"Don’t hide behind the mask that society makes us wear. Choose to be who you are. Our love, our joy, is our own and belongs only to us. I care not what they think. I care only for how my love makes you feel.  You are the only thing that matters.  The whispers of those who don’t understand us mean nothing. I will protect you from their wrath. Shield you from their venom.  My love is your safe haven, my submissive.  Let go, and grant me the honor of guiding you on this journey.”  - a Master’s words to his submissive.


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Justus Roux’s long running “Master Series”, which she affectionately calls her BDSM drama, has won the hearts of many readers.  There are over  30 books in the series and Justus plans to write several more books for the series. Her “Dom/sub trilogy”, and “Master of My Heart Series”, plus several single titled books have earned her several outstanding reviews. She has dabbled in the paranormal and fantasy realm with her “Barbarians of Malka series”, “Demon hunter Series”, as well as several single titled novels. Justus’ loves to explore new things, adores music and art, and loves to play the occasional video game and enjoys a good poker game as well.

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