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This is book two in Justus Roux's Barbarians of Malka series


Nina Harris' life wasn't going so hot for her. Her love life stunk, her career if you could call it that was going nowhere.  The only solace she had was her karate training.  But after one of her karate classes, Nina gets abducted and taken to the planet of Malka. After spending the whole trip to Malka defending herself from a large barbarian warrior, Nina wanted nothing more than to speak to these barbarians leader and demand they return her to Earth.


Demos saw Nina walking off the Rundal ship in chains and Rai her would be protector covered in bruises. Never had he seen a female so brave, so able to defend herself before. He instantly is attracted to her. It is more than her beauty that captivates him, it is her spirit. He challenges Rai to become Nina's protector and wins. Her reluctance to accept him confuses but intrigues him.


Nina must adjust to the male dominated world of Malka without losing who she is. Demos both infuriates and excites her, and shows her an unconditional love she has never felt before. Will they be able to overcome the many obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness? Or are they to different?


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This book is an adventure and readers will find themselves drawn into Demos's world and his people. All the major plot twists are brought into play and give the story that something extra that readers will love. The love scenes are frequent and very intense. Justus Roux has created another story that readers will come back to read again and again, I can't wait to get a hold of her next book.

4 out 5 hearts

Reviewer: Angel Brewer



A fast moving and highly interesting novel, A Warrior’s Will, sequel to Protector of My Heart, pulled me into the intricacies of the wild world filled with alpha men and too few women to go around. I felt that I needed to have read the previous novel to understand the particulars around the culture as well as the reasons behind the hatred between the two tribes; without that additional background, I wouldn’t have understood the animosity. The feral nature of these men is fascinating, especially their overly dominant attitudes and extremely aggressive natures. The culture is absolutely captivating, from the traditions to the manner of protecting women. Additionally, the characters are quite exceptional. Demos is a more caring and understanding man than his counterpart from the first novel. I felt him to be more indulgent and affectionate to the strong and willful Nina. Likewise, Nina doesn’t easily accept her new life, fighting with an internal strength that I found admirable. Once she acknowledges that she is a woman in a new world, she makes the best of it, thereby impressing me even more. I didn’t feel the deep love between these two characters until later in it the book, but when their interactions allowed their deepening love to become more palpable, I fell in love with them. The sex scenes are dominating and scrumptiously controlling. Demos is kind, but obvious in his need, while Nina screams for their sexual interaction. I truly enjoyed this untamed and slightly brutal world and would recommend this read to anyone looking for a refreshing change of alpha-male pace.

4 out 5
Francesca Hayne
Just Erotic Romance Reviews



Justus Roux has written a book with aliens, fierce warriors and lots of hot couplings. The storyline is believable, befitting the genre, and the pacing is just fast enough to keep the
reader turning pages. I really liked this book.

4 out 5 cups
Katherine L. Hunt
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


A WARRIOR'S WILL is one of the coolest books I've read in a long time. Nina is a 'kick-butt and take names later' character that had me eagerly reading just to see what she'd do next.   Demos is exactly what she needs in a man but she's no meek little female looking for a protector, she can take care of herself and won't hesitate to do so.  While I found a lot of humor in Nina's behavior, the rest of the story took me through a wide range of emotions, I experienced pure raw anger, disbelief, joy, and at one point cried along with the characters.   While this story may be fantasy, Justus Roux created a world you could easily imagine as reality. Robin and Niro's story can be found in the companion book PROTECTOR OF MY HEART.  A WARRIOR'S WILL is definitely a keeper, and one I'll read many times over.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Chrissy Dionne




A Warrior’s Will is a sequel to Protector of My Heart, and follows the further adventures of the warriors of the planet Malka. The plot is basically, barbarian civilization needs females, so they capture some Earth women who prove to be fertile with them. Along the way, the Earth females teach the macho warriors a lot about love and trust. The fun thing about this story are the characters of Nina and Demos. Nina knows that she can’t make herself into a dependent little woman just because she’s in their macho society, so she finds ways to fit in, and still be true to herself. Demos begins the story as a social conservative, but eventually learns to trust Nina and her instincts. In many ways, these two books have the ambiance of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s John Carter of Mars series ... except with a lot more sex ... lots and lots of sex ... in every imaginable position. There’s a bit of kink and bondage as well. This one is a fun romp through space. I can’t wait for the next one in the series ...

