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Robin Stevens never thought that her ordinary life would change in an instant.  But when a large barbarian warrior from the planet Malka burst through her bedroom and carries her off to his world, her whole life changes forever. 


Niro, the son of the Dascon clan leader Hakan, falls instantly in love with the little female that he was sent to collect.  The females on his home planet are few in numbers due to a strange illness that wiped out half of them, still more were lost to the battles that continue to rage between the Dascon and Larmat clans.  Though the earth women look as though they might be able to become mates for the strongest of Barbarian warriors, Hakan orders that only two would be taken, to make sure they could adjust to Malka.


Niro claims the right to be Robin’s protector. Robin has no idea that by doing this Niro has proclaimed his love for her and his intentions of wanting to be her mate.  The strong-willed Robin must learn to fit into the seemingly male dominated society of Malka.  But together Robin and Niro find a love that will joined them forever.





"The whole notion of other worlds with handsome men just waiting to whisk me away and treat me like a princess, is definitely one of my favorite fantasies.  This book is my fantasy brought to paper and I enjoyed my trip to Malka immensely"— Michelle Naumann

Just Erotic Romance Reviews




"Protector of My Heart has a very good story line, one that is interesting and engaging. Overall, this is an enjoyable story that was fun to read"— Julie Bryan

Just Erotic Romance Reviews



If you're looking for a book filled with hot, sexy, hunks and sex crazed men, well look no farther Justus Roux has given you that and more in her new book Protector of My Heart. Robin is a lady looking for more then a ten-minute romp when she is whisked away to a world where sex is bountiful and men are lined up just waiting to please her. But there are dangers here and a woman needs a protector. Justus Roux writes very vivid descriptions of the world and characters she has created and by the time I finished reading, the pages weren't the only things sizzling. Saa and Demos are two more sexy barbarians you will meet that will have you drooling and asking for more. So, get a copy today and discover what happens in this world of Barbarian warriors. Enjoy!

  4 out 5 hearts- Diane T.  The Romance Studio


Protector of  My Heart is a fun romp through a new world.  The romance is light, but the erotic content is high. The author vividly describes Malka and the beings that inhabit it.  It has enough action at every level to satisfy most readers of erotic fiction.

 3 1/2 Hearts- Susan,  Love Romance



Robin is a character I find it extremely easy to relate to.  I'm sure there are lots of women married to the 'minute men' who wouldn't know or attempt romance if it jumped up and bit them on the . . .  well, you get my point.  Anyway, who among us doesn't fantasize about a big hunky man sweeping them away to another life, or even another world?  I'm fascinated by the world of Malka and the inhabitants, animals, traditions, and complete lack of sexual inhibitions.  Niro's devotion to Robin's happiness and desires is prominently displayed and I believe one of the biggest keys to becoming so enchanted in this story.  Justus Roux's PROTECTOR OF MY HEART is a fascinating tale sure to engage the reader's imagination.  If you enjoy PROTECTOR OF MY HEART be sure to also read A WARRIOR's WILL to read about fellow warrior, Demos'  kick-butt Earth female.

4 out 5

Chrissy Dionne




Justus Roux does an excellent job creating characters that leap off the page. Niro is protective and caring. Robin is accepting of her new life on the strange planet. The secondary characters really added body to the story. They never felt added in; instead, they made the story richer


3 out 5

Tara Renee  



First of the Warriors of Malka series, I couldn’t put it down. Justus Roux spared no description of the primitive planet and the males that populate it. Raw and earthly sexual there is no denying that this first book is going to be tough to match, but I feel that Justus will no disappoint. Fantastic! High marks all around.


5 out 5

Reviewer: Melisa



Sample Chapter


Niro stomped down the corridors of the ship. The demands of his cock were almost overwhelming.  He drew his sword when he approached one of the lesser warriors.  Instinctively the younger warrior readied himself. Niro had to do something to take his mind off the female.

The two sparred until the younger warrior couldn't give Niro anymore of a challenge.  "Good fight," Niro said as he helped the warrior to his feet.  He placed his sword back into its sheath and walked away.

As he walked passed the chamber that held the other female he heard moaning and grunting.  "Damn it!" he growled, opening the door.  Saa was fucking the hell out of the little red-haired woman. He had her down on all fours taking her from behind. The look of pleasure on the little woman's face sent a surge of renewed lust through Niro.  He cursed again and headed out of the door straight for Robin's room.

