems or sex slaves. This all sounds like a plot to a romance novel." She started to chuckle. "But this is reality girl." She closed her eyes and tried to absorb everything. Even through her cluttered thoughts she couldn't get Alistair's pale blue eyes out of her mind. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then his eyes showed so much. Loving, caring, but oh so vulnerable...and warmth, even a deep sadness, his eyes showed all of this. 

She reached up and grabbed the bathing bar. It had a nice fragrance to it. She began washing herself then lathered up her hair.  Her thoughts wouldn't leave her. Thoughts of him wouldn't leave her. She ducked under the water to rinse off her hair. When she surfaced she saw a pair of strong legs. She quickly covered her breasts.

"You shouldn't hide your beautiful body."

She let out a sigh of relief hearing Alistair's voice.

"Thank you for the flowers. They were lovely."

"I am glad you liked them." He removed his loincloth and slowly climbed into the bath. He went under water and slowly emerged right next to her. His long light brown hair clung to his back. Anne couldn't take her eyes off of him.

He smiled then grabbed her arms and held them down on the rim of the bath.

"I had to feel your body again," he purred as he pressed his body against hers.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer.

"I see you desire my body as well." He smiled so sexily as he rubbed his cock against her pussy, teasing her. Her sweet moan was music to his ears as he let his cock stroke her clit. He watched her face as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations he brought to her.

"Look at me," he whispered. The second her eyes fluttered open and locked with his, he drove his cock into her.

"Oh....ssss..." she moaned.

"Keep looking at me." He watched the pleasure build, he wanted to see the moment she orgasmed. He fought to control himselfóhe wouldn't come before she had her pleasure. His thrusts were steady and firm as he continued to watch her.

"Let me see your pleasure," he whispered.

Anne tried to keep her eyes open as her orgasm washed over her. "Let me see your pleasure," she said seductively.

Alistair couldn't stop his orgasm. He roared loudly and threw his head back as he came. The intensity of his orgasm caused his body to shudder. He released her hands then moved his hands to her wet hair. He gently stroked her face and hair. She took pleasure being with him, he saw no disgust or shame in her eyes. She wanted to be with him, not out of duty, but because she wanted him.

"What's wrong?" Anne said, bringing her hands to his face.

"Nothing." He smiled. He enjoyed her sweet caresses for a few more moments then he pulled away from her. "I have to meet with Niro this morning. What would you like to do? Whatever you want I will make it possible." Alistair climbed out of the bath and dried himself off then put his loincloth back on.

"I would like to explore this village if that is okay."

"If this is what you would like to do I will provide an escort for you. But promise me that you will not wander out of the village and that you will stay with your escort."

"I promise."

His smile lit up his face. "I will send your escort in about an hour."  He squatted down and ran his hand over her head. "If you need me I will be in the meeting room or training grounds. Your escort will know where each of these areas is."

"Okay." She smiled up at him. It was strange, but she felt safe with him almost as if she had known him forever.

Alistair stood up and left the room. Anne climbed out of the bath and dried herself off. She had to get ready. She was eager to explore this village.


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