Reviewed by: Jean

4 out 5 angels

For rest of review go to http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/September2005/Jean-AWarriorsWill.htm



Justus Roux certainly stepped up her game with A Warrior’s Will. She took her incredible talent for creating a world of fantasy and combined it with super characters. The result was a fast paced book enjoyable from start to finish. Nina is not some meek woman unable to protect herself. I enjoyed the way Nina challenged the male minds of the Dascon. Demos cares for Nina so deeply he is able to allow her to be herself. He wants to be her knight in shining armor. His actions are romantic and tenderhearted. The lovemaking between Demos and Nina is both steamy and tender. When reading A Warrior’s Will keep a glass of ice water handy. You’re going to need it! 

4.5 out 5

Tara Renee



Sensational! Justus Roux is an outstanding author! There is no way not to fall in love with Demos and Nina is the perfect mate for him. The heat between them is scorching to say the least! The insecurities between both the hero and heroine are as realistic as it gets but the dedication and love bind them so that nothing can come between them. Only death could separate them. Best of the best!



5 out 5

Reviewer: Melisa




Sample Chapter:


Despite Robin's protest Nina walked back to Demos' chamber alone. She was mulling over everything Robin said about the joining ceremony.  What a strange world Malka was.  Nina reached Demos' chamber. She knew it was his because it had that same symbol his bracelet had.  As she opened the door and prepared to enter she felt a strong hand on her arm. She quickly looked up and saw Demos, and she let out a sigh of relief.

"I have told you not to go anywhere without me. You could have gotten hurt," he growled.

"Calm down, nothing happened to me."

"But it could have. You must listen to me female."

"And you might just want to take a chill pill and let me go, damn it."

Demos dragged her into the chamber and slammed the door shut. He sat down on the bed and threw her over his knee. "You are to never go anywhere without me." He began to spank her hard across the ass.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing?!" She struggled to free herself.

"Giving you the spanking you so disparately need." He reached down and pulled her skirt up exposing her nicely rounded ass. He spanked her hard enough to paint her ass red.

"You bastard how dare you spank me like some child. Let me go now!"

"Not until you have learned to listen to your protector."

"Fuck you," she hissed at him.

He stood up and threw her on the bed. Before she had time to react he climbed on top of her. He pinned her arms above her head then held her with one arm. With the other he tore a piece of fabric from her dress.  He used the fabric to tie her hands together.

"Let me up you bastard!"

"No," he growled as he tore her dress from her body. He forced her legs open and quickly removed his covering.

Nina wrapped her legs around him and mustering all the strength she had, she flipped him over so that now she was on top.  He quickly rolled her over and pinned her under him again. He was breathing hard as he rammed his cock deeply into her. He thrust wildly into her as he held her hands firmly above her head. He could feel her legs wrap around him squeezing him tightly.

"You will obey me female," he rumbled as he thrust harder.

"Obey?" she said breathily. She looked up into in his face the anger, oh the lust in his eyes combined.

"I am your male and you will obey me!" he growled as he pulled his cock out and flipped her over. He scooted her to the end of the bed and tore another strip of fabric from her discarded dress. He secured her bound hands to the bedpost.  He forced her upper body down onto the mattress then lifted her hips and drove his cock deeply into her. It all happened so fast that Nina had little time to react. He grunted and growled as he rode her. To her surprised she loved this act of dominance by him. She moaned loudly when she felt him bite her on the shoulder. He continued to growl as he rode her faster and harder.

He came up to his knees so he could watch his cock piston into her pussy.  "You are mine, Nina.  Mine to cherish and protect, do you understand? Do you female?" He slapped her ass hard.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Then you must obey me." He leaned over and pulled her up a little so now his body was covering her as he continued to thrust deeply into her.  "I..." Demos tried to remember the words Robin used when she spoke tenderly to Niro, to let him know in her own language that she cared deeply for him.  "I...love you Nina," he whispered into her ear.

"Demos..." Nina closed her eyes. Her orgasm was so strong, his words repeated over and over in her mind. He loved her...how was that possible, they barely knew each other. Fear, pleasure, warmth, it all combined in her.

Demos held her close as he slowly thrust into her. He felt her pussy clamp down on his cock telling him she had taken her pleasure. He reached under her and stroked her clit gently. He wanted her to feel more pleasure, wanted her to climax with him. He waited holding off his own release until he heard her sweet moans, then he allowed himself release. He held her so tightly to him as they enjoyed the afterglow of pleasure.

"I will be a good protector, Nina. I will fill your days with pleasure, joy and love. I swear it." Demos laid them down gently on the mattress then he reached up and untied her hands. He pulled her close and held her tightly. "You warm my heart, Nina.  These are my people's words of love."

"You warm my heart, Demos," she said softly.  She did love the big oaf, she realized that now and this scared her to death. She had been hurt so many times over her lifetime, so many that she began to think that true love and all that crap was a lie. She closed her eyes and snuggled closer to him.

 "Please don't let this be a lie too." She repeated to herself.


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