Robin sat on the large bed wrapped up in one the animal furs.  She was trying to picture Malka . Was it like earth? Those barbarians seemed human enough.  Maybe a bit larger than earth males but still everything else seemed to be normal.  What about Charlie?  This question bothered her the most.  She was sure he would miss her, hell he probably had the police looking for her now. But would she miss him?  Robin tightened the fur closer to her when she realized the answer was no, she won't miss him.

"Robin," Niro said quietly as he entered the chamber.  He was trying so hard to control his lust, but it was a losing battle. He had to have her.

 "Niro, how much longer until we get to Malka?" She followed his movements with her eyes as he crawled onto the bed.  The fire that burnt in his eyes ignited her body. She was more afraid of her own body's response to the look in his eyes than anything else.

He went to the middle of the bed and got up on his knees.  His eyes never left her as he untied his covering, and threw the leather cloth onto the floor. Robin's eyes were unable to leave his large cock; it was thick and hard and seemed to be beckoning her to feel it.

"What are you doing?" she managed to get out.

 "Readying for sport." Niro growled.  "Remove your coverings," he said in a stern voice.

 "Excuse me." She tightened the furs around her.

"Remove them willingly or I will rip them from your body."

Robin was frightened and turned on by his deep commanding voice.  "Don't hurt me," she quietly said, letting the fur slip down her shoulder.  With shaking hands, she untied her robe.

 "I won't hurt you, female." Niro took deep breaths to calm himself or otherwise he might hurt the small woman.  The timid way she removed the robe then her hands trying to cover her beautiful body, almost as if she was ashamed of her body, puzzled him.

 "Why do you try to hide such a wondrous body?" Niro moved closer to her and gently removed her hands from her breasts.

 "Wondrous, I don't think so." Robin tried placing her hands back up to her breasts but Niro again gently moved them out of the way.  Robin felt so awkward kneeling there naked before him. She was never comfortable in her own skin.

 "Mmmm," Niro purred, lifting her up so he could suck on her erect nipple.

 "Hey...wait..." Robin couldn't help but latch onto his head and pull him closer as he suckled.  His hair was so soft in her hands; his mouth felt so good feeding on her breast.  His hands cupped her ass and pulled her closer to his hard body. The hardness of him felt incredible against her. His hunger for her made her feel sexy and beautiful. She arched her head back leaning more into his hungry mouth, when the moan escaped her lips it caused him to suck harder and more frantic on her breast.

He lifted her up, urging her to wrap her legs around his shoulders so he could taste her sweet pussy.  "Niro," she gasped as he buried his tongue into her pussy. He licked and sucked on her clit wanting to taste the sweetness of her.  His strong arms steadied her so she wouldn't fall over.

 "Niro, oh yes...yes..." She began to grind onto his face causing them to fall over onto the bed. He wallowed his face in her pussy wanting it to be covered with her juice as his tongue continued to bathe her pussy.  Robin tightened her hands in his hair and pushed him closer to her. He responded by burying his tongue deep into her pussy, darting in and out, fucking it with his tongue.  "Oh, yes...don't stop, please don't stop," Robin said breathily as her orgasm build.  "Please don't stop!" She arched her back as her orgasm exploded.  She moved side to side on the bed wanting his tongue to go deeper in her. And as if he knew what she wanted, he buried his tongue deep in her, circling it around and around, feeling it pulse against his tongue.  He growled and eagerly drank down her juice as it flowed into his mouth.

Robin laid there with her legs wide open as he tenderly lapped at her clit and pussy lips.  "Let me taste you," Robin quietly said.  She looked down into his face, her own juice glistening from it.  Their eyes locked as his tongue rolled over her clit.  "Please Niro let me taste you." Robin had never tasted a man's cock. Charlie believed oral sex was nasty and had no place in their bedroom. But now looking down at Niro as he tenderly licked on her pussy, Robin couldn't see anything nasty at all about it.

Niro groaned and stood up. He could have eaten her pussy all night.  He watched as she timidly reached out for his cock.  The delicious look on her face as she gently stroked him, trying to get her hand to go around his thick cock made precum squirt out.   His balls twitched when she gingerly licked at the head of his cock cleaning off the precum.  Her tongue was warm and wet and felt wonderful as she licked up and down his shaft.   "Take me into your mouth," Niro said as he gently guided her mouth back to the head of his cock.  He watched as his cock began to disappear into her mouth. The warm, wet, sucking, and licking of her mouth felt incredible to him. He leaned his head back and focused on the sensation of it. He began to thrust into her mouth slowly, not sure how much of his cock she could swallow.  He looked down and watched as she tried to take more and more of his cock into her mouth.  "Say something," he whispered. Her muffled moan caused him to thrust harder into her mouth causing her to gag.  He released her head and allowed her to set the pace.  He leaned his head back and closed his eyes trying to hold back from coming. This was heavenly and he never wanted it to stop. Her eagerness combine with her unsureness was incredible.  He quickly looked down when he heard the popping sound of his cock leaving her hungry mouth.  He groaned feeling her wet tongue bathing his balls as her hand stroked at his cock.  "Take them into your mouth, suck oh please suck." Niro pushed her face closer to his balls.  "Yes, mmm, yes," he growled as she took as much of his balls as she could into her mouth and gently sucked on them.  Never had he felt such a sensation.  "Feed on my cock some more, female." He pulled her up again to the head of his cock and she eagerly began sucking on him.  "I want to feed you...now..." He bobbed her head up and down on his cock making sure he wouldn't let her take more than she wanted.  He felt his cock sliding down her throat as she took more and more of it into her mouth.  He quickly looked down feeling his balls tighten.  He wouldn't cum yet, oh no, not yet he wanted to see if she could take all of him down her throat.  "More, yes, more." He pushed down on her head wanting all of his cock down her throat. When he felt her nose against his pubic hair, he couldn't hold his orgasm back. He bobbed her head faster on his cock as his orgasm build. "Yes, Yes, ahh female, you glorious female, Yess!!!!" he screamed as his orgasm exploded violently filling her mouth full of his juice.  He looked down at her and gently caressed her cheek. "Thank you," he whispered, stroking her cheek before he fell onto the bed next to her.  It had been so long since he had an orgasm that good.

He reached up and pulled her down to him. Oh, he wasn't done yet. He needed to feel her pussy.  He rolled over and gently lay on top of her.

 "Wait." Robin looked deep into his eyes. "Kiss me first."

Niro's heart literally skipped a beat hearing such an innocent request.  He rolled off her stunned for a moment. "A kiss," he said.

 "Yes."  Robin was confused by the nervous look in his eye. This man had just fucked her mouth and now he was getting shy.

 "I don't...I...never just kissed…a female before." Niro had only just taken females before fuck them hard and fast. Use their bodies as long as they would permit, none had ever requested a kiss.

Robin gently took his face into her hands then slowly brushed her lips against his. "Our lips will taste one another, and then allow your tongue to explore my mouth."  Robin didn't quite know how to explain a kiss.  Niro followed her lead, letting his lips find hers, his tongue dance with hers and soon he was lost in their deep kiss.  His cock grew very hard the longer they held that kiss. He rolled her over and gently entered her, he arched up, and growled feeling her velvety and tight pussy totally consumed his cock.  Slowly he filled her wanting her to get use to him. Her pussy was so tight compared to the Malka females would she be able to take all of him inside.  He looked down to make sure he wasn't causing her any pain.

Robin wrapped her legs around his waist, never had she felt so full. His cock was stretching her almost to the point of pain.  She looked up into his face seeing him trying to remain under control.  He didn't want to hurt her, she soon realized. This sweet gesture warmed her. This man barely knew her and yet he treated her with more gentleness than Charlie ever did.

"Are you ready?" Niro asked.  Robin nodded her head. Niro drove every last inch of his cock into her filling her completely full.  Slowly he thrust, holding his weight with his arms; he didn't want to crush her.  He looked down into her face the pleasure he saw there heightened his want. He thrust harder and faster, she matched his intensity. "Take your pleasure female, for I am about to take mine."

Robin knew what he meant; she was already on her way to bliss.  Niro felt her pussy clamp down on his cock then tightened and release. He drove his cock deeper and faster as his own orgasm hit him. He continued to thrust until all his juice had come out. He collapsed down onto her not wanting to leave the warmth of her.

 "You are crushing me," Robin said, trying to push him off.

 "Forgive me." He rolled over and pulled her to him. "Sleep now." He pulled the furs over the top of them and smiled when she snuggled down against his chest.



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